OreDorei Volume 2 Chapter 1

Chapter 1 – Victoria’s Rhapsody

Time goes back to the day before.

Diaspell Royal Academy. Student Dormitory.


Hayate was squirming in the bed while feeling the gaze of morning.

Basically he didn’t have the personality of being punctual. Especially in the morning, even if his consciousness awakens, he would take more than 10 minutes to just open his eyelids.

There is still time before Sherry comes to wake me up…… just 5 more minutes.

The work of waking Hayate fell to Sherry. To him, her voice was the signal to wake up.

Then the reason Sherry hasn’t called out to him means there was still time before the morning bell. While deciding upon that he tried to once again go back to sleep.


Hayate while raising half-asleep voice rolls to the other side on the bed.

Suddenly something warm hits face with a *buyon*. It’s warmth was different from that of bed.


What is this……softness, it feels different from that of a pillow. It’s more soft and big and is bouncy, it feels good…… .

Hayate started groping that mysterious soft thing with his eyes still closed.



Just what was that moaning voice right now!?

Hayate opened his eyes wide, after some seconds later while being surprised.

「Good Morning, Hayate」

The one who gave the morning salutation to him was Sherry.

That voice was the same as the one which told him the time to wake up, but……except for one point that the owner of voice, Sherry, was in his bed completely naked.

「W……Wh, What are you doing!?」

「Sleeping naked」

Sherry replied to Hayate who inquired her with threat.

The understanding to the current situation was splendidly not the same for both of them.

「Nh? Uwaaa-!」

At that point, Hayate realized that he had been groping the great breasts of Sherry and tried to release them from his both hands, but when he did that the cherry of her breasts suddenly got exposed and he crawled out of bed without knowing what to do.

「You don’t have to run away」

「I will run!」

To Sherry’s playful words Hayate returned a shout.

While looking at Hayate’s whose heart was still beating faster *bakyun bakyun*, Sherry revealed a smile.

「Looks like you’re finally awake」

「……Thanks to you」

「It seemed like Hayate is weak in mornings, should I wake you up like this way every day. It’s a hassle to shout many times to wake you up.」

「I will wake up at once from tomorrow, so spare me this」

Hayate requested.

Sherry without saying yes to it; she stripped off her T-shirt and stood up.

Once again having the whole of her body in front, Hayate in a hurry turned back.

She like that headed towards the wardrobe, and started to choose her today’s underwear.

「Well then, shall we head to the classroom today too」


Hearing the rare and strange restless voice from her, Hayate tilted his head.

「Was there something today?」

「Yeah, to us it’s a very important day」

Sherry answered as such while putting on the jet-black underwear.

「The results of Midterm examination will be revealed today」


Diaspell Royal Academy. Rivaldi Classroom.

After class the free period for taking lunch came, finally that thing arrived.

「O~i, it seems like the results for midterm examinations is finally out」

Aria said to Hayate and others while waving her hand and entering the classroom.

「You went to look at it for us, eh, thanks」

「No, no. If you really, desperately want to say thanks for it, then bathe together this time」

「I refuse」

The servant maniac-ism of Aria is the same like always at every time.

「Hauuu~, finally the time has come~」


Abruptly a crying voice came from behind Aria, Hayate looks behind her back thinking who it was.

There Kiruru was shivering while clinging tightly her uniform.

「What happened to Kiruru?」

「It seems like Kiruru is afraid of her result. She’s been like this since the morning」

「After all, it can’t be anything other than lowest score!」

「It’ll be fine, be calm. I’m by default in danger before you, so it definitely won’t become the lowest score!」


While shivering like a small animal, Kiruru made her body tremble many times.

She did show a brave and gallant expression during the time of battle, but in daily life she relied on Aria, it seemed.

Well, leaving that aside.

「We have waited for 2 weeks for the results to come out. Shouldn’t we too quickly go and see it」

「You’re right」

Hayate nodded to Sherry’s words, they four together headed towards the bulletin board in entrance hall where the results were being showed. Reaching there, the front of bulletin board was crowded with students who came with same motives as that of Hayate and others.

「There are just too many people」

「They all are probably worried about their own results」

「That’s true」

Even though, with this much people they couldn’t possibly move forward. It’s doubtful whether they would be able to confirm their results before the free period was over.

「Slave. It’s fine to take out the sword, so kick all the people in front」

「As if I can do that, Dumbass」


「Sorry, My Lady」

「Then, take out the sword」


Hayate can take out the sword of fire「Laevateinn」by overlapping the sword crest on the back of his right hand with that of Sherry’s chest.

However, using something that dangerous to kick out the girls in front of him was out of question.

Well, it’s not like Sherry is seriously meaning it……

「Even if I can raise my chest later with pride?」


I don’t think she’s serious. I believe her.

But still……well, Sherry too is a human child. How can she not be worried about her results?

Furthermore, Sherry has a goal to become the strongest Hexenritter. She would regain her family after becoming the strongest Hexenritter. It’s her dream and the reason I fight as her manservant.

The result announcement was her first step to her dream……her feeling to know the results might be more than others.

「Hm……The result really can’t be seen from here, huh」

She was right now too trying to look at the paper with results written while stretching her back straight.

He couldn’t see her like this. Kicking them all was naturally still rejected, but there was no problem in asking them to give space.

「Hey, umm……」

「Eh? Kyaa! It’s a man!」


Hitting the shoulder of girl, she raised a scream, on which Hayate was shocked.

Moreover the scream propagated, the girls in front of bulletin board immediately looked back one by one.

「It really is that man from before」

「That one who is a servant and can still use「Wand」?」

「It’s said he defeated the Cyclops alone」

「He even won against that Victoria-san」

「……It’s somewhat embarrassing」

In the whispers from surrounding had strange errors and exaggeration, like Hayate didn’t use 「Wand」but 「Seele」, or it wasn’t him alone who defeated Cyclops, but hearing even the wrong praises his back started to itch.

But well it doesn’t feel bad……when he thought that.

「But Hayate-san is really fast when picing-up」

「You mean?」

「He does lewd things with girls really quickly, it seems」

「In the same room as that of his contractor, Sherry-san」

「Strange sounds come from the room every night」

「Kiruru-san and Aria-san too are his prey」

「It seems like he has even impregnated Victoria-san」

「……I’m somewhat envious」

The rumour talk suddenly changed to the talk about Hayate’s relationship with females, and even the rumours with half-truths and exaggerations are heard……

「What is that rumour! It’s a misunderstanding!」


Hayate unintentionally shouts, the girls who were yelled at their misunderstandings scream together and increase their distance from him.

As a result the crowd of people who was blocking Hayate and other’s way gets divided into two rows, without any plan or anything the orders from Sherry before are put in work, and the road to the bulletin board was formed.

「……Here you go, Master」

「You did good work, Slave」

While thanking Hayte who was holding back his tears, Sherry walked between the opened crowds of people boldly. Kiruru and Aria, Hayate too who dropped his shoulders follow her.

Like that everyone comes up in front of bulletin board and start searching their own name in the paper posted on the board.

「Ah, Sherry, here is your name」


Aria found Sherry’s name really fast, even the Hayate who was hanging his head down looked up.

「Look, it’s 『38th Place』」

「Err, ah it’s true」

Certainly, at the rank she said there was the name『Sherry Scharlachrot』. Hayate is her servant that’s why his name was not written.

However, that was without a doubt the ranking Hayate and Sherry gained by working together.

