OreDorei Volume 2 Chapter 4

Chapter 4 – First Day of the Quest


Next day.

Just what was that about yesterday……?

That about yesterday obviously meant about the conversation between Sylvana and head maid.

He was bothered by it, but the information he got was too much fragmentary that not even a guess could be made.

Having said that, asking the person herself itself is also quite……

Hayate looked at the「person」while thinking about that.

「The aforesaid Demonic Beasts-like figure had been spotted in this area」

Sylvana pointed at the valley among the mountains while saying that.

Hayate and others ascended the mountain road by the carriage, but the distance was short enough from port city Puerto that one could walk till here.

The spotters of that Demonic Beasts-like figure were many, some were the ones who came inside the mountain for taking herbs, while some were the ones who were just walking on the mountain road.

「If there are so many testimonies, then I feel that the detailed report about its appearance should also be coming up now……?」

Aria questioned Sylvana. The mechanical owl present on her shoulder was currently gone to scout out the valley from the sky.

「Although they are witness testimonies, the information from each of them are too diverse, and so we don’t know the identity of the Demonic Beasts. The only common thing among them is the fact they all heard a strange cry」

「cry……is it? Are you sure it isn’t a cry of some normal animal……?」

「The testimonies are from people of the fief, who enter the mountain every year. They obviously know the cries of animals living in the mountain. And there are some who seem to have seen a shadow of Demonic Beasts, although not clearly. However, those testimonies are differ with each other……」

According a certain elder person, the shadow was as big as a bear cub and it had three wings growing out.

According to a certain couple, the shadow was of a beast walking on two legs with the head of a bird, the beak had sharp fangs lined up.

According to a certain girl, the shadow was of monkey, but it’s tail had another head, supposedly.

「Hmm, I see. There sure are quite a lot of interesting Demonic Beasts」

Aria let out that impression after hearing the stories.

「Interesting? ……so, the Demonic Beasts we are investigating doesn’t have a distinct appearance, as of yet」

「So this quest is to investigate the identity of that Demonic Beasts, right?」

「That’s right. The subjugation will be done by the Knight Order of our Verde Family, only after knowing the identity of the Demonic Beasts」

Around the time quest contents were confirmed, Aria’s Servant, Miria, returned.

「Hmm……unfortunately it wasn’t able to find the Demonic Beasts from the sky」

Aria reported while patting the head of Miria.

If it was found out from the sky it would’ve been easier, but it didn’t seem to go as that fortunately.

「It can’t be helped then. Let’s descend in the valley by ourselves」

Sylvana declared without any particular disappointment.

「In that case, Hayate」

「I know」

They were going to descend down into a valley where the Demonic Beasts might be present, so some preparations were needed to be done beforehand.

Hayate overlapped the contract mark on Sherry’s chest with his right hand.


「Nh! Aaaanh!」

……It felt like Sherry’s voice was louder than usual, whenever he took out the sword.

He inadvertently remembered about the stuff in bathroom yesterday, and Hayate felt his body heat increasing.


──Sylvana was looking at those two with extremely steady stare.


「Cast──『Volcanic Gauntlet』!」

Victoria and Kiruru also manifested their『Wand』.

「Huh? Are Aria and Sylvana……-san not going to take out the『Wand』?」

「Yeah. Whenever I Cast my『Wand』, Miria becomes immovable. This time we are here to investigation, so we will go like this」


Hmm. I see. Leaving Aria like that, what about Sylvana?

「Don’t worry about me」

Apparently Sylvana was also fine going in like that.

Well Casting the『Wand』consumed magical energy, although a small amount, so preserving it for the critical time was also a good decision.

「I’m going to startup the《Rorschach》. Please wait for a few minutes」

「Got it」

Sherry started preparing for《Rorschach》after giving a notice in advance.

Within less than three minutes, dozens of ice lumps gently floated surrounding her. These ice lumps each were a sort of watchtower that would notify the presence of enemy.

「Then let’s go」

With Sylvana’s voice, the quest started genuinely.

