OreDorei Volume 2 Chapter 3

Chapter 3 Sea and Quest


That day, Hayate and Sherry were called out by Lela to the Counselling Room.

「What does she want? And in the counselling room」

「Probably, it might be about the Quest that Victoria-san was talking about before」


That quest that we will be able to take only if we win the tag-team examination.

「Well there is also a possibility that Hayate created problems with other females which I’m not aware of, and hence as you master I will be made to write an letter of apology」

「That possibility is not possible so relax!」

At least I dont remember anything like that within the past few days……probably, right?

Hayate went to the Counselling Room while his heart was banging *ba-dum ba-dum*, there Victoria was waiting in front of door.

「Huh? Victoria was also called by Lela?」

「It is the Verde Family who is the client. So I will also take on the same Quest」


Her words meant that continuing after tag-team examination, they would also be together in the thing called as quest.

「If you succeed in the quest issued by your blood relatives, it won’t be reflected much in the scores, right? Even so are you fine doing it, Victoria-san?」

Sherry interjected in the conversation of Hayate and Sherry.

「Hey? So what is that quest in the end? I know it might be late, but I’ve got absolutely no idea about it, or what I have to do」

「Quest is one of systems of the Academy」

Apparently requests, also called as『Quests』come from the country and nobles to Diaspell Royal Academy. The contents of it were mainly investigations or subjugation of Demonic Beasts, and if completed, depending on the degree of difficulty the scores of students would be affected.

「Huh? But isn’t it work of Chivalric Order to deal with Demonic Beasts……?」

「The Kingdom is a country that likes to cultivate young people. If they kept on comfortably raising the Hexenritter, and at the time of emergency the Hexenritters couldn’t do anything, wouldn’t it be a big problem? That’s why quests are issued for piling up the combat experience. And it also helps in lessening the burden of Chivalric Order」


The quests were ranked from S to D Rank, if the student had low『Inter-School Rankings』then she won’t be able to take on the quest of higher ranks.

Apparently there were also the cases where the client would nominate the person who would take the quest. However, just as Sherry said before, the quest between blood relatives wouldn’t be reflected much on the scores as for others. It was to protect against the policy where the families would issue quests for raising their own children.

「It’s fine, let’s enter now」

Victoria forcibly cut off the topic and knocked the door of『Counselling Room』.

「Come in」

Lela’s voice came out and the three entered the room.

There was Lela and the client this time, Sylvana, present in the『Counselling Room』.

「A quest came from Verde Family for you lowlifes. C Ranked. Contents are, investigating about a Demonic Beast that been spotted the port city Puerto, that is under the direct control of Verde Family territory」

Lela immediately started the talk about the quest towards the three, who were already sitting on the sofa.

「This mission sure is low-ranked」

Sherry titled her head upon hearing the contents and stole a glance at Victoria.

The reflection in scores from quests from blood relatives was already now. So a low-ranked quest was like a drop in the bucket. Just obediently attending the classes would give more scores that doing this.

Everyone would think of it as a doubt when a person would give such a quest to their own daughter.

Another doubt is the reason Sherry was nominated for this quest.

And only after looking at their true ability in the tag-team examination.


Hayate stole a glance at Sylvana’s expression, but it was sour as usual and he wasn’t able to read what she was thinking.

「The time period of the quest is one whole week starting from next week. We will send a carriage to the Academy in three days, get on it, and come to the Verde Family. And……」

Sylvana tried to blandly tell us about details, but Lela poked her head.

「Haven’t you become too great Sylvana. To actually proceed with talk by yourself」

「Mgh. I have become great in reality. I’m currently the family head, sensei」

「I don’t care if you are the family head or what, but this place is the Academy. So you will have to follow the regulations of the Academy regarding the quests」


Maybe she was a former student of the Academy that it seemed like she lost in power relationship with Lela. Or it could also be because her opponent was Lela herself.

「So what will you? Just as Scharlachrot said, this is low-ranked quest for you people to take on. Although you were nominated, it doesn’t mean you don’t have the right to veto」

A student could take or not take the question purely based on the student’s discretion.

「Will you not take it this time?」

「No way. We will take it」

Sherry replied immediately to Lela’s question.

「I see……what will you do, Verde?」

「I will obviously take it!」

Victoria’s answer was same as Sherry’s. It must be because she might have been told so from her family.

Incidentally, Hayate wasn’t asked for confirmation. His position was as Sherry’s Servant, so he didn’t had the right to decide anything.

