OreDorei Volume 2 Epilogue


Two days after the Seven Heads Case. Hayate and others were still with the Verde Family for recuperation.

The origination of a large numbers of mixed animals……no they had nest built so they might’ve been in large numbers from even before, however setting that aside the investigation on the mysterious Demonic Beasts had started.

The progress of investigation wasn’t favourable, though.

That was because the building in the underground thought to be the nest of Demonic Beasts had been buried under earth and debris when the mixed animals broke through the ground and appeared above.

And they didn’t believe that I saw a human figure too……

At that time, Hayate truly did see a person peeking at them through the window.

But humans and Demonic Beasts couldn’t live together, under that reason they didn’t believe his story. Another reason was that the witness was the only male, Hayate.

Well, leaving investigation and whatnot to the specialist would be for the best.

Setting that aside, Hayate and others were scheduled to return back to Diaspell Royal Academy by tomorrow. The injuries also had been fully recovered with healing magic, now they just had to return back and report the completion of quest.

Incidentally the quest had Rank C at first, but thanks to the appearance of a large herd of Chimera and Chimaera along with their subjugation including seven heads, this quest had been changed to Rank S and the points would be given according to that, or so Lela had told them via《Transmission》.

「Well, if it remained Rank C after all that hard work, it won’t be worth it……for the time being, we had took another step towards Sherry’s dream」

This point was worthy enough for him to work hard.

Hayate threw down his upper body on top of bed and heaved a long sight while remembering the troubles he had to go through within the past few days.

That time……*knock knock* a moderate knocking sound rang out.


「……Excuse me for disturbing you」

Victoria came in Hayate’s room while wearing casual clothes.

「What happened?」


She entered the room while speaking ambiguously and slowly sat right beside Hayate.


Hayate raised his upper body and looked at Victoria, but she kept on playing with her bangs while peeking a glance at him some times, however not speaking at all.


What might it be, thinking that Hayate took a look at her from the down.


The moment their gazes met, Victoria blushed fiercely and averted her eyes from him. And again while playing with her hair,

「That……I talked with Onee-sama」

She bluntly murmured.

「Oh, I see. So, how did it go?」

「……Well, that……thanks to you, I understood that I had been misunderstanding about Onee-sama a lot」

「I see」

Then fine, Hayate heaved a sigh of relief.

Well, it was just the problem of words being taken differently between the two, so if they made their points clear then they would get closer, that was he had thought and apparently everything went peacefully.

「A, and……」

Victoria resolved and suddenly grabbed Hayate’s face.


What? Hayate remained dubious to her actions when suddenly──her soft lips touched his cheeks.

「Eh? No, huh?」

Hayate’s eyes darted due to her astounding actions and he touched the area where her lips touched with his hands.


「I-It’s just a gratitude!」

Facing the still confused Hayate, Victoria answered as if shouting while he face was bright red.

「I-I-Isn’t this the right way to convey the feelings of gratitude!?」

「Again a misunderstanding under restrictions, eh!?」

「Eh? Eh!? I heard it from head maid, but a-am I wrong!?」

「Agh, no……you’re not mistaken completely……probably? No, what gratitude is this in the first place!?」

It felt like the gratitude regarding the reconciliation of the two sisters was given to him just before, and so he had no idea what sort of gratitude was this kiss for.

「T-That is……」


「Didn’t you protect me from the Demonic Beast again?」

Apparently she was talking about the time Hayate was stalling the herd of mixed animals.

Hayate had an somewhat complicated expression, but Victoria kept on saying words seeming like excuses while entwining her fingers.

「I do know that you remained behind to protect Sherry-san. ……yet, making me see your cool sides many times, even my chest……heartbeat becomes faster」


Hayate heard Victoria’s talk while keeping silent. And before he was able to reply anything she stood up from the bed.

「I won’t say anymore than this currently. But still, please tell this to Sherry-san──」

She turned around and pointed at Hayate.

「──That I will be content with the position of rival for now. But one day……I will surely become the love rival」



The night of that very same day. This time Sherry visited his room.


「Excuse me」

Sherry entered the room as if natural.

「……I will just to be sure, but did you come all the way wearing that?」

「Yea, of course」

Her appearance was what she had when sleeping──in short, she was wearing a sexy negligee that was even sexier than her naked body.

「Hey, come here」

Tempted by Sherry, Hayate sat beside her on the bed.

「……So? What do you want?」

「I was thinking of keeping the promise」


Being told that……Hayate recalled the identity of that「promise」.-+-± 005

「Didn’t I say that if you come back alive, I will give my most important thing?」


「Hayate kept the promise. So I was also thinking to keep the promise」

「Keeping the promise, you mean……?」

「Like I said, I will give my most important thing to you」

Hayate raised a question mark to Sherry’s profound words.

