Kuro no Maou Chapter 281

Chapter 281 – Lost Child

Nell Julius Elrod departed from Royal Spada Academy with nervousness and determination rivalling with the time she first went for a quest as an Adventurer.

In truth, she didn’t wear her normal blazer-type uniform, but a white Shinto Priest clothes made for combat use, she looked just like what a Priest should look like.

Moreover, she held a lunchbox packed with egg sandwiches that she had gain mastery in, so as to give them all to Kurono if he were to feel hungry after match.

Today she was a perfect healer who would not be embarrassed to go to any Coliseum, or so was a groundless confidence swelling within her.

「Just wait Kurono-kun, I will soon come!」

Whoa, Nell filled herself with spirit, and stepped out of the main entrance.

The『Curse Carnival』starts in the night. Like that she would arrive there while having more than enough surplus time.

Although, Kurono being a contender had reached the venue,『Grand Coliseum』much faster.

Nell was hardcore in the no sense of direction skill, so this method of meeting at a place was not good, still it was that famous『Grand Coliseum』we were talking about. Even she knew the road till there.

After all, one would naturally reach it by just walking straight on the biggest avenue in Spada, there’s nothing like routes. Even tourists coming to Spada for the first time wouldn’t be lost.

But Nell knew about her prided no sense of direction skill, so she thought of walking while being cautious. At least five ago, she sure did thought like that.

(Ufufu, it’s kind of pleasing, to be a Healer for my friend)

As soon as she started moving towards the destination, those sorts of fickle thoughts filled up her mind.

Of course, just like she had given Kurono a special amulet in the noon, she was overly-cautious to not let him face any deathly danger, and she was getting anxious thinking about the worst case scenario.

Though Nell had a modest character, but she had a self-confidence of possessing a very rare divine protection of healing magic.

That『Aria Guard Field』used the young hers divine protection, but still, it was created with the cooperation of more than a dozen of imperial mages and various valuable ingredients. Handmade, or rather it was a perfect custom-made high grade Magic Item.

But then, the finished product is in the condition where it used just one feather of Nell’s wings, so from people not related in its making would not be able to understand how much of items and work was needed to make it.

If appraised correctly, its cost would surely be above ten million Klan.

Nell didn’t inform him about any of that information at the time of gifting it to him because of two feelings, one being of her wanting for Kurono to take her gift without any hesitation, while other being her wanting for Kurono to take an Item created by her feather just for him.

As a result Kurono equipped that『Aria Guard Feather』, hence reducing Nell’s concern greatly, therefore the feeling of happiness from helping a friend was winning against other feelings.

Moreover, the composition of a lovely male Gladiator having a beautiful female as a Healer was a situation that most of the girls on Pandora Continent yearned for.

Even the Princess of Avalon was not an exception to that, after all she too was a maiden having proper sensitivity.

The love-story of a Gladiator and Healer were quite a lot if counting since the Ancient Era, but the ‘latest story’ of it would be the Current Spada King, Leonhard and First Queen.

In the biggest sword battle tournament of Spada opening once every four year,『Battle Olympia』, the young Leonhart participated while hiding his status.

There was a special reward that the King would fulfil to any single wish of the victor, hence Leonhart won through the whole cruel tournament and asked the King, his real father, to allow his marriage with the female Priest who was the Healer in that tournament.

Nell had even heard that dramatic story right from the mouth of the person himself, so it was only natural for her to have even stronger yearning.

(I-If Kurono wanted to marry me then……No, that is n-not Kurono-kun, kyaaaah!)

If he won the competition he would only get the fight money and the Cursed Weapon nothing else, moreover it wasn’t even a tournament so overall victory was nonexistent. Naturally, sorts like King would fulfil any one wish and so on was in not in slightest related.

It was perfect delusion completely unrelated to Kurono’s will, but there was no way to retort for it.

Like that Nell walked on with dangerous steps while unfolding a sweet vanilla delusion with man she was worried about, just like a maiden of her age, but,

「Uwaaann, Onii-chaaaaann!」

「I-Idiot! Don’t cry……」

Abruptly, a small child’s crying voice reached her ears, causing Nell to awaken from her delusions and pay attention to it.

There were two humans of less than ten, one a younger girl and other an older boy, most probably siblings.

