OreDorei Volume 3 Chapter 1

Chapter 1 – Einherjar Festival

Finishing the drying of Sherry’s hair, the master and servant dressed up and after eating their breakfast headed towards the Rivaldi Classroom as usual.

「We’re barely away from being late. Geez, all because you have to be slow」

「Isn’t that because you ordered me to make you wear the underwear and cut your feet nails」

Hayate trotted the hallway while complaining to the master who liked to wildly use her manservant, and he opened the door as if doing a ramming attack.

「Good! We made it!」

He had gathered the attention of everyone within the classroom, but confirming that the homeroom teacher Lela was still not here, he heaved a sigh of relief. Sherry entered behind him after arranging her breathing.

「Hey, don’t keep on standing there all the time, let’s sit on our seats already」


The two headed towards the seats in the corner of classroom.

Like that they sat side-by-side on the bench and waited for Lela to come, but she didn’t come even after the opening time passed by.

「……Isn’t she too late」

「Indeed. Maybe something happened?」

Sherry titled her head regarding Hayate’s question.

At that point, Aria and Kiruru left their seats and came towards them, maybe because they didn’t had any other choice to kill the time.

「Hey. Hayate-kun. Sherry-kun」

「Good morning. Hayate-san」

「Yo, both of you. Lela sure is too late」

「It’s the Einherjar Festival soon. She must’ve been late due to the conference」

Aria answered to Hayate’s topic. However Hayate, not knowing what「Einherjar Festival」was, could only tilt his head.

「What is that Einherjar Festival?」

「It is a school festival named after the birthday of First Queen, Artemis」

「Like doing play, and starting refreshment booths」

Kiruru added her words to Aria’s explanation and flushed her cheeks while saying「it’s worth looking forward to it」.

「Hmm, play and refreshment booths, eh. Or rather, how does Sherry doesn’t know about it if it’s an school event?」

「I don’t have interest in things other than examinations」

Sherry replied without hesitation.

Hayate felt gloomy hearing that plain reply.

Thinking on her dream──the goal to become the continent strongest Hexenritter──he could understand that it was needed to keep on running on that path without looking aside, but……even so Hayate thought to let her live more enjoyably and with happiness.

For that he wanted her to assertively take part in these sort of events……

Maybe that gloomy emotion appeared on his face, Aria continued her explanation of school festival in a jesting tone.

「Well, although there will be refreshment booths, there won’t be dealings with money as the customers will be either relatives or invitee of nobles. The expenses of preparation are also paid by the budget estimated beforehand by the Academy. In turn, there is a voting time near the end of festival, at that time the guests vote to tell which class’s products were the best」

「Does something good happens if one wins in that?」

「Yeah. The students of the class that won the first prize would get a bonus of getting good grades, although just a little bit. Moreover in the best class, best students for individual prizes are selected and the ones who won that would get another supplementary reward」

Aria winked as she said that with playfulness and placed her index finger on her lips.

「What is the reward?」

「That is……the people can attend the party at the end of festival while wearing『Moonlight Dress』」


Probably it might be some seriously awesome thing, but thanks to amnesia Hayate wasn’t able to understand what the『Moonlight Dress』was and could only tilt his head again.

「『Moonlight Dress』is a thing bestowed by the royal family to the Academy. It is a very honourable thing to be able to wear it」


「Hmm, looks like Hayate-kun can’t understand it amazing-ness, right?」

「Well, certainly」

「It’s not possible to not understand the greatness of the Queen」

While Hayate and Aria were conversing, Victoria too came over along with her Servant and started to be mix in the conversation.

「The continent’s oldest bloodline continuing after Artemis-sama. The dress given by the extremely great royal family is too much a honour for a student to wear it」

「I see」

「Moreover last year I was invited to this Einherjar Festival along with Onee-sama, and have seen that『Moonlight Dress』with my very own eyes……」

Victoria recalled about that time and grabbed her both arms, and shivered.

「It was a marvellous dress that seemed to have moonlight in it. I’ve never before or after seen a beautiful dress as that」

「Now that sounds……like some awesome dress」

In truth he still had no idea what it was, but seeing the excitement of Victoria who had actually seen that dress, he understood that it must be some sort of amazing dress.

「People dance in the bonfire party, but the girl wearing『Moonlight Dress』can dance with anyone. After all it would be an honour for the person dancing with her. There are also people who got married because of that dance acting as their romance trigger」

「Heeh, so they even marry」

That was truly a surprise, Hayate stared in wonder.