Incidentally it is at equilibrium with schoolwork so, the time period given for a quest was at big just one week, if that passed the quest would fail and the students would be forcibly brought back to the Academy. As for quests having a time period above one week, didn’t exist in the Academy, and were the problems, which either the country or the Knight Order of the nobles of that territory, would solve.

Completing the quest was all based on Hayate and others’ ability and luck.

Everyone entered the bushes from the open mountain road, and started descending down the valley.

「Isn’t this valley very deep and wide……what do if we get lost?」

「It’s fine with Miria here. We can know the way back from anywhere」

「That reliefs me」

Having been relieved, they again continued on descending down the slope.

The investigation was being held by relying on the olfactory sense of Black Dog and《Rorschach》.

Along the way an idea of breaking in two groups came out, but the client Sylvana also said to not hurry up unreasonably, so taking the disaster of being stranded into considered, the investigation was continued with everyone together.

The first hour ended without finding anything in particular.

Soon enough they reached the bottom of the valley, they found a place with a flowing brook and was quite open, so they temporarily took a break there.


Hayate heaved a sigh while sitting on a moderate boulder.

Also because this was his first quest, setting aside his body, the mental fatigue was being accumulated. Moreover he had been walking down the hill road while forcing his way through the trees and bushes, so it was great that he could rest in an open place like this, which gave a sense of freedom.


Victoria came near the place he was sitting.

「Oh so it’s Victoria, eh」

「What do you mean by oh so it’s Victoria!」

Resenting the reaction by Hayate, Victoria sat beside him while feigning a casual attitude. Although saying beside him, because they were on the same boulder that their distance was pretty close.

W-What is happening……? My body temperature is!

They were too close that he could feel her body heat from her ass that was glued together with his ass, and along with feeling that softness, Hayate couldn’t help but be embarrassed.


「What is it? Do you have a problem?」

「No, nothing in particular……」

Her brow rose up causing Hayate to take back the words.

After the silence reigned for a while, Victoria suddenly took out a canteen, poured the tea in the cup, which was also the cap, and offered it to Hayate.

「Here. Have a drink」

「Yeah, thanks……ow hot!」

The tea was hotter than he thought and Hayate separated his mouth from the cup.

「……Is it too hot?」


「I see, t-th-then it can’t be helped. Hand it over here」


As asked, Hayate held out the cup with tea towards her.

「Then……I’ll start now」

He looked thinking what she would do,

「Fuu, Fuuu, Fuuuu……!」

Only to find Victoria brushing up the hair near her ear and heaving long breaths to cold down the hot tea.

This……is that service fromBery-In Café.

Moreover she was a person who failed in this before due to losing to shame.

And she was doing it for the sake of Hayate, apparently.

Having said that, it didn’t mean she had conquered the shame……while being red till her earlobes, she was earnestly blowing breaths towards the tea.

「……H-How is it now? Can you drink it now?」

「Err, then, bon appetite」

Victoria was staring too intensively, so Hayate drank up the tea, which had now become lukewarm.

Hayate returned the cup to her along with words of gratitude, but Victoria didn’t try to move from there. Naturally their asses were still glued together. But it was awkward to cruelly separate her.

Hmm, if Sherry saw this me, she will again do that.

He was worried, but Sherry, after being asked by Sylvana, had went around the resting place to arrange the《Rorschach》in the surroundings, and so she hadn’t returned till now. Kiruru and Aria were talking at a slightly separated place so, there was no one who could disturb Hayate and Victoria.


Victoria called out in a hesitating voice.

「What is the relationship of Hayate-san and Scharlachrot-san?」

「What is it?……it’s just as you know」

Hayate and Sherry, although were special more or less, but fundamentally they were in the relationship of Servant and Hexenritter.

「……Is that really true?」


Huh? So you’re not gonna bite with just this much?

Then what was the answer Victoria was seeking?

While bending his head a little, Hayate looked at the face of Victoria from the side, only to find her,

「Then even I have chance……」

Muttering those words.


The time he tried to ask what she was muttering about──a strange chill ran down his spine and Hayate lifted his head fiercely.

「W-What happened?」

Lured by his actions, Victoria also surveyed the surroundings.

At that time, Sylvana, who had been scouting the surroundings of resting place, returned back.