「Then I will apply it like that to the Academy. According to the rules of Academy, a team of five people is needed for taking a quest of Rank C, so if you have someone in mind, do the negotiations as fast as you can. Report to me when you add the members, that’s all I have to say」

After that they again listened to the explanation from Sylvana, and after some questions, left the Counselling Room.

The lunch break was also about to end, and hence Hayate and others headed towards the classroom. Victoria said she would return to room, so we temporarily broke up.

「Sherry. Why are you obsessed on taking this quest? You even accepted the condition for winning tag-team examination together with Victoria」

At that time Sherry obviously hated to team up with Victoria, but her attitude changed upon hearing a quest would be issued. Hayate had been concerned about this fact all this time.

「That’s right……Hayate, you know the reason why my family was ruined, right?」

「Well, yeah……」

The reason Scharlachrot Family, which happened to be one of Four Great Nobles, fell down was because Sherry’s mother disappeared before subjugating the large army of Cyclops that appeared within their territory. At that time, a heavy damage was done to Sherry’s home place.

「There are rarely any nobles who would want to request a quest to the daughter of that Scharlachrot Family. If I tried to take on a free quest, the client might refuse after seeing my name」


「There is a need to steadily pile up achievements by completing quests, as much as I can. Verde Family is a noble family, and if my name was nominated for their quest, my fame would increase」

「I see……so you’ve been thinking a lot」

So it means she had been looking at the long-term benefits of this quest, eh.

「Then, well let’s give it our all in this quest……and do you want to invite some else too? A total of five people can take it means, that we need another 3 people」

「You’re right……」

Like that Hayate, along with Sherry, completed various preparations till the day of departure.


「Oh! It feels like the smell of salt」

Hayate was in high spirits while his face was looking outside from the window of the carriage.

Three days later from that day. As explained before a carriage came to take them; Hayate and others rode on it and headed towards the port city Puerto, where Verde Family was located.

The thrilling feeling in regards with the speed of carriage that was running while cutting the wind, still remained after riding on it the second time. Other than that their destination was the port city, so there was one more thing to enjoy.

「Sea, eh~. I’m looking fo~rward to i~t~」

For Hayate, having lost most of his memories, he only knew about the sea in verbal form.

That’s why he was thrilled to see the sea for the「first time」.

If I saw places I’ve got no idea about, maybe my memories will return.

There was also a faint anticipation like that.

「Hayate. You’re too worked up」

Sherry, sitting beside Hayate, rebuked him for being excited all the time.

「Opps, I’m sorry」

Hayate closed the window while feeling somewhat embarrassed and sat down on the fluffy seat. As expected of a carriage sent by a noble family, the interior of the carriage was also wonderful.

Incidentally, Victoria was sitting directly opposite to Hayate and Sherry, and her partner Lindis had coiled itself on the floor.

Moreover there was another carriage than the one Hayate and others were riding. Aria and Kiruru and their Servants ought to be riding that other carriage. Hayate had invited them, but they both gave a ready consent to his request.

Well at any rate, it is better to have more friends along.

On the other hand, Victoria, the friend『candidate』(which Hayate had though out of his own will), had been quiet all the time while playing with the bangs of her hair.


「Eh? Y-Yes!」

Hayate called out to her and she rose up her head with a start.

Hayate had no intention of surprising her, so while feeling perplexed, he threw a normal and easy question at her.

「Hey, what place is the sea of Puerto?」

「Err, it……is a beautiful place. The water is clean, and there is also a private beach of Verde Family」


He didn’t what the word Private Beach meant so he asked about it, and apparently it was a beach where people unrelated to Verde Family couldn’t enter; therefore they would be able to swim and play without any interference from others.

「I can swim as I want, eh~. I wanna swi~m~」

「We aren’t going to play there. Do you understand that, Hayate?」

「Ah, yeah, obviously I understand that」

Having Sherry poking a nail, Hayate couldn’t help but shrink his head. (TN: Poking a nail means, giving a warning)


While watching the two talking like that, Victoria again shut her mouth and started playing with her hair.


Finishing that journey, the carriage carrying the group of Hayate and others reached in front of Verde Family’s mansion.

「Welcome home Victoria-sama. And, Aria Weisheit-sama, Kiruru Demeter-sama, Sherry Scharlachrot-sama and Hayate Mitsurugi-sama, you’re all welcome. Please come in」

Guided by the head maid, Hayate and others reached to the office room.

「Family Head. I’ve brought them」

「I see」

Sylvana was looking at some documents on top of the table, but she stopped temporarily and sent her gaze at us.

She had work accumulated, so she returned here before Hayate and others, but her sour look was same as usual. Or maybe it was he default face, it always seemed like she was displeased.

