Maken no Daydreamer Chapter 7~11

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Chapter 7~11 – Green-Haired Beauty and First Dungeon

“—Wut the phell is this?”
Yes, for some reason I said it Tohoku dialect, but I am really Minato.
And it’s not like I’m a native from north-west Japan.

By the time I jumped on the magic circle in-house …… I was completely fine.
I really though I will be sent out of forest to some plains, but I was wrong.
That’s because the place I see in before, looks like a damn dungeon.

There is wall of stone and floor too along with torches like things on the walls. Though there are no windows present here.
For what reason did mom link the magic circle to this damn place?
By the way, that magic circle can be used one-way only, so no way to return back. It’s not like I want to go back so it’s fine with me.
But I even in my wildest dreams would think of having a dungeon in front of me after flying.
Anyway, it would be boring or rather damn silently boring if I don’t do a thing, so I decided to look around for understanding my situation.
I came here while traversing through another dimension but there is no damage or anything with the equipment. All things I have from tools to provisions are perfectly fine. The money mom left for me is also fine. Thank God.
Next, shadow training.
Punches, Kick, Flying Kick, Roundhouse Kick, Backhand Blow.

And with vigour tried to do a 3 turn flying kick, but gave up on it as I would collide with the ceiling otherwise.
So I checked my magic control.

Yea, I can use magic. Magic reload to hands and legs is also faster. No abnormalities.
Alright, Status Check Complete!

……So I’ve now run out of all things I could do.

Now that I think about it, it ain’t normal to think about what to do inside an unknown dungeon.

Places like these, have some sort of purpose in them.
I think it’s not inefficient to come here by default and think about ’What should I do?’.
In that case, there is only 1 thing I need to do now.

If I want to do something else, and I want more information, and so it will be good to get out of here, right? Well then, now my next mission is to get out of this labyrinth like dungeon.


After coming here, I met with a simple and serious problem and that stood in my way.
“How……will I get out of here?”
I don’t know what place this is and what sort of dungeon this is.
Before that, if this is dungeon is it filled with floors?

And it doesn’t has any windows, So I don’t know if I’m above ground or underground, and so I don’t fucking know if I should go down or up.
This maybe more dangerous than being send to an unknown plains.
Hey mom, you there.

Ain’t this hurdle too high for you son who was departing for a journey.

Well, for the time being, let’s walk. I don’t know any route from the start, so there is no chance for me to get lost or so.
Yea, I’m serious.


(POV changed to???)
“Yo-you deceived me deviant! Coward!”
“What are you saying about? I am escorting a girl adventurer like you who has got no damn fighting power. This is much service is natural right?” [ET: Just what you can imagine.]
“D-Don’t joke around! I didn’t had any intention like tha……No! Don’t touch me!”
Ku, it was a failure!
No matter how much fast I needed to come here, I shouldn’t have taken a man like this with me!

I would’ve understood it before, if I was calm.
It all because of the rumours of treasure lying in this dungeon which I heard from fellow adventurers and guild.
The rumour is about the ‘treasure rooms’ which were hidden before the strong earthquake from some days ago broke down the walls hiding them. In reality, many have already been discovered.
I had some reasons for getting money so I urgently came here prepared, before anyone other discover them.
And even I felt uneasy doing so alone, so searched for a similar adventurer who seemed free, but looks like I failed in selecting the right person.
Even though I didn’t had time to search thoroughly, but why this guy……!
He didn’t show his true colours right after entering the dungeon. He can’t use magic, but can fight and has repelled many demons by now.
Just when thought, that this dungeon’s level is not so high and will work out one way or other but it came to this.
After moving a little more in dungeon and just the moment we came to a place with low monsters, this guy shows his true colours.
“I was thinking today to go to brothel in the night , but you’re a great thing I found.”
“Leave me you Pervert! To do it here, you sane!?”
“It’s arousing those strong willed eyes and face. I wonder what face you’ll make a little later.”
I tried to push him aside, but he’s a man and to top it off he’s a robust well-trained adventurer. Even I am trained well, but the difference in power is obvious.
In short, this man (don’t fucking care about his name!) put his hands on my clothes.
My clothes are made for moving easily, and due to that it has more exposure of skin than normal clothes. If one things of taking them off they can do so easily.
A high-grade one will be different, but this was the best I could get based on my strength and funds.
While I was looking in amazement, he tore off out garments and armour too now the only that is covering my upper body is under garments.
The cold air inside the cave comes in contact with my skin directly. Without paying attention to that, the lustful eyes of the man in front of me moves towards the lower part of my body which is still covered with armour.
I found out cold sweat running down my cheeks.
My stiff face which was full of confidence soon distorted with fear. That is due to the smile that spread on the man’s face and also due to the bad feeling.
“Sto-Stop it! He-Help me!”
“Hehehe, no one is gonna save you!”
I was also thinking the same within my mind.
This place is at the corner of the path in which even monsters rarely ever come. There’s no way a person who can save me will pass through……

……But, at that moment

“Now obediently Guboahh!!!”



Suddenly the man sitting on top of me flies horizontally and crashes into the wall. It’s as if someone punched him flying away.
Eh, What? What happened just now!?

And then,

From my front, came an hysteric sort of voice.

“Noo!? It’s bad it hit someone!?”

…………Who is that man?


(POV changed to Minato)
It’s bad! I made a mistake!
In the beginning I was exploring the dungeon (?) by walking, but from the time I thought to try some skills, demons possessed me, ah damn it!
It’s a hassle to roam slowly, so I used magic to accelerate.

I gained a lot of pace and searched here and there while running, but know what, it’s kinda fun if you do it.
And this dungeon is not so complicated and is wide and spacious so it wasn’t a problem to run.
And then, that, Er, got elated and ran in full speed.

The basics of traffic rule. Stop at the corners for a moment and after confirming there’s no problem then move forward. If you don’t, in distant future it might turn into something bad.
Well, it’s already too late for that.
I get even more elated and accelerate a bit more than my full speed. I sprinted at the speed of a vehicle and then when I thought ‘ah, crap, a corner’s coming, need to decelerate’……

But, after decelerating a bit, I tried to perform a daredevil’s stunt of making a sharp turn at good speed around corner and this is what happened
Ah, not so good sound
“Noo!? It’s bad it hit someone!?”
And the next moment, I sent someone who was at the blind spot of the corner grandly flying away.
And I have enhanced my body with magic. So I sent him flying with a not so powerful power for me but dangerously powerful power for the other party.
And when I came to my senses a bit later I found that someone (It was shaved beard old man) sunk into the wall just like what I’ve seen in manga only. aaa, what a great pose it is! But I can’t laugh!
No you’re wrong! I never had the intention to kill him!

It’s just that while turning around the corner came a not so nice handsome old man and we clashed. It’s not at all an intentional murder! And this might be a character elimination, so sorry for that.
Calm down. Who  am I even trying to explain this to.
and, just when I thought that.

“E-Erm……Excuse me?”
came a voice. What the hell, there was a witness too!?
I timidly turn back, and there was a single girl.
Her hair is of green colour and, is almost shoulder length long. Somewhere between long than semi-long hair and short than long hair. They are tied near the ends so as to not split easily.
Her face, has slightly sharp eyes, is HELLA pretty. Her face is full of vigor and what’s more she is wearing glasses.
She is fair-skinned and her body is slender, but her hips, breasts, and hands and legs are toned better as if she has trained her body a lot……
……Nh? Breasts?
I then noticed her crouching on the floor half-naked.
The down part is not like that, but the above part is only the under garments left, that if just dislocated a bit you can see a lot of things. [ET: Shangri-La]

And besides her, the clothes and armour are lying. It can be understood that she took them off just now.
Now then, what sort of situation is this?

This is a dark place……
Nice and handsome (?) middle-aged man……
Half-naked beautiful girl……

……’Kay, I got it to somewhat extent.

“Erm, I’m sorry for intruding……”
“Wait there!”

I tried to leave from there as if I saw nothing at all, but suddenly that beautiful girl stopped me. The girl stands up from her posture and bends forward while holding the nape of her neck.
Wait, what!? What the hell is she doing, when I’m showing a good adult’s cooperation and trying to leave them alone!?
“I know you have a lot to say, but you’re getting a wrong idea here!”
“No, no-no no no, I didn’t get anything wrong. I thought that the age difference was a lot but that is all up to the person’s own preference. I have nothing to say at all? But yes, it’s weird to do something like that in places like this……”
“That’s all the thing you’re getting the misunderstanding about! I was attacked! By this man!”
“Yes Assaulted……what?”
Ah, so that’s how it was?

