Kuro no Maou Chapter 292

Chapter 292 – To my Soul Friend

「Thank you for your hard work. That was a really good fight, Kurono-sama」

Entering the players-only passage after exiting the arena, what awaited me was a young man wearing tailcoat and had a bad countenance.

The man calling himself as the steward of Mordred spoke rapidly before the perplexed me could even speak any questions.

「Here is the sum total of 13 million Klan. Please take it. And here are the――」

From there on, from the『shadow』of the steward came out weapons I seem to have seen, or rather they are the Cursed Weapons I had just fought against.

The 8 Nameless and the jet-black halberd too. The best of them are the two ominous yet beautiful purple eyeballs stuffed in a bottle generally used for potions.

Just when did he recover the weapons, and when did he pick up the demon eyes, wait is it really fine to sink those eyes in potions. Arrgh, I’ve got a mountain of questions right now.

However, before I could say anything, the steward by himself threw the rewards in my shadow――no wait, how can someone else open my『Shadow Gate』!?

「Sorry, but your hands seem to be busy right now」

Well, sure enough I am still holding onto Nell, but I didn’t need this shocking consideration from you.

So this is what is called as interfering with the Dimension Magic. I remember hearing it before, but seeing it upfront truly is frightening.

Well, it’s too late to complain about anything, for the time being I give the blackening dose to the weapons within my shadow. Especially you Saeed, I will give it you strictly, politely, including the resentment for my right arm.

「Well then, let me guide you to the medical room. The people have dispersed already, so have fun with just the two of you」

「*sigh*, well thank you」

His speech makes it seems like he is taking us to the suite room of an hotel rather than just a mere medical room. I will let Nell take some rest, and re-check if there is any abnormalities with my right arm, then just get the hell out of this place.

That was something I had been thinking till before……


The kind voice of Nell resounded right beside my ears, causing my heart to be shocked.

On top of a pure white bed, Nell and me were huddling together――how to say, it is a situation that can definitely create some big bad misunderstandings, but in truth this situation without any indecent feelings.

「You’re still healing, so don’t move, okay?」

That’s right, within this medical room, I had let Nell use the Cure Magic, to cure my resurrected right arm.

But, I doubt there is a problem after all I brought an adult girl like Nell who even has the weight of both wings, in my hands. But still it’s better to be careful than late.

「A, Aaa……」

But, the most startling thing right now is the fact Nell is holding my right arm tightly.

And don’t forget, the『Diabolos Embrace』’s right sleeve is torn arpart, so my bare arm is exposed.

As a bonus, I even took off the『Black Hair Curse「Coffin」』, as it might be a hindrance during the healing.

Although I had a bad time taking it off, at that moment it shouted some suspicious words such as『Master~~ Don’t be deceived~~!』and showed extreme resistance.

Anyhow, my right arm is all bare from the tip of fingers to all the way up.

With nothing to bock the sensations, the soft white hands of Nell that don’t seem to be doing any adventurer work, were stroking my arm all over the place, and, although with a thick cloth in between, the certain mass and warmth of those chests is also pushing down on me.

Moreover, Nell’s head is on my shoulder. That is the reason I can hear her voice right beside my ear.

「Hey, Nell, how about making some distance……」

「No, the healing is still in process」

I can do nothing but shut my mouth after hearing those words.

Naturally I’m embarrassed as hell that I can’t even look directly in the face of Nell.

I appropriately avert my eyes, and without any aim, start concentrating on the inspection of the room. If I don’t do that, my concentration is sure to lean towards that soft something……my gosh, calm down me.

Isn’t it bad that there I only me and Nell in here?

This medical room is unlike that general public knows of, although it has unrefined bricks wall, but starting with the bed I’m on right now, including the medicines and potions are filling up the shelves, so it can be said this is a full-fledged medical room with enough stuff inside.

Inspection Over. Again the time of silence starts to flow as I’m too conscious towards Nell huddling with me.

Recently I’ve been meeting her everyday, and had friendly chats, but at this time I can’t think of any topic to talk about. Gratitude for healing, no that won’t make it, after all I said all that before.

What should I do now, maybe shut myself up, or forcefully strike up a conversation.

For example, err, about the Cursed Weapons I was given before?

No, that’s crap, this atmosphere isn’t soft enough to actually speak something like「How should I use these Demon Eyes」.

The Demon Eyes are called as『Amethyst Gaze』, and right now behaving like a good child thanks to blackening.

But, I can’t help but think of that it would start flaring up the moment blackening is released. I feel like that.

It might be better to sell it off, rather than using it myself without much knowledge about it. It seems to be famous, so even one might fetch me one million Klan.

I only think thinks like that as the silent time flows on. Now I can feel only the warmth of Nell reaching to me from my right hand, and just that breath of hers.


The moment that faint white light emitted from Cure Magic is stopped, I was called out.

「What happened?」

As expected I can’t avert my face if she calls out to me.

