Kuro no Maou Chapter 290

Chapter 290 –Angel Descent

The lost siblings in the city were able to return to their parents thanks to Nell’s help.

En route, the children got hungry, but that obstacle was cleared with the handmade food of Princess.

Like that, the search ended happily.

But however, the compensation for the end was too big for Nell.

『Waaah, what should I do, the match’s already started~ Hiiiih~』

Right after parting with the lost siblings with a royal smile, she started running down the streets of Spada while half-crying.

The passerby all saw the Princess running with her wings spread open, and turned towards her.

But, there was no one who called out to her.

Like that, she was given free permission to enter through the door in the protective wall, dividing the Upper Area and Lower Area; after a while of running on the main street she saw the『Grand Coliseum』.

After seeing the destination, even a person with hardcore no-sense of direction skill like Nell wouldn’t get lost.

Finally not having any worries of getting lost, she used a speed boost Wing Magic to run through the main street that was getting desolate in the Upper Area as it had turned night.

Around the time she reached the walls of Coliseum, she could hear the cheering sounds of spectators.

Even Nell was able to guess that people were getting too exited due to the matches, albeit being estranged from sword battles.

No, Nell, having the Telepathy Ability, might be able to instinctively guess the emotions filled in the cheering voices.

But, the thing that surprised her wasn’t the arousal of the spectators, but the name「Kurono」that she heard among various miscellaneous sounds.

「No way, Kurono-kun is already fighting!?」

Nell finally panicked.

She had a faith hope that Kurono’s match would be allotted late in the tournament, but that weak light of hope went off from the「Kurono」Call reverberating from inside the『Grand Coliseum』.

「Please wa~it! Kurono-kuuun!!」

However, a healer’s work is after the match, so she could appear barely after all the match had already started.

Of course, Nell wasn’t calm enough to think about that.

「Kurono-kun is waiting for me! Let me in fast!!」

The receptionist at the entrance was perplexed at the Princess of neighbouring country shouting words that made no meaning at all, but somehow she was able to sublimit Nell’s participation certificate as a healer, letting her enter the『Grand Coliseum』.

However the path till here was easy, but the complex route in the coliseum was impossible to understand task for Nell.

She felt like she had entered a dungeon with underground ruins, but still she believed in her intuition, the most unreliable thing in her, and kept on running on the path.

Like that the place she reached was a spectator seat at some place.

「Kyaaa~~! Kurono-kun――!」

「Kurono-sama~, fight hard!」

「Don’t lose to that creepy Demon Eye!」

「Ah, the popcorn is gone……」

Apparently this place had more female spectators, sending high-pitched cheers of encouragement to Kurono, who was fighting fiercely in the arena.

Among them was the beautiful guild receptionist Erina, whom she had seen laughing alongside Kurono, just some days ago.

Seeing the girls shouting love-calls to Kurono ardently, gave birth to some emotion coming from the bottom of her stomach, but right now she had no room for think about it.

「Demon Eyes……don’t tell me it’s a Hydra!?」

She didn’t even need to ask for confirmation; the giant message board hung up high in the Coliseum had this written with shining light magic.

「Nightmare Berserker Kurono VS Saeed Maya Hydra」

And the fact that Demon Eyes were the real deal was proven by,

「No! Kurono-kun run away from there!!」

The big man holding black halberd flashed eerie purple light from its eyes. Seeing it Nell was convinced.

She had seen the legend of Hydra, the『Amethyst Gaze』, being used in real battle by a person with real Demon Eyes , who happens to be her party member, Safiel Maya Hydra.

She still remembered that it helped in defeating the wounded Wrath-Pun in the Galahad Mountains.

But, Kurono was about to bathe in that fearful crystallization light because of three Undeads grabbing his body――it couldn’t be thought of anything else, an Orc and Elf with lack of body part and a human woman. He wasn’t able to get away.