「I think there are approximately hundred sixty students in academy, so……congratulations. It’s a high rank with no complaints, right」


Taking the congratulatory words from the two, Hayate while being shy, and Sherry while smiling replied.

「Thank you, Aria, Kiruru」

「Thank you. With this I’m one more step closer to my goal」


Hayato and others, having checked the results, headed to the dining hall, and the four were eating the meal with each other, as usual.

「Nevertheless, we truly unexpectedly, broke into the Top Rankings」

「Hmm, maybe it was dat solo crushing of Cyclops that lead to high evaluation , I suppose」

「But it wasn’t solo, right. Kiruru and others were also fighting」

「We were done in the middle of the fight……so, I believe it was Hayate-san’s power that defeated it」

During the meal, the hot topic was obviously the recently released『Inter-School Rankings』and examinations.

「Well, I think dat that it our fight was also properly evaluated. I abstained from the examination during the second phase, even so I got『78th Rank』. Kiruru also got the『62nd Rank』. These are ranks which would be in Top Rankings if just we worked a little harder」

「I-It’s like a dream to me……」

Kiruru muttered while flushing her cheeks. It was apparent that the negative feelings from before seeing the results have all blown away.

While watching that childhood friend with a smile, Aria drank a mouthful of the soup.

「Anyhow, from now we all have to be careful」

「Careful, of what?」

He asked a question in return to Aria who just said something with profound meaning hidden behind.

「Aside from Servant Mania like me, normally everyone is desperate to raise their ranks. In that meaning, although you might have high rank, the first-year students having meagre combat experience are the easy prey for the upperclassmen」


Kiruru’s spirits swooped down.

Now that she said that, except for the first midterm examinations, the examinations thereafter were conducted in groups of Top Ranks, Middle Ranks and Low Ranks. In short, Hayate and Sherry would take the examinations along with another fellow Top Ranker, while Kiruru and Aria would with fellow Middle Ranker.

「If I’m not mistaken the Top Rankers are those above『50th Rank』, right……. That means we would be aimed at by people of『39th to 50th Rank』? 」

「That is how it would be. And——」

Sherry drank the tea elegantly and while breathing properly, she calmly added further.

「——In our case, I, the Hexenritter who controls the outcome have extremely low fighting power. At the same time, Hayate’s power might be getting publicized, but there might be many fellows who would scheme to defeat the weak me and increase their ranks」

「It is quite a depressing thing」

「You’re right. But, we are aiming for the Top of『Inter-School Rankings』……no, the summit of Hexenritters. I can’t afford to stumble against an obstacle of this standard」

Sherry spoke out a line that would make some people hearing it enraged, and returned to her tea time.

Well, it’s just as Sherry said.

For becoming the Strongest Hexenritter there was a need to appear in a fighting tournament called『Eight Big Walpurgis Night』, and if they become the top or second ranker in the『Inter-School Rankings』, they would be given seed rights for the tournament.

For running through the shortest route to her dream, they didn’t had time to stumble at a place like this.

Hayate again motivated himself, and the time he tried to bite into the bread, *bang*, a person hitting the table appeared, causing him to almost drop his bread.

「I can’t accept it!」

The person who hit the table——Victoria, had raised her slanted eyes more than ever and abruptly yelled at Sherry and Hayate.


Her Servant, the lindworm also flickered, its extended tongue as if trying to threaten them.



The frightened Kiruru hit behind Aria’s back; her Servant, the black dog, for protecting its master, groaned while facing the big serpent with wings.

Within a second……it turned into a critical atmosphere, but he didn’t know why Victoria was angry in the first place.


「You can’t accept? Just what are you talking about?」

Before Hayate, who was intimidated by the vigor of Victoria, Sherry, seeming completely unfazed, asked her.

「Of course I mean about those『Inter-School Ranking』!  I’m at the『45th Rank』, so why are you at the『38th Rank』!?」

Ah, I see……

Hayate was related to Victoria in a way or another, so he checked her ranking, which truly was『45th Rank』. Although, for her to protest……or rather make false accusations was just……

「Even if you ask why, the Ranks are decided by the Academy, so it would be troubling for me to answer you correctly」

「That is not the problem here!」

「If you’re at『45th Rank』, aren’t you a Top Ranker? So what are dissatisfied at?」

「That is obviously about the fact that I lost to someone like you!」

No matter what sound reasoning Sherry replied, the prideful Victoria didn’t seem to accept it.

Well it was false accusations, it was fine to leave it to Sherry and forget about it……just when he thought that,

「Well is it lovers’ quarrel?」

「I’ve heard he could do two at the same time」

「He was summoned as a Servant, as expected, he is a beast on that side too……」

「Hey, is it true that a child is made by male and female sleeping in the same bed?」

「Can I also talk about that……」

It seems like the rumour-damage towards me is increasing!?

「No way!? It was better with just Sherry-san, but now even Victoria-san……! ……Ah, but in that case I, to Hayate-san……Auh! No way a foursome right off the bat……but if Hayate-san desires for it, I will……I will do it!」

As a result, Kiruru accepted the groundless rumours going around, and has gone on a trip within her delusion mode.

If I don’t control the situation fast, it would be bad. For me, that is.

「H-Hey Victoria」


Hayate called out to her for mediating between the two, but the moment he does, Victoria backed off while raising a hysteric voice.

「W-W-Wh-What do you want!? Can I ask you to not talk to me suddenly!?」

「I don’t want that to be told from someone who came yelling at us all of a sudden」

「W-Whenever you call out my heart is startled!」

While dying her face crimson, Victoria threw a not quite understandable criticism at him. That looked like a carnage scene to the surroundings girls and Hayate’s savage rumours accelerated.

「At any rate, just don’t make a racket here! The rumours are already moving in a truly weird way now!」

「I-If you come any closer to me, I will make Lindis bite you!」


The big serpent Servant threatened him, and being flustered Hayate controlled himself.

「I don’t think there is a reason to be that wary of me」

「No! You’re currently eating lunch, right. It’s normal for me to be wary of you!」


What is relation between me eating lunch and instigating that big serpent at me?

「I have heard it……sometimes boys eat the girls they like. You, want to eat my breasts as the snack, right!? I have already seen through that plan!」


Amazing, eh……This deplorable atmosphere can even cover the whole dining room. It isn’t something that any person can make? I knew about Victoria’s narrow view of men, but apparently she is having another comical misunderstanding.

「……*exhale*, Victoria-san, please come here for a moment」

Sherry, having watched over the course of events, heaved a sigh and beckoned Victoria.

「W-What is it?」

「Just lend your ear to me」

Saying that Sherry forcibly neared the other person’s ear to her mouth and started whispering something into her ear……as time went on Victoria’s face became more and more flushed.

「Eh……ah……so eating meant that……」

In the end, with a face redder than a ripe tomato, Victoria just moved her mouth trying to say something, but said nothing.

Because the centre of the racket went quiet, a strange silence descended in the dining hall……at that time, their homeroom teacher Lela appeared at the entrance of dining hall.

「Is Verde here?」

「Wha!? Yeeaashhh!?」

Victoria’s shoulder froze up as if she had taken a surprise attack, and in a panic she turned back.

「There is a visitor. Come with me」

「I-I understand」

Victoria hurriedly left the dining hall as if saying she got saved.

Then the series of short turmoil stopped, and everyone started returning back to their food and chat.