「The Demonic Beasts has appeared. Brace yourself」


Victoria’s expression changed to the words of her elder sister.


Along with Sylvana, Sherry who had been setting up the《Rorschach》in the surroundings also returned.

Aria and Kiruru also came running to them, the six gathered in a single place and watched the surroundings.

The place Hayate and others were in was a pit made by being surrounded by the trees of mountain. The brook flowing near their legs was shallow enough to stride across easily, so it wouldn’t be a problem during the fight.

Hayate took a stance with『Laevateinn』while others with their『Wand』to deal with the Demonic Beasts, no matter which direction it came from.

Huh? Where is the Servant of Sylvana?

Hayate finally realized that there was no figure of her Servant to be seen.

「Come forth, Undine」

Sylvana said that while facing a space with nothing――no, nothing……it wasn’t like that. Just Hayate couldn’t see it.


At first sound of water rang out.

At first Hayate thought the sound came from the brook flowing below, but it was different. The sound of water came from right behind Sylvana.

Answering to her voice, the moisture in the air condensed to form a single shape.


The shape was a water shape of a truly beautiful female. Maybe it was the Servant Undine of Sylvana.

「Cast──『Diomare Trident』」

Taking the command from her master, the contract mark on the stomach of the Undine glowed.

Like that a spear of blue colour from shaft to spearhead appeared. The blade of the spearhead was divided into three parts, while each had a design of scales etched on them.

Sylvana, having gotten hold of her『Wand』, faced towards Aria.

「Aria. Your Servant can record the data of fights, right?」

「Yes, it can」

「Then you stay in the centre of this circular formation and record the Demonic Beasts」


Aria nodded easily.

「Relax. I will protect you for the time you are recording it」

Sylvana said the words as if natural, she wasn’t being cocky. After informing Aria, she now opened her mouth facing towards Hayate and others.

「There are quite a number of Demonic Beasts here, if going by their presence. Attack one at a time. Retreat if the situation takes turn for bad. Leave the work of wiping off the asses of you all to me」(TL: No, she’s not going to wipe their asses, literally, just an saying which means, she will cover up for them)

Maybe this was called dignity; every word Sylvana said had a persuasive power in them. She even sensed their approximate numbers while Hayate could only feel the presence of Demonic Beasts as a sort of chill.


「6 o’clock, 10 o’clock, in 12 o’clock direction!」

Sherry shouted out after sensing the charge of Demonic Beasts via《Rorschach》.

From the front of Hayate──the 12 o’clock direction, came out an quadruped with a crooked figure.

「W-What is it!?」

There were 3 bat-like wings sprouting from its back. There were 2 wings facing right side and 1 facing left. What did it use the one on the right side for? The wings were just like bones and skin, but its body was hairy making his limbs look bizarrely thick. Its head was dog-ish and there was no pupil in its eyes that were completely dyed in red.

Three 3 Demonic Beasts among them with that sort of appearance rushed while aiming at Hayate.

But he couldn’t be keeping on getting afraid of that grotesque thing.


Victory to the one who moves first!

Hayate kicked off the ground strongly and covered the distance between the Demonic Beasts at once.

「UoooooRRaaaaa!」(TL: Something like what Paul (probably) from Tekken shouts)

The sharp blade of『Laevateinn』was swung outwards.


Raising an unpleasant scream, neither resembling that of bird nor animal, and was cut down in two parts.

Do they not have that high defensive power?

Hayate analysed.

In that case, I can make through with justLaevateinn!

He swung again for saving everyone──but, suddenly a scene that made him doubt his eyes came flying in his vision.



The Demonic Beasts he had cut down just now, started regenerating……!

The body that was cut in two parts extended tentacles like thing from the cut-section, and join each other. Then the Demonic Beasts was resurrected as though it had never been cut in the first place.


In a fluster, Hayate again slew down the Demonic Beasts with his『Laevateinn』.

However, it ended the same.

「Shit! What is this regenerative power!?」

The blade itself was trivial thing. But what truly was irritating was the fact that they could regenerate no matter how much they were cut.