It’s no good anymore, the moment that despair covered her body, almost chilling her bones,

「Eat it, Evil Eater!!」

Before she knew it, Kurono had used the sword made with fangs as a shield and blocked the light of Demon Eyes.

Right after, Kurono goes on offensive stance.

Seeing the forceful attacks, even a Rank 5 Adventurer like Nell, having fought against various monsters, could only hold the saliva in mouth and continue to watch.

No, she was infatuated.

Nell didn’t like fights so sword battles was an existence hard to accept, but right now she was feeling arousal, just like the several thousands of people gathered here.

「Lend me the power――『Force Boost』」

Especially, the moment Kurono used the memorable magic he had trained with Nell, she trembled with delight.

He used the magic that she told him in the death battle against a strong enemy such as that Demon Eyes-user of Hydra.

She was able to help him, not just anyone, but her most important friend――the moment she instinctively understood, Nell was happier than she ever had been in her life.

This happiness can’t even be compared to the feeling she felt when she returned the two lost siblings.


The Kurono after activating the『Force Boost』was powerful to a level that’s overwhelming.

Against the Demon Eyes-user who was obviously inhumanly strong, but he still fought head-on, moreover, while using the two cursed swords splendidly.

「Consecutive KuroNagi」

Finally, using a Martial Skill to fast for eyes to perceive, Kurono won the battle.

The left hand blew away, while head fell down.

Even a beginner could tell that the match was decided.

In the first place, the only race that can live even after their head is severed would only be the True Vampires among the vampire race.

But, the fight going on over here is a Cursed Weapon Sword Battle, the opponent was a Cursed Weapon-user, in other words, not a normal ‘human’.

And the Demon Eyes-user called Saeed showed that abnormality when it counted.


The flash of purple gushed out, the output was by far the maximum.

Kurono’s resorted to evasion immediately, but he was a little too late for it to become critical.

「Damn it, now I’ve gone and done it……」

The barrier covering the Coliseum, generally called as Screen, showed the face of Kurono crushing the anguish to death while frowning, right in front of Nell.

And, the cause of the pain, the crystallized right arm was also reflected.

「AH, no……it can’t be……」

After the end of fierce fighting, the Coliseum was reverberating with shouts regarding Kurono’s victory against Saeed.

But, a dark cold darkness called as regret was filling the heart of Nell.

「Kurono-kin’s…….right hand is……」

She should’ve stopped him, after all she knew the threat of Demon Eyes the best.

She should’ve stopped Kurono’s match, no matter if it was reckless, or her selfishness or even the oppression by royalty.

She had the power to do so.

But, now it was already too late, now all that was left was regret and remorse.

「Just because I……didn’t stop him……was late for the match……that Kurono-kun is……」

Yes, in short, the source of it all was in her to not reach here at time.

「Need to heal, I need, to heal……fast, Kurono-kun needs to be healed……」

Nell walked afoot like a sleepwalking patient.

The route to the Arena is to go back the Spectator Gate she had passed before, and move all the way to the other side.

But, she had no intention to use that normal route, no, she hadn’t even thought about in the first place.

「Kurono-kun, I will soon come to you――」

Nell could only see the figure of Kurono enduring the pain of losing a single hand.

That’s why Nell walked straight, choosing the shortest way.


Like that, before some could stop her, she jumped from the spectator stands about ten odd metres up the ground, creating a surprising intrusion by the Princess.




Nell landed on the Arena like an angel, having an expression of anguish on her face.

From the edge of her eyes, some tears are coming out.

Oh Dang it, now’s the second time I made her cry.

「Sorry Nell, I ended up being injured」

I reported the injury caused by my carelessness along with a wry-smile to make it seem like self-deprecation.

「Ah, aaaa……I’m sorry Kurono-kun, I’m sorry, just because I got late――」

「No, I just had a poor endgame」

It’s Nell were talking about, she might be taking responsibility on herself even for this injury caused my carelessness.

But, I can’t speak out the words good enough to persuade her on that area.