Hayate also ended up feeling tired and tried to finish up the left food……but before that.

「Sherry, what did you tell to Victoria before?」

「She seemed to have an awful misunderstanding, so I just corrected her」

「……Ah I see」

Well she wanted to be kind, but it was it was quite a great thing to whisper some erotic stuff into someone’s ears with that calm expression.

Thinking ‘good grief’, Hayate tasted the coffee in the cup.

「But it was truly an awful misunderstanding. I’m more than enough food for Hayate」



Finishing the their meal, Hayate and others returned to classroom, and after that moved to the mock battle grounds. The first class in the afternoon was Practical Skill Class by Lela.

「With the examinations over, you lowlifes might have become more or less used to using the『Wand』. I will tell you all about Magika today」

At the start of class, Lela started her lecture to the students sitting in a row.

「Each『Wand』contains their own inherent Magika. Like the skills to attack the opponent, the skills to increase one’s ability or the skills to support the allies etc, these all cover a wide range. Among them there are also that need Spells, basically the same as chanting for magic」

「Excuse me, sensei」

One of the students listening to Lela’s explanation raised her hand.

「What is it?」

「If it’s alright, can we all see Lela-sensei’s Magika?」

「Oh my! That is a good idea!」

「Sensei! I also want to see it!」

Other students raised their voice of approval to the girl’s suggestion.

Lela titled her head a little bit,

「My Magika is just of small model, but……oh well it’s fine. Syndolly」

Lela called someone’s name and, from her voluptuous breasts—–from the slit in her black clothes a fairy with wings growing and dark skin appeared.

So there was a meaning behind that slit, eh.

Hayate was surprised a little.

「Hey, that Servant is?」

「It is a Servant called Dverg/Dwerg and also as Black Fairy. Its physical combat strength is low, but added with its high intelligence it can use various sorts of magic. And it likes dark and narrow places」

So that was why Lela wore black clothes usually, she was actually residing the Dverg in the valley between her breasts.

I can agree to this. It surely is dark and narrow……the oppressive feeling is also great. It’s not like I don’t feel envious at that.

「……You’re watching too much」

「Ah, no……」

Hayate was staring seriously at Lela’s breasts, when he noticed Sherry’s cold eyes and flustered.

「Cast──『Dverg Hammer』」

The『Wand』Lela called out was a big war mallet that suited her tall figure.

While feeling surprise at the boorish『Wand』for the cool Lela, he felt excited at the same time, wanting to know just what sort of skill would be unleashed by that war mallet. How to say……Hammers had something that tickled the male instincts.


「……Although I took it out, I won’t use this to show the Magika」

Hayate unexpectedly nearly fell over to Lela’s words.

「If you want to ask why I took it out then, then let me tell you that it is needed to Cast the『Wand』to use Magika. It is impossible to use Magika without the『Wand』. Mind you」

Saying that Lela lightly lifted up the『Dverg Hammer』and held it pointing forwards.

Doing that, a magic square was deployed in her surroundings and a red-black phosphorescence burst out.

It was just like the sparks that come out when blacksmith hammer the ridiculously hot iron.

「The form be single-edged sword, I grant thee a sword blade like sharpest glass. Manifest, manifest, the sword that cuts everything」

The husky voice of teacher in black clothes keeps on spelling.

The thing she wanted.

The thing she wanted to injure with.

Her Magika manifested.


For the ending Lela muttered the name of her Magika and the magic square started shining furiously──In the next moment, the war mallet she held, changed into a sharp sword so thin, the other side could be faintly seen.

She swung her sword once with a *woosh* and returned her eyesight to the students.

「This is one of my Magika called Nezaveryl-Smith. As you can see it is a Magika that can create any weapon the user imagines. For just performance this time, I have granted it only one trait that is『Sharp Sword Blade』, but unless the traits don’t contradict each other, I can infinitely keep on granted it traits」

Hearing it could create any weapon, albeit some restraints, the students let out sighs of admiration.

Lela didn’t particularly respond to that and gently brushed the head of the Black Fairy, resting on her shoulder.

「Incidentally it is better to have a minimum design for the shape. The final adjustments are done by this Syndolly. However, as more traits are granted, the more time it takes to create and the burden of Servant would also increase. And during the creation process, I am defenceless, so if I erred in its use, it’s the end」

Creating the most optimum weapon at the most optimum timing, one would dominate that situation, and there would be a need to judge the situation within a moment for that, if not done properly, a big chance would be given to opponent……is what she said, eh. Indeed, the skill seemed hard to use.

Lela returned the single-edged sword to its original war mallet form. Seeing its owner doing that, the Black Fairy sitting on her shoulder infiltrated the valley between Lela’s breasts, as if saying its work was over.

「My Magika was not an easy to understand offensive or defensive type, so it wouldn’t have been much of a help, but, the Magika just simply increase the range of tactics than when only using『Wand』. For surviving in『Ranking Competition』or fights against Demonic Beasts, learning this would be required」

「Sensei! Won’t you show us your other Magika?」

「If I use it at this place you lowlifes would also be engulfed in that, are you fine with that?」

「「「「「……! (shake shake)」」」」」

「I see」

The students, including the girl who questioned, shook their heads, and seeing that Lela nodded.

「Next is, how you would be able to use the Magika……or rather, how would you release the Magika」


Seeing Lela correcting her words, Hayate and several other people bend their heads slightly to one side.

「The first condition is to gain mastery in using the『Wand』itself. It can only be done by training and forging yourself. The stronger you become the more Magika would be released」

It was a truly easy to understand condition. Lela inserted “next is” between her words.

「The second condition is the mutual trust relationship with the Servant」

「Mutual trust relationship……is it?」

One of the female student looked at the face of her Servant with a bewildered expression.


Her Servant was a big bird that could fly while a person riding on it──It is called Griffon apparently── but, contrary to its appearance, it had a quite cute cry.

Maybe because of that gap it looked cuter. Even the relationship with its master seemed favourable.

「It means that just being friends won’t cut it. What’s needed is a “relationship where you both believe each other and rely on each other”. For that deep mutual understanding is required. If you don’t even know what your Servant can do and can’t do, it won’t be much of a help and you won’t rely on it much. The same condition goes for the Servants」

The students nodded to Lela’s talk.

「I said『release the Magika』before, that meant, if you meet the two requirements of having enough ability and mutual trust relationship with your Servant, the chest that been locked till now would open up and the contents inside of it would be released. Like that, the way to use the Magika would naturally enter the head of Hexenritter」

Is it the same when I learnt the True Name ofLævateinn? At that time, a strange song with the true name of sword entered into my brain. 

Seems like bothWandandSeeleare trying to conjecture capability of their users. They would only grant the Magika to only the owner who has the power worthy for it……or so I think.

「Then break up within each Area, and start the intensive training with the goal of obtaining Magika. If you have any questions ask me. And the people who think they have released the Magika, report to me first before trying out the skill, because there is a danger of inuring the surroundings」

Lela informed them about the precautions and the students scattered in various places of the Area. Among them, there were some who immediately questioned her.

「Well then, what will we do?」

Hayate asked Sherry’s opinion with the meaning of whether to start training or learn some secret from Lela.

……Huh? Now that I think about it, what would happen in our case?

In their case, although Sherry is the Hexenritter and Hayate is the Servant, but it is Hayate who fought while holding『Seele』. It was just the opposite of the normal Hexenritters.