So they didn’t have that sort of relationship, or some sort of agreement?
“So don’t get wrong problem! I don’t know who you are or where you from! But thanks to you I was saved! Thank You!”
I think the way you’re giving me your gratitude is completely abnormal.
Well, if what she is saying is truth, she might be emotionally unstable, I do a nod to her…… by holding hands in front of hips, this is a type of very intimidating ‘thank you’. To be frank   I never got used to saying ‘thank you’ or ‘sorry’ even in the previous life.
That girl looks toward the man who has sunk into the wall about 3 cm  (He is twitching a bit so he is not dead!) with hateful gaze and returns her line of sight to me.
“So are you an adventurer?”
“Eh?  Um, that, how should I say it……”
The girl looks at me with disgusted eyes.

Though she has thanked me, but she is still staying on her guard.
I see, this might be a good decision. She has just gone through a serious situation so it’s natural for her to be vigilant.
But,  what should explain to her?
I am not an adventurer as of yet and was thinking to learn what an ‘adventurer’ is, so ain’t got much information on them.
I came here by flying with the help of a magic circle, no, well it’s the truth but I doubt she will believe it.
It’s hard to make a lie so soon, and even if I say the truth it’s highly likely to be regarded as a lie, no words are coming to my mind to make the girl full of vigilance (Is this girl even an ‘adventurer’?) nod.
Then, she herself speaks up
“……Is it something you can’t say?”
“Not something I can say, or rather, I don’t have anything to say”
“You a nomad or something? You got lost in this dungeon? …… well it’s alright.”

The girl quickly wears the clothes and armour while talking. And then checks the position of the dagger? like think hanging on her waist.
“I want to know something? What are you gonna do from now on?”
“What? Well, it’s getting out of here.”
“I see, then let’s go together”
“Eh, isn’t that alright?”
Now this is unexpected development! Maybe if I stick with this girl, I’ll be able to get out of this dungeon? She still hasn’t taken down her guard, but speaks in a somewhat calm tone.
“Well, though this is the 1st floor, but it’s disheartening to roam around alone. I would love to go with someone else but this pervert is out of question.”
“Is that so? Then Great~, I didn’t know which way should I go”
“Wha!? Wai, You, didn’t even check the route you came from!?”
She is saying as if saying ‘unbelievable’.
“Even if you’re not an adventurer, but making a map when searching through the dungeon is the basic of basics!? If you don’t do it, then you can’t get out! Even if the level is low……”
To hell with making a map, I just came here by warping and even before I told her this off, she entered a lecturing mode.
“God, This is the first time I saw someone as optimistic as you? If you didn’t meet me, how would you have gone back home?”
If you can do it then do that to mom. No actually I will also help in it.

I seriously after so many years, couldn’t get what the hell is she thinking.
Well anyway, I stick with her now. No, I was really sad to roam lonely. I was already thinking about living here till old age without getting out. I am lucky to stick with a person who actually knows the way out here.
After completing her preparations, the girl said ‘come on let’s go’ and I in a panic followed her.
Hey, what? You gonna leave that old man?
“It’s alright. I don’t have any obligation to save him. And his hand is standing up, so he will not die……And I don’t care even if he died (deadly stare)”
Whoa, you say a lot
Well, what was about to occur to her, then her actions are normal.
“What’s your name? You didn’t tell me yet?”
Nh? Ah, Self-Intro is still not done. Due to all this rapid development I completely forgot about it.

Or rather, I’m already at my limit to call her ‘this girl’.
“My name is Minato. Minato Quadrille”
“Hmm……Unusual name it is. I’m Elk. Elk Caucus. Nice to meet you. ”

This was the meeting between me and the bespectacled girl……Elk.


“Hmm, so that’s why you are at this place.”

“Ah, well yeah”

Elk says ‘You did well surviving’ after hearing my false story.

After accompanying with her, I was able to leave the dungeon-like labyrinth (according to her, the name is ‘Labyrinth of Naga’.)

And when I told her ‘Ah I don’t know any cities or places like that near here’, she showed me an amazed expressions as if she had given up on me. I’m really sorry for that.

But, too bad, thanks to the hobbies I had in my previous life, I now like the disgusted eyes looking at me. They’re my favorite.

After watching at me with those eyes for some time, she said ‘It really can’t be helped’ and guided me to the nearest city. Phew, safe!.


Along the way I had something that I wanted to confirm so I stopped Elk who was guiding me to the city.

What it is? It’s the very simple thing known as : Knowing the ‘currency values’.

When I was leaving the house, I stole the money (They are coins) from the vault inside mom’s room. In the letter too it was written ‘You can take as much money as you want’ somewhere, there shouldn’t be any problem. [ET: He didn’t the complete letter for us…so it’s somewhere.]

But, I still don’t know its value.

I had already learned the information about this world from the books inside mom’s study. She had accumulated those books from a lot of eras (She lives long after all) and so I couldn’t get a damn clue about the currency value of the current era.

Maybe here too is the difference between currency like that in japan, like the 1 Yen from pre-war times is of 1000 times more value than that of 1 Yen of the current time.

……And it is obvious that mom has lived a lot of time and must’ve seen currency values changing and……no, let’s not think so much about it.

So, when I took out all the coins and asked Elk ‘Will this much be alright for surviving in a city’, she eyes open wide.

“Eh, What? What happened? “

“‘What happened’ is my line! Why the hell are you showing a large amount of money as if natural!? And that so, in the middle of path!!”

Large amount? Is she talking about this bag full of silver coins?

I don’t the rate, but it maybe large amount, given the precious metal and a bag full of it.

After hearing the explanation which was more like an investigation enquiry.

It seems to be that 1 silver coin is around 10,000 Japanese Yen. What the Fuck. And 1 gold coin is of 100 silver coins and 1 silver coin is of 100 copper coins.

So in short, after adding up the 10 gold coins and 100 silver coins inside my bag, it’s value is above 10 Million Yen!? Awesome!!

This ain’t the sum of amount worthy of ‘it’s alright’ or ‘it’s not less’!? Mom why the hell did you leave this tremendous amount of money!? This much money is not even the half of the what was in the vault.

No, well, she did get her reward from the previous request. Her fortune is around that of the national budget. So this much money is of no concern at all to her.

So, the amount of in this bag is only mere several hundred thousands of yen. It’s like seeing many brown envelopes full of banknotes in front of you. It’s natural for Elk to be startled. Yes

The path starting from the dungeon has fewer people passing but it’s not zero. So it won’t be good if others saw it.

And then,

And then I realize that Elk, who is I think frozen, is thinking about something.

That is okay, but sorry. But if I don’t move you, I won’t be able to reach the city.

And, looking at her closely, she looks pretty dangerous.

“Eh!? Ah, Wh-What Minato? Ah, Sorry, I was thinking something”

When I poke her shoulders, she gives an overreaction of being startled. Is her heart alright. I’m sorry for that.

“Sorry, Sorry, City, right? Follow me”

And then, Elk starts walking on the path at a fast pace.

……Well, she might have her own reasons, and it’s rude to interfere in other’s problems. So I decided to follow her silently.


After walking for a while, she temporarily left to some place leaving me behind saying ‘I’m going to pluck some flowers’.

Now a little knowledge.

‘I’m going to luck some flowers’ is phrase primarily used by female mountaineers and which means ‘Nature is calling for me’.

By the way, for men it is ‘I’m going to pluck some green peas’. Awfully lame!

……It was after dozens of seconds later, that I realized the strange incident occurring.

7 people, no 8 people, eh. 1 is standing too far away.

I am already surrounded by them. They had dispersed their presence and are already scattered……were they thinking of ambush from before?

But, though they are careful, it doesn’t appear that they have any intention to keep on hiding and wait for the right moment. They surround me and after coming a little closer to me, they show their faces.

There appearance is, well in one word ‘Bandits’. They mostly look the same as the ones during the test given by mom. Their face also looks evil.

So they capture the weak looking adventurers coming and going from/to the ‘Labyrinth of Naga’, eh?

Well, not like I give a shit.

“Ah, you don’t have say anything? I know what you are going to say already”

“Hey, Lil bro, ain’t ya too much calm in this situation”

“Do you know the position you’re in, huuh?”

