Kuro no Maou Chapter 259

Chapter 259 – Bandits of Daedalus

Thieves, Bandits, Pirates—- they have many names, but there was a time period during which these『rebels』who attack innocent people and plunder life and money unceasingly appeared.
That was right after wars.
The changing of remnants of lost army change into rebels. That was something which occurs as if natural in both Pandora Continent and Arc Continent.
The time goes back to 7th of Distant Thunder month, in the Goldran Hills where a big war took place.
The army of humans called Crusaders that came from across the sea defeated the Daedalus army lead by the King of Black Dragons.
And the remnants of destroyed Daedalus Army,
「Those annoying demon race, so they finally show their true evil personality」
Now had turned into bandits freely rampaging in the territory of Daedalus now controlled by humans from Syncrea Republic.
「That young man Liuchrome is too half-hearted, the soldiers and people who are demons are demons, because he didn’t get rid of them that its now like this!」
The person whining while breathing heavily was Count Belgunt, the head of Crusaders’ Noble faction and also the man with the responsibility of conquering Spada.
His eyes were green due to the colour magical energy of wind, but right now it might have seemed red due to his anger.
He was in the prime of life, but his tall body didn’t show any signs of aging, rather, he was wearing a light armour covered with gorgeous silver ornaments, it also gave a high magic resistance, hence the armour has fused the beauty and bravery of a noble into one.
On his waist a custom-made personal Mithril Rapier was hanging down, and on his back was a dark green longbow that could make the maximum use of wind attribute.
The reason he was completely armed was not because he wanted to go on demon hunt to seethe his anger, but because he didn’t had any choice other than subjugating the rebelling demons rioting.
This place was Alsace Village——no, now this place was a strong fort called Alsace Stronghold, it would be the frontline base point when attacking Spada, at the same time it would be the defence for protecting the Republic of Daedalus.
It was only the other day when Count Belgunt heard about demons appearing in large numbers in this Alsace Stronghold, where soldiers were being trained and other war preparations were being done under the control of the Count.
The group was mixed with beast people, Orc, Lizardmen, and other races, all wearing black armour. Moreover their movements weren’t of a newbie, but of veterans from wars.
Even normal peasants would understand that those rebels were the remnants of Daedalus Army.
As a bonus recently, not after the fight in Goldran, but after the Platinum Month started, the movements of these former Daedalus soldiers have increased.
There have also been rumours that the remnants of army might be scattered here and there in Deadalus territory and might be planning to recapture the capital city.
Whatever the authenticity might be, it was the truth that bandits were being rampant, this was a grave problem for Crusaders, even more for Belgunt who was to start a war against Spada in the near future.
If internal conflicts arose then they won’t have room to attack other countries, even if it doesn’t come to that, it would still break off the logistical support and danger would increase.
If one looks back on the military history of Arc Continent, they could find numerous same sort of cases.
He wanted to commence the attack by next month, but with bandits rampaging inside he couldn’t start the war even if we
he wanted to, it would be better to first cut the source of anxiety.
Hence he complains about the real commander of Crusaders and also the person responsible for Daedalus’s public order maintenance.
「What about the situation?」
He got out of Alsace Stronghold, straddled over the already prepared dapple-gray coloured horse and asked his subordinate.
「There has been no new information, the rebels are believed to be remaining Kwarl Village」
A soldier wearing steel helmet and surcoat better than normal soldiers replied fluently.
「There was a wall in Kwarl Village, right. Argh, such a tiresome place……」
If he thought on the number of soldiers he owned, then it was easy to take control of the group of bandits.
However he didn’t want to exhaust his soldiers for some useless work, and more than anything else, there had been an abominable precedent on this land of Alsace he was standing on.
「No, that’s why, although being lowly demons, they have intelligence……and there is also the rumour about recapturing the capital city, this might be one link of it」
In any case, he must attack the Kwarl Village and get rid of the bandits as soon as possible.
After finishing the departure preparations Belgunt came in front of his best troops and started thinking over the plan to capture the village protected by a wall.
Even if he departed right now it would be until the day after tomorrow before he reaches Kwarl Village.
In the eyes of Belgunt gazing at the clear sky with sun nearly crossing the meridian, a figure of a person was reflected.
「Hmm, That is……」
Belgunt’s eyes were enhanced by magic to always have sharp sight, hence he was able to notice that person’s existence faster than others.
However the person with sun as the background was flying at quite high speed without any hindrances, so soon enough his subordinates also noticed.
And around the time the soldiers were getting noisy about that person flying towards them, Belgunt’s eyes already confirmed who the person really was,
「7th Apostle……Lord Sariel!?」
A little time later, a young girl straddling on a pure-white Pegasus came down from the sky.