Or do the basics don’t change even in our case? Even Lela said that a relationship where we both believe each other and rely on each other was important. If one side wouldn’t become the main person, isn’t it the same as us then?

While Hayate was thinking seriously, Sherry peeked at his face from below all of a sudden.


「What are you thinking with that rare serious crappy face? Did you hear what I said?」

「Eh? Err……」

Thinking back on it, it was Hayate who threw the question about what to do. Immediately after, he immersed himself into his own thinking, leading to not hearing her words.

「Sorry. I wasn’t listening」

「I see. Then it is you that is in the wrong for not listening」

He wasn’t even given the time to ask “what was it”?



「How is it? Do you feel good?」

Without any hesitation, Sherry──grabbed the right hand wrist, and forcibly pressed his palm onto her chest──and asked without caring about it.

Of course it feels good……, but the problem wasn’t there.

「W……hy, are……you doing this all of a sudden?」

「This is the improvement of our mutual trust relationship──in short the communication for increasing the intimacy level. Didn’t I suggest this just before? But oh well you didn’t hear it yourself」

「Isn’t this reverse sexual harassment with the name of communication!」

「After all, haven’t we already done the kissing part. Even then the Magika hasn’t been released means that we have increase our intimacy, right?」

「I-Is that how it is……?」

「That is how it is. In short, Hayate is obliged to touch and feel my breasts」

「……No, I won’t be deceived. The intimacy and mutual trust relationship is……just not something like this!?」

「Oh? Considering all that, your hand seems to have no intention of let go off my breasts」


The reason he couldn’t let go was because Sherry was grabbing his wrists……no, if he tried to shake off forcibly it was possible, but it was the truth that he couldn’t shake and untangle the luscious temptation coming from the five fingers that had sunk into the half naked “northern hemisphere”……he hated himself for yielding to the lust.


Maybe he put power unintentionally that Sherry let out a voice with red cheeks.

……Although what she did was bold, her expression was of a maiden who knew nothing of disgrace. No, it might be like that in truth. While feeling shy having her breasts fondled by a man, she was thinking that it was fine whatever Hayate did with her.

「Here, if you like it, you can fondle it thoroughly」

While she said those words from her mouth, he could feel her heart beating faster from the sensation coming from the palm that was stuffed deep into her breasts.

What is it……this erotic yet cute……unbearable, lovable feeling. All these feelings have jumbled up, and are about explode any second now!

But before that happened,

「Scharlachrot. I don’t care about you two flirting with each other, but the class is still going on」


Lela called out to them from the side. Hayate noticed the current situation quickly.

The situation in which, he was fondling the breasts of Sherry……in front of near twenty students, albeit they were scattered here and there in the whole Area.

「H-How immodest!」

「To do in front of people, he’s truly a beast……」

「But Sherry-san seems to be feeling good」

「Does it feel better than touching them herself……?」

The girls here and there forgot about the class, and with more or less red faces they were looking at the arguing of Hayate and Sherry──or rather, the erotic act of Hayate with curious eyes.

「Oh shit……this is, um that……just not what it seems like!!」

Hayate let go off her breasts and shouted out a line that didn’t even pass as an excuse.


Hayate, having taken a heavy mental damage, was walking in the corridors with wavy steps.

Sherry wasn’t beside him. He was unusually alone.

This is truly awkward……without calming down I can’t even face her.

He was walking like this for cooling down, but whenever he was careless, he recalled the feeling of touching Sherry’s breasts with his palm……leading to his bodily heat never lowering down.

Now that I think about it, even when we were making a ruckus there, Victorias didn’t complain today.

For changing the thoughts, he recalled the girl with blond ringlets.

Huh? Wait a minute, was she present in the class before?

Because the Event had a severe Impact that he didn’t had confidence in the memories of that time.

I still remember Lela saying something about visitor or something……

While Hayate was trying to recall about the lunch time, he collided head-on with a person, who, all of a sudden, jumped out from the corner of corridor.



Fortunately, they bumped and crossed each other, and so they both, with a start, stood petrified.

Reflexively he gazed at the face of the other person……and there was the girl he was recalling just now, Victoria, looking at him with the same petrified expression as Hayate.

「H-Hey. What happened? For you to be here」

For the time being, as a light greeting, he raised up one of his hand, but,

「E-e-e-excuse me!」

For some reason, as soon as Victoria saw Hayate’s face, she ran in the opposite direction than the one she was originally going on, and disappeared.

What was that? Did she had another misunderstanding regarding men……?

While titling his head, Hayate noticed someone’s handkerchief fallen on the ground.

Just by looking it seemed like a high-class item (or rather, every person in this Academy had high class items only) with a sparkling design. Judging from the fact he couldn’t see anyone in the surroundings, apparently it was something Victoria dropped.

「Well, I can return it in the classroom」

Thinking that he put the handkerchief into his pocket, but──his plan went wrong. Victoria was absent in the next class, continuing onwards it was after-school.

It can’t be helped. I will deliver it to her room.

「I found a lost property today, so thinking to return it」

「Remember to be back before the time for part-time job」

Nodding at Sherry’s words, he left the classroom before her and returned to the dorm.

「Eerr, Victoria, Victoria……oh here」

Looking at the board with assignment of rooms, he confirmed the room number of Victoria. While trotting the stairs, he found the door with the room number he was after.

「Hey, Victoria」

He knocked and called out her name, but even after waiting for some time, no reply came back.

Did she not return to her room?

In that case where is she to even take absence from the class? However I also have the part-time job, I can’t be waiting here too much. Hayate gripped the doorknob──and contrary to his expectations, the door easily opened.

「……Is she inside?」

Or maybe she forgot to lock the door, in that case he reconsiders to just put the handkerchief inside. It wouldn’t be a problem if he left a letter beside it.

Hayate quickly resolved and trying not to make any noise, opened the door.

Entering inside he left the handkerchief and a small memo on the table, and tried to leave, at that time──*clang* the sound of door opening rang out.


At first he flustered thinking Victoria returned, but the door leading to corridor was tightly closed……in turn, the door of the personal bathroom, that were present in every room within the dorm, was opening.

Shit!? That Victoria was bathing, eh!? Or rather, at least reply if you’re in the room!?

In that case I wouldn’t have trespassed into your room……thinking that Hayate was flustered and the door completely opened.

「Victoria, you returned, huh?」

From the bathroom an U.N.F.A.M.I.L.E.R F.E.M.A.L.E came out while wiping her hair with bath towel.

「Eh?」……Who is she?

Reacting to the accidental voice leak, the female noticed Hayate.


She seemed somewhat older than Hayate. The girl was showing her mature feminine body line, but she neither screamed nor did she seem flustered, rather she gently wiped off her hair and put the towel on her shoulders. Thanks to that the tip of her breasts was covered but……there were still various places she needed to hide.

Illustration 1

「Ah, err, I-I’m sorry!」

He belatedly realized himself staring fixedly on the naked body of the girl, and in a panic turned around while apologizing.


Even after turning around, no jeers came from the girl as he had expected, and only the silence reigned over in the room.

Just who is she?

Originally, the students living in the dorm were given rooms for living alone. In other words, there shouldn’t be someone else who would use this room other than Victoria. And there is a large public bath, so it would be ridiculous for someone else to deliberately come to her room. In that case, Hayate definitely had no idea about the nude girl standing behind her.

