OreDorei Volume 2 Afterword


It’s been a while readers. I’m Namer Jirushi. For me it will be around 4 months or so, but thanks to you all readers I was able to launch『Ore to Kanojo ga Geboku de Dorei de Shuujuu Keiyaku』Volume 2.


This time too I have written a lot of better erotic and battle scenes. This volume was about Victoria, it moved forward with things related to her as the main part. As a new character, her elder sister holding the key also appeared. Victoria was again a bashful and hating to lose character, so do check the original story!


As natural both the master and servant also had great achievement in both love and battle. Continuing from the previous volume, Kiruru and Aria also appeared. Pay attention to their cuteness.


Taking this chance, I will talk a bit about the contents……

Speaking frankly, this time there was a swimsuit chapter. *Woah Woah* *clap clap*. Seeing the all the heroines wearing the swimsuit of design made by Youta-san I can’t stop my nosebleed already!


Of course I have included this and that events necessary in swimsuit chapters. Have fun! The 2nd Volume and swimsuit chapter already!? Too fast! Some might think like that, but the heroine had already showed her naked body in Volume 1 that this much is of no problem……probably.

Huh? I’m only talking about Heroines till now. O-Of course the protagonist, Hayate had been enjoying his manservant life with Sherry──for example sleeping in the same bed, or washing her body’s every nook and corner in the same bath──huh? I’m only talking about perverted things. T-T-There is also great achievements in battle! I’m saying truth here!?

Incidentally this had no relation to the story at all, but……recently I grew fat. I originally don’t meet with people that much that I hadn’t noticed it much, but just the other day my friend pointed it out and I noticed it first time.


Still why did I grow fat?


Recently I’ve been always at home working while sitting on chair, eating potato chips and working, eating ice and working, drinking juice and……Ah (got it).


It might sound weird, but from what I’ve heard from friend novelists is that the authors working either grow think that even bones appear or grow fat that skin starts hanging down. 「Healthy and fine novelist? Never heard of that thing」……that surely is not good, so I’m thinking of starting exercises already.


This is also something I’ve heard from friend novelists that「the trick to continue with jogging is that rain never falls」or so it is. If it rains even one day and you interrupt jogging, then the next day continuation power for jogging would always be questioned, or so the saying goes……just how much does a walking machine costs. Aim for healthy and fine novelist!


Finally the acknowledgment. Kobayashi-sama, the editor in charge, again gave out various suggestions for the characters and story along with fanservice scenes. During the bath scene I asked frighteningly「if it was fine this much」and he saved me by giving a GO sign! I am looking forward to work with him from now on too.


Thank you very much! The illustrator, Youta-sama. Thank you very much for designing the new character and swimsuit figure of heroines. A special illustration for 1 month sale in Dragon Magazine by Youta-sama was also full of flesh-coloured ingredient that I my nose bled explosively. I am looking forward to new illustrations that would knock everyone out of their wits.


I again thank everyone that assisted in this book getting published. And I also thank the readers that had read the Volume 1 and continued onto reading this volume and also thank the readers who read this Volume and tried to buy both volumes at once (you are buying right? *throb-throb*)! Stay tuned for next time too. Well then, let’s meet again someday.

–Nameko Jirushi.


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