She’s sure a hard to read person……

Hayate again felt the same thing he had thought before.

「You’ve come a long journey. Have a seat」

Sylvana offered the sofa to Hayate and others, and as if the timing was aimed after, the maid brought tea for six people at the same time……Oh great. Apparently Hayate was treated as a guest here.

「Thank you for nominating me this time. Since I was nominated, I will only do everything I can with all my power. And so, I will like to once more confirm the contents of the quest」

Beside Hayate, who was being moved thoroughly, Sherry bowed towards Sylvana and tried to confirm the quest.


「Wait. You don’t have be in that much hurry」


「It’s fine to start the investigation about the Demonic Beast from tomorrow」

Syvlana drank the tea after saying that.

……Although a Demonic Beast might be laying around, but she is being quite carefree, does that mean the situation is not impending right now?


Sherry also wasn’t able to continue onwards her talk after having been said that by the client.

「I will let head maid guide you all to your rooms. Rest your body there. If you want to go somewhere I will let out the carriage」

「……Is that so. Then, we will accept the offer」

「Good. Then head maid I leave them to you. Victoria will remain here, I need to talk」

「I got it, Onee-sama」

Victoria nodded.

Leaving behind Victoria, Hayate and others were guided to their rooms by the head maid.

「……I feel like, Victoria’s sister was looking at me too much」

Hayate muttered the thing he felt before while walking down the corridor.

Aria replied to his muttering.

「Well, Hayate-kun is a rare existence after all. It’s natural for her to be concerned」

「Hmmm, is that so」

Well, thinking more that might be the case.

「Guests. Will take your Servant along together in the room? If you want we can take care of them」

「Ah, no, I want to be with Kuro」

「Hm. Same here. I become lonely if Miria is not at my shoulder」


Head maid nodded to Kiruru and Aria’s reply.

「Then, now the left ones are Scharlachrot-sama and Mitsurugi-sama」

「I don’t care if it’s the same room」


Hayate retorted to Sherry was non-hesitant as usual.

Maybe that retort had some effect that the head maid showed a troubled expression.

「I’m sorry but, I’ve been told to send Mitsurugi-sama in a room different than others」

「Oh? Why is that so?」

「I haven’t been told about the reason, but……but Mitsurugi-sama is a male. It might be because of something happening if he resided in the same room as young girls, probably?」

In short it meant that「it was troubling to do something weird in others home」.

Hayate nodded thinking it was extremely correct.

But Sherry was displeased……

「No, no, please don’t worry about that. If something did happen it will be only because I’ve agreed to it. After all I’m his sla……」


He blocked the mouth of an idiot who was trying to spout an tremendously dangerous thing to a person she met for the first time.

「I’m completely fine with some other room! Yeah, no problem there!」

「I see that」

Throwing the sulking Sherry in her room, Hayate was guided to a guestroom that was located in a quite isolated placed within the mansion.

「If you need something, please ask the maids. Well then I’ll excuse myself」

The head maid exited after bowing one last time.

「……Hah, I’m dead tired」

Finally being alone, he suddenly let out his energy and threw his body on the bed.

I did hear they were a noble family, but their house sure is big. Even the bed sheet feels much better than the ones in Academy.

No, there isn’t much difference, but, maybe it’s the problem with my mood?

While Hayate was having fun feeling the bed, his room’s door was knocked.


「Hayate. Let’s go to the sea」

Sherry entered before he was able to reply, continuing onwards, Kiruru, Aria and also Victoria. She already finished her talk?

「Sea? But didn’t you say before, we didn’t came here to play」

「The client has given us a free day, so why let it go to waste?」

Her mood swings too fast, no, maybe it’s flexible, something like that……

Although he was astonished, but because he originally wanted to go to the sea, so he didn’t raise an objection to their idea. He rose up from the bed, and went after the girls.

「They will lend us whatever swimsuit we like」

「What is a swimsuit?」

「Speaking frankly they are clothes worn when swimming. Choose properly, okay? I will also choose a great one」

What is it……I somehow feel bad premonitions!

While sensing something that was more than half near confirmation, Hayate heaved a sigh in his mind.


They again used the carriage for transportation. But because they were to pass through the city this time, their speed was quite slow. There wasn’t the refreshing feeling of dashing over the ground, but Hayate felt excited just by hearing the sound of hoofs along with the hustle and bustle of the port city.

「This is a bustling city, eh」

「After all it is the largest port city of the Starfarm Kingdom. Foreign trade and domestic trades both are popular here. The population is big and there are many tasty things to eat」

Hayate, hearing the explanation by Aria, let out a *heeh* admiration voice.

