Kuro no Maou Chapter 285

Chapter 285 – Insane Enthusiasm

The moment Kurono took out an giant hatchet gushing with ominous aura from his shadow,

「Oho, wonderful!」

Mordred shouted.

There was no one in this VIP who would nitpick about his voice being too loud or him being too much aroused.

「Hmm, it’s a surprise for me too」

Regin quietly assented while sitting beside the highly-exited Mordred.

He had already given the orders to throw the spare 8 people all in the ring at the same time while pretending it to be an accident.

The first match was overpowering, or rather, it was too fast to even know what happened, and it became obvious that Kurono isn’t some rookie. At the very least, that ability doesn’t fit in with the standards of Rank 3 Adventurer.

But those predictions were easily upturned, in a good way though.

Just by holding a big hatchet that was clad in red and black aura.

「Fuhahahaha, Kurono, so that little boy can do this much!」

「So Kurono-san was such a big master」

The words with similar nuances came out at the same time and the two raised up question marks.

「Is he your acquaintance?」

「Same question to you, Chairman Mordred」

Well whatever, Mordred set aside the topic as he said that, and entered the main topic.

「That hatchet, what do you think about it?」

He himself is a Cursed Weapon collector and even has an eye for appraising them.

But he is only a collector fan, no, as he is Weapon Dealer so it can be said to be his main job too, however, the person whose true main job is that was present besides him.

There was no way he wouldn’t ask for his opinions.

「That colour and lustre won’t come out with just letting it suck blood. It must’ve cut family, friends, lover and others intimate people」

Mordred heard his explanation and his laughter only seemed to increase.

That deeper the sin in the weapon the deeper the power of curse would strengthen, and, even the power residing in it increases.

「Fuh, in that case, it isn’t enough to just clash him against some Nameless 8 people」

「Yeah, right. After all the Black Magician is fighting without magic.」

Just how many people in this『Grand Coliseum』might remember the title of『Black Magician』that was told in Kurono’s introduction.

He controlled the hatchet emitting hatred and grudge enough to just possess any person even standing near it, and showed elegant yet heroic swordsmanship and Martial Skills, and was killing opponents one after another, this all different greatly from the general image of a magician.

The only worth calling magic would be the tentacles that brought down the Gargoyle from the sky, but as a person sees it they can interpret that as a Wire or Chain used by the dark instruments that Assassin Class uses. With that much it is not possible to give him the title of ‘magician’.

「But seriously, what a way to rampage. Now that’s how a Cursed Weapon-user should be like」

「I see, so『Nightmare Berserker』might not be an over-exaggeration」

Regin remembered what Simon told to him about his ‘Onii-san’ and his new friend ‘Prince’.

「Oh, is he calling himself that」

「Yeah, he is apparently also famous in the Royal Academy」

He remembered about that talk vaguely, but it sure was like this, so he consented.

「Hmm, a Berserker eh, truly interesting! I wanna see, I wanna see more of this insane fight!!」

That was Mordred’s wish, and probably also the wish of all people stuffed inside this Grand Coliseum.

The best proof for that is the cheering and applause for him now that he has finished off the last guy remaining, the Orc.

The shouts of admiration, in some seconds, changed to the sprechchor of his name『Kurono』, as that was the only information the visitors had on him.

He was being treated like the star of a sword battle.

But, he had won overpowering the 8 insane opponents. The spectators wanted more stimulation, now just from seeing much more slaughter.

In addition, he didn’t just use his swordsmanship, but the Orc was killed by the longsword he had taken before, how great acting.

He had showed his back to the Orc for just showing off this, thinking that the people were truly moved by his mindset of giving free fanservice to them.

At the same time, because he was able to do that means that he had that much of composure.

「Fuahaha, I feel sorry for Miss Chris, but I’m gonna use it here――」

The Gladiator (actor) playing in this wonderful sword battle (show), had still not shown a lot of that ability and had kept it hidden.

The stimulation of the spectators is already giving them climaxes. Choosing the truly bad option of not responding to the customers need for an rematch (encore) is something that no Trader would do. (TN: Climaxes, geez just how aroused can you get from watching fights mate)

Henceforth, Mordred ordered. To release the strongest ‘curse’ in tonight’s『Curse Carnival』.

「――Get out the『Demon Eyes』of Hydra」




The sword flew like a bullet from my Shadow Gate and brilliantly struck the face of Orc.

The blade that had turned from metal to black colour thanks to blackening entered the mouth as the Orc was shouting.

The uneven teeth that seemed like fangs were shaved off along with the gums, the tongue was rend in two, and within a flash the whole mouth was filled with the taste of blood.