He didn’t who the other person was, and she was also not talking. Having said that, it would be awkward to start up a conversation right after seeing her nude……at that time, while Hayate was greatly perplexed, the door leading to corridor opened and a third person entered the room.

「Onee-sama, I’ve brought everything you wanted」

Rather than third person, it was the owner of this room.

Victoria, holding a paper bag near her chest said「Onee-sama」while seeing the nude girl. Next she noticed Hayate inside the room and raised a scream.

「Hayate Mitsurugi! W-Why are you in my room!? And why Onee-sama, n-naked……!?」

「No, don’t misunderstand! I was just here to give back the handkerchief!」

「Don’t lie! Then why are together with my naked Onee-sama」

「That was an accident!」

While the two were making a ruckus, the person concerned and the victim (?) called「Onee-sama」didn’t speak any word, and was putting on her underwear silently.

──However the moment she heard the name of Hayte, her eyes became grim for an instant, but the other two didn’t notice that.

「A-Anyhow, I came here to return the handkerchief you dropped in the corridor. My work time was also near, so I entered the room, yet there was no reply. Therefore I left it along with a memo on the table, and was thinking to return! I had never thought there would be a person in the bath……rather who this person is!?」


Seeing the handkerchief and memo on the table, Victoria, although still glared at him, but believed his words.

「……She is Sylvana Onee-sama. The current head of the Verde Family」

「Your sister……?」


The girl who had been silent all the time──Sylvana gave affirmation to Victoria’s words, and called out to Hayate that it was fine to turn around.

Thanks to Sherry, Hayate had grown a distrust to the words『I’m done wearing clothes』spoken by girls, and so he extremely slowly turned around just his head. Seeing Sylvana truly wearing clothes, he finally turned around his body.

Like that, again looking at Sylvana and Victoria, they were looking too similar to be called sisters. Their bright blond hairs were as like as two melons, their faces too were somewhat similar. So to say, even their outstanding proportions were also similar.

The「visitor」for Victoria might’ve been this girl.


Sylvana didn’t talk much, maybe she was an uncommunicative person.

These two are bipolar sisters. Victoria is noisy as ever, and this one is extremely silent one.

Anyhow, the first impression Hayate got from Sylvana was something like that.

「……So then? Do you have some other work, other than returning back the handkerchief?」

Victoria asked with a blunt attitude. He thought that she probably was still angry, but……for some reason, every word she said today seemed ooze with a feeling「of not wanting Hayate and her sister to be together」, or so he had a hunch.

「Well, I’m done with my work」

「Then can I ask you get lost from here quickly? This is my room after all」

Although he felt discomfort at Victoria’s attitude, but having been said that he couldn’t do anything else.

「Err, I’m truly sorry for before」

「Uh huh」

Apologizing one last time to Sylvana, Hayate left Victoria’s room behind.


The next day.

Lela standing on the platform in Rivaldi Classroom informed something like this in the morning.

「Two weeks from now, the『Ranking Competition and Tag-team Examinations』will be held」

Tag-team Examinations?

It was a word not familiar to Hayate, but apparently the girls in the classroom understood it, and some students were even nodding.

「You all might still vividly remember about the『Inter-School Rankings』that were released yesterday. Everyone must already understand to where they belong, whether it is Top Ranks, Middle Ranks or Low Ranks. The tag-team examination this time, just as the names says, is about tag-team match based on Ranks」

In short it was an examination where the Hexenritters of the same rank would form a tag team, and fight against the other tag team.

The total of Ranks of members in the tag team are taken in heed, based on that the teachers set the cards with a tag team with same total Ranks. Differing from Tournament or Battle Royal, the result of that one fight would be reflected on the results of each member.

「But isn’t the『Walpurgis』a battle royal where a person fights alone against all others? Then why is there an tag-team examination?」

Sherry replied to Hayate’s naïve question.

「Well as much as『Walpurgis』is important, the main duty of Hexenritters i.e. To protect the country and people is also important. For example, when one enters the Chivalric Order, but couldn’t coordinate with others, wouldn’t it be a big problem?」

「I see now……but, isn’t that quite foolish?」

「What is?」

Sherry cocked her head slightly.

She seemed to not understand the weight behind the situation, so Hayate taught her politely.

「Aren’t the people who would make a tag-team from the same Ranks?」

「Yeah. I’m a Top Ranker, so I can only form a team with another Top Ranker」

「Aria and Kiruru are in Middle Ranks. You don’t have any other friend, so there is no one who would form a team with you, aren’t I right?」


Sherry quickly held back her expression.

She finally understood about the situation.

Hayate nodded in satisfaction when suddenly Sherry pinched his buttocks.

Regarding Hayate, having endured from screaming, Sherry muttered in a cold tone.

「If you treat me as a loner……will cry」

「W-Will cry, you?」

「No, you」

「Why is it me!?」

「I will make you cry」

「I was in the wrong!」

Hayate begged for forgiveness in a panic.

「Shut up you lowlifes」

Lela threw the chalk at them, which Sherry easily dodged but in turn it stuck in the forehead of Hayate.


Hayate nearly fainted in agony.

As if to emphasize it finally became silent, Lela brought the explanation of examination to an end.

「Notify to me about the person you will make a pair with, by today I mean. If you are any later, it would be taken as abstinence. The briefing about examination ends with this. You all should try to get done with your primary preparations」

Lela said that and left. A second later, the girls in the classroom started negotiating with each other, while voices that more or less were like “Will you pair with me?” started resounded from everywhere.

Of course, Sherry was outside that circle, while sitting in the corner of the classroom…….

「So? What are you going to do about the problem?」

「……Nothing in particular. There aren’t many Top Rankers among the first-year students in the first place. Let’s go to the upperclassmen’s classroom after the school and search for someone who would join with us, right?」

「So only that is left, huh」

Hayate nodded while resting his chin on one hand.

Hm? Wait a sec, isn’t Victoria also a Top Ranker?

Then Sherry can form a tag team with Victoria.

But, Hayate soon gave up on his idea.

Even if I or Sherry pleaded, she would only refuse it, it’s quite obvious.

There was a little trouble yesterday too. Even if they asked for forming a team she would flatly reject them. To boot, the possibility of her asking us to form a team was obviously low……

「Excuse me, Scharlachrot-san」

At that time, the aforesaid Victoria called out to Sherry.

Hayate never had thought that she would come talking to them out of her own accord and at this timing, hence he was slightly surprised. Although Sherry didn’t show any expression, she also was probably feeling the same.

「Do you have any work with us? Vicotria-san」

「Isn’t it natural that I have some work. If not, I would never call out to you」

「Yeah, indeed. So, your work is?」

Sherry smoothly eluded Victoria’s unsociable manner of speaking.


Victoria firmly closed her eyes as if in agony of something while her mouth was twitching.

And, she opened her eyes filled with determination and pointed her index finger covered in a white glove towards Sherry.

「In this examination, I will give you the offer to form a team with you!」

「Eh? I don’t want to」

……She replied immediately.

On the other hand, Victoria, having invited her after resolving, resented her curt reply.

「At least think for a bit!」

「……Yeah, I still don’t want to」

「I didn’t mean to think and then reject me」

Victoria stomped her feet.

「Don’t complain and form a team with me!」

「Aren’t I refusing all the time. You’re too obstinate」

「Just what do about me gives you dissatisfaction!?」

「I see. I can line up near 10 reasons, but do you surely want to hear that?」


「Let me ask you, why do you want to pair with me? Its’ not like we have a friendly relation too, right?」

「T-That is……」

Having been questioned, Victoria faltered.


