Kuro no Maou Chapter 274

Chapter 274 – The Cooperative Relation between Magic and Cooking

「Bullet Arts――」

I swung the『right arm of Wrath-Pun』and on the tip of its red blade, the black magical energy coiled around like a whirlpool and formed into a bullet, no, cannonball.

The streamlined shaped bullet made from the materialization of hard substance had ‘flames’ filled to the brim from inside.

The detonator was the exploding magic equation, which was the most simple impact sensing type, in short, it would explode on hitting.

「――Grenade Burst」

Like that the cannonball completed was of about 30 cm in size, but still it was shot out at the speed of normal Bullet Arts.

The secret to the speed was the black jet propulsion blowing out from the back of cannonball.

I imitated blast-type magic equation that emits any certain attribute used in Model Magic and implemented a jet-black booster which gave a strong propulsive force to the cannonball.

Thus, the cannonball flew through air while leaving a trail of black smoke and hit the target without missing from the target.

The moment that hard warhead pierced through the red-coloured human-shaped slime’s chest while opening a big hole, the explosive power hidden inside the『Grenade Burst』was released.

In the outdoor manoeuvres grounds in this Royal Spada Academy an explosion sound rang out.

If it was just that much then it this was just a normal phenomenon to occur in the shooting manoeuvres grounds. But the explosion created by me was lot greater than normal.

The big explosion of black flames created by me not only blew away my target but also the targets on both sides.

I mistook the power, eh. Fuh, I’m sorry for being bad with magic.

Students standing on my both sides, probably of Mage Class, stabbed me with gazes that both surprise and anger.

For the time being I thought to apologize,

「Kurono-saaan! It was huge success, right!」

But at that time a high-pitched encouraging voice reached me.

「Yes, it went great due to Nell-san」

I wasn’t doing any lip service, but this『Grenade Burst』was completed all thanks to her cooperation.

「It was truly powerful Kurono-san. I can’t believe you are a Rank 3 adventurer」

Nell-san came running towards me, while shaking those big breasts, and she was being happy upon my success in completing the new magic.

And she directed a beautiful royal smile towards me.

That moment, I immediately understood that the gazes of students near me now only had hostility in them.

Even if they don’t say, I know the reason for it.

Within the past three days, I have been conducting work together with Nell Julius Elrod, the idol of this school, as though she were my personal possession.

Today was 23rd of Platinum Month, three days had already elapsed since the day Nell-san had visited me.

And in the past three days she had been visiting frequently to my place.

First reason was, she was helping me in the research and development of my new magic, while the second reason was to let me teach her cooking food.

In other words, the relation between me and Nell-san was helping each other, a give-and-take relationship.




「So as expected, the people who can cook do need creativity」

「No, a beginner doesn’t need one」

My ability wasn’t enough to call it my speciality.

As a high-schooler I was able to create fried rice and stuff, while as an adventurer I have learned minimum cooking techniques.

「Flame power is the life of food, right!」

「It will only give charcoal, so let’s stop」

But, still I know the basics of cooking, on the level of common sense.

「The cooking needs various subtle seasoning for bringing out the flavour――」

「Don’t do anything excessive and just create it according to recipe」

Well in short, even that sort of me,――

「T-The cooking will be tasty if made with love……」

「Stop the delusions」


――Could teach Nell-san about the fundamentals of cooking while using my own cooking knowledge.

For the time being, I should teach her how to create a sandwich safely――I resolved that, and three days passed,

「Yeah, quite the normal egg sandwich is……finally created, Nell-san!」

「Yes, it’s all thanks to Kurono-san!!」

And finally we reached the completion of a safe sandwich.

In the kitchen of quite big dorm, we both exchanged high give and shared our happiness.

Though it was just three days, it was quite the harsh thorny road to reach here.

From Nell-san’s line, her outlook on cooking had already changed, but the true fear is when she truly cooks.

I had already gotten used to living a life in this another world where magic existed, but guess what, I never thought that I would be using magic to cook.

No, this way of speaking is faulty. No it was only natural to use magic in cooking, like burning with fire, washing with water, oh right, engraving freezing magic equation on boxes, and are used as a replacement for refrigerators.

Then what was the problem? The answer would be to use magic directly on the ingredients.

In other words, it would be something like using『Blackening』on ingredients. Just who would eat something that questionable thing.

But however, Nell-san seriously believed that the food would become tasty upon casting magic on it.

Naturally, the result from that was the birth of the bio-hazard stuffed in between the breads.

No, seriously, even now whenever I remember its taste,

「……It’s just scary」

「Kurono-san, what happened? Are you hungry already?」

Well whatever, it is the talk of past already.

At any rate, like this Nell-san had started to walk the way of cooking properly, now I can only expect her to improve.

「You’re right, then let’s eat it quickly」

I felt like a master seeing the growth of one’s disciple, but I won’t be saying it out loud.

