Kuro no Maou Chapter 271

Chapter 271 – Hitsugi

「What, you’re still a virgin. It can’t be helped, let me take you to a great shop」

「I-Iz dat true, senpai!?」

「It’s fine, it’s unknown when an adventurer might die, so try to get rid of all regrets」


When I was returning to the dorm, by pure coincidence, I heard that conversation between a senior and a junior.

「Virgin……ridding of all regrets, huh……」

I threw myself on the bed and pondered.

To confess frankly, as a 17 years old male high school student, I sure hold onto normal sexual desires.

It wasn’t like I became incompetent after that hellish remodeling experiment. Just, I don’t know what would’ve happened if the brainwashing was completed.

After escaping the facility, meeting Lily and reaching to this point, that, you know, I haven’t done self-pleasure just because I could bear it with everything happening, just that.

Before I wasn’t much of a rational person, and just like an ordinary high-schooler and was normal to do it every day……well, doing it every day is normal, right?

Anyhow, the reason that sort of me was able to lead an abstinent life till now probably was closely related to the controlling of magical energy within my body.

In truth, it wasn’t rare for people of Mage class to be abstinent. That wasn’t because they had strong will, but just because it was easy to self-control oneself.

Manipulating the magical energy was effective in the self-controlling of instinctive and visceral desire.

Life force, the energy needed to maintain the life, was in fact made from magical energy, so manipulating magical energy could let a certain extent of will influence the visceral desire.

Or rather, Fiona was bad at magical energy control so her appetite……no, that had already entered the realm of hobby and raison d’être, so her gluttony now could not be stopped.

However, the problem right now wasn’t appetite but sexual desire.

It’s definitely not like it had gotten out of my control, if I want to lead an abstinent life like then I will be able to do it without any problems.

But, it wasn’t like I had no intentions of that.

In the first place it was all thanks to living with Lily I had been living a healing lifestyle that was completely unrelated to indecent feelings.

Fiona joined as a member during Alsace War, so I had been in a living environment where I can’t help but me conscious of females’ eyes.

However right now, Lily and Fiona, even Simon weren’t here.

If I want to go then it is possible that I might use that ‘good shop’ the senior was speaking about.

The pleasure quarters of night swirling with lust might be quite big if located in a big city like Spada. Let it be with same race, or different race, there would lines of shops that would respond to the ‘wishes’ of customer.

「No, just no……」

Am I too romantic to think that I want to give my first to a person I love. Or am I just aggravating my virginity.

Anyhow, I am too reluctant to do the act of buying a woman with money, and I haven’t been that horny to get past my reluctance.

And more than anything, the faces of Lily and Fiona rose up in my head and I just can’t seem to think like that.

They’re not even my lovers so I might be being too much conceited, but I do have a conceit that I have built a mutual trust relationship with them, which is obviously slightly above normal friendship.

With the experience I had with them, the feelings I have towards them was something near what one would feel towards their family.

Lily was the little sister, Fiona was……definitely not the elder sister, so yeah probably little sister her too. My elder sister is no one other than Kurono Mana.

Those two have shocked me many times, but well, even my real sister had done that, so it was in acceptable limits.

But still, even if family is near one would still mastu***e, right? In truth I had been doing it and I can declare that there would no male student who wouldn’t do that.

If now, just now I stopped this sort of abstinent life there would no problem.

Thinking like that, unexpectedly my right hand started to ache.

If I want to do it I will remove the gloves, no, maybe it would be better to do it while wearing the gloves? Self-tentacle play?

「Wait, calm down, become rational……」

Carelessly my thoughts had nearly sprinted to a dangerous direction.

If I actually did that my life as a human would be over, no doubt ‘bout that.

Nay, for instance if I did that thing right here, but what if Lily returned just by tomorrow,

「It smells bad. Noooo」

And she said that, my heart would be crushed self-abhorrence. My ‘that’ would definitely be crushed flat and would never be able to get up again.

「Yeah, no way! Leaving that aside, I need to train the『Force Boost』!!」

In the end, for forgetting all the bad thoughts, I tried to endeavour in the cultivation of magic.





I heard that voice within my nearly dozed off consciousness.


「W-Who is it……」

I opened my drowsy eyes with a muddled head, and there was,


A maid.

No matter what with long black hair. Her face’s right half of the face was covered by the bangs, and only the rotund yet long slit eyes on the left could be seen.

She wore a white headdress on the head and her body was wrapped in a simple Victorian maid styled long skirt maid uniform.

She had a somewhat creepy hairstyle but her face was cute as per age, and that small maid about the size of an elementary school student was on top of my stomach while I’m lying down on the bed in my room.

「Might you not know me?」

Yeah, duh, I don’t know you.

I don’t remember hiring a maid ever.

And I also don’t remember asking for an unmarried girl to be delivered to me just because I lost to the loneliness by being alone.

Or rather, isn’t it purely illegal to make this little girl work, right? Yeah no doubts illegal even in this another world.

「giggle, please call me Hitsugi, master」

Hitsugi? Now isn’t that quite the peculiar name young lady?

No, whether it is Hitsugi (coffin) or Kanoke (coffin) I don’t care, what I need to do is investigate just what this little girl maid was.

But before I could speak that out, Hitsugi moved.

「Well then master, Hitsugi will give you the service, so――」

Yo-heave-ho!, saying that Hitsugi retreated her thighs that were already quite below my stomach.

And like that she extended her small white palms towards me crotch, and,

「――Please feel good, okay?」

Showed a bewitching smile unworthy of a child.








My consciousness awoke right at the moment.

There was no difference in sleeping within my room, but before that was a dream, now this was the reality.

But however,

「W-What da hell is this!」

I shouted out right after waking up.

Well that’s only natural, as upon waking up I find my body coiled with numerous black tentacles.

The birthplace of these tentacles, which looked just like『Anchor Hand』that I use habitually, was apparently the cursed gloves『Black Hair Curse「Coffin」』.

Moreover, for some reason my hand was above my crotch and was squirming around restlessly.

In an instant, a bad feeling struck my spine and I understood everything.

Agh, I see, that dream before, the maid girl names Hitsugi was,


Raising a howl of red rage just like Wrath-Pun, I used blackening with all of my power.

I inject black magical energy in large quantity without any mercy that the gloves might even burst from within.

「Hgh, Masterrr~, it’s going to overflow~」

Words like this reverberated in my head, but like I give a shit.

In the blink of an eye the control over tentacles returned to me. Naturally there was no need to keep my still restrained.

Immediately dispel. The numerous tentacles raised a black mist and vanished in air like a mist.

I raised up my now-free-body I face off against the two jet-black gloves on my both hands.

「Looks like I need to discipline your severely」

「No way~ Master~~」

Not only the voice echoed in my brain but also the image of that maid girl Hitsugi-chan crying appeared in my mind.

Apparently she is quite the actor.

「I will train you perfectly so that you can’t do selfish things later. Resolve yourself」


Like that just as I drafted the training plan of the black haired maid, I also swore to protect my abstinent life like this.


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  2. wow… that is one of the most original things I have ever read…
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  3. ‘However, the problem right now wasn’t appetite but sexual desire.’
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  4. Damn, so he really did expand his harem to inanimate objects. First that vampire’s sword and now his own gloves (On the bright side those gloves certainly would have an easier time in ‘servicing’ him 🙂 )

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