I do know? To some extent, though

And perhaps they are gonna say any one of these: ‘Take out your money’ ‘Leave everything you have’ or ‘Come with us’.

“Even so, it’s more than what I expected?”

“Yeah, surely. His appearance is good and black hair is rare……Holy God, his eyes are also black. This lad can be sold at high price.”

“He is also equipped with good equipment. Is he from some noble family?”

Aw Geez, so it was the third phrase.

If Elk returns at this time, she might also be targeted by them. It’s good to finish the job before she comes back.

The moment I thought that, I felt a prickling sensation near the nape of my neck.

Immediately after, something fell near my foot, thinking what it might be, I crouch and pick it up just to find a cone shaped……dart.

After realizing that I have got hit by this dart, one of the bandits approaches me nonchalantly while showing a ‘Gehehe’ vulgar smile.

I don’t know what’s the reason for that, but it’s convenient for me.

“1 person at a time”

“Huh? What the fuck you say–GuBooohh!?”

Just as I stand up, I do a backhand chop on the person approaching me and he goes down.

And there was one more person behind him. So I kicked in his stomach.

He flies to the other side of the brushwood and didn’t come back. Yeah, he is definitely unconscious.

Seeing that, the countenance of the six bandits surrounding me changes.

They are spouting some crap like, ‘Why ain’t it working!?’ and ‘It should paralyze him!?’. Anyhow, I can understand that they are in a state of panic.

Well, I know for what reason it is.


I lick the dart which was fired at me but didn’t stick in my skin.

Ah, as expected. The dart was covered with a lot of……paralysis poison.

But, too bad.

Even if this dart did stick in my skin the poison of this level won’t work on me.

And, one person comes near me thinking that now I have licked the poison, it should work. I punch him in the gut and he faints.

By this time, finally the thieves appear to be in a state of severe panic.

It’s too late for them, though.

Just like I said before, I will deal with you guys before Elk returns.

……But she won’t feel good upon seeing corpses lying after she comes back. Let’s keep them alive to run away.

“……Just 5 seconds, huh”

It will be troublesome, but I would’ve let them go if they tried to run away. And as to not accept my grateful offer 5 bandits attack me.

In the end, just like I declared, finished them all in 5 seconds.

I punch the one coming at me from the front like an idiot. 1 person down.

One person attacks at me from behind while swinging his sword. Before he comes near me I kick him in the crotch. 2 people down.

And swing the kick towards the other person coming at me from the side. 3 people down.

1 of the last 2 people, aims at the bottom of my neck with the dart. Does he have no thinking capability.

Ah, this is a good time to show off. So I catch the dart and throw it at him.

It hits in the middle of his forehead. 4 people down.

Really, a dart won’t stick in my skin and even if it sticks a poison of this level won’t work on me even if they stick it 1000 times.

There is a reason for this,

The story is related to the origin of my different type of body enhancement magic.

I developed it during the training period with the cooperation of mom. And it’s cool and awesome name is ‘Elemental Blood’

Mom was shocked beyond limits and screamed ‘Just what the hell are you trying to make!!’ at that time. This can be can said as one of the secret magic from my collection of original magic.

Normal enhancement magic are not complex as it’s only filling up your body parts with magic to increase physical strength or increasing reaction time.

If one has talent in magic, they can use it very soon and easily. A popular type of magic.

But this magic, just enhances physical strength and endurance strength. It cannot change the nature or hardness of body.

In simple words, enhancement magic will reduce the damage from blunt or shock attacks but it won’t protect the body at all if cut by blade or swords.

Naturally, if one trains his body and magic to the utmost limit, it is possible to gain a body that can bear the damage by blade or swords, but skin is skin and it will remain soft.

For the same reason, even if magic increases the physical strength, it can’t repel poison or acid like things.

If one tries to stop them with ‘Enhancement Magic’, they have to control the flow of magic in their body with tremendous concentration for changing the function of their body.

In the history of this world. Many renowned magicians and researchers have tried to research about this magic and failed. And it is said, that the accurate control on magic is impossible by the people of this world.

But I have succeeded in performing it, with the help of the knowledge of human structure from my previous life.

In the first place, the reason the humans can’t control the magic accurately in all the parts of body is because they don’t know the structure or how human body works.

Even if there are people who can enhance like ‘Let’s enhance the arm’ but there is no human who can enhance like ‘Let’s enhance each and every hair that is growing on my arms.’

But even if they don’t know the structure of human body, it’s possible for them to control the magic flow and let it flow equally in the insides of their bodies.

When we use the ……‘blood vessels’ spread throughout our body. The method I used.

We humans let the nourishment flow throughout our body via blood flowing inside the vessels. Due to that, every hair and every cell is getting nourishment.

So I thought ‘Then it’s better to use magic like that’.

I mixed the magic in very small particles (called them as ‘Demon Particles’ during research) inside my blood and am letting magic flow along with blood inside my body.

Those ‘Magic Particles’ are flowing through my entire body and are absorbed by each and every cell just like nourishment. And now all cells are filled with magic.

Thanks to that, my body which has got on the level of controlling magic to the extreme, won’t just end up with the increase in power.

My vision, hearing and smelling and other senses that are difficult to enhance have enhanced.

And body has gotten solid at cellular levels, so a normal knife can’t be stabbed in me.

Most of the poisons and acids also won’t work on me. The me right now can drink 100 times more poison than that of a normal person and still remain fine. Furthermore, it won’t even feel ticklish if I bath with sulfuric acid too.

Of course, if the poison dosage or attack power is above the level I can bear, it will hurt like hell, but the attacks and poison of these bandits,

SFX: Gakin


Won’t give me a single scratch even if I catch them with my hands (of course, bare hands).


“Who is the monster,huh. You’re pretty rude, ain’t ya!?”

I catch the saber and push it towards the forehead of last person with force.

Blood starts flowing from his forehead due to the strong blow from the back of saber. He opens and closes his mouths as if to say something and falls down.

‘Kay, 5 seconds over. I completed it before Elk came back……at that moment,

“M-Minato!? Wh-What is……”

“Ah, welcome back Elk, you were pretty fast?”

Elk looks at me from the shade of a tree.

“Eh, um, is this……”

“Ah, It’s fine completely fine. I’ve already finished it. Well, they’re alive.”

I have already learned how to hold myself back.

After that ‘test’, we had to go far away from home many times (Always flying in air while being held by mom.) and so I have accumulated experiences by doing bandit extermination of those areas.

It was thought that maybe I don’t want to kill another human because I didn’t kill even one person.

Well, I won’t refute to that. It’s all due to the idea ingrained in me from my previous life that if they are going to be judged by law then there is no reason to kill them.

And it also helped me to understand how to hold myself back when fighting.

Anyhow, I had already completed the fights at a level in which I can kill the opponent by that time.

And during those fights to not kill other person, I also tried to properly use my enhanced body properly. I fought against those whose names are on the wanted list and are wanted alive. (The cases of wanting a person dead or alive are more though)

Let it be fist or kick, it’s easy for me to defeat the opponent without killing them now.

When I look at Elk, she is looking down of the bandits with an expression full of fear and anxiety.

……I know it’s a bit late, but this looks more bad than corpses lying down.

In addition, her reactions are just too much, well it’s natural after all, the girl went through a bad experience just a while ago.

And I decided to wait for Elk to calm down and restart our journey to city.



And just before reaching the city ‘Volka’ in which Elk lives,

“By the way, what are you planning to do from now on.”

“Eh, what do you mean?”

“From what I heard before, you don’t seem like an adventurer. So are you going to register at guild or search for some other job……”

Whoa Guild! The Adventurers Headquarters! I was waiting for it!

This is that you know? The manager of the organisation which controls adventurers and offers them quests, right!? This world is AWESOME!!

“Nh? So if I don’t register I won’t become an ‘adventurer’?”

“It’s not like that, but it’s convenient if you do register. It also as an identity card. and will help in getting discounts at shops. Will you register?”

“Eh, Is that Alright! Yay!”

Whoa, Thank you! I have no knowledge about the geography here and neither any common sense, she did save me!

Even I who is delighted like I child know that Elk sighed a lot of times today.

–Right after sighing

“……If it’s like this then it will be very efficient……”

Words like that reach my ears.

……Well, it’s alright for now.