「It is the city governed by our Verde Family, so it is only natural」

Victoria also said proudly.

「I might come to play if there is time」


While conversing like that with Kiruru, the carriage proceeded onwards.

They soon enough reached their destination, the private beach.

It was necessary to change into swimsuits before entering the sea, so the female group inside the carriage and Hayate in the shade of tree outside of carriage, changed their clothes.

「Or do you want change it together with us?」

「I won’t let that happen!」

Sherry’s plan was immediately rejected by Victoria; Hayate was also in agreement of that so he obediently went to the seashore first and finished changing.

He even finished preparing the sheet and parasol that were he borrowed from the maid……in the end he didn’t had anything else to do, so while being bored he was blankly gazing at the sea.

Even so, this thing called sea is indeed too big. Is it all salt water? As swimming……well I feel like I can do it, but did I ever come to sea in the past?

His memories of the past were vague as usual. His gaze indirectly went below.

「Even so, this clothes for swimming……was it called swimsuit? How to say, it feels like coming on the outside while just wearing underwear」

Just who decided to wear stuff like this in the sea?

Well of course the clothes will become heavy if they soaked too much water and increase the danger of drowning, but still there was no need to become half-naked……

「Thank you for the wait, Hayate」

「Yeah, Sh, er, ry……!?」

He turned around to the direction of voice, and Hayate froze on the spot.

In front of his turned-around head was a half-naked Sherry. No, this way of speaking had a fault……she was properly wearing her swimsuit. Correcting his words it was──Sherry was smiling alluringly while wearing a cloth with the surface area so less that she was almost completely N.A.K.E.D. Yeah, it became more erotic by correcting my words.

「How is it?」

「W-What do you mean h-h-how……」

He couldn’t help by be flustered.

He surely felt his face becoming hot, but even so he wasn’t able to avert his gaze from her swimsuit figure.

While pulling the string of her white swimsuit that was near transparent, Sherry sent a gaze towards Hayate as if she was watching something funny.

「Good grief, you’re such a pervert manservant. Looks like you’re charmed by my swimsuit」

-+-± 002

TN NOTE: I know Victoria didn’t come right now, but she will later. But according to the lines said by Sherry in this pic, I need to post it here.

「No, listen here. I did guess this would happen, but are you not embarrassed to come out in that dress!?」

Even Hayate had never thought that a sure-kill technique far surpassing his resolution would come striking at him.

His heart was pounding like an idiot……*ba-dump ba-dump* *ba-dump ba-dump*

「Even I won’t be able to wear such a swimsuit in a normal beach. But this place is a private beach, there’s no one else other than us here」

「No, there is also Aria and others, right?」

「Aria-san and others are special. And you’re the only man here」

Sherry smiled and took a pose that emphasized her breasts.

「So, how is it?」


「Ah, yeah……」

Hayate thought up a couple of compliments. But,


In the end he settled down for the usual impression.

「Can you not speak some others words, even if some times?」

「It’s your fault for being an erotic character!」

「You’re too rude. I’m an innocent-type girl」




「Owwwwww! Stop the eyes, the eyes!」

「It will be great if a hole literally opened in those knothole eyeballs」

「You’re scary all the time!」

Hayate retreated back while being scared.


There a shy voice called out to him. Facing the direction of voice, there stood the usual pair of two. Aria and Kiruru were standing side-by-side.

「Hey, you two are close as always」(Aria)

「Is that so?」(Hayate)

The close people wouldn’t glare with eyes, I think.

He titled his head, but Aria laughed lively without paying heed to it.

「Anyways, Sherry-kun’s swimsuit is truly daring. You’re style is also good, someone like me can’t compare at all」

「Those words make me troubled to respond, but I’ll take your words as compliments」


Aria’s swimsuit was a bikini with same red colour as her hair.

Aria always seems to calm, she isn’t gaudy at all. Differing from me, She doesn’t enrage Sherry at all.

And to say she can’t compare to her, but if she actually undressed it is quite……

「Ha-……! Hayate-san」


While Hayate had his eyes stolen by Aria’s swimsuit figure, Kiruru pulled his hand gently and he looked at her.

「What happened?」

「U-Um……how does my swimsuit look like?」

「Ah, you’re truly too cute」

Kiruru’s swimsuit had a cute design of flower pattern pareo attached. In truth, looking at it after the one of Sherry, he was quite relived, mainly in the surface area of cloth.

「Hmm……so you compliment Kiruru as cute, I see」

Killing Intent!? Hayate turned around timidly, only to find Sherry glaring at him with narrow eyes.