According to her it is some sort of earth-shattering beautiful dress, so maybe it went like this? They were infatuated to that beauty and fell in love at first sight, probably.

Hayate concluded that it must’ve been like that, after thinking of everything they had talked about just now.

「Well understood now. If I danced with a person wearing that sort of earth-shattering dress, then even I might fall in love at once」


Hayate concluded in his mind and spoke a sentence nonchalantly, but hearing it the expression of the four girls changed at once.

That time, the door of classroom opened and the now-too-late Lela appeared.

「I got late. Everyone to your seats」

「Ohh, it can’t be helped, let’s go back Kiruru」

「Y-yeah. Hayate-san, let’s meet later」

Aria and Kiruru returned back to their seat as they said so.

「W-W-We-Well t-t-th-the-then, have a nice day both of you」

Victoria bid farewell with a in a strangely clumsy manner and returned back to her seat but not before almost tripping on the stairs.

「Well then, this year too, The Einherjar Festival has been decided to start, as per year.」

After checking every student was on their seats Lela spoke in a bland tone.

「Last year some of you might have come here as guests, but this year you lowlifes will welcome the guests. The opening is 3 weeks later. Today we will use the first period to talk out about the products being presented in school festival. Class head」


Called out Lela, Aria moved towards the class platform from her seat. The teacher in black clothes left the work of chairmanship facilitator to Aria and she got down from the class platform while moving to the side for not getting in the way of student talk.

「Err, it is just as said before, let’s talk about products and programs offered in school festival. Does anyone want to do something? You can consult your classmate too」

Aria placed her hands lightly on the teacher’s desk and asked her classmates in an unhurried tone. Then, sounds of girls talking it out were heard from here and there within the classroom.

「I’m looking forward to school festival」

「Hey, leaving that aside, what should we do?」

「Do you want to do something?」

「The act I saw last year with Artemis-sama as the theme was really splendid」

「But I’ve heard that the tradition is that only seniors are allowed to play an act on Artemis-sama」

「Oh, is that so? It’s too unfortunate」

「Refreshment booths are also quite good」

「But I have never done things like cooking」

From here and there talks about what to do, I want to do this and whatnot could be heard.

However, though everyone wanted to do something, but no one proposed their opinion towards Aria. From the contents of talks it was apparent that although they wanted to do something, but had no idea how to do it.

Aria, standing on the class platform, was playing with her bangs with a troubled expression, but she didn’t try to make her classmates be faster. Apparently she was going to wait until someone raised their hands.

At that moment, in the centre of classroom, Victoria raised her hand.

「Aria-san, can I ask you something?」

「Yeah. Victoria-kun, go ahead」

「Well then……」

Victoria stood up elegantly and suggested her idea while holding her hands in front of those two big mountains.

「I’m thinking going with café」

「Café, eh. Yeah, got it」

Aria nodded at Victoria’s idea.

「I’m sorry, but what is a café?」

A student not knowing café asked the question to Victoria.

「It is a commoners shop that serves tea and snacks to guests. So mimicking that, we should give an elegant tea time to the guests coming here」

「Oh my! That is wonderful」

Voices of approval resounded from everywhere in the classroom.

「Giving black tea and snacks to my mother and elder sister makes me excited」

「As expected of Victoria-san, to even know about the shops of commoners」

「Thank you everyone……however! For winning the best place I think of adding another scheme in this!」

*bang* Victoria claimed strongly as she hit the top of her desk.

Victoria is too motivated compared to other times.

Well she hated to lose, so it was only natural to win the first place, but……what might be the reason for her to be this much motivated?

「Victoria-kun, what to do in your one more scheme?」

The facilitator Aria smiled as she urged Victoria to continue. Victoria spread out the hands on top of her chest with full of confidence, and,

「That is……cosplay!」

She declared as such.


「What might it be?」

Maybe they again didn’t understand the meaning of the word that questions were flying about from everywhere in the class. Regarding that, Victoria cleared her throat *ahem* and gathered everyone’s attention.

「In truth I teamed up with Scharlachrot-san the other day and was made to work in a commoners maid café……」


Sherry started upon hearing her name come up.

The classmates started being noisy upon hearing Victoria working with the class’s left out, Sherry, moreover in a commoner’s shop.

「There the staff are all wearing maid uniforms while serving and the customers also have fun with meal and tea time. So the scheme is to make the guests entertained not just with taste but also with eyes」

「Yeah, an interesting scheme」

Aria affirmed Victoria’s opinion.