A few minutes after I had kicked the asses of bandits, I arrived at the nearest city ‘Volka’ thanks to Elk guiding me.

In one sentence: It has the cliche market scene that is mostly shown in other novels and manga.

There is no signs of any machinery. All the shops, stalls and buildings that give the feeling of a fantasy world are standing on either sides of the road. Yeah, wonderful feeling.

While I was being deeply moved thinking ‘This really is like a game world……’. My stomach started grumbling, after all I walked quite a distance from inside the labyrinth to here and ended up eating lunch together with Elk.

I am being treated by Elk as thanks for saving her. We bought kebabs that are being sold by the stalls and are walking while eating them.

I arrived at the place i was being guided to.

“Hmm, so this is the Guild……”

“That’s right. Hey, don’t stand there you’ll get in others way. Hurry up and come”

“Ah, yeah, understood”

I replied to Elks words and start following behind her.

Still, this is the Guild, eh……

“It’s huge. It surpassed my expectations”

“Well, this is the ‘headquarters’ for the guilds all over the world. In the first place, this city is larger compared to other cities, so it may be natural.”

In front us is the really huge 3-storey building giving the feeling of a government office. The plot area is not like that of a government office but it is on the level of a national congress building.

So this is the headquarter of the Guilds? Is this by any chance a great city?

But I always had the image of the guild being a small building packed with people (arbitrary imagination) and so it’s a little unexpected for me. [Askurai: like all guild are so big ehh]

It’s more like a building made of wood and giving the feeling of a bar, in the centre of it is a table near which some dangerous looking people are drinking alcohol while laughing like “Gahahahaha” and are searching for some beauties in their surroundings.

“……Then won’t be a bar rather than calling it a guild. And it’s building is really bad.”

“Eh!? You can read my mind!?”

“You started murmuring while thinking about it.”

Elk completely gives up on me while sighing.

But well, I just can’t change this feeling of ‘It’s normal’ that is coming from it. It’s completely different from what I have seen in games or read in manga or LN. It seems like a real municipal office or so.

Ah but there are a lot raw materials of demons scattered here and there? so it gives the feeling of another world. Did someone bring it as some sort of quest?

Well, there’s nothing to worry about it, let’s go to the counter already.

And look what, an onee-san with a business smile welcomed me wearing the uniform of the receptionist that the ones in municipal offices wear.

She has light brown semi-short hair and her age doesn’t seem much different from that of mine or Elk.

The receptionist lady bows her head.

“Welcome to the Adventurer Guild. On what business might you have come here today?”

“Ah, Yes. Erm……I want to register as an adventurer.”

“A new registration, right? Would you also want to register?”

“No, I have already registered so only he needs to register. I am only accompanying him.”

“Understood mam. So then, please fill out this document.”

While saying that she hands me a single paper, the so called document paper. It’s like the registration form.


Hmm, the entry content are……

Name : Minato Quadrille

Age : 16

Race : Human……maybe. I want to think I’m human.

I fill out the form with necessary points.

“Ah, excuse me, I have not registered at any inn. How should fill the field of emergency contact address?”

“In that case you can report it back at a later time when you have taken a room at the inn. We won’t be able to contact you by then, so it will be better if you hurry and finish it.”

“I see. Then this ‘remarks’ is?”

“That is filled about the techniques an individual uses……for example, using magic, using familiars et cetera. It is mandatory.”

Just like that, I keep on filling the blanks.

Let’s leave the techniques at ‘Use Magic, Magical skills at beginner level.’

I do have a lot of different magical skills if you ask about them. But it’s a hassle to explain.

“HmHmm, You can use Magic?”

“Around the level so it can create hindrances.” [ET: Liking beating the opponent to pulp, right?]

Elk speaks as such while seeing my entries.

She is looking with a somewhat investigative stare. Well, it’s not much of a problem so I keep on ignoring it. Even if she looks, I haven’t written any personal information at all.

I do have a lot of magic inside me, but the things I have and can use that are on human level are “Sympathy Power” and beginner ~ intermediate level magic like making a small flame for illuminating a dark space.

But still, I have confidence in fighting using the ‘Enhancement Magic’. Furthermore, it is more simple than using the magic or crap like that.

I keep on writing in the form like that.

Just short information like , ‘I’m a beginner’ or ‘excel at close-combats’ but in details.

Why am I writing in details? According to the lady, it is needed for referencing when there are quests in which the teams or parties are needed to be formed.

Ah, it like that, ‘recruiting magicians’ or ‘recruiting vanguards’.

I submit 2 silver coins, which seems to be the registration fee after finishing the form.

The receptionist lady, looks over the form to check any places which need to be filled.

It seems like I passed, and she places a seal on the form.

And for some reason, she asks for 2 strands of my head hair. I pull them out and hand them over.

She puts one hair along with the form in a small bag. And she places the other hair……on the top of a metal card which she took out of somewhere.

Thereupon, the hair disappears as if sucked inside the card.

And then she puts the bag with my hair and registration form in a device which looks like a sort of scanner. She then slashes the card through the small gap present in its side. [ET: Just think of it like the credit card machine. Or amount register machines in department stores]

By any chance, does it read the personal information?

The card which was slashed shines brightly for some seconds. And she hands me the card,

“This is Minato-sama’s Guild card……it will be used as an identity card. Please confirm it.”

Whoa, I already got an Identity Card.

Name: Minato Quadrille

Age: 16

Rank: F

…………Et Cetera.

And seeing my eyes (that looked like a kid having his favorite toy in his hands), Elk shows an amazed expression.

It can’t be helped I’m a male after all!!

“Well then I will explain some rules of this guild.”

And here comes the time for Lady’s tutorial. Please teach me well.


I got the explanation, in simple words it was something like this.

You’ll be getting additional services according to your status.

You can accept various requests……the so called ‘Quest’ with the help of Guild.

It is not a problem for the Guild, if adventurers choose to complete investigation work instead of taking quests.

However, if one investigates some dungeon in some savage lands, the guild offers them rewards even if it is not a quest.

It is the obligation of an adventurer to show some results from investigation or complete many quests every month. If this obligation is not fulfilled, they will be disqualified as an adventurer and their adventurer status will be revoked.

This part is somewhat puzzling so I will tell you about it later.

And now about ‘Rank’.

Literally, this ‘Rank’ represents the grade of an adventurer. These ‘Ranks’ are a total of 10 grades. Starting from F at the lowest it goes up by E, D, C, B, A, AA, AAA, S and SS is the top rank. This crap is pretty detailed.

After completing the quests, the Guild evaluates the achievements or ability of the adventurer and then gives a rank. Sometimes quests for judging the rank of adventurers will be available.

Basically even Quests are divided according to ranks. It depends on my level if I can take it or not.

And lastly if by any chance one were to lose their guild card. It costs 5 silver coins for reissuing it. Really expensive!!

There are other rules too, but according to the lady it will be okay to just know these main ones.

I also got a booklet with all the rules. I will read it later.

“Well then, Minato-sama’s registration procedure will end with this……The contact address is blank, can I ask you to report it as soon as you find a lodging?”

“Ah, Yes, Understood. Erm, will it be okay to just report by speaking?”

I thought there will be something like appendix to fill or something like that.

“Yes, if you explain the situation, it will be okay with any staff member……if you would like it, you can either search for me or call out for me.”

Saying that, the lady gives me her business card.

Name is……”Riin Guiche”. I see.

Ah, this name was on the guild card too, saying ‘Person In Charge of Registration Procedure’. So this was lady’s name.

If I call out her name then I will be able to complete the procedure easily.

And like that, my Adventurer Registration is finished without any difficulties.

Yay, Finally I am also an adventurer……while puffing my chest with pride, I bow towards Rin-san and leave the guild.

Well then let’s see.

Right now, it’s afternoon……

Well, I left home, escaped from a dungeon and straight from there came to the guild (not really) and completed the registration. If you were to say it’s natural then yeah it is natural.

Now all that I have to do is searching for a lodging? And a whole day is left, so it ain’t like I have to search it right now……

Other than that……I don’t have any for now.

I even brought my own equipment, so no need to search for any.

Ack, now how will I kill time today……

For me……rather than spending time on eating while walking is a bit……

I’m an adventurer right now, now I can……

Well what I want to say is simple,

“Hey, Minato?”

“Nh? What, Elk?”