What might be her most important thing?

「……But, I think. Although I said my most important thing but I am after all a fallen noble. Even if you sold me, I won’t be able to give you some gem that you can play with for your whole life and neither can I grant you some mansion」

「That is……well true enough」

「So, I think we should do like this. I will give you anything you want from the things I have with me」

「From the thing Sherry has, eh……」

「Otherwise──it’s fine if you wish for me to do something for you. I will do any one thing you want me to do」


Hayate started hearing some tremendous suggestion at the end.

「An-any one thing?」


Hayate once again gazed at Sherry’s appearance.

That alluring figure looked like it wanted something like that……or so he thought and suddenly she looked all too more sensational to him.

「Come on, you can do anything you want to with me」

Sherry placed both of her hands on bed and neared her face towards Hayate. She was making him say.

「okay, then……」


Hayate spun words with his unsettled head.



「…………Put it on hold for now」


A complicated silence.


「No, you see…… my mental preparedness is not done」



「It’s fine so just desire for anything, like my virginity」

「If anything is fine then I desire for your chastity!」


Where the hell did anything go now……

However in this case, not matter how one thinks about it, it was Hayate in the bad. To the extent that he shouldn’t make complaints even if beaten black and blue.

Resolving for that fate he waited for Sherry’s next movements……soon enough she withdrew while heaving a long sigh.

「*sigh*, it’s fine now. That sort of atmosphere is also gone now. Die」

「……I feel like there is killing intent mixed at the end of sentence?」

「Making a girl, who did this much, completely embarrassed is more than enough for you to die by torture. Even death by hanging would be a mercy for you」

He went speechless. It was just as she said.

「And so?」


「Putting it on hold you said, so till when are you going to put it on hold?」


Hayate thought for a while,

「……Is it fine after we win in the『Walpurgis Night』?」

And answered.

She sighed again hearing that answer.

「That is quite the patient thing you say」

「That may be true, but……winning the『Walpurgis Night』, contributing a great deal in your dream, I also think that I would be able to be bold when taking your everything at that time」


Sherry stared in wonder as she reacted to the words ‘taking your everything’. That, in other words meant……


Hayate blushed hard and scratched his cheeks. Sherry smiled seeing him react like that,

「You’re right. Then I will endure it till we win the『Walpurgis Night』」


「Then, I will endure with just sleeping together for today」


Sherry immediately slipped into his bed and pretended to sleep at once.

Without having any need to confirm it again, as said before she was in an extremely sexy appearance.

Having said that, if he kept on displeasing her then a new ice sculpture might be born. Giving up, Hayate also lay beside her and closed his eyes.

「……Nh nhhuuh」

Hayate wasn’t able to sleep because the Sherry’s breathing was more closer than compared to the bed of dorms. One other cause was because unexpectedly her body temperature was being transmitted to him as she was just right beside him.

Even so after a while, the sleepiness did come.

He started to doze and would be able to sleep──the moment he thought that.


Abruptly Sherry called his name in his ears with a tempting voice.

「──We should, ABSOLUTELY, win the『Walpurgis Night』with the shortest route possible, if not, then I may not be able to endure anymore」





That day, Hayate Mitsurugi and Sherry Scharlachrot finished recuperating and returned to Diaspell Royal Academy in the carriage from Verde Family.


There was a single person seeing the carriage getting far away from a place even more far away.

That was the gaze Hayate felt in the market.

Or maybe the person Hayate spotted in the window of the building in the underground.

Those all was the work of this person.

「Those are the holder of『Seele』and its summoner, eh……」

A monologue for reconfirming.

He or maybe she was in that underground building──research facility as a researcher.

The mixed animals were originally artificial Demonic Beasts made in the research facility. But one day the research moved onto phase two. Hence the mixed animals were sealed along with facility in the underground.

However, recently some mixed animals broke through the seal and were spotted by humans. The Verde Family governing this place gave forth a quest, and the former authorized people sniffed about this and decided to dispose of all the mixed animals in the underground, and as the result this person was despatched.

It only needed to destroy the facility before the ones who took on the quest──it was supposed to be like that, but coincidentally the former researcher heard about the people who took on the quest, Hayate Mitsurugi and Sherry Scharlachrot.

The holder of『Seele』and its summoner were special existences. Hence the former researcher arbitrarily unsealed all of the seals and made them all clash against Hayate and others.

All was for seeing the power of『Seele』. And in truth the power the person saw far surpassed its imagination.

「Truly wonderful power……those failed works decided to be disposed were helpful in a truly unexpected manner」

The person called those Chimeras having that much power as failed works……no one would be able to know what that person was thinking within his mind――


――Other than the person itself. The person laughed gloomily.


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