Kuro no Maou Chapter 270

Chapter 270 – Force Boost

Two later from then, on 13th of the Platinum Month, the time Lily and Fiona had to go for the journey came.

「Nooooooooooooo, I don’t want to goooooooooo!!」

「Well then Kurono, we will be going off」

「H-hey, Lily is crying hysterically though……」

「We’ll be off」

「……Have a nice journey」

Like that Fiona took Lily in her hands while she was flapping her wings and wriggling and they went away on Fiona’s favourite horse Mari. It looked like a small child being taken mercilessly from their parents by a Slave Dealer.

The heartbreaking voice of Lily when she was going away,「Kuronooooooooooo!!」, was refrained in my head for the whole day.




A day later, 14th of Platinum Month, Simon and Wil departed for outdoor manoeuvres training.

「Fuahahahahaha! We have gotten the new power of this『Bastard Rifle』, now bestow upon me the great military gains just like mythologies. So, we depart, to the land of Isckia!」

「Well then, we will go Onii-san」

I saw the two of them off after some words, thankfully no problem occurred here.

No, including the maid following behind Wil like a shadow, then it would be three people that I saw off.

As expected of royalty, to even had an escort maid in the outdoor trainings.




One more day later, 15th of Platinum Month, I was finally alone.

I was already quite lonely ever since the night of 13th day because Lily was not beside me when I slept, but morning of today, when I was eating breakfast silently in the uninhabited lounge a terrifying sense of isolation assaulted me.

「T-This is truly lonely……」

No matter what I said, it was all monologues to me. There was neither a fairy who would nod cutely, nor there was a witch who would reply answers out of sync. Of course there was neither the alchemist who was the best straight-man.

「……I’ll be off then」

I prepared various things and leaving behind those murmuring words I left from the entrance of dorm.

Even if I had become alone the classes still continued, so I had to appear there.




Today, unexpectedly the classes remained from the morning to evening.

Other than the time I was eating sandwich silently while sitting on the bench alone while basking under sunlight, I was able to brush off my loneliness by concentrating in the classes.

Well then, even though the classes were over, it wasn’t like the work was finished.

Lily and others were giving their all in a place away from here, how can I be the only one taking time easily.

For the time being I tried to search for a way to use the black magical energy flames much more efficiently, after all till now it hadn’t showed any conspicuous power.

Right now I am expecting the most out of these flames, but,

「Force Boost!」

I have been trying to obtain the『Force Boost』, a physical strength increaser support magic, as it uses the fire colour magic, but it hasn’t been going good enough.

The magical energy that would become the base was black magical energy, and I haven’t been using the magic equation of Model Magic, so it was different from『Force Boost』, it was a black magic original support magic for increasing physical strength, however for the time being I’m calling it the same.

「Damn it, why can’t I do it……」

Before going for the subjugation of Greed Gore and these several days after coming back, I’ve been to the unpopular woods right behind the dorm and had been shouting「Force Boost!」, but all ended up being in vain, and I’ve been still continuing that futile training.

While being taught by Fiona,


「Kurono-san it’s more like *boom* and the feeling of flaring up――」


W-While being taught……yeah, well, I got the theory inside my head. I truly ‘believe’ as such.

At any rate, it was clear that there was difference in theory and practical.

In my body the black flames that formed by the attribute change of black magical energy thanks to divine protection, were swirling. But I could only feel my body heat raised and there was sensation as if the physical strength had increased.

Till now Fiona had casted『Force Boost』many times on me during quests, so I clearly remember the sensation of the moment it was activated.

That was why I could tell that I had yet to reach that level.

「Shit, I can’t use Model Magic at all, eh!?」

The biggest reason for I couldn’t use Model Magic was that I didn’t had colour magical energy that manipulated the different attributes.

But, I had become able to manipulate fire due to the divine protection. It was just a fake attribute made by inversion of black magical energy, but theoretically speaking I had no problem in the manifestation of same effects as the magic that used fire.

It wasn’t quite efficient, but I was able to fire a lump of fire that explodes.

Even so, the signs of success couldn’t be seen.

「Maybe I truly don’t have the talent……」

No don’t, I shouldn’t be going to the negative side just because everything is not working as expected. So pathetic.

Calm down, it’s still not the time to be frantic.

From the info taken by Lily from the information broker, apparently the Crusaders haven’t shown any movements that stood out. They might also be preparing steadily as Spada is a powerful country.

No matter what, it is fortunate that I have leeway thinking about time wise. The trials for divine protection were a given, but I also need to do this sort of magic training and whatnot.

I need to start from doing things I can do without hurry. I can’t possibly give up on it.

And above all,

「I can’t be losing to Lily and Fiona! Woooooh!『Force Boost』!!」

I continued like that until the sun sank down, in the end, I didn’t succeed in activating it.




17th of Platinum Month.

Today I only needed to appear in a single class, so I spent most of the day while shouting『Force Boost』.

During lunch break, for a change of pace I went to eat out and sitting on the seat beside me, a couple of human male and werecat female were flirting.

I regretted deeply on the fact that I wasn’t obedient enough to eat meal at dorm alone.

Naturally『Force Boost』didn’t activate.

Other than the feeling of body heat increasing, there was no other change.




18th of Platinum Month.

During the class of Spada’s history, the group beside me was talking secretly, just like how students should do.

Which reminds me, ever since I came to this school, the only friend I had was only Wil, I was made to realize that fact.

The『Force Boost』just kept on increasing in heat and no other change occurred.

This, won’t self-explode, right?


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