「Well, we nobles obviously cannot wear maid uniforms, but if there is any cosplay uniform suitable for students of this Academy, then I think the guests would be happy」

「I see. So what about the details of that important cosplay?」

「Err……I haven’t thought about that」

Victoria replied with a somewhat low voice to Aria’s question.

Apparently she hadn’t thought an concrete plan.

Like that a new topic「what to do about cosplay」started up within the classroom, but this time, before it became noisy, Kiruru raised her hand right above her.

「Oh? It’s rare for Kiruru to be so proactive. So do you have any good idea?」

Certainly it was rare for Kiruru to be so proactive here and give out ideas. Did her spirits also go high after hearing about school festival?

「That, how about a Servant Café?」

「Servant Café?」

Aria asked back to Kiruru.

「I mean cosplaying as your own Servant. For example, I can wear ear and tails like that of Kuro and also wear gloves resembling the hairy paws」


Kiruru’s Servant, Black Dog, also barked as if to support its master trying hard to explain.

Seeing her like that, Hayate thought about her in the cosplay form.

Black Dog is dog-ish Servant, so Kiruru’s cosplay would become dog ears and dog tail? The fluffy hair and those paws……oh so cute.

Hayate felt warm and soft as he imagine Kiruru in cosplay form.

「Yeah, cosplaying as the Servant sure is a suitable idea for the students of this academy, but does any has other ideas? How about you Victoria-kun?」

Aria asked the proponent of cosplay café idea, Victoria, as she was thinking with a finger on her chin.

「I think that it is fine……creating costumes resembling the Servants would increase the relationship between the master and Servants while also bringing out idiosyncrasy……wearing different costumes I will be able appeal myself as better than others and will earn the individual prize……so yes I think that this idea is good!」

In the middle she spoke in a very low voice so Hayate wasn’t able to hear it clearly, but as a result Victoria approved of Kiruru’s idea.

The centre of class Victoria gave out her approval so naturally others also went along with that and Rivaldi Class decided to go with Servant Café.

「……Incidentally doing a café is all good, but how will be the black tea and snacks be prepared? Although I know the names of brands popular among others, but about the place where I could get those is……」

The moment they decided to go with Servant Café, a certain classmate spoke out her concern.

「Sure enough, I also don’t know about it」

「Buying the tea leaves and snacks is the work of maids after all」

「Will mother know about it?」

「However the Einherjar Festival has the tradition of only students preparing everything」

「That is a problem……」

The worry of the girl spread out in the classroom within the time it takes to blink the eye, and the boxed noble ladies looked each other’s face thinking what to do.

Everyone thought that the idea would be rejected at the very last moment, but the facilitator Aria waved her hands as if to say it was fine.

「If you don’t know where to buy tea leaves and snacks then just ask someone truly working in a café, for example Sherry-kun」


Sherry stared in shock towards Aria.

While Victoria and Kiruru were giving out opinions after opinions, Sherry was in the corner of classroom completely apathetic, however hearing her name suddenly called out she was bewildered.

In some seconds she recovered herself and looked over the class only to find everyone’s gaze fixed at her.


Facing the over-powered pressure from the eyes of classmates filled with anticipation, Sherry unexpectedly retreated backwards and hit her ass with Hayate’s waist.

So she can remain calm even if someone backbite her, but this is out of her realm, eh?

Hayate nodded within in his heart as he learned about an unexpected side of Sherry.

This might become the trigger for Sherry to blend with the class.

Sherry had an estranged past of being labelled as daughter of the traitor and so she had created a wall around her surroundings and had been guarding herself against it. That was something all too much irritating to Hayate.

As he wanted her to be happy, he never wished to see her remain isolated──this might become a chance to overthrow that situation.

Hayate showed thumbs up to Aria while hiding it from Sherry’s vision. That was the signal to conclude the talk like that.


Aria saw his sign and thought for a bit, then she smiled as she understood the intention of Hayate.

「Well then the opinions are concluded, we the Rivaldi Classroom with go with Servant Café! Sherry-kun」

「Egh? Ah, what?」

Sherry raised her voice in a messed up manner.

「I will naturally help, but Sherry-kun’s help is indispensable in the success or failure of Servant Café. It might be busy in the after school time, but please try to pull in others for preparations」

「Eh, umm, Aria-san……?」

Sherry looked at Aria to ask for help, but she kept on grinning and had no intention taking back her previous remarks. Nice smile.