But right now, I would eat this normal yet somewhat unshaped sandwich.




The next day, 24th of Platinum Month.

It has already been four days since I have been eating Nell-san’s handmade food as the breakfast.

From tomorrow, I will teach her something other than just sandwich, after all eating egg sandwiches everyday is not good.

Thinking about the menu of breakfast, then I want soup to be the next……no it will be too fast, if it’s her she might use something ridiculous as the dashi, like bones of skeleton.

In that case, making a salad from dishing out vegetables would be the safe way.

Yeah, great, I’ll go with that, I will teach her to make a vegetable salad along with sandwich. Now that is a light meal and good combination.

While thinking like that, the afternoon classes were over and I head directly back to the dorm.

I attended the class of basic pharmacy, which happens to be a popular class among adventurers, but as I had no friends in the Adventurer Course, so as always I was alone when leaving the class.

However, my name and face had become popular with the incident in the school cafeteria that I could feel various inquisitive gazes piercing me.

There were even reproachful gazes which were one step short to becoming killing intent.

But of course I don’t quibble to them saying「Whad da fuck watching at!!!」, I don’t want to receive anymore stigma and neither do I have the narrow-mindedness and will-power of a hoodlum.

Leaving that aside, henceforth I am walking alone, but as I had plans to meet someone after school, so I didn’t feel lonely.

Of course the person I had plans to meet was Nell-san.

In noon I teach her cooking while after the school she teaches me magic.

My brain doesn’t translate magic words so it was thought impossible for me to learn Model Magic, but thanks to Telepathy, I could understand the meaning and image of those words directly.

Of course it also meant that her way of teaching was better.

Regarding Model Magic Fiona was the most knowledgeable person, no doubt, but because of her talent she didn’t excel at teaching others.

Just who would understand that explanation of only onomatopoeic words?

Lily also could use magic similar to Model Magic, if based on just the results, but because her magic was Extra Magic that the magic equation they different systems of magic used were different.

Extra Magic was a natural ability that particular races had, so it was already impossible to teach it to others.

It’s just like how a man would teach a fish to walk on two legs, the problem was impossible based on structure.

Nell-san wasn’t a human, but she could still use Model Magic. Even so she had her clumsy parts for which she was still learning with great deal of effort.

In short she understood the feelings of a person ‘without talent’ unlike Fiona.

Henceforth, within just three days time my understanding regarding the Model Magic has increased a lot.

However, my body had no colour magical energy, so no matter how I try hard I wouldn’t be able to activate Model Magic in its original form.

If magic could be activated with just Magical Theory then Simon wouldn’t be an alchemist but a Element Master in true meaning.

Well whatever, I don’t have a prodigal brain, so it is impossible for me to understanding all the Magic Theory.

Even now I don’t clearly understand the magic equation of Model Magic, but, even so it helps in the development of my black magic so this is fine as it is.

At the very least I was able to learn my desired『Eternity』just recently, so the signs of magic study from now on are superb.

Well then, what should I ask her to teach me today, I thought that sort of restless and diligent thing, when suddenly,

「Hello, Kurono-san」

A voice called out to me from behind.

If just based on the words, they seemed like that of Nell-san, however I have remembered her voice within the past couple of days. I can’t possibly mishear it.

Long story short, this voice was of some different female.

However, excluding Nell-san, I don’t have a clue of any other female student in this Academy who would call out to me with my name.

Just who would――well, I will understand right after turning behind.

「Ah, Erina-san, hello」

Just as I thought, the answer was given right after turning around.

The person standing there was, the reputed receptionist of Spada Adventurer Guild, Academy District Branch, Erina-san.

「Ufufu, looks like Kurono-san truly is a student in the Academy」

Erina-san while smiling could become a picture that could decorate the cover of a fashion magazine aimed at women.

But then, I don’t know if there is such a magazine present in Spada or not.

At any rate, she wore a white cape, her hair arranged properly, and was wearing casual dress, so her allure was being emitted.

Ah, white cape and that hairstyle, it’s the same one when she was attacked by Joto.

Hmm, as expected, changing the fashion sense it becomes difficult to think of them as same person――no, more than that,

「Yes, the classes were over just before」

This was inside the Academy, however the decisive blow was the fact that I wore the uniform of Academy.

In truth I want to wear the『Diabolos Embrace』all the time, but as expected it will look odd to wear a thick black leather coat in this summertime.

Henceforth I wear normal uniform during school hours.

Well, I did buy this uniform, so I need to use it to death.

「Well then, it’s already after school, right. It’s just perfect, how about we talk Kurono-san?」

Her smile seemed to be filled with three time more emotion than the business smile in guild, or maybe it’s just my imagination.

「It’s fine. But I have to meet up with someone so I can’t talk that long」

「It’s fine」

Therefore, like that I started walking together with Erina-san, but continuing after the Princess of Avalon now this beautiful receptionist……

The gazes of male students passing by us stabbed me hard……


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