Kuro no Maou Chapter 269

Chapter 269 – Two Alone People

「Eh, then I will be staying at the dorm?」

During dinnertime, if the talk contents we four residents of the dorm talked about were to be summarized, it would turn out like that.

「I’m sorry Kurono! I sorry~!!」

「I’m also very sorry Kurono-san」

Little Lily sitting on my legs with a partially crying face and Fiona with her as ever expressionless face, were apologizing to me.

「No, you two want to power-up right, then go ahead do it to your hearts’ content」

Just like how I take on the trials of Mia-chan for gaining divine protection, Lily and Fiona also wanted to something similar to that.

The details of those trials and practice were said to be a secret by the fairy and witch so I don’t know much about it, but I heard that they need to work solo for this.

In other words, Lily and Fiona would leave Spada and go on the journey for training.

「We will return back in one month at the latest」

「Kurono, sorrrryyyyy~!!」

「So just one month? Don’t training and practices take more time than that?」

At the very least my trials don’t end in one month.

Although monsters do appear consecutively, but winning through against monsters like Wrath-Pun consecutively no matter what it is impossible.

「It’s fine, it will be over if collect the important things needed」

「Hmm, something like collecting quests?」

「Yes more or less」


「Lily, I’m not basically angry so you don’t need to keep on apologizing」

Lily has been like this since the time she talked about this, so I tried to soothe her down by patting her head with three times more affection than usual.

「Ugh, Kurono are you not lonely to be alone?」

It’s a foul play to look at me with those upturned moist eyes! If you look at me like that my feeling of seeing you off pleasantly would waver.

「Well, lonely thing sure is lonely, but――」

「Then Lily won’t go」

「It’s not good like that Lily-san. You are getting your priorities backwards」

She was still expressionless, but with still somewhat cold eyes, she lifted Lily rounded up on my legs like a cat.


「You can’t be just getting spoiled by Kurono-san」

Lily wriggles hardly after being captured by Fiona. They looked like an older sister rebuking an disobedient little sister.

Although it might be wrong for the seriously almost crying Lily, but I can’t help but feel happy seeing her figure.

「Kurono-san too, please say something to Lily-san」

「Err, work hard and finish the work then quickly come back Lily!」

「See, Kurono-san is also saying that he doesn’t need useless person who doesn’t become strong at all」

「NoooOo, Kuronooo, don’t throw me awayyyyy!!」

What is that distorted interpretation of words, and Lily don’t take seriously.

「Ugh……Kurono, Lily will work hard! Just wait for me!」

But maybe she got willing to go and declared her heroic resolve on top of Fiona’s knees.

「Yeah, go break a leg!」

I don’t know about details of how she will work hard, but it would be harsh for gaining a new power, no wonder.

There was a constraint of leaving me behind, so I could only encourage them and that irritates me.

「Kuronooo! *sobs*!」

「It’s not good Lily-san, if you return to Kurono-san’s legs then it will be hard to leave then」


Well then, I should leave the fairy and witch playing on the chair.

I changed my vision to the alchemist sitting on the other side of the table and brought up a subject.

「Simon will you participate in the outdoor manoeuvres training?」

「Yeah, I will go ahead and do trial shoots of rifle along with Wil」

The outdoor manoeuvres training was a special class which forms a squad from the students from each Course and the squad goes in some appropriate dungeon for gaining experience.

「Have you decided where you will be going?」

「Yeah, it is Isckia Hills. It is a standard dungeon, same as last year」

Ah! Isn’t that the place I went just the other day.

Such a coincidence, more than thinking that, I understood why Simon said it to be a standard dungeon, as dungeons where large number of people could rampage and were was located near Spada, naturally were less.

「We will be subjugating monsters surrounding our base point, the Isckia Old Castle. But the place where I could fight would be base defence, so if monsters didn’t come the rifle also wouldn’t get any limelight」

An image of Simon standing in the watchtower while glaring through in a perfect sniper style appeared in my eyes.

If Simon was aiming from there, I would never think of participating in the side wanting to siege the castle.

「Which reminds there sure was a castle of sort standing on top of hills, is that the Isckia Old Castle?」

After subjugating the bandits, we went to search for Greed Gore in the Isckia Hills. Naturally, it ended in vain.

「That’s right, that is the one. Long time ago that place was a frontline in wars near the national border」

It was quite big and sturdy. It could be seen from quite a distance, so it meant that it was an important base defence point.

「So dungeons have history behind them」

I was never raised in Spada, so everything was a new story for me.

Even with these casual talks, I am able to increase my knowledge about this another world.

But that wouldn’t come in existence if there are no people to talk with.

「The time limit for the outdoor manoeuvres training is 2 weeks, right?」


That overlaps with the time Lily and Fiona would be disappearing, I’m annoyed.

「Onii-san are you a little bit lonely?」

Thinking back, ever since I’ve met Lily, I’ve always been working together with someone, of course Lily was always with me.

And before I knew it I took it for granted, and now that sort of me is going to be alone. That is,

「Yeah, I will be lonely」

I let out my shameful true feeling to Simon, while smiling wryly.

「Kuronoo, I definitely won’t goooooo!!」

「Lily-san, how many should I tell you that――」

These noisy and happy times will be postponed for the time being, eh.

Now then, will I be able to live alone in this silent dorm and endure that silence? I ended up worrying something that effeminate.