Finally Sherry looked at Hayate.

「Why are you hesitating that much. Isn’t it fine, take it on」

「……Is that an order?」


Being glared with reproachful gaze, Hayate titled his head, but,

I need to let her take this matter even if forcibly.

He thought that and assented to her question.

「……I see. Understood」

Sherry finally murmured as if giving up.


Like that the program of Rivaldi Classroom was decided safely; Hayate and others moved to the Second Training Grounds for the practical skill class.

Along the way, Sherry was more taciturn than usual……

「What? Are you angry for before?」

「Maybe angry, maybe feeling complicated……」

Sherry peeked a glance at his face while playing with her bangs *round round*.

「Hayate. Do you understand why Victoria-san or Kiruru-san were that motivated?」

「……? Isn’t it because they want to enliven the school festival?」

「Sigh……You need to pay more attention to your careless remarks」

She sighed with all her power.

What does she mean by careless remarks? Thinking back Victoria did sayI won’t lose to youor something, does that has any connection with this? Thinking back again Kiruru also asked me a lot as a reference for her cosplay costume.

Hayate understood that the two were truly motivated, but he had no idea at all as to why it was related to Sherry sighing.

「……If you’re eyes are distracted by someone else, I won’t let you off」


Sherry said something but as she spoke in a low voice with her head facing downwards, he wasn’t able to make out her words.

Well, leaving that aside for now.

Rather than that, the fact that Sherry showed support in the preparations of school festival was more important. Even though it was due to Hayate’s order it didn’t change the fact that she moved a step forward from the isolated situation.

Now all that remains is for her to open her heart to the surroundings……that is as expected only possible by Sherry’s own will.

But I will push her back as much as I can……thinking that Hayate walked side-by-side with Sherry when suddenly  he saw an unfamiliar girl nearing towards him.

「Ah, can I take a moment?」

The girl with very long blue hair called out to Hayate and Sherry in a friendly manner. The moment she stopped walking, the locket pendant hanging down her neck, jumped up on her chest.

「Where is the chairperson room? I haven’t been here in a while, so I got lost」

「……Excuse me, but who might you be?」

Sherry asked back with a wary expression. If she was within the Academy premises it meant she had passed through the guards on the entrance, but still it was only natural to hesitate from telling the Chairperson room to an never-seen person.

Her reaction was only natural, but the other person may have taken that as rudeness──but, the bluehead girl kept on showing an ingratiating smile as though she didn’t care about Sherry’s reaction.

「Ah, I’m no one suspicious. My name is Rinne Blanqeis. I’m a scholar, but today I’ve come here to get the permission from Chairperson for inspecting some documents. I also have ID」

The girl──Rinne showed her ID to Sherry as she said that.

「Rinne……are you probably the influential Professor Rinne from the Demonic Beast University」

「It feels creepy having been called like that」

Rinne again smiled as she said that.

「What is that Demonic Beast University?」

Hayate sneakily whispered in Sherry’s ears.

「It is a University that specializes in researching about Demonic Beasts」

The ecology of Demonic Beasts was a mystery. And scholars like Rinne in front of Hayate were the people that tried to dispel the doubts and mystery about Demonic Beasts.

「Even so, how did you know my name? Demonic Beast scholars are quite the minority compared to star players like Hexenritter. I don’t think that I have had many chances to meet young Hexenritters in making that much?」

「I had seen your name in a report regarding the ecology of Cyclops」

Sherry replied to Rinne’s question as he eyes averted for a second.

Cylcops was the name of Demonic Beast that had destroyed Sherry’s birthplace, the Scharlachrot Territory. Just speaking its name might’ve made her feel bitter.

Hayate placed his hand on her shoulder, trying to cheer her up. She placed her hand above his hand and tilted her head as to near her cheek toward his hand.


Rinne gazed at the two with a meaningful gaze.

「Well, let’s finish the self-introductions now. So where is the Chairperson room?」

Soon enough she saw the suitable time and again asked Sherry.

「……I’m sorry. If you  want to go Chairperson room, then enter the school building from that entranceway and turn right in the hallway……」

Sherry apologized for making her wait and told her the route to Chairperson room.

「Thank you. Looks like I will reach there without losing my way」

Rinne nodded two times and tried to leave that place after saying words of gratitude.

「Rin-nee!」(TN: Nee means elder sister, and I can’t keep on writing Elder Sister Rin, Older Sister Rin (damn this is not CN novel), so yeah bear with this)

That time a third person’s voice entered Hayate’s ears.

