OreDorei Volume 3 Prologue


That morning, Hayate woke up from the sound of shower coming from the same room.

Mhm……already morning, eh.

He shook his head being dazed from sleepiness and raised his upper body on top of the bed.


He looked over at the neighbouring bed while rubbing his eye from above the eyelid, but the bed was empty.

「Ah, she’s in the shower」

Finally Hayate was able to use his sleepy head and join the dots between the sounds of shower and Sherry’s absence.

Normally the frequency of Sherry taking baths in morning wasn’t that high. It wasn’t every day, but only whenever the part-time job a day before was too hectic and she wasn’t able to take a bath in night.

However recently she had been taking bath every morning.

The reason for that was.

「Again magic training, eh……」

Hayate muttered while worrying for her on the other side of wall, at the same *clank* the sound of door opening rang out.

And, from the dorm’s private room bath, Sherry Scharlachrot came out while wrapping a single bath towel around her.


「Huh? You woke up Hayate. Just right」

Sherry wasn’t perturbed──or rather was happy──on having Hayate’s gaze nailed on her. She smiled and threw the magic tool on the bed.

「Dry my hair with that」

「D-Don’t tell me?」

「I leave it to you」

Declaring one-sidedly, Sherry sat down on a chair and waited for Hayate.

Though she was wrapped in a bath towel, but it wasn’t that much helpful in hiding her explicit body style. The cloth area wasn’t that much so the deep valley in between her voluptuous breasts was in plain view, the edge of towel was at the dangerously near line that the deep stuff could be seen just by slouching a little. Naturally he wouldn’t do that, but that dangerously near feeling wasn’t good for heart.

「What happened? Come fast or my body will go cold」

「……Yes, yes. Got it」

Hayate stepped down the bed with the magic tool in his hands and while giving a half-hearted reply.


Standing right behind Sherry he wasn’t that bothered by the edge of towel, but the wet nape of neck and the cleavage from above appeared in his eyes, even more her glossy lustrous rose-coloured hair had a sweet-smell wafting.

Sniffing that scent, his head became dizzy and his heart started to beast fast. He didn’t thought that he would be able to get used to her not-so young lady-like seductiveness.

「……Were you training magic again from morning?」


「At least keep the work only for holidays. You might harm your health?」

「I’m doing the self-management perfectly. It’s fine. I won’t fall down suddenly」

Her tone was soft but from between them an unbending will could be sensed. At these time she was obstinate and wouldn’t hear others words unless it was of some great deal.

「Just be careful……well then, I will start now」

Hayate gave her the warning, the best he could give, and turned on the switch of magic tool in his hands, which was apparently called as dryer. Doing that a warm air started to blow out from the hole in front.

Moving the dryer making weird sounds, he let the warm air hit Sherry’s hair and kept on drying them. He did that carefully, without nearing the dryer too close to her hair so as to not hurt her beautiful hair.

「Compared to before, you have gotten better at drying the hair」

「I’m thankful to get your praises」

「Now if you just become good at handling women too」

「……I believe I am handling quite nicely and kindly」

Hayate rebutted with a low voice, but Sherry heaved an dissatisfied sigh.

「I see. Then I will be happy if you be gentle on top of bed too」


Hayate’s hands movements almost went mad upon hearing the words of Sherry that she spoke oh-so-unhesitatingly.

「You see……! Have I ever done anything to you on the bed!?」

「That is why I’m requesting that you be kind and gentle at your first try」


「Where is the reply? Or maybe you love hardcore?」

Hayate would lose no matter the choice he made now.

「I will be courteous and gentle with it just like how I am with your hair, master」

「Now that is my manservant. But──」

Sherry smiled with satisfaction, then suddenly bent her body backwards and looked at Hayate upside down.

「──On the bed you will be taking the lead, master」


Hayate nodded with a red face, but he couldn’t help but raise up an question mark in his heart thinking if there will ever be a day when he would gain leadership against her.


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