Kuro no Maou Chapter 255

Chapter 255 – Lily’s Purpose for Bandit Subjugation

「Okay Kurono-san, Take care」
Fiona saw Kurono’s back figure running like a gale, until he eventually left her sight, and then,
「Fuh, I somehow deceived him」
She heaved a sigh of relief while one long straight line of cold sweat traced along her face.
She returned to her usual expressionless face after overcoming the biggest climax of tonight, and she opened the profound double door front entrance located behind her.
*Creak*, the door opened making some creaking sounds. Inside expanded an entrance hall for showing the visitors.
In front was a stairway leading to the second floor, on the left and right of it were two long hallways. This mansion’s structure can be said as an orthodox one.
Fiona entered the hall, she didn’t show any interest towards this western-style mansion, but looked at the figures of a people wriggling in the centre of hall with cold golden eyes.
「Mpphh, Nnnnnhhhhhh~~~~!!」
That sort of groaning voice reached Fiona’s ears.
She didn’t know what the figures said, but what that those people were trying to say was something she easily understood because of the current situation.
They were the bandits with ropes tied around their body and mouth gagged. In their mouths would only be either pleads for life or abusive words.
「I’m done here, what about Kurono?」
Among the frequent groans and panting sounds of bandits, a beautiful sweet voice resounded.
Of course the voice’s owner was Lily, but right now she was in her child form.
However it can be understood from her way of talking that her consciousness was still that of an adult.
「As planned」
In the words of Fiona answering Lily’s question, somewhat conceit was mixed, as if she had completed some work flawlessly.
「You did great there, but thinking it was you I was worried that you might blurt your mouth」
「What are you saying Lily-san, with my clever art of conversation I can easily defeat Kurono-san」
「Didn’t you stutter there?」
Fiona kept silent.
「Well then shall we start our work. We don’t have the time of even a complete night, so it will be problematic if we don’t do it quickly」
「You’re right」
Fiona nodded towards Lily showing a daring smile.
Thus, at that time Lily finally turned to face the bandits lying on the ground.
The colours of fear and anxiety appeared in the faces of men reflected in her rotund emerald green eyes.
All of them already understand that this fairy wasn’t someone just cute.
「Who might be the leader among you people?」
Since they were gagged they weren’t able to answer to her question.
「I see, so you are the one」
Lily immediately stepped up towards a man with shaven head.
「Remove it」
Fiona quickly came up to the man and took out the gag punishment.
It was Fiona who tied up the bandits. Apparently she learnt the skill to tie humans from her Witch Teacher.
Lily gave words of admiration to Fiona as she knew various skills other than magic. Compared to her, Lily had always left alone without commanding others and hence never knew skills like this.
Naturally the conversation was done with various voice of anguish coming from the surrounding and hence it wasn’t a really good scene to see.
Anyhow, having the gag removed, the man perceived to be the leader of bandits received the freedom of his mouth.
「H-how did you know…」
The man asked while still in a grovelling position, but,
「Ufufu, secret」
The answer was refused along with a cheerful smile.
The man knit her brows and made an unpleasant face as if seeing an impossible to understand lunatic.
「Don’t make that sort of scary face, that’s right, let’s start with self-introductions. I’m Lily, and you are?」
Maybe knowing that resisting was futile, the leader of bandits Robert named himself obediently.
Lily was also convinced that it wasn’t a fake name.
For Lily, a head of a normal human without any strong Protect casted on it was something that could be called, completely leaking stuff.
「I see, then Robert, I will ask you some things I want to know about, you will answer it right?」
「T-That is——」
「If you cooperate obediently then I won’t kill you, of course, after this ends, I won’t stop you if you want to escape」
「I will do! I will cooperate! I will do anything but just save me!!」
Robert showed his agreement to Lily’s words. At that time the groans from the surrounding bandits increased.
It must be the voices of resentment against Robert, even if they were dim-witted lowly people like bandits, they knew that they won’t be forgiven as such.
However, Lily wasn’t concerned about their resentful complaints at all, she just showed a satisfied smile upon seeing Robert wanting to cooperate with her.