Turning around he saw Aria, along with mechanical owl on her shoulder, running towards the three of them.

「Oh! Isn’t it Aria, it’s been a while」

「It truly has been a while! I wasn’t able to contact you recently and got worried. Why are you at the Academy today?」

Aria talked as if rattling with her cheeks blushing. From her sound of voice it was obvious that to even Hayate that she had deep affection for Rinne.

Are these two acquaintances? Their way of calling each other is also quite intimate

「Hm? Yeah, Aria and I are cousins」

Sensing his gaze, Rinne answered even before he asked the question.

She took of Aria’s hat with a natural movement and patted her red hair.

「Aria also has grown big……it’s almost like seeing the growth of a daughter」

Rinne murmured as if talking to herself and suddenly Aria, who was clinging to her, stopped.


Hayate felt an uncomfortable feeling to the sudden change, but he didn’t dare to put it in works.

「Hey, don’t you people have a class right now? Go fast before you all get later. We can talk later as much as you want」

Rinne patted her head one more time and lightly hit her back as if to urging her to go.

「Mm. Understood. Rin-nee」

「Then, you two also, let’s meet later」

Rinned disappeared in the school building while waving her hand and her long straight hair.

「……Well then! We must also hurry to the Second Training Grounds. At this rate we will truly get late」

After seeing Rinne off, Aria clapped her hands as if to pull herself together, and started running while beckoning Hayate and Sherry.

「Let’s go, Hayate」


Hayate and Sherry also started to run after Aria.

Huh? Which remind me that person wasn’t surprised at all at the fact a man was in this Academy?

Questions popped up in Hayate’s mind while he was running.

Isn’t it strange according to the common sense of people of this world that a man, who can never become Hexenritter, is in this Academy?

Despite that why did Rinne, not only not be surprised, but even talked to him normally.

And what did herlet’s meet latermean……?

That sort of word was quite strange to be said to a person she met just on the way and had only asked for the directions.


When he started noticing, various question marks popped up regarding the speech and conduct of Rinne.

However, all those questions were answered more than quickly than he had thought.


Lunch Break.

Hayate along with Sherry, Victoria, Kiruru and Aria headed towards the Counselling Room after being called by Lela.

「Did we do anything recently?」

「I don’t have any clue about it」

Hayate and Sherry both tilted their heads.

「Victoria do you know anything?」

「Nothing in particular. And it’s not like there is another quest issued by my family」

「Come of think of it, last time only three of us were called to the Counselling Room, right? Talking about quest, then all of us are the members who participated in the quest last time」

「You’re ri~ght」


Aria and her Servant raised voices of consent upon hearing Hayate discovering the common thing between the five.

「Maybe something happened concerning the quest」

「A-are we going to be scold?」

「I don’t think that’s the case. We perfectly completed the quest with this and that happening in between」

「Is that so~? A-After all it is the Counselling Room?」

「Kiruru sure is a worrywart」

Aria encouraged Kiruru, who was shivering to the words “Counselling Room”.

「Well, we will know upon reaching」

Speaking blunt words Hayate and the girls walked in the hallway aiming for their destination.

Soon enough they arrived in front of the door with a plate saying『Counselling Room』affixed on it.

「Lela-sensei. Are you in there?」

「Come in」

Victoria knocked the door and an unfriendly voice of their homeroom teacher came. Complying to that voice the group entered the room while saying excuse us.

Entering the room the three, Hayate, Sherry and Aria realized someone familiar other than Lela sitting on the sofa.

「Huh? Rinne, san?」


「Hi, we meet again」

Rinne waved her hand towards the surprised Hayate and Aria as she was smiling and sitting on the sofa.

「Hayate-san. Is that your acquaintance?」

「Though we’ve met just before. She is called Professor Rinner and is an influential person in Demonic Beast University」

「Is that so」

Seeing Victoria’s mild reaction Hayate was letdown.

That is a strange reaction compared to Sherry and Aria.

On that subject Rinner herself commented on the minority of Demonic Beast scholars. It might be a subject that no one pays heed to unless suffering from circumstances such as Sherry or having their relative as a researcher in the division like Aria.

「Schwartz-sensei. Why is Professor Rinne there?」

「She had some business with you people, apparently. Sit there for the time being」

As suggested by Lela, the five people sat on two sofas. Lela was sitting on a chair somewhat away from the sofa. Apparently she would just be witness to their talk as a teacher.