Did she just send a fleeting glance at me? Is it my imagination?

Although he was curious of Victoria’s glance, but Hayate didn’t cut into the conversation of the two.

「A-Anyways, this great me is giving you an invitation, just accept this kind offer obediently!」

「I don’t like that condescending attitude」


No matter what she said, there wasn’t any favourable reply, and tears started accumulating in the corner of her eyes. Finally, she grabbed the hem of her skirt and shouted out desperately with a red face.

「You……! You’re too much conceited when you don’t even had any other friends to team up with!」


Ah, just now something stick into Sherry’s breasts.

「To begin with you’re too much obstinate and your personality also is a failure. Isn’t that the reason for not being able to make any friend!? Before summoning that man you’re were just sitting alone in the corner of school cafeteria every singe day!」

「……(stab stab stab)」

「Let alone the tag-team examination this time, weren’t your singled out in the classes that asked to form a pair of two! You loner of loners, great loner girl! From now onwards you’re nicknames is loner girl!」

「……(stab stab stab)」

「Hey, you, sto-……」

Hayate, hearing till now from the sides, felt a sense of impending danger and interjected to stop Victoria.

But, she, having her feelings too worked up, tried to thrust away Hayate, who was trying to interfere with her.

「What did you say!? Better withdraw right now!」

「No, like this it will dangerous for you……」

Hayate tried to amicably end all this, but──*clatter*, he sensed someone standing up from the seat right behind him.


Hayate timidly turned behind. Sherry, standing behind him……had her usual cool expression.

But, that usual expression is the most terrifying!


While maintaining her cool expression, she tightly gripped the whip for punishment in her right hand.

「Who is that personality-failure, pessimistic, communicative disorder-suffering, pair-forming phobia girl?」


She let out outrageous killing intent that even Victoria had to shut up.

Sherry wasn’t someone who would forgive the other person for just shutting up, but──hearing the words Victoria spoke next while shivering, the whip that was about to fall down stopped midway.

「I-I want to request a quest for you from my family」



It was again a word unknown to Hayate, but seeing Sherry’s reaction, it was quite the important thing, apparently.

Victoria continued on in a fluster while still gazing at the tip of whip.

「However there is a condition. That is to form a team with me and show your abilities in the next examination……if you could do it, Onee-sama, the head of family, would personally request the quest」


While lightly hitting the whip with her palm, Sherry kept silent to investigate the words of Victoria.


──In the end,

Sherry ended up forming a tag team with Victoria.

Hayate was quite interested in knowing about the thing called「Quest」, but he was told that it would be useless if they lost in the examinations, and was promised to be explained about it on a later date.

At any rate, like this Hayate and Sherry challenged the examinations along with Victoria.

Incidentally, Kiruru and Aira also seemed to have teamed up together.

「Uuuu~, I also wanted to team up with Hayate-san」

「You’re right.  If we teamed up, I could have given a reason about solidifying the teamwork, and could’ve fiddled with Hayate-kun’s body」

「I won’t let you!」

After doing a conversation like this, we left them and started our training.

In the end tag-team examinations, were nothing but shit unless the two people──well, Hayate and others were 3 in a sense──worked together smoothly. Even more when the people they would clash against in the next examinations were, without a doubt, the upperclassmen. They were compelled to fight against opponents having lot more amount of experience.

That’s why, they had to cooperate with each other, but……

「Hey! You’re a obstacle there!」

「How about trying to take action after thinking a bit more」

「Why did you say!?」



The whip swung by Victoria landed on the back and Hayate screamed while jumping up and down.

It was practical skill class right now. They were training with the pair they just made for increasing their cooperation ability, but……they didn’t seem to work together smoothly, to the extent that one could laugh out loud.

「Like I said to not enter in the shooting line of my whip!」

「Hayate’s attack power is far above. It is you who needs to support us both」

*scream squeal* Sherry and Victoria again started their noisy quarrel.

*sigh*……can we win against upperclassmen pair like this?

I’m not confident. He was extremely anxious.

「You seem to lot of room to look away」


Hayate stopped the sword coming at him from the front by using『Lævateinn』.

Lela nodded in satisfaction upon seeing him blocking against her sword.

「Hmm……now the next one」


*clang* *cling* *clang*

Due to the successive attacks leashed out by Lela, they were cornered into fighting a defensive battle.

There was no other Top Rankers in the Rivaldi Classroom, hence they were taking personal training by their teacher, but, this was……

「Wait! Owaah!?」

Harder than what he had thought.

Lela’s『Wand』was originally just a war mallet, but thanks to her Magika, Nizaveryl-Smith, she could create various sorts of weapons. She seemed to have trained a lot for using whatever weapon it was, all in order to make the best use of her all-purpose rich ability.


「You’re quite good」

「No, just, what, is that! Joke!」

Hayate was only being pressed down by the proficient sword skills of Lela.

However, the teacher apparently didn’t flatter him.

「My sword is just an odd thing. It can’t rival against an expert of any single fighting style──but, it also isn’t something that just some lowlife student can cut through. Even more so, when the opponent is someone who had gripped the sword for the first time just some days ago」


Just like the teacher in black clothes said, it was only recently that Hayate got hold of『Laevateinn』. Even if his physical abilities were enhanced thanks to the benefits of『Laevateinn』, it didn’t mean he could easily acquire the movements to use sword──in short, the sword skills.

In that sense, Hayate’s sword skills currently were already improving at an abnormal speed.

Otherwise……yes, it was almost like his body had the sword skills deeply engrained. Hence, although he didn’t have any memories of cultivating the sword, his body might remember that.

Does this also has something to do with my past……?

For an instant, Hayate’s mind became bothered by something else, and he lost concentration.

「Hayate! Evade to left!」

「Hayate Mitsurugi! Step aside to right!」


Two voices flew at him from behind──and very next second, the ice magic unleashed by Sherry and the whip『Wand』swung by Victoria, both exploded on the back on Hayate.


──Well, holding anxiety for the whole time, the practical skills class ended.

「Good grief! Thanks to you even my evaluation has degraded!」

「What is this drill saying. It’s you who was the real nuisance to us」

「Whose hair style is a drill!?」

「You people……」

On the way back to classroom from the mock battle grounds, Hayate heaved sigh seeing the two still quarrelling.

「How about getting along with each other! Didn’t Lela also say at the end of class? To synchronize the daily lifestyles with the partner one is teamed up with, until the examinations are over」

Because of that, she had also said to do everything together, including the classes.

Lela’s words were, as a matter of fact, completely right, or so I think.


So you both are in perfect sync in stuff like this……

The future looks grim for us……think that Hayate tried to heave another sigh, at that time.



Victoria’s elder sister, Sylvana appeared from the other side of corridor and came near them.

「W-Why might you be here? Weren’t you staying in the room?」

「……I was inspecting Victoria’s class」

Sylvana blandly replied to Victoria, who acting strangely at the sudden appearance of her sister.

She glanced Hayate and Sherry for an instant, and beckoned her sister to the corner of the corridor. Like that they started talking about something.

While gazing at the two sisters talking in the corner of corridor, Sherry titled her head, puzzled.