“Do you have any plans fixed after this? You look pretty free to me though……”

“No, I don’t have plans. I also have my equipment. So I’m thinking about what to do.”

“Is that so? Then……”

Elk, then speaks.

“If it’s alright with you, though it might be strange……will you come together with me to any dungeon.”

Ah, Godsend.

Plans: Confirmed.


After walking 30 minutes from the city, that dungeon was there.

Ah, Dungeon is the area where an ordinary person won’t come close to due to demons appearing and other dangers.

Not necessarily, only the places like caves or towers are called as dungeons. Places like deep forests or dark swamps which are isolated and are located in danger area are denominated as ‘Dungeons’.

……Are the words Elk said.

Of course, the places like ravines or grasslands are also included. But the places like that which are not like a building or cave are just called ‘Danger Areas’. It suits fairly well, the name that is.

Though, the place Elk decided to go this time, in other words, the place I and Elk first met is the so called “Dungeon” structure-wise.

It’s name is “Labyrinth of Naga”. It seems like a pretty old dungeon.


It is pretty bright thanks to the torches. I and Elk keep on walking through the corridors made of rock.

Of course, it has some sort of strange intense atmosphere. After all it is a dungeon.

Well, we haven’t met any demon till now.

What sort of demons might appear? I’m kinda interested.

Naturally, they will be different from the ones I have always met.

“There won’t be any strong monsters coming out. It’s still 1st floor……and the dungeon itself has pretty low rank.”

“? Dungeon also have their own rank?”

“……You really don’t know anything. Just where did you live and how were you raised?”

I was raised in a western-style house within a forest while defeating demons everyday and living with mom.

……If I say something like that, most probably an answer like “What?” will only come back, for now let’s decieve her.

“Well it wasn’t a good environment……”

From the view of a normal person with common sense it definitely is.

“!! I-I see……Sorry, for asking something strange……”

Elk shows an expression as if saying ‘Oh my!’.

Shit, she took it the wrong way?

And then Elk, starts explaining to me politely

“It isn’t that complex. You do know that monsters and races have their own rank, right?”


“……I’ll continue then.”

Elk this time ignored my unusual silence.

Sorry, for me being unknown to things.

“The Guild decides upon the rank of dungeon based upon the the monsters that appear in that dungeon. The race of monsters and their rank and the resources or treasures one can get from the dungeon……as for historic ruins, the difficulty of traps is also taken into consideration.”

“Guild does? How does it get that information? Do they dispatch some sort of research team?”

“Yes, when new dungeons or danger areas are discovered, the guild puts out a quest for investigating them. Naturally, many voluntarily enter for gaining rewards from investigating and so the information reaches to guild.”

“Ah, I see”

Surely if they pay attention to only the credibility, the investigation will end quickly. Really clever way to do work. [Can’t make much meaningful sentence in English.]

“By the way the rank of this “Labyrinth of Naga”

“It is E”

“Hmm……really low?”

“Yeah. It pretty low-rank for it to be called a dungeon.”

From what I have heard, the ‘Rank’ given to a dungeon or danger area is made after taking into consideration of the average level or rank of monsters that appear and also whether there are any traps or not.

In other words, the monsters that appear in this ‘Labyrinth of Naga’ are mostly near Rank E.

There might be some strong monsters that that but the weaker monsters is more. Both in numbers and types of races.

“If you don’t go deep enough you won’t meet strong monsters. In the first place E and F ranked monsters are like stray monsters living in any place. But inside a labyrinth they have longer bodies and so it is difficult to run sometimes. Taking that into consideration this is E.”

I got it, I completely got it. So this only for beginners.

Well even so, due to the fact that monster’s appear here it is regarded as a danger area from the pov of an ordinary person. I have be on guard always!

Ah, now that I think about it. I have one more thing I’m kinda concerned about.

“Hey Elk, in this labyrinth……there are wall-paintings of snakes made here and there, right?”

I point at a wall painting of a snake……it’s pretty big.

There is a figure of human made besides it……on comparing both, the snake is pretty big.

“Eh? Yeah that’s right. That’s from where the name ‘Naga’ came from?”[ET: I did some search on Google-sensei’s directory. And found out Naga is another name for Snake.]

“This snake in the painting, does it appear in here?”

“No, a guy like that has not been discovered as of yet. The people from the research group of guild think that this snake some sort of god which was worshipped by the people when this labyrinth was being made.”

Hmm, So that’s what it was?

The name also represents him, as if he is the boss of the main monster of this dungeon.

“If that snake was here, then this dungeon wouldn’t be regarded as an beginner’s dungeon……or rather what is boss, that boss word.” [ET: Since the last chapter he while thinking starts murmuring.]

“Ah, Yeah, just some delusional word.”

Elk’s amazed glare falls on me who just showed off the eight-grade syndrome. [ET: In Romaji it is ‘Chuunibyou’ for those who don’t know the word Eight-Grade Syndrome.]

Oh, something came“


From the insides of the corridor, the breathing sounds and footsteps of something came.

Elk hasn’t noticed it yet, though. Something is coming here.

Some seconds later, Elk also noticed the sounds and figures……from inside of the dark corridor came out some demons.

“You have good ears?”

“Ah, Yeah, Thanks. What is that?”

“Can’t you see that it’s a goblin”

They have green and crumpled ugly faces. Greasy Hair. Height is……around 130 cm?

They are wearing clothes made of hair and holding clubs in their hands, Just like the image of a primitive man.

It doesn’t have any horns. It really is the demon which the feeling ‘It indeed is a Goblin!’.

The other side has also noticed us and shouts out in i don’t know whether in high voice or low voice. Are they saying something like ‘Who are those people’.

At the same time, Elk shuts her mouth and takes out the dagger hanging on her waist.

“Don’t lose your guard. Though it is of low level, but there is no change in the fact that this is dangerous.”

“Yeah, that is a given. By the way what is the rank of a goblin.”

“It’s E. A group of armed civilians can hunt them down or so it is said. But don’t rely on these words.”


“Just like goblin, the demons in humanoid forms have more or less intelligence inside their brains and can be difficult to defeat based on the weapons they use. There are also those who use the weapons of dead adventurers.”

Ah, I see. So the degree of difficulty changes due to the weapon and experience.

According to Elk,

For example, the goblins armed with clubs are mostly under the rank ‘E’.

They can reach up to rank’D’ if they according to the weapons they use and other factors too. On the other hand an unarmed goblin is of rank ‘F’.

They have short height and are not agile but they have absurd physical strength.

Furthermore, they attack in crowds, so it’s natural to fight them by forming a team.

Goblins upon seeing Elk taking out her dagger take their combat stances.

But they only increased their shouting……It’s gotten annoying.

“They’re coming……you don’t need weapons?”

“Nh? Ah, you see I……”

Suddenly 1 goblin comes running towards us and that so in a pretty gross way of running.

Elk throws the dagger at once towards the goblin.

It hits the shoulder of goblin beautifully. And he only cries *Gyaagyaaa*. Doesn’t look like they can bear pain. Well, it did hit the shoulder.

However, Elk didn’t overlook the goblin’s wailing while stopping his advance, maybe becuase of experience.

She quickly approaches the goblin while evading the club swung by goblin due to pain and irritation. And she strikes the head of goblin who is full of gaps.

The goblin’s neck is cut, blood starts flowing and the goblin dies down on the spot.

Right after Elk retreated from that place. A magnificent version of ‘Hit and Away’.

“When you don’t have confidence to defeat a goblin, it’s basic to kill it slitting its throat and running away later. Just like how I did.”

“I see……You’re pretty strong yourself.”

“Well I did train myself for that……I can do something like this. But don’t let down your guard. With this the others are angry and will come at us.”

Just like Elk says, the other 2 Goblins start shouting even more. They are obviously angry, Yes.

And now I stand in the way of those goblins.

“Elk,can I take care of the rest 2? It will serve as a little warm up”

“Will you be able to do it alone? ……and I am saying from before, don’t you need a weapon?”

“Yeah, it’s fine. I can fight like this.”

Saying that, I point my clenched fist towards Elk.


Elk stares at me in puzzlement. Then after some seconds she understands my intention.

“…………Bare hand?”

“Bare Hand”

“wai- You serious? It’s a demon, you know?”

“Nh, its fine completely fine……It seems weak when compared to bears and crocodiles.”

“……What you saying?”

“Well, just wait and see”

Actions are much better than words.