He was a Count and the supreme commander of the soldiers gathered here, but they weren’t able to stop the girl from appearing directly in front of him without any hesitation,
There was room for doubt among who had the higher status among an Apostle who an existence most near to God or a just a Count which controlled humans.
No in truth having this peerless beauty emitting a white aura before their eyes, all the soldiers could only gaze at her dumbfoundedly.
「Sorry for the sudden visit, Count Belgunt」
The 7th Apostle Sariel, calmly landed down on ground from her Pegasus and around the time she said those words, Count Belgunt was already down from his horse and was falling prostrate.
「No, we are sorry for not giving a proper welcome to you Lord Sariel, but currently we were about to depart for getting rid of demon bandits——」
The inspection of Alsace Stronghold was held just recently, so for what reason had she come here suddenly. Belgunt started thinking bad things about her visiting at such a time.
However, as if telling that God doesn’t take notice of a normal person’s problems, Sariel replied in her usual flat voice.
「I have already set free the Kwarl Village」
She took out a bundle fastened on the Pegasus’s saddle and gave it to Belgunt.
This scene might look like a divine one where a beautiful girl gives the gift from God to a noble in splendorous armour, however the bottom part of the white cloth was stained with dark red colour as if violating the divineness of cloth.
「T-This is……」
Belgunt had already guessed what it was because of his instinct, but getting his guess hit the right spot, he unexpectedly let out a voice of surprise.
「The boss of bandits」
He unwrapped it and there was a face of an ogre with an expression of anger and eyes open wide.
Belgunt had experienced lots of wars, but seeing the freshly severed head of the Orc seeming to become an Undead and move on its own, an unpleasant sweat arises.
However he wasn’t surprised to the extent of just staring in trance, Belgunt immediately understood the meaning this held.
In short, 7th Apostle Sariel barged in the Kwarl Village solo, and annihilated them.
Moreover it might have happened this morning.
「I beg your pardon for making Lord Sariel bother with this work」
「It wasn’t difficult」
Sariel replied without wavering her deep crimson eyes.
As she said, Sariel truly might’ve not had any trouble taking on the bandits by herself.
For her cutting the head of a brutal Orc and signing the documents are both the same, in other words, just one more boring work.
Belgunt was also a person the Republic, he had heard the legends of Apostles since childhood, and, after becoming adult, he still hears about their new exploits.
However after seeing a fragment of that overwhelming valour, he felt an indescribable awe along with a sense of emptiness.
「Thank you very much, we also didn’t want to waste our soldiers before invading Spada. I want to thank Lord Sariel for her work——」
「Please don’t worry about it」
There was nothing behind her words, but Sariel truly felt that there was no need for it.
「After all it is my mission to deal with all the spreading bandits in the territory of Daedalus as soon as possible」
Apparently Archbishop Liuchrome seemed to have been making use of Sariel’s power rather than keeping her in one place as a fake commanding general.
The person herself, as the 7th Apostle had been reputed, she was completing the mission quickly.
As if to say he work was done, Sariel turned back and again straddled on the Pegasus.
Like that many thought she would just fly away, but,
「I’m also wishing the Spada Invasion to happen fast, Count Belgent, let the divine protection of God be with you」
Unexpectedly, she gave out words of blessing. Count Belgunt rose up his head that he had bowed for sending her off.
However, by that time, Sariel was nowhere to be seen.
Count Belgunt told his subordinates who were looking towards the horizon just like himself.
「Everyone, did you hear the words before. Lord Sariel is expecting good things from us, so we need work harder for commencing the Spada Invasion as soon as possible!」
A second later, the Alsace Stronghold was filled with cheers as if trying to shatter the whole stronghold.
Although they were also Crusaders, they were soldiers of nobles, compared to the soldiers of Church, their piety was low.
However there was no man in the Republic who won’t cheer up upon getting words of encouragement from a beautiful Apostle of God.
That was the same for Belgunt too who was leading the army for various motives.
Currently, he forgot all of his interests, and cheered up from the bottom of his heart with a strong sense of duty for completing the holy wish of God.
Volume 15 ends with this chapter.
It’s been a while since Sariel’s last turn. Looks like she is doing her work properly.
16th July 2012
The result of Dengeki Bunko was, I didn’t had enough writing prowess and failed in the primary elections. I’m sorry for this sad notification. [1]
Therefore I am thinking of posting this defeated work over ‘Let’s become a novelist’. The title is,
『Nightmare World』[2]
I will post it in several turns starting from today. Though it failed, but I didn’t slack down on it, and it is a work I wrote seriously. If you like it then please read it alongside with Kuro no Maou.
Oh, and the heroine is a Yandere.
Well then, please look forward to it.
1. The books that fail in any of the three elections, basically elimination rounds, are not given the result fast but are again re-read lot of times for any other evaluations and hence the results come 4-5 months later from the day of entry. Novels which pass the top 20 get the result by next month. Just like I got.
2. This novel is already completed is not more than 40-50 chapters, probably. I never read it so don’t know much about it.

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