「This! Just vanish already!」

「Uuuuuh, what should we do!?」

Victoria and Kiruru, fighting the same sort of Demonic Beasts, seemed to have a hard time.

Their Servants boldly faced against them, but as expected, couldn’t defeat them.

At that time.

「Victoria. It’s no good like that」

Sylvana in a natural posture while holding spear spoke in her monotonous voice.


Hearing the line of her elder sister, the attacking hand of Victoria wavered for a second and her face showed an shocked expression.


Dashing through that gap, one Demonic Beasts slipped through『Tailworm』and attacked Sylvana.


「This is how you do in fights like this」

Sylvana was unperturbed even to the fangs of Demonic Beasts approaching her, and easily raised the spearhead of『Diomare Trident』.

「Magika Aquarius Cage」

Due to her declaration of Magika, an orb of water was generated from the spearhead.

The produced water orb became as big as a wine cask within the blinking of an eye, and she aimed her spearhead towards the Demonic Beasts from which the water orb was fired with the speed of shells of artillery.


The Demonic Beasts which jumped to attack Sylvana was wrapped up in the water orb──Aquarius Cage, and its movements stopped.


The mouth that was somewhat peeking out from water cried out in a painful voice.

Apparently Aquarius Cage was a Magika for stopping the movements of opponent.

In contrast with Demonic Beasts having its movements stopped, Sylvana wouldn’t stop.

「Magika Aqua Javelin」

Next change occurred in the brook flowing below her feet.

In the brook which didn’t have enough water amount and was flowing so slowly that it would shame even the lazy people, suddenly an undulation appeared which turned into a big spearhead. That was just like jaw of dragon.


Matching the movement of『Wand』within Sylvana’s hands, the big water spear ran past the air.

The aimed target was obviously the Demonic Beasts being constrained by Aquarius Cage.


The Demonic Beasts having its movements sealed was engulfed in the Aqua Javelin without having chance to resist, and no traces of it remained.

「……I see!」

If they could regenerate then just destroy them until nothing remains. It was simple, but still peerlessly great plan.


Hayate imagined about the time when he had killed that Cyclops.

As if responding to his will the blade of『Laevateinn』burned red hot, and changed into a lump of fire with super hot temperature.


Along with a loud shout, he drove the blade along with obliteration flames around it into the Demonic Beasts.

Like that the body of Demonic Beasts was burned and extinguished without even leaving a single ash of its body.


As he aimed, the body of Demonic Beasts was completely extinguished without even leaving some body part that might’ve been their foothold for the regeneration.

「Good! Next one!」

Hayate got rid of other two Demonic Beasts also with his『Laevateinn』.

Hayate got rid of the Demonic Beasts that came from 12 o’clock direction and tried to assist others in their fight, but by that time Sylvana had already finished off all the Demonic Beasts.

Returning the『Diomare Trident』into magical particles, Sylvana faced towards him.

「So you’re done over there?」


「Hmm……you can do quite great work」


Was I just praised right now? Her expression seems dissatisfied for some reason, though……no, she’s always having that sour look.

「Aria. Have you recorded the data of that Demonic Beasts?」

「Yea. Just perfectly!」

「I see. Then today’s investigation ends here. Let’s return to the mansion」

Like that, the first day of Hayate’s first quest ended.


「Hey, how about dropping by the city?」

Finishing their first day of investigation, they all returned to the port city. While moving around the city in the carriage, Hayate offered such a plan.

「Look, the investigation today ended quite fast and the sun is also up right now. Yesterday we were in swimsuits so we couldn’t have strolled around, but isn’t it a great opportunity today? Kiruru was also saying to play in the city」

Saying all that, it was Hayate who wanted to go in the city the most. He already couldn’t hold back his excitement.

Without any objections and also getting the agreement from Sylvana, Hayate and others got down from the carriage right in the middle of city, without going back to Verde Mansion.

「I will go back first」

「Understood. Onee-sama」

They saw off the carriage with Sylvana inside it.

「Then let’s go」

Hayate stood in front of everyone while saying that and started strolling around the city.

Same as when he saw from the window of carriage, Puerto was truly an abnormally lively city. Many people wearing clothing that couldn’t be found in the Academy City Avenir crossed by them, they were probably foreigners that came via boats.