I ignored Elk who is bewildered and is looking at me with eyes saying ‘What the heck you saying?’ and face towards the goblin. The moment I face them the two goblins start running towards me.

I take several steps forwards and take a combat position to not let any harm reach Elk.

Well then, the warm-up starts.

The moment I hear Elk’s gulping sound the clubs of the two goblins are swung downward aiming at my head and top of shoulder.

Well, I will be fine getting hit by this level of attack, but I’ve got no obligation to get hit.

I grab both clubs with my hands wearing gauntlets……

SFX : Bekya!!! X2 (CRACK)

……The moment I tried to catch it, both the clubs are smashed into pieces just as they came in contact with my gauntlets. And that so quite elegantly.


Elk who is standing behind is startled, no, even I’m startled.

Clubs really are soft.

Well they look like normal wooden sticks, so it is natural, I guess?

And my gauntlets (I think it was Joker Metal?), recommended by mom have impressive firmness and tenacity.

And the Goblin-sans’ also seem like they are startled, sorry but I’m going to attack now.

I face towards the goblin on my right side and do an uppercut.

Just as his body floats a little in air, I raise my left and drop a high kick on its head.

*Blargh*, The goblin makes a really gross sound. I felt the sensation of bones breaking too. And so the goblin who has its bones broken flies and strikes the wall in front of me.

Of course, he parted from this world before hitting the wall.

The other one is looking at his broken club with a dumbfounded expression. I’m sorry but……

*grab* I grab his neck and raise him up.

And then, *snap*, a sound and feeling of the neck snapping reaches me.

From the sensation, it’s not to the level of bone smashing in pieces but the spinal cord is definitely gone. Most probably he died the moment he felt the sensation of being choked.

I throw his limp body and now Phew, now it’s over.

Time required to deal with two of them: 4 seconds.

When I turn back, I find Elk with her mouth opened. Was my fighting style that weird.

She is holding her dagger, was she thinking of helping me when it’s gets bad? But she didn’t had any chance to come forward.

“It startled me……I never thought you would actually go against a demon empty handed……you’re pretty strong,eh?”

“Nh? Is that so, Thank you.”

The still startled Elk said so while putting down dagger.

“……Did you by any chance defeat those slave dealers empty-handed.”

“Yea, pretty much. Ah, by the way what should we do now? Is there a need to take the raw materials?”

I have learned this from mom.

That ‘Tearing off’ any useful ‘Raw Material’ of demons like horns,fangs or fur is normal for adventurers.

The recovered ‘raw materials’ can be sold to Guild or taken to blacksmiths to convert them into equipments or items. They have a lot of uses just like in games.

And also that travelling and fighting while using them is also a great pleasure for adventurers.

“Well it depends on the other party. In the case of Goblins there is nothing we can tear off. Their bones are sturdier than that of humans but there are other demons with much better quality of bones.”

But, looks like my knowledge is not needed against Goblins.

During the subjugation quests, it’s natural for chipping off the ears of subjugation targets but this time we entered without any such request, so it’s alright to not think about it.

In that case, will this corpse be left as it is? is that alright…………Nh?


“Eh, what?”

“They came again. This time……they’re big.”


Just like before, I noticed footsteps before Elk.

This time there are……6,no, 7,eh?

When I say that, Elk shows an expression of being really terribly startled.

And she frowns while making a meek face.

“? Is that bad?”

“Yeah, 6 are a little too much. Those guys have small bodies and can’t do many maneuvers……then the only thing we should be aware of these guys is ‘Numbers’. It’s better if we run.”

“Ooh, I see, but……”(Elk)

“? What?”(Elk)

“……It seems like they’re coming from the other side too.”


The place I’m standing at, I can perfectly hear the footsteps of goblins coming from both front and rear.

From the front there are footsteps of 7 goblins.

And from the behind are 2 goblins. The ones at back are still at a pretty far distance.

Hmm, by any chance, did they gather here due to the that annoying voices from the goblins from before.

“F-From both sides!?”

I once again ignore Elk who is screaming due to this unexpected situation.

So, what should I do now.

This is a good opportunity to practice my situation assessment power.

The ones coming from back, look like haven’t realized our presence yet.

On the other hand, the 7 coming from before are being vigilant towards us. Maybe they have already sensed us, as I can hear their really annoying voices.

Or rather, it’s only a matter of time before the ones coming from back hear those shitty voices.


I didn’t sense it at first and still can’t hear perfectly, but looks like the guests from the rear are not only goblins. But they all still far.

In that case, the best-solution right now is,

Alright, I’ll go with this.

“Elk, Come here”

“Eh? Wa-, Wha-,Eeeehhh!?”

I don’t have much time so I postpone the explain.

First, I will run towards the front with Elk in my arms. Towards the 7 Goblins who have already sensed us.

It won’t be good were captured between the two parties, and so it’s the best solution to get done with these ones before the rear ones sense us……but there are many of them.

“No, wait—Hyaaaaaa!?”

I put Elk down in a safe place and attack at them alone.

From the way Elk fights……she can fight but it doesn’t seem like she’s good in melee attacks. And her fight against goblin too was a hit and away version.

Then, it’s better I fight here, right?

From the fight before, I now know it somewhat. Against them……goblins I won’t have a problem.

Let it be 7 of them or 70 of them.

Before, I didn’t destroy their bodies because I was afraid if their raw materials were needed……but now that I know that it’s not needed and I don’t have time, I’ll kill them by breaking each of their bones. Ah but I won’t break their bodies.


(POV changes to Elk)

Above expectations.

This is the impression I am getting while watching this man.

From what I am seeing in front of me, it can’t be explained with the help of knowledge or common sense. This man is showing very impressive movements which he didn’t show before.

Attacking 7 goblins is reckless unless one is going for a surprise attack or has a lot of fighting experience.

Because even though they are of low-level. The ‘numbers’ become an advantage for them.

I or rather every beginner adventurer will choose the place with few demons and force their way through and in the end escape.

And fighting demons without any weapon is in the first place really wrong.

However, Minato really easily broke that ‘Common Sense’ of mine.

The demons naturally have sturdier bones and firm muscles. That’s why they have more stamina and defensive power.

It’s not easy to deal fatal wounds to demons who have sturdier bodies than that of humans with some third-rate swords or spears. Though Goblins are small in height but they too are not an exception from that common sense.

One needs to aim at their vital points and put their weight to deal any damage.

But he, Minato who is swinging his fists is,

crushing the limbs of those goblins with sturdier bones with just a fist and that so very easily.

Simply put. He is dodging and hitting them. Just that work.

Minato’s movements are very polished which even a noob in fighting can understand.

He dodges the clubs with very little movement and drives the fist into them.

And his attack is faster than Goblins attack and is lethal too. It won’t be wrong to call it as a lethal counter-attack.

And the situation ends up with Goblins not even getting time for reacting to those fast movements.

The only attack he intentionally dodged was the first attack, he really is scary.

He is killing the goblins with just one punch. It fits the words ’Down in a Single blow’

Even now, his fists wearing black gauntlets hit a goblin.

Compared to just one second before, it’s face is obviously dented, his neck is also a little extended (The bones of face are smashed and the bones of neck are dislocated) and right now is flying horizontally.

With just those simple movements, just how much power he is putting inside his fists.

And immediately after, 2 goblins attack at him from behind, but as if he already knew about them, does a roundhouse kick without even looking at them.

The moment the clubs are aligned side by side with both goblins heads.

Minato pulverizes both the clubs and heads of the two goblins. Both of them hit at the wall of the labyrinth. Now just one more left.

His movements are very enchanting. Having said that, they are accompanied with power.

For example……they are just like the movements an actor demonstrates on stage when acting as a Saviour of Justice.

Before I knew it, all the 7 goblins are annihilated within 10 seconds……right now the last goblin is falling down having his face crushed by to Minato’s kick.

And right after that,

Minato picks up 2 clubs and……throws them to the place I am standing. And the clubs fly past me.

Due to those actions, I immediately look back.

The 2 goblins Minato sensed before……stumble down after getting hit by the clubs thrown by Minato.

……How did I neglect my rear! Pathetic!

By the time I set up my dagger and was about to jump, Minato reached the place I was standing at.

In the end, I and Minato took each one……one of the two had his throat cut and the other had his skull broken to pieces.

9 armed goblins and attack from both front and rear.