「That is the current family head of Verde Family……huh. Just what might her business might be?」

「Well isn’t it just because she wanted to see her little sister’s state……ah, maybe it is about that quest or what from before? There was a condition of us displaying our abilities, so maybe she came to check it」

「It might be that, but wouldn’t it be alright if she asked Victoria-san to report about the results. I can’t understand the reason for the family head to show up at the Academy」


Hearing that, Hayate also got his curiosity piqued as to why did Sylvana beckon Victoria. Although, it wasn’t like he could know the answer by just thinking.

He somehow tried to eavesdrop on their conversation.

「Just as I heard in the rumours──」

「Mother and Father are──」

「The issue about Quest remain the same──」

Hmm, apparently it was only Sylvana talking one-sidedly while Victoria was listening to all of it, silently.

「Anyhow the decision of the Family is absolute. Don’t forget the other command too」

Maybe she spoke those words with a raised voice that even Hayate could clearly hear it.

「……Yes, Onee-sama」

Victoria nodded hesitatingly at the words of her elder sister.

The talk was finished with that, and they both returned to the place where Hayate and Sherry were standing.

「Well then, I will return back to my house. Victoria……do it properly」

Sylvana left after saying the words of encouragement (?). She probably would return to Victoria’s room.

Somehow, from the beginning till end, she seemed to have a sour look and also looked like an unsociable person……it is an expression that is hard to read, in another sense, if comparing with Sherry.

In Sherry’s case, the emotions seemed to be under constraint, but in Sylvana’s case it seems somehow different. If saying cool, then it sure was……

「How to put it, you sure have an unusual sister」

「Wha……! Are you making a fool of my Onee-sama!?」

「No, I didn’t mean it like that」

「Onee-sama is an extremely superior Hexenritter! She has even appeared in the『Brynhildr Cup』!」

「『Brynhildr Cup』? Do you mean the final tournament of『Eight Big Walpurgis Night』?」

The big fighting tournament called『Eight Big Walpurgis Night』 that was held by the eight continents present on the tournament, for throughout the year, its final tournament──in other words, the『Brynhildr Cup』was a tournament where the winners of domestic tournaments held within each country, gathered and fought for supremacy.

The fact that she appeared in that meant that, Sylvana won in the『Walpurgis』held in Starfarm Kingdom, and gained the title of Kingdom’s Strongest.

In other words, she is a really strong person. Well that’s a given eh, after all she is a family head. I don’t know if the family head of Noble Families are all inevitably powerful, but it’s better to have true strength than not having it, probably.

While Hayate was nodding to his own selfish explanation, Sherry pulled his cuff.

「Come on, let’s go to the dining hall」

「Oh, you’re right」

Thinking on it, it was already the time for lunch. After the practical skill class, his stomach was very hungry.

「W-……Wait a minute!」


「Ah, err……err」

Victoria, having called Hayate and Sherry to halt, seemed to be chewing on her words.

「What happened? I’m quite hungry right now, though」

While emphasizing the implicit meaning of hurry up and speak, Hayate urged her with his own words.

While being sullen at his attitude, Victoria gathered her strength and──

「I……I’m think that it’s fine to give you two the right to eat lunch together with me!」

She said those words in a loud voice while blushing so hard that even a ripe tomato would lose in red colour.


Long reminiscence finishes.

Like that Hayate ended up eating lunch together with Victoria, but, the two girls were still continuing on their quarrel with Hayate in between them.

「To begin with, isn’t it you who came to eat lunch with us all out of your own accord? Even so, you are trying to become intimae with my Hayate……how about having some modesty?」

「I don’t want to be preached on about modesty from you!」

Just why did it end up like this? I can’t recall anything that lead to this……

They teamed up with Victoria, and were going to take on the examination two weeks from now, that was fine.

The problem was the hopeless difference in the combination of the two. It was good idea from Victoria to eat lunch together for making up for that defect. That idea even agreed to Lela’s words「synchronize the daily lifestyles」.

So, how did, that become, like this?

「Anyway! This is a part of training for the tag-team examination! There is nothing to be guilty of! H-here, Hayate-san, eat mine」

-+-± 001

Victoria grabbed Hayate’s arm while standing up and pulled him to separate him from Sherry.

Her chest descended on the tip of his elbow.


This was it. The reason that had been bothering, troubling and making him break out cold sweat.

Just what does this girl want to do? Ever since coming to dining hall it’s been like this.

Putting aside his bewilderment, Victoria was leaning her voluptuous body on Hayate while blushing hard.

At that time, it turned *boing boing*.

It also turned *crumble crumble*.

And also *shake it shake it*.

It was, by all means, beyond help. Hayate was attacked by the temptations that stimulated his manly instincts. His body temperature increased kicking aside the reasoning and feelings, and even his heartbeat increased by a notch.

And, Sherry, having been shown Hayate’s that side so closely, also stood up while her eyes were twitching.

「I see……if you want to lay hands on my manservant, I won’t go easy then!」

「Bring it on……!」

A chill started oozing out of Sherry’s whole body that would make anyone shudder; meanwhile Victoria also braced her expression sternly and took on the war stance.

The atmosphere seemed that a war would start with Hayate, who was sitting on the chair, in between them.

At that time,

「Well well you two. How about stopping at that place」

The class head of Rivaldi Classroom, and the person who eats lunch together with Hayate and Sherry, Aria, went round the opposite side of table and forced her way between Sherry and Victoria.

「Aria-san. Can you not interfere? I have to discipline that cow over there」

「Who is a cow!?」

「Ask your cow tits」

They both increased the dangerousness in air, butt Aria still didn’t destroy her calm attitude.

While calming down the two, she abruptly turned around and winked towards Hayate.


What is it, he thought it,

「Hayate-kun. Stand up」

「Eh? Ah, yeah」

But she gave out an abrupt order, and judging from the sign she gave before it meant she must’ve some sort of plan. Thinking that, Hayate stood up.

「Then, go to the opposite side of the table like that」

「Ah, yeah?」

「Yes, now sit down」

He sat down in accordance to the orders only to find that the seat was just beside Kiruru.

「Ah, Hayate-san」

When Hayate came near her, Kiruru curled her body due to embarrassed, and started worrying about her appearance, as she was wiping her lips with handkerchief.

「Then, I will sit on the opposite side of Kiruru」

Declaring happily, Aria also sat beside Hayate. The position was just like putting Hayate in between Kiruru and herself.


Seeing Aria stealing Hayate with such a natural flow, both Sherry and Victoria were flabbergasted.

Ah, I see. So she damped their spirits and made them loose their spirit to quarrel any further.

As Aria aimed, the two lost their will for quarrel and sat down on their seats, disappointedly.

「……Just when I had though you came to mediate, you had hit me with NTR, why did you steal my Hayate?」

「Yeah. It’s not like I was stolen, you know?」

Hayate retorted to Sherry, who was muttering with a strangely serious expression.

「Ahahaha. Unpreparedness is the greatest enemy, Sherry-kun. I am always super interested in Hayate-kun’s body」


「No, I mean it as a research subject」

Aria explained to Victoria, whose body was stiffened, just for caution’s sake.

「sigh……Well whatever」

While still having a face that showed full dissatisfaction, Sherry heaved a sigh and let out the power of her shoulders.

「By the way, Victoria-san?」

「What is it?」

「If you are to spend same lifestyle as us, then you will have to accompany us with the part-time job after the school」

「What! Why do I have to work like commoners!?」

「Isn’t it for examination?……Or was there some other reason for you push forward those tits on Hayate?」

Sharpening her eyes, Sherry shot through at Victoria with just her eyesight.