Facing the street with market opened, it was overflowing with people and things.


Foods that he had never seen or items that he had absolutely not in the least idea of where to use, and also being hit by the heat of the crowding people, Hayate let out a voice of admiration. That also was suppressed by the hustle in the surroundings and became a part of the liveliness of the city.

「We~ll, there sure a lot of people! Hey, the clothes of that person are great, right. The embroidery is also good~」

「They are clothes preferred in the countries of the west. They hand-sew it all without using magic」

「Heeh, isn’t that all too awesome」

He had been saying great, good, awesome since before, but it couldn’t be helped because they were all great things to him.

Apparently even without amnesia and whatnot, he had a personality filled with vim and vigour for curiosity.

「Hey, Aria what’s that?」

「What? Ah, that is──」

Hayate showed interest in people passing by or items lined up within stores, and Aria, having extensive knowledge, gave him the answers. This sort of conversations had been going on since quite a long time.

While he was walking the market road, abruptly the sleeve of his cloths was pulled.

「Buy an apple!」


Lowering his gaze, there a little girl not even 10 years old was presenting him an apple while smiling.

Looking closely there were several apples in her knitted basket, apparently she was selling the apples to tourist visiting this market. Her name was「Saya」and she called out to them after seeing their clothes, supposedly.

「Apple, eh. Then, let’s buy one?」


Recently he also got his part-time earnings, so he said it easily, but,

「Please wait」

「Ah, ow」

Sherry poked his head from behind, and was made to stop from buying.

「What is it? Isn’t it fine for just a single apple」

「I won’t say not buy. But at least at the product before」

As Sherry had been doing various part-time jobs to earn her tuition fees, so she was more used to the ways of world compared to other noble ladies, and so she was able to be perfectly strict at times like this.

She took the apple from Saya and checked for and rottenness and cuts.

「Yeah. It looks fine. It is fresh」

「That’s ri~ght. I have collected it just before! It is fresh」

Maybe Saya also thought that the deal was done and said praises about her apple. For the time being, he got permission from Sherry, Hayate paid the money and bought the apple from the girl.

「Thank you! Onii-chan! How about Onee-chans over there」

「That’s right. Then, I will also take one」

「Me too」

Victoria and Kiruru also bought, while Saya was smiling complacently having sold many.

「Thank you for the patronage~! Buy again if we meet!」(TN: Patreon guys, please guys and girls, Patreon it!)

Waving her hand while smiling, Saya disappeared in the crowds of people while looking for new customers.

「Then, let’s start heading back to the mansion」


「I’ve gotten tired of walking already」

Hayate raised a voice of objection, but the girl circle all agreed with Victoria, so he had no choice but to not reluctantly. Following after them, Hayate left the market.


Hayate was trudgingly walking behind them all when──he suddenly back as if he sensed something.


What is it? I sensed a stare……

He thought Saya came back to them for searching she lost, but Hayate couldn’t see the figure of that apple-selling girl anywhere. Moreover there were too many people in the street, so he couldn’t also discern who was looking at him just now.



He was more or less concerned about it, but Sherry called out his name from the front and Hayate left the market without paying much heed to it.


Night of the same day. Hayate, having finished his dinner was recommended to enter the open-air bath by Sylvana.

「But isn’t there only one open-air bath?」

He felt uneasy to enter a bath where only residents of Verde Family can enter, his uneasiness only increased because he was also a man.

「The open-air bath is the one of the pride of our house. We always recommend important guests there. Dividing the time, the males and females would enter differently, so no problem」

In that case, saying that Hayate nodded.

Although he was restraining back there, he still wanted to enter there at least once.


Like that, Hayate waited in the room as per the bathing times told by head maid, and when his time came he entered the open-air bath in a cheerful mood.

Washing the body to get rid of dirt, he moved towards the bathtub created by joining it up with the rock.


Due to the comfortable feeling of hot water piercing his crown of head, he felt an violent sense of relief.

The large public bath yesterday after the dinner was also good, but the open-air bath had a peculiar flavour to it. He could nod to the fact Sylvana recommended this place.