「So what sort of business does a scholar has with us?」

Victoria having the highest family status represented them and started the talk.

「Well don’t be in such a hurry. First let’s drink the tea」

Rinne recommended black tea as she smiled.

Aria also smiled like that many times, but hers is for softening the atmosphere of a place, while Rinne’s was loose feeling or something of that sort. This also felt it could soften the atmosphere, but if Aria’s was consideration then hers was plain white.

「Thank you」

「Thank you very much」

Responding to her recommendation some people tasted the black tea and after taking a short breath the owner of current invitation started talking.

「There is no other reason to call you all, other than the fact that I am investigating the ecology of Chimeras right now. I came here to hear about the time you defeated them」


Chimera were dangerous Demonic Beasts with wonderful regenerative ability and they even had superior species of Chimaeras and seven heads. They originated in great numbers during the quest of Verde Family and Hayate subjugated them all just before it became a big tragedy.

「What exactly is an ecology investigation?」

「It is investigating what sort of living creatures are Demonic Beasts. Demonic Beasts sure are living creatures with lots of mysterious, but it’s not like everything about them is a mystery. By analyzing them based on appearance or the attribute and type of magic they use, it is possible to make out the approximate guess of the species’ weak points and habits」

It would take a patient and steady for finding the weak point, but if it one was able to find the hand or traits──for example if he species with the trait of a of「not being able to handle water」was discovered, the survival rates of normal people would increase.

They obviously didn’t directly attack the Demonic Beasts like Hexenritters, but the Demonic Beast University was that sort of place which helped normal people in a different manner.

「Heh, I see」

Hayate let out a sigh of admiration and Rine laughed.

「In other words, knowing the ecology of Demonic Beasts is related to protecting the people. That’s why I want to hear a detailed report from your mouths」

「We understood your talk. If it’s like that, we won’t hesitate to cooperate」

Victoria nodded, others also agreed to her.

「Thank you. Then, at first」

Rinne took out a memo pad and pen and started asking detailed question regarding Chimeras at fast speeds. The questions were wide-ranging and Rinne collected answers from all five of them.

Although they fought the same opponent, but the resistance and impression felt by others were different, for example between Sherry, who could use nothing but magic, and Victoria, who could also use『Wand』.

「Hmmmm, so there was no resistance to lighting, right?」

「Y-Yes. The appearance of Chimeras were different, but there was not even one that got saved from paralysis caused by lightning attack」

Rinne created the investigation document while not being biased to a single person’s opinion and noted down the details given out all five of them.

Naturally, it took time to sort out the testimonies of five people, and before they all knew it a lot of time had already elapsed. Lela also substituted with another teacher and went to her next class.

And after answering near 100 questions, around the time too many pages of Rinne’s memo had turned black.

「Mm. Well then Hayate-kun」


He replied while thinking what the next question would be; he had already gotten used to have Rinne call him by name.

「Combining all the stories, looks like the power of the『Seele』you posses was the greatest in crushing the Chimeras, Chimaeras, and even seven heads」

「Eh? No, it’s not like I was fighting alone」

「Don’t be modest. This wasn’t praise but just an objective opinion. Including the testimony of family head of Verde Family along with yours and after already inspecting the actual site, the number of Chimeras you defeated in so little time were marvellously at ridiculous number levels, completely abnormal」

Rinne declared that with a faced seeming of Researcher.

Abnormal……well, Hayate knew that he along with his existence itself was abnormal, but having been said that calmly caused him to be troubled on how to react.

Maybe she saw the complexity in his heart that Rinne again returned her face to a relaxing smiling one, and,

「……And. What I want to say is in other words is that I want to see with my very own eyes that just what sort of power does your『Seele』has」

She winked and pleaded.


Because of Rinne’s plead to want to see『Seele』’s power, Hayate and others moved to the mock battle grounds.

「Here the floor and even walls are made from mithril, so it will be fine to use all the strength」

Mithril was abnormally hard, it would never get even a scratch from reckless attacks. The optimum place to show the power of『Seele』.

「Then, I need to prepare a bit」

Hayate warned Rinne before hand and faced towards Sherry folding her hands.


「What happened?」

「No, looking at it again, pulling out『Laevateinn』is sure embarrassing」

「It’s fine so just pull it out already」

He got scolded.

It should be you feeling shame……

Well, he couldn’t refuse if the master was ordering him to do.

Hayate lightly sucked in breath and overlapped the Contract Mark on his right hand with the Contract Mark on Sherry’s chest.