No, even before the palate was able to sent signal to brain for processing the taste, the brain was already dead and the sensation itself might have disappeared.

At any rate, the sword launched diagonally upwards towards the face of Orc perfectly stirred up its brain tissues, pierced and broke apart the cranium, and was protruding from the crown of head.

No matter how much that battle axe wants to break apart my head, but without any will that could stimulated from that bloodlust, that wish can never be fulfilled.

The body without its brain can only stop moving.

The Orc fell backwards in the same stance of holding battle axe above his head.

At the same time I pulled back the sword.

I’m controlling the sword with Sword Arts, so other spectators it might seem like the sword got out of the body of its own will.

And, finishing its work it also made its way out, in other words, again back into the shadow.

The same goes for me, now that I have finished my fights.

This time surely I thought of picking up the weapons and just leave out of here, at that moment,




Seeming as thought the Coliseum exploded, shouts too loud to be considered on that level reverberated.


It’s easy to see that spectators are happy from their insane enthusiastic atmosphere.

Completely different from my first match, the reaction is a polar opposite.

Don’t tell me that they took my Sword Arts control as some magic trick.

Naturally I wasn’t fighting to be a crowd-pleaser, and I wasn’t even paying attention to the reaction of spectators.

Even I have nerves of human that tense up in front of large crowds of people, if I was to give a speech right here, I’m pretty sure to stammer on the very first word.

But, the bad taste of this competition was too cringing that the sense of nervousness was pushed back.

But then, if I am giving this sort of unexpected reaction it’s only natural for me to be perplexed.

Or rather is it fine for me to go back like this? The Kurono Calls are reverberating around the whole place like this「KuRoNo!」「KuRoNo!」

Please, someone tell me what’s going on.

「It was a great fight, Adventurer Kurono」

Now then, did my prayers reach the heaven, no, the only god I can think for fulfilling my promises is Mia-chan.

And that child doesn’t have such a deep heavy voice.

「You’re the Chairman Mordred, if I’m not wrong?」

「Indeed, good you’ve remembered me, I’m happy」

「No, it’s obvious looking at you」

The reason I’m able to guess correctly about the owner of voice is because a big image on an Undead is being projected in the Arena.

The size is about that of a dragon of 10 metres. Of course, the real person can’t be this. This is probably a hologram made by making use of Light Magic.

This magic world just surpasses modern sciences in places like this, truly terrifying.

Moreover, he even heard my voice and replied back would mean that he is using either Wind Magic to pick up my voice, or some invisible Familiar is listening to me.

「I first want to apologize for mistaking your true ability. I never thought you were such a big master user」

「Well, duh thanks for that」

I’m a Rank 3 Adventurer, the opponent is a Big Trader, and also the client of this present Quest.

But, I still can’t help but speak without honorific, after all he tried to scam me before.

Hence, now that he is talking out to me, I can feel something shady behind it.

「Uh-huh, I have highly evaluated your ability in this one fight, no, and am also deeply moved by it. The people spectating here also feel the same, no doubt」

I see, so my fighting style was interesting enough to stimulate you all.

I’m not that happy for it, neither my fight money will increase nor the Cursed Weapon will become stronger with this.

「As expected of calling yourself as the『Nightmare Berserker』」

「I ain’t calling myself that! Where the fuck you got this info from!?」

「Hahaha, don’t be modest, I’ve heard your famous in the Academy」

「Eh, seriously?……」

Wtf, that a news to me.

And here I was thinking that only Wil used that embarrassing title……no, better not think about it right now.

「So, what you want to say? You can’t be here to just speak out words of praise」

「Indeed, now the main deal. Well then Kurono, you must’ve not been satisfied with the fight of tonight. So how about going against a Cursed Weapon suitable for fighting against you」

「……What’d you say?」

I can only think of this as another scam for me.

「It’s the highest-grade Cursed Weapon-user in this current tournament. Naturally the fight money will also be the highest of ten million Klan. You took the quest on your choice, right? I can’t think you don’t want to fight」

If I just exclude the danger level, just how enticing is this scheme.

In the first place I want a strong Cursed Weapon myself, if other side is giving me, that’s working as I desired.

And, there’s no reason to deceive me in this current situation.

Deceiving would mean not deploying the Strongest Cursed Weapon-user. I can’t think of that helping with the profits of Mordred at all.

Naturally, not handing over the Cursed Weapon after winning the fight, or not paying the fight money, both will not happen, as I have officially taken on the Quest with the help of Guild, so no meaning in worrying there.

In that case my answer is already decided.

「Good, I’ll take on the challenge」


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  2. 「So Kurono-san was such a big master」
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