Looking at the right bottom, there I found Nell looking at me with passionate wet eyes.

The divine protection’s effect has worn out, so her eyes have returned to sky-blue colour.

Looking at them at such a close distance, makes me feel like I’m being sucked into those perfectly clear blue eyes, they are undoubtedly the demon eyes of bewitching.

「Um, I――」

The moment she was about to speak something, a strong loud knock reverberated within the room.



I was quite shocked by the sudden knock, but Nell gave out an overreaction to that.

Just who is it, or rather, weren’t people already dispersed from here?

「It’s open, please enter」

I don’t have any reason to ward off the person, and maybe it might be the steward from before coming to say「It’s time to leave」to me.

「Excuse me」

A woman wearing black clothes entered saying that.

They were suit-type clothes just like what Saeed was wearing before, and right now those clothes were clearly emphasizing the entrancing bodyline of the girl.

Of course, the parts equipped on the legs, hands and waist area are different, so it is different from what Saeed wore.

「Um, who might you be?」

Nell asked with vigilance at full burst whilst holding my right arm very tightly.

It’s gonna be bad now, no matter if I don’t have much interest in big boobs, but were I to touch them, I can’t help but think about them――no, rather than that, the problem is this woman.

Judging by the equipment, she might be either thief or assassin.

But, her clothes are worn out, even her left hand’s gauntlet is smashed open, as though she had been in a fight just before.

Don’t tell me someone fought after me too, I thought that, but seeing the face of the woman, I seemed to feel that I have seen her somewhere.

Those green hair bundled behind the back of her head, and those clear light blue eyes, exude an air of a beautiful onee-san, yeah, I’ve seen this person before.

「Are you perhaps Seria?」

「Yes, it’s been a while, Kurono-sama」

That figure of her respectfully bowing towards me coincided with that of the escor maid always behind Wilhart.

「Please forgive me to stand in front in this appearance, Princess Nell」

「No, you are I believe……the maid of Prince Wilhart, right? Please don’t mind about it」

As expected of royalty, Wil and Nell both know each other, including the maids and all.

「I’m sorry to intrude during an interesting time for both of you」

「No, we weren’t having an interesting time. So, what happened? Didn’t you go to the Outdoor Manoeuvres Training with Wil――」

「The Outdoor Training was stopped halfway after we were attacked by a Rank 5 Monster」

Eh, two questions overlapped at the same time.

「What do you mean?」

「The details are in here」

Seria took out a single paper from her bosom and handed it to me. That was most familiar paper to an adventurer, in short, it was the Quest paper.


Emergency Quest: Help us

Reward: As much as you want

Time Limit: Right now

Client: Wilhart Tristan Spada

Desciption: Kurono, I think of you as a soul friend of mine, and I beg you, can you please save us.

I will omit the start of the situation, but just explain the current situation.

All the students participating in the Royal Spada Academy are currently in the Isckia Old Castle, with monsters surrounding us, and we are completely isolated and helpless. The rescue of the Order, and even the adventurers might not make it in time.

But, I believe with all my heart that you would come fast to save us. Just like how you saved me when I was being chased by the Wrath-Pun in the Galahad Mountains.

That’s why, I write this request to you. To you, Nightmare Berserker.

Lastly, I want to point this out.

The one leading the large army of monsters is the Rank 5 Monster, Greed Gore.

But, it’s not a normal Greed Gore, judging by the black colour it has, there is a possibility that it is a subspecies. And it is undoubtedly this black Greed Gore that is leading the army of monsters.

During the fight with monsters, it became obvious that it was being controlled by a parasite of lightning attribute, but everything else is unknown.

If you find some student from the Academy being controlled just like the monsters, no, even if it is me, just kill me.

Everyone is already prepared for that.

  1. Simon is also waiting for you arrival with hope, don’t let this cute alchemist cry.


「As you have read. Currently, the Isckia Old Castle is in deep crisis. Prince Wilhart has deployed an emergency quest to you, Kurono-sama, using the royal decree」

On the bottom edge of the paper, I could see a crown with two intersecting swords, just like the crest of Spada, imprinted.

「It is an unofficial quest currently, but will you please take it」

Official or unofficial, to hell with that.

Let it be Irz Village or the Fight in Alsace……why can’t I be present near my comrades when danger approaches in.

No fucking way in hell I will let something like that happen again.  I don’t want to feel that feeling a third time.

Absolutely, I will absolutely save them. This time, I will make it in time.

「Of course, I will head out right now, so please stay alive, Wil, Simon!!」


Kurono finally got a major harvest ever since the start of the novel. 13 million Klan is a big amount of money, but thinking about the finance amount till now, this is only change compared to that.


Well then, 16 Volume ends with this chapter.

Everyone, do you remember about Greed Gore……at the outset of 16 Volume, in Chapter 260, it surely appeared.

So, hope for the next volume now!


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  1. Wonder how this will turn out.

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