「No, you see, there was no particular ulterior motive behind it」


Sherry turned away her face with a displeased expression and ignored the excuse of Hayate.

……What is this, although I made her angry but the current reaction was quite cute.


The moment Hayate finally tried to properly compliment her,

「I made you all wait!」

Victoria, having been late in coming here, forced her way in between the way.

That moment, her breasts with tremendous volume waved like high waves.

The breasts seemed to almost pop out of the bikini which  was probably custom-made-size.


He unintentionally let out a groan. The breasts had that much of impact.


Sherry’s glare became more and more grim, but Hayate was blankly staring without noticing that fact.

「Hey, Haya……」

She was about to say something, but a maid interrupted her.

「I’m sorry, Scharlachrot-sama. I’ve got a message from the family head, will you come to that side for hearing it?」


Sherry glared at maid and Victoria alternatively, but after the name of family head came out, she obviously couldn’t ignore it and followed behind the maid.

Like that, at the time when the master went away from the side of manservant…….


Abruptly Victoria forcibly cleared her throat.

……What happened?

Hayate tilted his head, while she, seeming determined, gave a vial filled with liquid to him.

「H-Hayate-san. Can you smear suntan lotion on me?」

「Hwhuaaaauuuut!?」(TN: it meant : What!?: in human language)

He let out an strange voice reflexively.

「H-hurry up! Please don’t make me wait too long」

In the time Hayate wasn’t able to say yes or even no, Victoria pushed the vial to him and sprawled down on the sheet.

「Then please do it」

「……I got it」

Now he didn’t had any escape route left. Hayate took the suntan lotion in his hand while leaving his life to his fate.

Spreading the slimy liquid in his hands……he gulped again.

「Then……I will start now」


Victoria replied while lying face-down. Maybe it was his imagination but her voice also seemed nervous.

She had already unfastened the shoulder strings, and was defencelessly exposing her back to Hayate. The amorous scapula, the breasts that seemed to have changed their shape because of being crushed by the body and the well-developed ass, all were sexy.

Oh shit wow awesome! She doesn’t lose against Sherry in sexiness……

He was about to start touching the body of such a girl with his slimy hands now……no, he was just going to smear the suntan lotion.

He couldn’t be stiffened for all the time.

Hayate timidly started to smear the suntan lotion on her back while strangely bending after half-rising up.


Don’t let out weird voices!

Because it made him go strange!

Oh shit. Victoria’s back is damn soft! It’s so squishy-squishy. She’s so smooth.

And the sensation of her ass hitting time-by-time on his thigh was also awesome. It was softer than the back. And looking closely the line of her swimsuit down below was very extremely narrow.

This had already become the world of kill or be killed. In the sense of brain-killing.

I-I need to finish this fast……!

「Hey, the back’s all done. Now it’s fine, right?」

「What are you saying? The shoulders, legs and……the buttocks are left」


「It is hard to smear on my backside! Don’t complain and do it fast!」

Even if you say that……will it be fine?

No matter how he looked at it, Victoria’s face was dyed bright red, but she still didn’t change her opinion……so he helplessly again took the suntan lotion in his hands.

「Th-then here I go……」



Whoa, what is this, my fingers are sinking!

It was already fine to call it as a lethal weapon. A lethal weapon that could blast the reasoning to smithereens.

「Ah, wai, no……」

*squeeze squeeze squeeze*. Before he knew it Hayate had already rubbed her number of times and was now fondling with the ass of Victoria.


Illustration 4

No damn shit! I lost my reasoning at that point! Calm down, stay firm, ME! If Sherry saw my this side……

「HA. YA. TE」


Having being bathed in a voice like cold winter, his hot body cooled down in an instant.

「Just when your master wasn’t here, just what were you doing? You pervert manservant」

「……Just leave my life」

He was stuffed in the sandy beach up till his neck.

「Guuuuaaaaaahh……the sea water, i-in my eyes and nose!」

He was buried on the edge of beach, so whenever a strong wave came, it would cover his face.

Well he was now paying for his mistakes.

Just when will beings called men, be able to govern their own desires?

Well it was quite far away for him, thinking that he gazed at the scorchingly blazing down sun.

Then, suddenly a shadow was cast over his face.

「Oh no, Hayate-kun it’s too tough, right」


On the shoulder of the red-head girl standing before Hayate, the mechanical owl wasn’t present. Apparently the body of machines were weak to sea water, and so it was currently waiting on top of the carriage.

「It feels weird when Miria isn’t there」

「Hm? You’re right~. My shoulder feels lonely」

Aria let down her waist and sat down at that place while muttering those words.

