Kuro no Maou Chapter 266

Chapter 266 – The meeting of 12 o’clock on 11th of Platinum Month (3)

「I’m truly sorry」

Spada’s lady general, Emilia Friedrich Bardiel was, without any regard to her position and social status, apologizing to a single female student.

「No, it’s good that the misunderstanding is now gone」

On the contrary the female student, Fiona, although expressionless, seemed to be relieved when saying those words.

If Emilia truly started a fight, Fiona had no confidence in pinning her down.

The reason she was a general leading the army wasn’t because of her family lineage or her beautiful face, it was because she had enough military prowess to be called as『Valkyrie Storm』, and this was something Fiona heard not too long after coming to Spada, hence showing her fame.

And after meeting personally she understood that those talks weren’t exaggerated.

It was Fiona’s true feelings, without any deceit, that she felt relieved because the situation settled down without shedding blood.

「Even I had said some wrong things. It was only natural for you think from those words that Simon got a bad lover」

She, just in case, explained the situation that they『Element Master』were living here because of chairperson’s judgement, and also,

「Having a man and woman of same species in the same party, you know what that means, right?」

With the help of that single line, she was able to resolve all the misunderstandings about her having a romantic relationship with Simon.

「I don’t want to say excuses, but it was truly because of me losing my temper. I’m sorry. Whenever it comes to my relatives I become a little hot-headed」

「Relative, is it?」

To that expression, Fiona found something weird.

In the first place, the reason Fiona was able to understand the misunderstanding, even with her not being able to know much about human relationships, was only because she understood those feelings.

Changing their places it would be like, some unknown girl started living with Kurono alone.

If Fiona truly was put in that situation, she didn’t have the confidence to not fire『Aur Soleil』.

In that sense, she had praise for Emilia, for having enough self-control that she didn’t started fighting.

Anyhow, she thought that, to Emilia Simon was what Kurono was to Fiona.

In that case,

「It’s not relatives, right. Don’t you mean that become hot headed whenever it comes to just your younger brother, Simon, just him, right? 」

It wasn’t every person with the surname of Bardiel, but only the man with the name Simon, that she was most concerned about.

「……I don’t understand what you mean. I’m just saying that I put the most importance to my family」

「It is a pure lie, right?」

To the harmless and inoffensive reply of Emilia, Fiona declared it as a lie. No she couldn’t help but say that.

After all Fiona, currently, understood other person’s heart to the extent she never had.

She was called as airheaded and a person who can’t read the atmosphere, sure enough, she was like that, but even so she could understand Emilia’s heart.

That was right. She understood the feelings of a woman, who had given her heart to a single man.

「I’m also living in the same place as Simon-san, more or less, so I also hear many stories, for instance, the story about a bothersome elder sister」

「I see……what did he say?」

「That he didn’t want to see ever again」

Emilia’s blue eyes flickered for a second, but Fiona surely saw that.

It wasn’t like Simon clearly said words of rejection, but if the stories Simon told to Kurono about his sister were to be summarized, it would mean that only.

And seeing the current reaction meant that she herself had somewhat guessed that Simon thought like that.

「Simon-san is heartless, right? For him to not notice the feelings of his sister who is wholeheartedly thinking about him」

「It isn’t like that, in truth, Simon……my feelings……」

「If he understood then he wouldn’t have thought of not meeting. Even if he met you, it isn’t like he would open up his heart, but——」

Fiona continued. Every time she spoke, the eyes of Emilia flickered more and more.

「——He has opened his heart to just Kurono-san. I had heard that until he returned back to school, he was living in your mansion. Did Simon-san, at that time, told you about the works of an adventurer named Kurono? If you have heard, you must understand what I mean, right? 」

「……Ah, indeed, Simon did talk a lot about a man called Kurono」

「Did he not show a smiling face when telling you about Kurono-san’s stories. A smiling face, he would never show his sister, I mean you」

Fiona spoke as if she had seen that.

Of course, she hadn’t been observing Emilia’s mansion. However, Fiona could vividly imagine the joyful appearance of Simon while telling the works of Kurono.

Because, after living together in this dorm, there was no way she wouldn’t notice how he talked with Kurono.

「He hates the elder sister who had looked after him for so much time, then why did he get so close to Kurono-san, a man he met recently? Can you understand why? 」

Even without waiting for the reply, Fiona was convinced that Emilia wouldn’t be able to give an answer for this question.

She hadn’t met her for more than an hour. All information about her was based on the complaints by Simon. Why could she understand the heart of someone like that so clearly?

It wasn’t just because she had strong feelings for a single person.

Even more than that, this female called Emilia,

(It’s unbearable for her to not love Simon-san, but, she hadn’t realized those feelings on her own, she doesn’t even try to realize those feelings)

Was exactly like Fiona, before she realized about the fact that she loved Kurono.

「……Why is that?」

Like that, a reply Fiona had expected came out from Emilia’s mouth.

「You don’t know? It is quite simple thing. If you just realize that, I can assure that the way Simon-san talks with you will change」

「Just what is it? Can’t you tell me without putting on airs」

「That is——」


SFX: Raaaaaaaaawwwwwrrrrrrr


A thunderous sound like that of a dragon’s bellow rang out, and it cut out Fiona’s words.

Apparently that sound wasn’t that of a brutal monster, but it came from Fiona’s stomach.

「I’m sorry, I have gotten hungry, so I can’t talk anymore than this」

Seeing Fiona speak those words nonchalantly, even the cool expressionless Emilia couldn’t help but open her eyes wide.

「D-Do you expect me to believe that!?」

「Even if you say that. I got in disabled mode the moment I’m hungry. If I didn’t eat anything as soon as possible, it would be danger to my life」

Emilia only met Fiona for the first time today, so she didn’t if she should accept Fiona’s words as truth or exaggeration.

It wasn’t like she was suffering from a disease or had any sort idiosyncrasy, to put it out frankly even if Emilia left her on her own, at worst it would Fiona feeling sad having an empty stomach, it definitely had no danger to her life.

「Got it, then buy something from the school store——no, at this time nothing would left」

「Oh, you are quite knowledgeable about this」

「I’m a graduate from here. Of course I even know that if you went to School Cafeteria at a time like this, there would no seat left」

The Royal Spada Academy seemed like a military school in the first place, moreover thinking on the family lineage of Emilia, it was natural to think that she must’ve been an Elite Cadet in those times.

「It can’t be helped, I will treat you at a suitable shop, but promise to continue the talk from before」

「Yes, please choose a shop with tasty food」


Emilia smiled wryly.

And it wasn’t hard to imagine that she would keep on smiling bitterly even after entering the restaurant they were both heading towards.


It was in Chapter 244 that Simon was speaking bad things about his Elder Sister. Fiona was also there, albeit she was more concentrated on cleaning the pudding.


22 thoughts on “Kuro no Maou Chapter 266

  1. this Simon… His harem would be bigger than the MC’s if one of them were still alive(RIP)… It’s not a good one though lol… one of them is his sister :-/ … yeah… just no…
    Thank you for the chapter 🙂


  2. Really, the only common ground between Lily and Fiona is only that they both doing their all for Kurono’s sake, and this common ground is something that would be better if it doesn’t exist from their respective point of view.

    Even the people they’re rooting for are different… Lily supporting Sofia, and Fiona supporting Emilia.


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