While relaxing to the extent of melting inside the bathtub, Hayate submerged the body more while stretching out his legs.

At that time, a sliding sound of door opening rang out……

Again Sherry!?

His relaxing body went into nervous mode within the blink of an eye.

Rather than nervous mode it was more like battle mode……

Currently Hayate’s was submerged in the water till his chin, and thanks to the vapour along with shade of rocks his face couldn’t be seen from the entrance.

That’s why the person who just entered now wouldn’t be able to see Hayate, moreover this was his time for bathing, even the head maid said as such, there was no way he could think of a person who didn’t know about that.

In other words, the other person entered the open-air bath after fully knowing Hayate was already inside……

It’s definitely Sherry.

He still reached the same result. After all there was a same previous offence before.

But having identified the culprit, how should he oppose against her?

Judging from the sound of water, apparently the other person came beside Hayate and was using the bucket to bath. From the thin arms that he could glance at, they were absolutely that of a girl. She would definitely enter the bathtub after finishing the water-pouring bath.

What to do……What to do!?

………………No, let it yesterday or today, should I always loose to her?

Even I need to show that I can make her loose……that’s right, as a man! She hasn’t noticed my position yet, there is still a chance for surprise attack!

This time I will make you surprised!

Hayate thought with his quite hot brains.

──If his head was cool right now, he would have decided this idea to be the peerlessly idiotic one.

Having said that; there was no one here who would pour cold water on him.

Hence he didn’t stop.



Hayate stood up with vigour.

And stopped.


The person who was stiffened because of Hayate suddenly appeared from the shade of rock, wasn’t Sherry.

In fact it was Victoria.

Completely naked.

「W-W-W-Why are you here!?」

「T-T-T-That’s is my line!?」

They both were confused to this unexpected situation.

「I came here after hearing it my was time from the head maid!」

「Don’t be ridiculous! Even I was told by head maid……!」

There Victoria made an taken aback expression as if she remembered something.

On the other hand, Hayate having his guess hit the wrong mark was only in panic……and remembered that he hadn’t covered anything on his body,

「I-I-I don’t know exactly but sorry! No, I AM SORRY! And so gud-bye!」

He tried to deceive with force and tried to leave the bathroom.

However──that hand was grasped by Victoria.

Did I fail in deceive her!?

Hayate close his eyes while resolving himself for taking on any sort of scolding.

However, even more confusion attacked him.

「T-……There’s no need for you go out」


It’s fine to not leave……is what she means……?

Hayate never thought that reply and opened his eyes for confirming it.

Victoria grabbing his hand covered her body with a single towel──no, she wasn’t exactly hiding anything──and was looking away with red cheeks. Her expression was of embarrassment rather than anger.

「G-Go, return back to the bathtub」

Victoria pushed Hayate towards the bathtub and she……while hesitating entered the bathtub while making sound of water splashing. She sat down right behind him.



The bathtub was filled with silence.

Only the sound of water drop dropping were heard, among that the two sitting not even 10 cm apart kept on being silent without knowing what to speak.

What is Victoria thinking……? Yesterday at the beach it was the same, but her actions have turned extreme after coming here……

As an extra the incentive behind her actions were unknown.

He had absolutely no idea as to why she was doing something like this.

「Victoria……what are you planning to do?」

「Y-You’re noisy! Shut up!」

Apparently she had no intention of answering. Hayate heaved a sigh.

You voice is shrill and nervous……


Looking at the face of the other person from over his shoulder, that was already like a red-boiled octopus. Frankly, she didn’t seem to be doing this because she wanted to……

At that time, Victoria shouted out as if she wasn’t able to bear the nervousness.



「I’m saying the back, your back! I-I will wa-wa-was-wash your back」

She declared while stammering as ever.

「Eh? No, I have washed the body before entering……」

「No question or answers allowed! Just do as I say!」

Victoria forcibly made Hayate stand up and pulled him to the washing place. Naturally she was guiding him, so her ass was right in front of his, shaking like a jelly.

Making him sit on a wooden chair, she went around his back while holding a vessel with some liquid.