「……! A, Aria」

「Hm? What happened?」

「Ah, no……」

Sitting over there, Aria’s bikini was in front of his eyes and nose……well not, but still Hayate felt his back within the sand become hot.



*touch touch touch*

Aria started touching my face……


「No, I just thought that it is rare to get an opportunity like this, when I can touch Hayate-kun’s face」

Aria revealed a bashful grin……and that smile suddenly was changed into a mad one.

「I can examine a lot in this chance」

「Someone save me~~!!!」

Hayate shouted out loud with all his power.


「Haah~, I had a terrible time……」

Hayate escaped from Aria just by his own strength, and was right now sighing lightly. Even without『Laevateinn』, his strength when facing danger was still great.

Not having anything to do, Hayate was strolling around on the sandy beach.

The feeling of walking on the sandy beach was too good.

After walking a while solely, Sherry and Kiruru came to find him.

Kiruru was holding a plastic ball near her chest, and when she looked at Hayate, she came running at him while her face broke into a smile.

「Hayate-san. Will you play beach ball with us?」

「Yeah, no problem」

「Hey, hurry up, Hayate」

Being pulled by two girls, Hayate moved towards the shoals of the sea.


「Then here I come. Take it!」


「Wah wah, to-to-to」

At first the three were playing, but soon enough Aria and Victoria also grouped up.

「Oh, it looks fun. How about letting me in too」

「Ohoho, you can also let me in」

「Aria-san come in. Victoria-san, try again tomorrow」

「What do you mean!?」

Well, doing that sort of conversation, the five started tossing the beach ball.

「Here you go, Kiruru」

「Wah! Geez, Aria you meanie!」

The childhood friend pair of Aria and Kiruru was close as ever.






「You……do you have some sort of resentment against me, Scharlachrot-san!?」

「No, it can’t be, that’s impossible.  But Victoria-san has two beach balls on her chest, so I was thinking to return this single child back to its comrades」

As for Sherry and Victoria, no one can tell if they were on close terms or bad terms……something like that.



Every time they toss and spike the ball, some different sort of balls also shake with a *boing boing*.

I’m just going to say for prestige but, Aria’s also shook. As for Kiruru……well, let’s just believe in future prospects, anyhow the problem was Sherry and Victoria!

When concerning the two with too big breasts, every time they jump recklessly and chase after the ball because of their obstinate personalities, at that time their breasts just go oh so wavy!!! Oh so wavy! Something like that!

Looks like sea is a dangerous place……

Hayate seriously thought that while clenching his nose.

「Hey, just send the ball to me already!」

Anymore was poison to eyes, and Hayate requested a toss from Sherry and Victoria. If the ball was gone, their tit-shaking-big-fever also should stop.

「Hah, Haah, it’s okay. Here!」

Maybe she got tired, Victoria sent the ball towards Hayate.

However, she couldn’t control her power and the ball went flying to a place where there was no one.


While pursuing the ball above his head, he proceeded in the shoals──and collided with Kiruru who was chasing after the ball, the same way.




They both collapsed underwater. W-water in my nose……!


Hayate let out his head from underwater and started breathing heavily.

Hm? There seems to be excessively soft something in my hand.

「U-u-u-um-umm, H-Ha-Ha-Hayate-san!?」


Hearing a somewhat flustered voice coming from below, Hayate slowly lowered his gaze……and realized that the small whorl on the head of Kiruru was in his hands.

Moreover, maybe he gripped it at the time of falling down that, her modest──yet, slightly swelled breasts were also gripped by him……

「You pervert manservant……」

「No, um……this is an accident, right Kiruru?」

Hearing the enraged voice of Sherry, Hayate requested help from the girl in his hands.

「Hayate-san groped my breasts. Hayate-san groped my breasts. Hayate-san groped my breats……i-in others words, it’s a love triangle!? A two-timer, eh! ……Eh, don’t-don’t tell me doing it together with three of us……!?」

However, having her breasts groped, Kiruru had went on a trip within the world of delusions.

「Geez……hey, come on now separate your hands from Kiruru-san’s breasts, ah!?」

Sherry started coming towards Hayate, but due to a sudden strong wave her feet got caught and she was about to fall.


Hayate extended his hand at once.


「……Are you hands existing just to grope the breasts of girls who fall?」

Sherry asked with a astonished yet somewhat strangely happy voice, while her big breasts were being groped by Hayate’s hands.

As for Hayate, he couldn’t help but refute while blushing hard.


The time passed. Hayate and others, having played a lot, finally returned to the Verde Mansion.

「The sea water is sticky, so we have done the preparations for the bathroom. This way」

Hayate and others returned by the carriage while wearing the swimsuits, and were guided to the bathroom by the maid.