The brother was comforting the grumbling little sister, but the brother’s face had an anxiety even above than the fact that her younger sister had started crying.

The pedestrians turned their gazes at them, but seeing no criminal act was going on they kept on passing by without paying much heed to it.

After all their parent’s would be near, everyone would think about it like that.

However, Nell stopped and kept looking but there was no sign of parents coming.

「Are they lost children? ……」

If a small child were to be anxious within the city, anyone would think of it like that.

Can’t ignore it, any good-hearted person would think like that and start helping.

And Nell was kind-hearted to be called the representative of those good-hearted people. At the very least everyone person who knew her, thought like that.

Adding on the relation of elder brother and younger sister directly matched her own.

In childhood she too moved around while holding her brother’s hand.

She had went around many places――In the Avalon Royal Castle that was like a labyrinth from inside, a beautifully maintained garden, the friendly Spada, her holiday villa in Asbel Mountain Range.

And the superior yet rascal brother would always secretly sneak out to play regardless of the place they went out, along with her clumsy, blockhead and cute younger sister.

Her memories with her brother would unceasingly appear if she were to close her eyes and think about it.

No, that wasn’t anything of the past currently. Even now, after coming to study in Spada, her brother would always hold her hand and move around.

The beautiful sibling love, that wasn’t something just for the two of them, if was the similarly existing between the two small siblings in front of her.

No matter what, have to save those two small siblings, not to let them cry from anxiety, want to make today as a page of fun memory within the two.

Nell’s heart emphasized to get on with it without hesitation.

Without doubting that, her body moved and at that time,


「Thank you Nell, help me if something happens」


The figure of her friend saying those words of trust to her appeared in her head.

Her irreplaceable friend, who would fight in a life-and-death battle soon, and would also need her help.

「W-What should I do……Kurono-kun……」

If she helped the lost children, she wouldn’t reach the venue by the time of opening of the『Curse Carnival』.

Although she would have more than enough surplus time were she to walk on straight just like now, however she didn’t have surplus time to be taking a detour.

If she had promised to play, there was no problem to explain the situation later, however, this time it was related to a dangerous sword battle.

If she arrived late as the Healer, if something irreversible occurred……just thinking that her foot about to step forward stopped as though petrified.

「What, should I do……」

Although the dangerous『Curse Carnival』, if it were to be her brother as the contender in place of Kurono, she would definitely help the lost children without hesitation.

She trusted that much of the ability of her brother.

She couldn’t think that something bad could occur just by her being late, after all her brother was superior in everything, studies, physical training, magic and was even gifted with heavenly luck.

Her older brother was too much superior that caused her to feel sense of powerlessness.

Most probably she thought of that not only when thinking of her brother, but every party member in her party『Wing Road』.

The Third Princes of Spada, and her best friend, Charlotte Tristan Spada. Heaven-sent child of sword Kai Est Galbraith. The prodigal Necromancer holding the Demon Eyes, Safiel Maya Hydra.

Those three were superior to everyone, holding talents as though they were loved by the Black Gods of the Pandora Continent.

That was to the extent that it can’t be covered with her possessing the super rare divine protection of『Heaven Calming Imperial Princess: Aria』.

In short, it wouldn’t matter were she to remain or leave『Wing Road』.

The party with a party name with『Wing』coming from her white wings growing from back, had no need for that person herself, what a laughingstock she was.

「But, Kurono-kun is……」

However, Kurono was different.

He wasn’t a perfect human like her brother, to the extent that even she could teach him magic.

Conversely, he pointed out her food was rotten to core without hesitation, and even taught her the proper way to cook.

That relation of filling up the defects in each other was perfectly that of the friendship that Nell had imagined.

Now was it a truly fated meeting, or just that Nell didn’t know but this was the way many friends met at first all around the world.

In either case, Nell wanted to use her power for her friend needing it.

「Waaaan, I haaaaaate iiiiiiit! Papa!!! Mama!!! Where are you!!」

The voice of small little sister rose up and brought Nell back from the centre of tornado of thoughts.

(I’m sorry Kurono-kun, I, just can’t ignore these lost children!)

She was worried about Kurono, no doubt.

But, she couldn’t select the option of leaving alone the small child in front of her.

And finally, Nell started moving.

For just saving the pitiable brother and younger sister.


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