And Indicated at the same time.

「Creation── The Embererathem Sword『Lævateinn』」

「NnnHh! Aaannh!」

Along wih Sherry’s gasping a longsword with red blade was taken out from her. Rinne’s eyes glittered seeing『Laevateinn』shining a red hot light.


「Err, I will do whatever suitable」

Hayate took distance from everyone as though trying to muster the power of『Laevateinn』.

Last Origin……would definitely not a good thing.

He knew the super-hardness of mithril, but he was even more worried that it might be broken. The Last Origin was that bold a move.

After all it blasted ¼ of the mountain into nothingness……

Hayate resolved to just show basic and safe abilities and pointed the tip of sword above.

「O Flames!」

The flames gushed out of『Laevateinn』and drew a wriggling serpentine track in air, and soon enough landed on the mithril floor while continuing to blaze brightly. Those flames wouldn’t disappear until Hayate wanted.

「Heeh, so the flames completely obey Hayate-kun’s will. Then, if someone gets in those flames wouldn’t it become that person’s last moments until that person burns into ashes?」

「No, I remember that one senior had repelled the flames with her shield-type『Wand』, so I think that flames will disappear if clashed with same or stronger power」

In truth nothing other than Last Origin worked on the seven heads. Hearing personal analysis by Hayate, Rinne nodded moment by moment.

「Hmmm……then show other things you can do?」

「Ah, yes. Then……O Flames!」

After that Hayate showed his enhanced physical abilities thanks to『Laevateinn』, he also demonstrated the whirlpool of flames that negated the magic of Cyclops, like that he kept on showing normal powers of『Laevateinn』.

「Seriously awesome, I’m speechless」

*clap clap clap* Rinne neared Hayate while clapping.

「You’re welcome, I’m obliged」

「Even basic specs have quite the output and you haven’t even used Magika yet. Moreover that whirlpool is powerful enough to blow the great magic of Demonic Beasts, right? Certainly this feels different from normal『Wand』s……but」

Rinne suddenly leaned coquettishly on Hayate’s shoulder as to put all her weight on him.


「It feels lacking in power to blow seven heads and a part of mountain into null. Hey, aren’t you hiding Magika-like powers?」

Rinne diagonally breathed out warm breaths on Hayate’s ear causing him to gulp. She was glued too close that her adult breasts were pressing against his arm and changed their shape.

「Err, I’m not exactly hiding it, but the power of that is just too much, so it will dangerous to use it in this place」

「Hah……ah, I see. Hah……Well then, let’s move somewhere other place……haah……」


Her breathing seemed strangely rough?

Hayate confirmed the countenance of Rinne. She was gazing fixedly at『Laevateinn』while breathing lightly.

「Haah……I can’t wait anymore……!」


Before he could of anything, his vision was overturned and he fell on ground while being pressed down by Rinne.

「Heey, show me that sword more clearly……」

Rinne crawled on top Hayate’s body with a rough breathing and tried to extend her hand towards the red longsword.

Seeing something unexpected all of a sudden, Hayate stiffened.

W-What is she doing out of blue, but I seem to have seen this thing somewhere……Ah, it’s the same as when Aria was rampaging to things related to Servants. As expected of her cousin. The moment their interest and curiosity points go above the critical level, they don’t seem to care about surroundings!

「Oh, calm down Sherry-kun!」

「Get aside Aria-san. No matter who it is, I will not forgive the person trying to lay hands on my manservant」

「I’m sorry. So please forgive her. She’s my relative although she’s like that」

Hayate heard a dangerous talk going on outside his vision. However that seemed to not have entered Rinne’s ear at all.

「Heey, show it to me quickly, let me touch it」

「Owah! No, it’s dangerous so get away! In double meanings!」

Hayate kept his sword away from Rinner so she could not touch the burning red hot blade of『Laevateinn』.

「Ugh~, Show~ it~ to~ me~」

But Rinne didn’t knew when to give up and tried to touch『Laevateinn』no matter what, while humping on top of Hayate.


Her movements brought a disaster and her clothes were disordered, completely baring her breasts.

But she didn’t care about it at all in front of her curiosity and she pushed her breast against Hayate’s body while still moving up and down, trying to touch the sword.


Finally the two swellings reached his face and tried to crush him as he felt that sensation directly. The feeling of her nipples and the locket pendant in between her cleavage became an accent (TN: not the language one), and it seemed to emphasis on the softness of the two things being pressed against his face.