He felt completely drifting in flow, but without having even a single clue to break from this situation, Hayate kept on sitting on the chair while being obedient.

……Huh? Now that I think, Victoria didn’t have a sponge, right……?

Thinking what she would be trying to do──suddenly two tremendously soft and big something press on Hayate’s back.


「P-P-Please don’t move」

「No, but, you」

This thing sliding on my back along with squishy feeling and foam is……now matter how I think about it……!

Having been put in situation different in a sense from that of yesterday’s, Hayate’s body went stiff. His thoughts also stopped along with his body, he wasn’t able to think.

In that time he let Victoria do as she wanted……and her boobies sponge kept on washing him rendering him unmovable.

This place an open-air bath so being exposed to open air after leaving the water his body should’ve been getting cold, but due to the nervousness and the sensation coming from his back, his body just kept on burning hot.

S-Soft! Why is this happening to me? Sherry’s was also good, but the feeling of groping them and having them rubbed on back are both different……!

Soon Victoria’s movement stopped.

The back was done.

In other words……

「T-Th-Then the front……」

「Nonononononono! That won’t be good! The front is definitely a no-go!」

Didn’t I wash the front of Sherry myself yesterday!, retorting to himself within his mind……but he just couldn’t let this flow continue onwards!


「We will be killed if Sherry us like this!」


The moment Sherry’s name came out, Victoria’s expression distorted slightly.

However, Hayate having his back facing her couldn’t possibly notice that.

「A-Anyhow I’m outta here now! T-Then later」

Poking the gap she made by stopping her movements, Hayate tried to leave the open-air bath in a hurry.

But……in a hurry he didn’t notice the soap down his foot and *slip* he ended up stepping on it.



Making a grandiose sound, Hayate fainted.



Hayate opened his eyes in half wakefulness.

Where is this place……? On top of bed……?

The sensation coming from his back was of bed, but the weight on top of his body was soft yet heavy. Just what is it……

-+-± 003

「O-……Onee-sama……what to do……」

「You do……it like this……」


Hayate’s earlobe heard that sort of conversation while he was still not completely awake.

What, is it……?

It feels strangely too good.

Hayate opened his eyes──and seeing a completely naked Sylvana reflected in his eyes, his consciousness awoke at once.



Seeing Hayate who had spoke out, she didn’t say anything, even while knowing that he had woken up. She didn’t even try to hide her naked body that had no cloth on it.


Moreover suddenly he noticed that a little behind Sylvana, a half-naked Victoria was sitting on top of bed with a red face. She was at least trying to her breasts. Although it had no effect.

On top of all that, Hayate noticed that he was in an cruel state while just having a sigle towel wrapped around his waist.

「What is it!? What is this situation!?」

With an confused head, Hayate raised a voice seeming like a scream.

「Hearing you fainted in the open-air bath, head maid carried you to the room」

「I thank for that, but how does it relate to the current situation!?」

He himself thought it was foolish enough to faint after slipping due to soap, but he had no idea for why he was surrounded by two beautiful sisters on top of the bed.

「By the way, Hayate」

Perfectly ignoring his question, Sylvana asked him.

「Is your body healthy?」

「Eh? Umm, what do you……?」

Hayate asked backed without understanding the meaning behind her question.

「I’m asking if there is no obstacle in creating a kid」

Sylvana replied with an unthinkable answer.

Naturally, comprehending the meaning behind those words, Hayate was startled.

「Child!? No, what are you saying suddenly!?」

「Answer me. Is there no problem in your healthiness?」

「Eh, but……yes, I think my body is healthy」

「Then fine. Let’s continue」

「Don’t ya daaaaaaaare!」

He desperately kept back Sylvana who was trying to lean on him, completely naked.

「Why are you turning red, lustful demon」

「Whose fault do you think it is!?」

「I’m just an helper. You should lust for Victoria」


Helper? Lust? I don’t get the meaning at all.

Hayate sent a gaze to Victoria for asking help, but she was looking downwards with a red face.

「Victoria. Come here」


Being called by Sylvana, Victoria came near their place. That time her clothes were disordered and she also became almost nude.