In this situation any beginner will have no choice but to escape, but Minato who is sighing besides me overturned that situation.

“I-It was a little dangerous……Thank you Minato. You really saved me.”

“You’re welcome. But it’s still too early to relax.”


A little later,

A……single demon appeared from the same direction the 2 goblins appeared from.

It has eight legs and a shell covering it’s body.

And also has strong-looking fangs which can easily tear off any animal into pieces.

“I did think the rustling sound was noisy so it is a spider,huh? So things like these also appear here.”

Minato takes his combat stance without any signs of being confused.

……Nh? Just now what did he say? “I did think the rustling sound was noisy”?

“Elk, does it come under those you can tear of the raw materials from or not?”

“Eh? Yeah, the fangs can be taken. Not that, you could actually hear the footsteps of a ‘Spider’?”

‘Spider’ is about average even within the monsters of rank E, but no one can hear it’s footsteps.

It walks so silently that even in a place where sound reverberates it’s footsteps can’t be heard. It’s pretty dangerous as it does surprise attacks. And it also has poison.

“Well my ears and eyes are better than most of the people. And my nose too.”

“H-Hmm, I see……”

From the way he is speaking, looks like he heard it a lot before.

Now that I think about it, Minato ran towards the place with more goblins first rather than going towards the place with just 2 goblins.

It’s common sense to go towards the place with few demons unless one has projectiles.

……Well, it looks like it won’t make much difference to this guy.

Maybe he attacked the place with more goblins because he sensed the spider at that time already?

From his way of talk, it looks like though he did sense it, but he couldn’t understand that it is the ‘Spider’ demon.

So that means that he went to the place with more goblins rather than going to the place with few goblins and one unknown presence besides them.

If that is the case, just how good are your ears, Minato?

While I am feeling amazed.

“If we can get the fangs, is punching the stomach good? I don’t want it to puke after getting punched……”

Minato leapt towards the spider by kicking of the ground. He appeared right above the spider in one second and slapped it.

The spider after getting slapped at the back, starts gushing out bodily fluids from the crevices of it’s shell and falls down on the spot.

Looks like the impact reached till inside and destroyed it’s body from inside. The impact actually pierced through the shell of spider which can snap most of the weapons.

I can’t help but be astonished, seeing a skill like that.

What if he took care of goblins in one blow because he didn’t want his clothes to get dirty. Maybe he can bring out more power to even break their whole bodies into pieces.

Right now, I once again realize.

That I may have met with a really terrifying person……who can surpass my expectations.

And I,

(If he stays with me……the maybe……!)

I felt a bit of hope secretly spreading inside my heart even before entering the dungeon.

Huh? Just wait a bit.

From what I know, ‘Spider’ only appears on second floor and upwards why was it on the first floor? Did it get lost?

“Erm, Elk? How shall I take these fangs.”

“Eh? Well you can use knife and like that……Ah, don’t touch it with hands? It has poison on it.”

“Ah, I see? Well, I think it will alright……”

“Just what will be alright!?”

……Well its okay. All is well if it ends well.


Some time after the attack from Goblins (from both sides). We both decided to continue investigating the ‘Labyrinth’.

After that, we met various types of monsters en route.

But they all were different from the ones in the forest or it’s surrounding areas. Just what I expect from a Dungeon.

For example,

‘Wolf’. It was just like it’s name says.

‘Lizard’. This one is a big skink lizard. It’s over-all length is about 1-2 metre.

‘Rabbit. This one is a wild rabbit about the size of dog. By the way it is edible.

For some reason, these all are demons which don’t give the monster like feeling. If you ignore their largeness and body color then they can be found on earth too.

Doesn’t something like……erm, dragon appear here?

When I asked that to Elk, I was punched and yelled at ‘You got a death wish? Idiot’

No but everyone wants to see it once right? Fighting it is……you know.

Anyhow, after defeating those guys, we completed the established practice of ‘Tearing Off’ in this world which is the same in hunting games too.

The fangs or fur for Wolf, skin for Lizard and like that the useful parts are teared off and then sold within the city.

……or so Elk was saying.

And after we both grabbed some resources (I can call it that,right?), we both left the dungeon.

It was already Evening outside. Well, ain’t that fine?


After that,

When I asked Elk ‘Isn’t there any good inn?’ she replied that the inn she is staying at is good. Her inn is the ideal inn with ‘Safety’, ‘Cheapness’ and ‘Tasty Food’.

And so, it ended up me heading there.

I thought if it is fine to let one unknown man live in the same inn in which she is living. But then I recalled the incident of the morning.

Even so, when I asked about it indirectly,

“It will be good until you try to do something?”

Fast Reply.

There are also girls like this who are frank or act manly.

Or else, am I being trusted? or am I being underestimated……

Rather, the talk just went too smoothly!

I if object her words, won’t I be thought as a man who can self-constrain himself?

That……yep, it will definitely be hard to live on afterwards.

No well it’s a complete truth that I can’t sef-constrain myself, but I want to avoid letting a girl I’ve just met know about that fact.

And the inn has favorable terms so I really don’t want her to reject me living there.

And so, I accepted her and let her guide me.

The inn Elk is living in is called ‘Bermuda’.

……I thought ‘What if I went in there and can’t ever come back out’ for a moment……anyhow, putting off the first impression I got from the name,

I enter the inn thinking that it would be good if it’s a comfortable place.

“Welcome! To Bermuda where ‘Once you enter you can’t leave out!’”

We are welcomed by an excessively energetic girl.

Her age is maybe 2 years lower than mine? She has brown pony tail hair reaching her shoulders. Her face is childish and is fair-skinned. More than anything her smile is really bright for my eyes!

I ignore the welcoming lines which actually are the same as what I thought before entering.

“By the way, I’m Tanya, the self-proclaimed poster girl of this inn! Welcome Customers♪”

Self-proclaimed hell with it. But she really is girl full of spirit, to the extent that it will irritate most of the people.

I don’t hate it, though

“Ah, Yes Thank you. Er, is there any room vacant? I want to live here for some time.”

“Yes, with pleasure~!”

Is this a bar or what.

When I glance at my side, Elk is face palming with a worn-out expression.

“The only flaw of this inn……”

I see, so this girl is always full of spirit.

From what I heard, looks like Tanya-chan who is also the daughter of the owner of this inn helps from being a poster girl to being a waitress in the dining hall.

She is good-looking and has cheerful personality, so she is popular among the customers, but looks like Elk is not good with noisy places.

“Ah? Isn’t it Elk-san. Eh, What, you brining a man here, is spring finally going to come for you?”

“It’s not that, you don’t need to pry to any further.”

“Aw, boring. I thought I will be getting the chance to choose the name of the future child.”

“Just how many steps forward are you thinking about, idiot! Stop speaking ridiculous jokes in front the person himself! I’m sorry Minato, you don’t need to pay attention to this girl at all!”

“Hmm, so he is called Minato? Is it beginning of a love story?”

“I’m telling you it’s fricking different! ……Minato let’s change this inn, ‘kay? I know other good inns too!”

“Aww, don’t say something so lonely, Onee-sama♪”

“Who is the Onee-sama you creep! Geez, it’s good that you are popular right now, but if you keep on serving them with this attitude soon enough they will disappear?”

“It fine, It’s fine. I only serve and tease Elk-san to this extent.”

“What the !!”

Elk, your character is changing.

I’m curious that why Elk became like this, but for now let’s ignore it.

But well, if she is always being teased like this, it’s natural for her get fed up.

“Incidentally, which is your room, Elk?”

“My room is in the inner part on the second floor.”

“Is that so, I see. Then Tanya-chan if you can do it then I want my room to be……—”

“Understood~, You want your room next to Elk-san’s room,right?”

“—On the first floor.”

Well, I want to have the floor different at least. It’s not like I would do something if it is the same floor.

Tanya-chan made a face saying ‘Tsk’ but she does her work ‘honestly’ because she quickly brought out necessary documents.

“Fill the name and number of days you want to stay here. The rest we will write. A-And if possible write the type of girl you prefer here.”

I take back what I just said.

And from what I hear, there are not many rooms vacant on the first floor……the ones that are vacant are big sized rooms and medium-sized rooms.

The medium-sized rooms are about the size of a normal room in a Japanese-lodging. 50 copper coins for 1 night.

The big sized rooms are almost the size of a room in a high-class hotel. 1 silver coin for 1 night.