Agh, I’m face is hot and my mind’s going blank.

Hayate was being crushed under while not knowing if that was Rinne’s body temperature or his own face’s temperature.

「Aria-san! Leave me!」

「Cold!? How can you release such a cold air without even chanting!?」

Hearing that conversation of Sherry and Aria, Hayate kept on enjoying that one hell of a softness for a while until Rinne was torn off by the hands of Victoria and Kiruru.


The after school time came with this and that. Hayate came with Sherry to『Bury-In Café』as usual and again he was doing the exhausting work of behind the scenes.

「When will the parfait of 23th come!?」

「Yes here it is!」

Hayate was here to help Sherry, but now he had completely become as a member of the staff here. Although he was still busy as ever, but now he didn’t wavered in processing orders according to numbers, and had become able to make food without making the hall staff wait much.

「This is the last order for now!」


Hayate reported after making the parfait and the shop manager young lady of this shop took off her bandana and wiped off the sweat on her forehead.

「We’ve passed the last wave. Now some orders will pop up at time until shop closes」

「As always」

Leaning against kitchen counter Hayate let out power while sighing loudly.

「At first I thought what would happen, but you’ve become quite reliable now」

「Ha, Hahaha, do you think so?」

Hayate answered with an ambiguous smile to the praising words by shop manager.

I am still being made to work to death. It’s the same amount of work from the first day I came here……

There was no internship at all. It was already quite heavenly luck that he was able to get through all of that.

Without caring about the complexity within Hayate’s heart, the shop manager laughed cheerfully.

「On the first day I let you specially work because it was that girl’s request, but I will praise you for not running away. Our work is quite hard to do」

「Ah, so you knew that it is hard to do」

「Well duh……but, I can leave that girl to a man who doesn’t leave thing he once started」

Shop manager muttered earnestly while crossing her arms. Her way of speaking was bothering him, but he tried to keep on listening.

「You mean Sherry, right? Why does manager worry that much about Sherry?」

「……Do you about the circumstances she is in?」

She asked as if asking just to be sure, to which Hayate nodded.

「Is that so. Well, it is like that. She did work well from the first day, but she couldn’t blend in perfectly with the surroundings. It also wasn’t a problem that needed to be dealt at a moment’s notice, so we didn’t give advices to her」


Hayate understood whatever the shop manager was saying as she closed her eyes……but there was one thing he was concerned about.

「Why do you worry that much about Sherry?」

Hayate asked his doubt.

The two were just employer and employee. Though they weren’t strangers, they also weren’t that close. So, Hayate still couldn’t understand why she was worrying that much about Sherry.

「……Don’t tell that girl」

After some silence, shop manager said that and told him about the「reason」.

「I used to live in the territory of Scharlachrot Family」


Hayate immediately understood the meaning behind those words.

「Then manager is……」

「Yeah, I was living there when those one-eyed giants were rampaging there」

Hayate only knew about whatever happened at that time because of hearing about that from others, and so he knew more or less about what happened during that time.

Due to an outbreak of Cylcops, havoc broke out in Scharlachrot Territory and the family head of Scharlachrot Family, mother of Sherry, disappeared, in the end the Chivalric Order under direct control of Queen came, but till then lot of harm had been done.

「That time I just kept on running away together with my family……And I even thought that I would die sometimes」

The shop manager shrugged her shoulders and shook her said as if saying it wasn’t anything to worry about now. Hayate had asked why she was worrying that much about Sherry, but hearing her words he had become more confused about the reason.

Considering her position she should be resenting her, but should she be thinking of giving her advices?

「……Does manager not resent Sherry?」

「Hm? yeah……」

Hearing Hayate’s frank question the manager looked up at the ceiling for a short while.

「It’s not like I never felt resentment or anger……but, wasn’t it Demonic Beasts who attacked us and her mother that ran away? Even so if she had the sin of being born as a noble in that family then she had taken enough punishment living till this day since ever then」

Her family collapsed when she was small, her parents disappeared, even her grandmother died……certainly Sherry had lost many things in her life till now and had taken pain and resentment from many other people.

「It is the duty of adult to forgive the child」

Shop manager poked Hayate’s head lightly with her index finger as she said that.

「That girl had been changing bit by bit ever since she came with you. Her expression was always obstinate one, but now it seems more natural. Please remain by her side like this forever」

「I already had that intention even if you didn’t told me」

That time, the orders came and both shop manager and Hayate cut off the conversations as they returned to work.


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