「Nono, just wait a bit!!!!!!!!」

Inserted between the two nude bodies of beautiful sisters, Hayate tried to back off but it didn’t go as well on top of bed.

The two chased after both sides of Hayate while crawling on all fours. The four deadly bulges were distorted, and an extremely bewitching scene spread before his eyes.


Victoria approached him with a wet voice and face that she never showed, causing Hayate to gulp down his saliva.

Just what the hell is going on!? I had been thinking Victoria was acting strange, but why is even Sylvana adding here!?

No……it’s different?

Hayate recalled the conversation between Sylvana and head maid which he had eavesdropped.

If she was talking about this at that time……then the cause of all this wasn’t Victoria but Sylvana? While he was thinking, Victoria kept on approaching him.


Wet eyes, flushed cheeks. Wet lips. Painful panting.


And the time, the lips and lips were almost connected──something snapped within Hayate.

「──Cut it ooooooooout!!」

Raising his upper body, he shook off Victoria and Sylvana.

The bed was quite big so the two didn’t fall down, but still Hayate was able to create a distance between the two of them.

「What is with you suddenly saying this and that about creating child!? I can’t be going along with this damned ridiculous situation!」

Hayate roared, pushed the two forcibly and got down from the bed. Stepping down he turned around and called out to Victoria, who was avoiding his gaze.



「Hey, why are you doing something like this? After fighting together in the examination, I thought……we had got on slightly good terms」

At a glance this also was a pretty intimate situation, but the reason behind it was differing.

「……This is the decision of family」

「Decision of family?」


Maybe finally not being able to bear it all, Victoria told everything in a crying-like voice.

The「decision of family」she said were the order and commands derived from the decision made patriarch and descendant meetings of Verde Family.

Some weeks ago when Victoria’s elder sister Sylvana, the current family head of Verde Family, came to the Academy and gave Victoria the following order.

『Obtain the sperms of the only man able to use『Wand』, Hayate Mitsurugi』


「In short it meant to seduce you and bear your child」

Victoria explained plainly to Hayate, who let out an idiotic sound.

The nobles have only married among nobles for not letting their blood become diluted. That was to increase the internal magical energy reserve, and give birth to a strong Hexenritter that could weave a pact with a stronger Servant.

The bottleneck at this point was that the men didn’t posses magical energy. In short they couldn’t help but rely on family status to ascertain the『nature』of the man about to be married.

But, at that point a man named Hayate, who could use『Wand』──precisely it was『Seele』── appeared all of a sudden.

If the talent of other men in world, who didn’t have magical energy, was zero, then what was the talent of Hayate? It was surely above zero. What would happen if his child was born?

Probably an Hexenritter holding extraordinary talent could be created.

「But, it isn’t sure that only good results would come out. It is in the end, an exception. There is also a possibility of something truly absurd happening……that’s why, they are trying it out with me before Onee-sama, because she has higher talent and also because she is the family head」

「……What the fuck is that」

Hayate leaked out a muttering filled with wrath towards Victoria who was explaining blandly.

The aim of that wrath was not her but……the girl standing beside her, with her sour look as ever, Sylvana.

「Of course that tag examination was to see your ability. And, this quest was to invite you to this house……」

「Why are you abiding by those shitty orders」

「…………It is the decision of the family. It’s only natural to agree to it」

What the fuck is that, Hayate spat out with a scowling face.

He had a lot of things to say to her and her sister Sylvana, but his head was a mess right now and couldn’t make out his words.

「……Get out of here」

Hayate just told the two this much.


Maybe she judged that she wouldn’t be able to use anymore force, Sylvana wore the clothes and made Victoria wore them, then they went out of the room.


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  1. Poor victoria, being a slave to family orders.
    well, aristocratic families have a different mentality to start with so this isn’t something i can complain about (or even comprehent)
    still, it’s a plain nasty situation for victoria, the poor girl.
    anyway, thank you for the new chapter


  2. Thanks for translating!

    But geez, I can’t believe how long it took him to figure out what was going on. At least he had the proper reaction once he did: “get the fuck out.” I actually think that he’s showing admirable restraint…I half-expected him to go completely berserk… (I would have, in his shoes. 😠)


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