「I’m sorry everyone! Only I will have to remain held at schoollll !!」

The Princess of Avalon was bowing down her head while crying, towards the members of『Wing Road』having gathered in the school cafeteria.


Even the elder brother, Nero gave out an idiotic response to her sudden apology.

Other members also had similar reactions, but only Charlotte was making a decidedly bad expression as though she knew the situation.

「So what do you mean?」

「Um, I meant――」

Nell talking about the situation with a sorrowful countenance seemed like a damsel in distress, but,

「You got failing marks in test and now can’t participate in the outdoor training all because you have to take on the supplementary exams!?」

She had to suffer for her own mistakes completely.

「I’m sorry, umm, the test was over before I knew it……」

「Whaaaaattt……just how much were you blanking out?」

Although Nell had nonchalant air around her always, but her brother obviously knew that she wasn’t idiotic to the extent of submitting a white answer sheet.

That was why he was even more surprised.

「Well isn’t it fine, getting failing scores is a usual thing to happen」

The one declaring quite indifferently was the person ridiculed by Nero as swordsmanship-idiot, Kai Est Galbraith.

It was common knowledge that his scores in written exams were hopeless and he was completely unconcerned about anything other than sword, moreover he had reputation as the heaven-sent child of sword living for the way of sword.

「Don’t take Nell to be like you」

She had her clumsy parts, but because she had a diligent disposition since birth that she was quite the honour student if taking out the subjects not having good affinity with her.

Kai had already given up on the studies while Nell was given her all in studies, as such they naturally couldn’t even be compared.

「If the supplementary exams are decided nothing can be done, right?」

Safiel Maya Hydra spoke in a farsighted manner while her ‘Demon Eyes’ flickered and glowed in a purple colour.

「Well……that’s right」

Nero scratched his black hair as though saying he gave up. Even he could not follow-up for his sister who gave out failing scores while attending the test properly.

「Hgh……I’m sorry……」

And the one who understood the most about that helpless situation was the person herself.

「This time the situation has already gotten out of hands, now the problem we have at hand is outdoor manoeuvres training」

The adventurer party『Wing Road』was composed of five people, Nero, Nell, Charlotte, Kai and Safiel. If even one person was taken out from them it purely meant the destruction of party balance.

「Ugh, I have given trouble just because I have to remain here……」

But, Charlotte rose up the question to them, now that they have become four,

「We four are together in this time, but next time you will have to come also Nell, that time try not to be alone!」

「Ah, I’m also worried about it the most」

「Eeeeh, you were worried about that!?」

Naturally, as if to say that the four except Nell nodded.

「In the first place we four have enough power to make do with solo hunts, but a priest like Nell going alone is, you know」

They weren’t Rank 5 Party for nothing, they weren’t but if Priest, who casts support like Heal and Boost, was to be left alone, it would be a truly anxious thing.

「Um, even if I’m alone, other students will also be together――」

The outdoor manoeuvres training didn’t mobilize all the students.

It was held various times in a year, and the students just had to take part in at least one time.

『Wing Road』had decided to join in the outdoor manoeuvres training this time, whereas the students who couldn’t participate in it due to unavoidable circumstances, like taking supplementary exams, would be turned to the next opportunity. This alone showed how flexible event it was.


「You can’t be trusting other people, sigh, if I bunk off from this time then I will also be turned for the next time――」

Apparently Nero was anxious if this kind little sister wasn’t near him at a place he could see.

Moreover as he had such a pure and beautiful little sister, that he couldn’t help but be overprotective of her as a man and as her brother.

「That is not good Onii-sama! Even if you don’t worry about me, I will something on my own!」

But it was a different thing if the little sister thought gratefully about his brotherly love.

At the very least Nell didn’t find it likeable for her brother to work dishonestly and look after her.

「That’s right, you are being too much overprotective」

「Say hello to the Siscon-man」

「Tch, if you talk out that much even I can’t help but be obedient」

Being opposed by his little sister, Nero couldn’t help but retreat.

But he didn’t forget striking Kai with his fists for calling him as a siscon while getting on with the mood.

「Then Nell you will be alone for the time being, so, you know, err, be careful」

「Yes, Onii-sama too, you shouldn’t be reckless」

Seeing Nell’s reaction he wasn’t sure if she got his warning or not, so for the last spurt he spoke out his warning in details.

「Be careful of men, especially the ones who are creepy and extend tentacles from their bodies」

「Eh, ah, Yes」

But unfortunately the warning didn’t get through that little sister.

Setting that aside, ever since『Wing Road』was formed, this was the first time they would work without complete members.

At the same time, it would be the first time ever since coming to Spada that Nero would be away from Nell for a whole week or two.

If Nell was in the Avalon Royal Palace then he wouldn’t mind to leave her for a week or month.

But, leaving her in a foreign country like Spada, no, more precisely leaving her in this Royal Spada Academy where creepy men were amassed was the reason he was anxious.

Especially, thinking that the eerie man called Kurono was also staying in the dorms of the Academy, his anxiety grew strong.

「Anyhow be careful of men, got it?」

「Ahaha, as expected of a siscon」

At the end, Nero’s anxiety was never eliminated.

And Nell would probably see of Nero going on the outdoor manoeuvres training with her angelic smile, while not knowing what was inside his heart.


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