There were three bathrooms present in the Verde Family, and one of them was an open-air bath, apparently. This time they just need to get rid of stickiness after swimming, so they were going to a simple bathroom with shower.

「The right one is for males, the left one is for females」

「So then, I’m on the right side」

「That’s right. Then, see you later」

The girls headed towards the women’s bath on the left side. And, for some reason five or six maids were also following after them.

「Mitsurugi-sama, please come this way」

「Eh? No, why is a maid there in men’s bath?」

「? It is the work of maid to wash the back of guest」

Having been told that bluntly, Hayate’s face turned red.

「I don’t need it!」

「Ah, Mitsurugi-sama」

He closed the door in front of the maid that was trying to run after him.

The door didn’t had any lock so he gripped it for a while, but apparently the maid gave up and left from the front of door by saying「I will bring the change of clothes」.

Heaving a sigh, Hayate’s hand left the door, put the clothes in the basket and entered the bath.

「Whoa, it’s quite spacious for a simple bathroom」

At the very least it was three times bigger than the one in the dorm. It was wasteful to just take a shower in such a place. He had had there was time left till dinner, so he decided to immerse himself in the bathtub till his shoulder.


Yeah, it’s spacious. It feels good.

It the bathtub was of same size in the girls’ bathroom, four people could easily enter it. Taking such a big bath just for oneself was a good feeling. This was one of rare moments, when he had felt that it was great to be a man, after being summoned by Sherry.

While Hayate was relaxing in that way──suddenly, the door of the bathroom opened.

「Who is it?」

「It’s me」

「……so it you!」

It was Sherry. He had thought that the maid again came back.

Incidentally Sherry was wearing the erotic white swimsuit from before. It was good that she wasn’t buck naked……no, the situation itself was strange! Don’t be fooled ME!

「This is men’s bath! Return back to women’s bath!」

「Oh, you’re so cold. Even when the master has come to the place of manservant after deceiving Aria-san and maids」

「I didn’t order for you!」

「What are you saying. I won’t listen to the orders of some manservant」

She’s being unreasonable……

「So? What are you here for……?」

Sensing resistance as futile, Hayate asked bluntly.

「Come here」

Sherry ordered in a voice that wouldn’t take any of his reply, and Hayate obeyed her orders.

「Now what?」

He asked again, but she started smearing some liquid on her body without answering to his question.

「Now, extend your hand」


She smeared it on top of Hayate’s hand, and foamed it up.


「Now. Wash my body, without leaving a single place, with your hands」

「……Huh? HuuuuuuuuH!?」

The shock was too big that it caused him to scream a little later.

「Be quiet. The maids might come」


Hayate covered his mouth in a panic. Although he was being warned indirectly, but if he was found in this place like this, it might not end up good.

「What do you mean……by washing your body with my hand?」

「Just do it」

「No, you see……」

Seeing Hayate hesitating, a chill of mid-winter seeped out of Sherry……

「So even if you rub suntan lotion on Victoria-san’s buttocks, you don’t want to touch my body?」

He was glared by a gaze that would even shoot a wolf to death. Thanks to that, his body, which had just warmed up a little, was immediately cooled down as if his spine had turned into an ice pillar.

「L-Let me wash you」

Hayate surrendered and with a nervous expression, put his hand, which was filled with foam, on her shoulder from her back. Then, as if caressing her, his arm descended from there to the upper arm area.


Every time Hayate’s firm palms rubbed her soft fair skin, Sherry raised a seductive voice.


In truth, he was unsure if the towel coiled around the waist would have enough defensive power.


「Arms……and back……are done」

Hayate said those words to Sherry, who bit her lips while enduring the voice, and her white skin was flushed.

「Hm……Hayate, I said to wash my body. WITHOUT. LEAVING. A. SINGLE. PLACE.」

So she’s not going to give up with just arms and back, eh……!

If she had a personality that could persuaded, Hayate wouldn’t be having such troubles all the time.

「……Got it」

While nodding, Hayate boosted his determination and self-control to the limits.

In the end Hayate too was a man. There was no way he wouldn’t get aroused in such a situation. He had the confidence that if he made one mistake he would dash to the horizon of mistakes.

That’s why, prudently……Hayate moved his hand towards the front of her body from under her arms, while he standing behind her.

「Ah, NNkuuhh……!」

The moment Hayate’s hand touched her stomach, Sherry raised a gasping sound louder than before.

The current posture was as if Hayate was embracing Sherry from behind. They were more closely glued than the time he was rubbing her back.