Well from the currency values I heard from Elk, I have a lot of money with me. I’ll go with the medium-sized room, it isn’t like I desire a high-class room.

In truth they also have small rooms around the size of ‘small rooms’ in a business hotel. It’s price if also pretty reasonable, 30 coppers for 1 night, by the way Elk is also living in this type of room.

But unfortunately, these rooms on both floors are full and only the other types of rooms are left. Can’t be helped.

Incidentally, there is a common bath. The people living in small rooms have to give extra fees but the people living in big-sized and medium-sized rooms don’t have to.

I pay the price for a medium-sized room on the first floor for 1 week. In total it is 3 silver coins and 50 copper coins.

I take the key for the room and when I glance at my behind, Elk was getting red due to the jokes by Tanya-chan. It seems like she will throw her anger towards me if I say anything, so ignore for now.

Elk spoke ‘Good grief……!’. Thank you for your hard work.


A little later, Elk asked me to come to her room saying ‘I have to talk about something’. So, I lock the room which I just now took and head towards her room.

Though I lock it, it’s not like there is anything valuable inside the room.

Anyhow, every adventurer including me and Elk moves here and there with their personal belongings……or perhaps I should say, equipments. And those equipments mostly are of good quality.

So, there are most people who don’t leave their equipments in the inn and keep on wearing it to prevent theft.

And above all I have gotten the ‘Hyperspace Backpack’ from mom. And if I have this I don’t have to worry about my living space.

It has limits, but still it has the capacity as that of a large storage room.

And should I say as expected? because Elk doesn’t has much belonging inside her room. The only things there are things needed for daily life and things needed for adventurer work.

It somehow feels just too low things……well, it can’t be helped even if I think about it.

Elk puts away the bag filled with the raw materials brought from the labyrinth and gives me an eye signal saying ‘Sit’. I accept her offer. I sit on a chair while Elk sits on her bed.

“Minato, the raw materials we brought is it alright to sell them at the guild tomorrow?”

“Eh? Ah, Yeah it alright. Is it something you can sell just by bringing it over there?”

“More or less. Though it takes time for investigating the origin of the raw materials, but these are of low-level so it will be over in some minutes. And, erm……”


“Erm, the distribution of profits from selling it……”

Yeah, the money comes after selling the raw materials.

Well it will be good with 50-50, it is the basic,right?

Elk was also saying that, but right now her words seem evasive.

And keeps on murmuring to herself.

“……No, it will be good if I speak it out straightforwardly.”

? What does that mean?

Elk takes a deep breath while I’m trying to find the meaning of her words and—

“You see, Minato. I have some troubles going on and so I need money. And that’s why……can you increase my share even if a little bit?”

–sincerely requests.

Ah, I see, this really is something that is hard to say.

“Yeah, it’s fine with me.”

“That’s right, you won’t increase……EH!? i-Is that fine!?”

For what reason are you freaking out?

I thought she will happily accept my words, but what came back was an expression full of surprise.

“N-No, but can you that easily……”

“After all, Elk has taught me many things and you see, I don’t have any need for money right now.”

“B-But is it fine? You were the one who killed most demons?”

That much is nothing for me.

Surely, I did kill the most of the demons, but rather, I requested her to let me fight them.

After all, all the monsters(The animal types were more though) we met were full of spirit and came at us in large crowds.

And so, I fought against them to my heart’s extent. There is no need to worry about it.

Argh, it was a let down.

I speak to Elk who doesn’t seem like she is digesting my words at all.

“Elk, you can take the whole profit for yourself?”

“No, T-That, I can’t do it!?”

Why? You need money, right?

She doesn’t seem like she will tell me the reason for it, so I won’t ask about it.

Just like I said before, it’s not like I have a need of money right now, so it’s completely fine with me even if Elk takes all the money.

To put it bluntly, I can earn that much every time. Only the prey is needed for it.

“You really gonna give me all that? Aren’t you being too nice?”

“I don’t know if I’m being to nice, well, there is no reason to reject your request. Just think that I’m doing it on a whim.”

“I-I see, Thank You………It’s difficult for me to say…………I already have a feeling of guilt from before (depress)……”

She shows a somewhat depressed face, but a little after shows a happy expression.

Taking all the money does feel awkward.

Anyhow, we talked for a little while and then made our way to eat meal together.

In this dining hall, only the breakfast is free. Well for the guests there are discounts.

And I have a lot of money in my purse, so I ate a lot of food.

When I asked that why the dinner isn’t made in sets, though breakfast is. The reply that came was that adventurers in general like to eat and drink as much as they want in night and so the dinner in sets is not made.

And after eating, I bid farewell to Elk and return to my room.

Well anyhow my first day as an adventurer went smoothly. I lie on the bed which is the first bed I lay down on after leaving the home.

Well then,

For the first time I fought against demons different from the ones in the forest, honestly speaking……

No, let’s leave it.

It’s not good to think about something that will lead to carelessness.

Even Elk said that only ‘weak’ demons appear in that labyrinth. There will be many chances to fight against strong monsters from now on.

Though I don’t know if Elk will be there with me at that time.

Well I can’t do anything by thinking. Let’s sleep.

I turn off the lights.

I’m one of those people who can’t sleep in a complete dark room. And so, I set the candle in the candle-stand.

And when I bring my palm near there.

The candle catches up the fire in an instant.

“……I didn’t even had chance to use ‘this’ today.”

I mutter words to myself.

Today I didn’t use this and only took care of demons with normal ‘Taijutsu’, but……chances will come to use ‘this’ which I used always in the forest.

I want to fight against those guys before my instincts become blunt. It might be imprudent, but I’m itching to use my skills.

I close the curtains and close my eyes.

Ah, by the way, the share distribution ended up with being 8:2 of Elk and mine.

It feels like not much changed.


In late night,

Elk left the ‘Bermuda’ inn and entered the small dark alley behind the inn.

In general, the so-called back alleys are dangerous places for a woman in night. The usual Elk always stays on her guard and doesn’t leave the inn at night-time.

But, today she went inside the back alley.

And the one she is meeting is there.

She entered the back alley and after turning on some corners reaches a place with some light.

The men gathered there all had dangerous and grim expression. They all turn their line of sight towards Elk who just came in.

But, Elk knowing that they will not attack, starts walking while pretending to be calm.

One of the men from that suspicious group of men steps forwards towards Elk.

“You know what to you have to say, Elk?”

“……You guys got problem with the incident in morning?”

“Of course. Just what were you thinking by bringing that monster……though no one is dead but everyone is injured and now can’t move.”

“I can’t do anything about that. ……Even I didn’t knew that he would be so strong……And furthermore, you guys were the ones who made this plan, it would’ve been fine if you used your minds?”

“What did you say bitch……”

“Stop it, nothing good will happen if you argue here……. And I now understand that it’s not only your responsibility this time. But casualties did appear and we all are right now angry. So stop from speaking in a provocative tone. For the sake of both of us.”

Another man comes in and calms down the man who got worked up due to the argument.

He speaks in a soothing tone. He warns everyone and all shut their mouth.

When he sees that both parties have calmed down. He then faces towards Elk.

“So what are you going to do? I will regard this time as bad luck but what about your older problems that are yet to be solved?”

“You gotten friendlier with that man,right? He has some good equipments, snatch a single weapon from him!”

“It’s impossible. At a glance he does seem like someone who isn’t thinking about anything, but he has ridiculous physical strength. If I make a blunder while doing that, I might be killed.”

“That is troublesome. But what are you gonna do, go for some other adventurer?”

“……I reject. I really don’t want to involve unrelated people in this.”

“You say that after doing it, huh, did you go blind by the money he has? I won’t let you say that it’s wrong?”


“……Let’s say you don’t do that. Then how are you going to make money? You won’t make it with proper means, even you should know it, right?”

“……I might be able to make it from those proper means. If I can get him to fight for me……”

“Hmm, I see. In that case, well, good luck. I’m telling you once again that I won’t increase the deadline.”

He steps near Elk and then whispers in her ears.

“You know what happens……if you don’t make it?”

Saying that the man turns back and leaves the place.

The other men follow after him.

There are those who are cursing Elk, some are clicking their tongues and those who don’t have any intention to both are looking at her with lustful eyes,

After they all disappear in the darkness after following the man at front,

Elk clenches her fist very tightly that blood starts flowing from it.

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