Henceforth, the tears keep on falling from the eyes of Nell……ah, damn it, my hearts seems to be severed into pieces thanks to these feelings of guilt.

And surely, were to I to be tormented by self-hate, she would be sad.

That’s why I act as if I didn’t notice the tears.

「By the way Nell, will my right arm heal?」

In truth, I don’t know how advanced the medical treatment of Spada is in reality.

But, Nell being a Priest might be knowledgeable in that area, that’s what I thought, but,

「Yes, I will surely heal Kurono-kun’s arm」

A reply far above my imagination returned.

Nell spoke with force, she wasn’t crying now like before, but her face looked like that of a veteran surgeon seeing a severely wounded person in front needing emergency surgery.

「Will it really heal?」

「Yes, please rest assured, with my divine protection of『Heaven Calming Imperial Princess: Aria』, I will right now heal that」

Nell raised her up above and a magic circle similar to when Lily uses Dimension Magic appeared.

「I command thee in the name of Nell Julius Elrod――come out『Scale of White Wings』」

She took out a staff from inside it.

That itself was coloured in pure white that seemed to shine, it looked much like a piece of art rather than staff of magic.

The material might be Mithril, no, it’s similar but some different metal.

The tip of the staff was decorated with two wings spread out, as if imitating the wings of Nell.

As expected of a Rank 5 Adventurer, she sure has great equipment.

「Kurono-kun, can you extend your hand?」

I touched with my left hand, and controlled the tentacles covering the right hand, opening the affected part.

Seeing again up close, it sure is bad. The part from elbow to wrist has turned amethyst, and is transparent enough to see the other side.

It might seem like a put a fake prototype hand, but this is the true one so I need to deal with great care.

「It’s fine. A crystallization of this level can easily be recovered from without any side-effects」

「Whoa, seriously! Thank Nell, you saved me there」

「I’m Kurono-kun’s healer after all」

Princess Nell surely is an angel in real world.

However, recovering right would mean, curing it right in the centre of arena, right.

I thought this generally was done in the medical office after exiting from the stage……well seeing that Mordred isn’t coming to deal with me right now would mean that he’s given permission to this, making it a part of show.

The Princess of Avalon came intruding, so the actors are all set, huh. The spectators might also be wondering what she is trying to do.

「Well then, I will start」

Nell held the staff called『Scale of White Wings』in right hand, gently patted my affected part with the left hand, closed her eyes and chanted the name of god that gave her the Divine Protection.

「White Holy Curing」――『Heaven Calming Imperial Princess: Aria』

She opened her eyes and her blue eyes had changed into deep crimson, like the colour of sunset.

The black hair and red eyes are same as Mia Elrod, in that case, Mia-chan’s sister might also had the same hair and eyes.

With just the outer appearance, only her eye colour had changed, but standing right beside Nell, I could feel the difference in the air and magical energy around her.

Were this feeling to go to extremes, it might give out the overwhelming pressure just like those Apostles.

Anyhow, right now Nell is one of the five people having this rare divine protection of『Heaven Calming Imperial Princess Aria』, and is trying to use that power to heal me.

「إلهة يبارك شفاء الضوء الأبيض」

The chant of magic incomprehensible by me, as always, starts.

The magic equation in those might be functioning as magic, or maybe, might be in resonance with the power of divine protection. The『Scale of White Wings』in her hand started to blink lightly.

「أنا أطلق العنان لعنة جميع」

Like that, the chant of over ten seconds finally reached the ending,

「――Providence Dispel」

And showed the power of healing.


In an instant, a bright light was fired from my crystallized arm――damn it, why am I getting all the flashes today!

Thinking that useless thing, I instinctively closed my eyes.


The God is saying「Gimme da popcorn!!」……


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      • for normal human might be,but she is a Real Life Angel,since scientist human (kurono mention it) can grow whole arm as they please for experiment then just turning an arm that just recently became amethyst should not be that hard,well it might be quite taxing but should not need such a huge compensation like life force etc


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