「I’m going to wash it……」


Sherry’s every word now seemed like an aphrodisiac of the finest quality.

Every time her whispers hit his earlobe, Hayate fought back hard against the lust that seemed to burst out from inside him, and he continued to caress her stomach.


When he touched the navel, she raised an even loud voice.

Probably unintentionally, Sherry put her hands above Hayate’s as if to pin them down. He was almost done, but Hayate let her hand lead his hand.

Soon enough……Sherry raised his right hand above her stomach.


The moment his hand touched her breast, she again endured the voice. She was about to raise a voice that she had to endure no matter what……

「……Hayate. Move your hands」

Sherry turned around and with upturned eyes she demanded that.

「Please……I don’t want to take the lead always」


Hayate held back the urge to pour power in his right hand.

Now that she says that, I’ve never touched her first till now……except for the kiss on that night.

Of course an exception was whenever he would take out the『Seele』.

He had touched Sherry’s body number of times, but they were all because she would forcibly take his hand and let him touch her.

At this late point, he thought that it was in the end, cruel.

The master-servant pact of manservant and slave, I’ve formed that deep bond with her, but I haven’t done anything to her. It’s only natural for her to worry.

Moreover, Victoria had been touching Hayate a lot more recently, and that smearing suntan lotion to boot. Sherry let Hayate touch her body to oppose that, it was a reasonable thing to do, in a sense.

He was a pitiful man.

Hayate thought that, although this late, he still wanted to let her feel satisfaction.

「I will try to do it gently, but I might also put power reflexively……sorry if it will hurt」

「……It’s fine. Do as you want」

That sweet whisper pulled the trigger of Hayate.

His movements, which had been reserved till now, changed and he suddenly embraced her whole body. While being glued together, he traced her breasts and thighs.

「Aaaaa……!NNh!, AannnnHhhhh……!」

From above the white swimsuit that was already too narrow and transparent, a man’s firm hand was fondling her breasts, that caused her bite her finger to bear the loud voice that might’ve even reached the women’s bath just neighbouring their bathroom.

「……! ……!」

Hayate was also enduring. He knew that they didn’t want to do to that extent in this place. This was just Hayate clearing up the debts he had piled up until now.

That’s why he understood to not do anything more than what Sherry asked him and that was just「washing her body」……that’s how it was, but it was possible to endure all the lust for her, whom he was touching with his hand, which lead her to kill her voice and flush her whole body.

「Haya, te……」

「Sher, ry……」

Illustration 5.jpg

Both were covered in foam. It was the proof of how much the two had touched each other.

Both thought of not going above this, and this became their limit.

Their lips were closed in as if being sucked in by each other……and the moment their bindings holding them behind were about to come off──

「Mitsurugi-sama. I’ve brought the change of clothes」


They both came to their senses due to the voice of a third person in the dressing room.

Apparently the maid who went to take the clothes for Hayate had returned.

「T-Thank you very much!」

While thanking in a panic, Hayate only prayed that the maid wouldn’t open the door of bathroom.

「The dinner will be done, please come out fast」

Fortunately the maid only told the important facts and left the dressing room.


Hayate took a large breath of relief.

It was a crisis but, thanks to that happening, they both didn’t cross the line. That point was also fortunate.

「It’s fine now, right?」


They both separated with reluctance.

「You shouldn’t forget Hayate──」

Sherry weaved out words with her cheeks still red.

「──That you’re my manservant. No matter the time, you should think of me first」

Hayate kneeled down and dropped his head to those words.

「As you wish. Master」


Finishing the formal dinner with family head, Sylvana; Hayate was resting in his room.


There was no toilet near his room, so he went deep in the mansion and did his business.


Washing his hands, he tried to return to his room……en route, he noticed light leaking out from the office room of Sylvana.

The time he was passing by the door, he heard the voices of Sylvana and head maid.

「Is Victoria having a hard time?」

「That’s right. I had thought that Victoria-ojousama would be easily able to finish the mission」

Mission? ……is it about the quest?

But it was Sylvana who had said the quest about Demonic Beast investigation would start from tomorrow. So what did it mean by the manner of speaking as if Victoria was doing the quest alone?

Hayate stopped his legs, pricked his ears and listened.

The report-like lines of head maid continued.

「That Scharlachrot-sama is formidable even above the imaginations. It can’t be dealt with ordinary means」

Now they’re talking about Sherry? Just what is it about they are talking?

Hayate neared the door for hearing more clearly, but ended up raising sounds.

「Who is there!?」


Hayate, having his eavesdropping found out, dashed from that place before the head maid came out, and he returned back to his room.


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