For a second, she was heavily intimidated by her eyesight, but soon she rearranged her attitude, and

「It’s fine! If it’s me I can do lowly things like part-time jobs really easily!」

She declared, while laughing loudly.

Frankly, she is a noble lady that doesn’t seem to have even learn the word labour……would it be okay?

「Now that you say it, where are Hayte-san and Sherry-san working at?」

Kirurur, seeming to have gained curiosity to this topic, asked about Hayate and Sherry’s part-time job.

「It is a maid café called『Bury-In Café』」

「Maid café?」

「Err, maid cafés are where the staff wears maid uniforms and serves the customers」

Hayate tried to explain as easily as he could, but──for some reason, Kiruru seemed so much surprised that her eyes became round.

「Ha-Hayate-san, do you also wear the maid uniform!?」

「……No way in hell!  I work behind the scenes. It is Sherry who wears the maid uniform……」

「Then is Hayate-san putting maid uniform on Sherry-san’s body!?」


I don’t remember saying that.

Wait a bit, this conversation feels to have the priority of increasing imagination of others. Don’t tell me……

「A maid with a collar, isn’t this a c-complete sex slave……! Hayate-san truly was someone like that……t-there will be a day when Hayate-san would treat me as a bitch and tame me……fuhe, uhehehe」

As expected. She entered into delusion mode.



It’s no good. Her mentality had reduced to the level of dog now. She is even revealing her tongue outside while panting.

Sending a sidelong glance at Sherry and Victoria who seemed to have found another topic for quarrel, I and Aria looked at each other……and shrugged out shoulders, as if saying good grief.


『Bury-In Café』after the school.

Today too the maid café was greatly flourishing, and the orders came incessantly fluttering towards the behind-scenes. Somehow finishing all that, Hayate finally got the resting time.

He had more or less gotten used to the work, but during peak hours, he still felt dizzy.

Hence he was worried……, or rather anxious at where the natural-born noble lady like Victoria would be able to perform good to the exhausting work of this place.

Coincidentally it was his resting time so Hayate headed to the passage connecting to hall.

In the hall nearly 10 maid girls were working.

Of course there were Sherry and Victoria too, but……their way of working was bipolar.

「Welcome back, Ojou-sama」

「I’m back, Sherry-chan. You’re quite today too~」

Sherry’s way of working was flawless as always. She was greeting customers with a full face smile, that she rarely showed to even Hayate, and was taking orders running around here and there. She worked quickly, was sociable, moreover her appearance was extraordinary and hence she was quite popular among the customers.

「H-H-Her-Here i-i-i-is t-th-th-th-the order, p-p-plea—kyaaaa!」


On the other hand, Victoria had been spilling the beverages from the tray and breaking the glass. She was also screaming along with customers. Ever since Hayate was in the kitchen, he had heard this sound a number of times.

Hmmmm, as expected she isn’t used to working.

Even any outsider could tell that she was holding back others, however,

「She is clumsy girl」

「that is clumsy maid, eh」

A part of customers seemed to like her a lot.

Their way of working was just like antipodes, but their popularity was a tie.

The world sure is a strange place.

「Heey Heey, err, Victoria-chan?」

「Yesss! W-What might it be?」

Victoria picking up the broken pieces of glass, stood up in a fluster upon being called out by a customer.

「I have a cat tongue. That’s why, can you blow on this coffee to make it lukewarm?」

「Blowing on?」

「See, like that」

That female customer pointed to Sherry who was serving three tables beside her.

「Then, please do, Sherry-chan」

「Yes. Please leave it up to me, Ojou-sama. Please excuse me……*fuuu* *fuuu* *fuuu*」

Sherry slouched facing the table and blew long breaths on the tea placed in front of that customer.

She was trying to lower down the temperature of the tea, but the customer was only looking at the erotic actions of Sherry, like brushing up the hair near her ear, and pushing her chest up and down every time she took breath. In short it was that sort of service, even some third person could understand that much.

After blowing several times, Sherry smiled at the customer.

「How is it now, Ojou-sama」

「Thank you, Sherry-chan」

Apparently the customer was satisfied, and gave a tip to Sherry.

It was the flawless way of serving customer, by all means.

And, for Victoria, who had been seeing that,

「So, Victoria-chan, can you also blow on my tea?」

「Ah, ugh……U-Understood」

While answering with a wavering voice, Victoria glared at the steaming coffee cup as though she were watching a demonic beast.

Probably because she had high pride that she secretly grasped her fists with a red face.

Illustration 2

Even so maybe she thought that she couldn’t lose to Sherry, who had been serving customers flawlessly, and she bent forward with the face colour of a boiled octopus.

Her voluptuous breasts jiggled and created a big cleavage, resulting in customer’s eyes to sparkle.

「I-I’m going to do it. *fu*……」

Victoria took a deep breath,

「*fu*……I can’t do iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiittttt!」

And she apparently broke past her shyness levels, and ran away from the table.



Victoria ran towards the passage Hayate was standing in, and bumped into him in full power.

「Ow, ow, ouch……」

「Are you fine?」

Hayate lent a hand to her, who had fallen on her backside.

「Ah……I-I don’t need it!」

For a moment she grabbed his hand, but in the middle of it, her face blushed and she brushed away his hand.

「oh god, you seem to be having quite the hard time」

「It’s not like that! I can’t possibly fall behind in commoners’ work……and what is wrong with this clothing!? The maid in my mansion don’t put on skirts like this」

「Even if you say that to me, you see……」

It’s one of the services of this shop, I can’t possibly help with it.

Be that as it may, looking at the blushed face of Victoria, from shame, he wanted to console her.

「Well, don’t be that embarrassed. It looks great」

「……looks great? Are you saying that this servant appearance is worthy of me?」


「No, I didn’t mean it like that」

I intended to praise her, but she seems angry at me instead. The things called words are surely difficult.

「I just thought you looked cute in that, just that, no hidden meanings」

It couldn’t be helped so I praised her straightforwardly.

Doing that,


Hearing that, Victoria, with still a blushing face, raised a scream and stood up.


Hayate titled his head thinking if he said anything wrong to her.

「……What are you doing?」

At that time, Sherry, apparently finished taking the orders, appeared in the passage holding a bundle of order tickets.

She seemed to be glaring at him.

「No-……nothing at all!」

As if running away from Sherry’s eyes, Victoria hurriedly returned to the hall.


「What is it?」

「Nothing in particular」

Sherry replied coldly to Hayate’s question, but she seemed to be pouting, or maybe it was his imagination.


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  1. Thanks for the part.

    Once again having her whole body in front, Hayate in a hurry turned back.
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  2. Is this still being translated? I’m cool if its just on a delay or hiatus and its still planned. Just wanting to confirm so I can bookmark this page if so. Thanks for everything up to this point regardless, story is great. I get that it feels close to Zero no Tsukami but I’m liking the attitude from this story 10 times more; so thanks for the translations!


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    Now, I find that there’re some parts where verbs are missing (at least one “know” and one “have”). Also, I think that for cafés (and shops in general), the place you’re calling “behind-scenes” (which I have never heard used to name a place, only the unseen work) would be the “back” (the back of a shop is, opposite to the front where customers are received and buy things/receive service, the place customers cannot enter and that usually comprises the stock room, the offices, the utility room and the employee lounge, and in food stablisments, the kitchen too).


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