「Fiona you free him」
Fiona again moved while keeping silence.
Lily’s words didn’t have any hesitation in them, in other words even if this man was freed there would be no danger.
Of course, even if this Robert came attacking at them in the next instant, it would be more fast to shoot fire from her『Custom Fire Ball』. Moreover if he had ability to make a surprise attack then he wouldn’t be right now tied up by this rope.
The difference in both parties’ ability was quite obvious, and it was something Robert also knew. Even after being freed he didn’t show any rebellious behaviour, but showed a relieved expression and stood up.
「First choose two co-operators from among them, it would be better if you choose strong ones」
「Yes, roger!」
Robert replied with energy and started his work promptly.
Probably, the lives of three people including him will be spared, turning this inside out means that any other people have no life.
It won’t change even if they were gently delivered to Spada’s Chivalric Order, or they were to be publicly executed on a guillotine.
The work of selecting their comrades’ lives was indeed sinful, if Kurono was made to do this he would’ve cried and groaned, but apparently Robert didn’t seem to feel anything.
He indifferently kept on selecting men with good physique compared to others.
Lily, while gazing at the scene, suddenly asked to Fiona standing beside her as if she had lot of free time
「Hey Fiona, do you still have that super creepy waking up potion?」
「I do have, but, what will you use it for?」
There’s no way she wanted to enjoy the reactions of bandits drinking it.
「I want to drink it, obviously. It will be quite a long night, hence if I don’t have something strong I won’t be able to retain my consciousness till the end」
Fiona put her hand into her three-cornered hat, took out a single bottle of her handmade waking up potion, and hand it over to Lily.
Fiona already knew what Lily was going to do by this point.
Hence, Fiona gave an advice.
「It is alright to be in high spirits, but try to refrain from killing」
Lily replied with a elegant cheerful smile.
「*chuckle*, leave that up to me」
The first work for the three men including Robert was to move the seven girls from the jail to a guestroom with beds.
Fiona watched over the bandits left in Lobby while Lily monitored the work of carrying the girls.
「Come on, don’t slack on the work, if you don’t want to do it I can still exchange you people for some other three」
「Yes, Sorry Lily-san!」
Naturally, the three never got a chance to escape during work, but just worked with all their effort so as to not displease the mood of this small fairy.
As a result the work ended without any delay. The biggest reason for that was because the seven girls were in deep sleep.
If they don’t have consciousness, then it won’t make difference to be carried by people or furniture.
「Now move them all in the cellar room」
Robert and others promptly executed this command too.
The adventurers currently were just the fairy and the witch. Hence it can’t be said as realistic to carry near twenty bandits to the village, even if they were to wait for the guild or Chivalric Order to come here, it would be more safer to throw them all in the jail.
Robert didn’t think this command as strange too. For increasing his good impression in Lily’s mind, he created a false act to smoothly guide his comrades, no former comrades, to the cellar room.
「Listen, it’s not like you all will be executed immediately upon getting arrested. In that time if I talk it out with Boss, then good scenario you all will be released, bad scenario, we will make our way fighting up to you to save you all. Don’t worry, just believe in me and Boss——」
The pitiable bandits genuinely believed in those sweet words. They just descended the stair leading to the dark cellar room without knowing what new fate was waiting for them there.
Like that they entered the big jail easily, just like sheep chased by a sheepdog.
Fiona again tied them up with ropes, she took off for their movements.
After completing her tiresome work without complaining,
「Then I will nurse the girls above, when you are done ‘with the work here’, please call me」
She said those words and left the cellar room. Just immediately after that it happened.
「Hey there must be something chair or table to tie a human, right? Bring it for me」
That moment Lily said those words as if just asking for a tea, it was natural for bandits, but also Robert who had his life guaranteed, felt a chill run up his spine.
「Y-yeah……but, what will you use that for?」
「You will understand right now, come bring it」
Lily was indeed smiling innocently like a small child, but no one knows if she would still smile if they didn’t do as she asked.
Robert called out the two co-operators while trembling in fear, and they brought out the table for tying from the interior of room.
At a glance that table seemed like a wooden bed present in cheap hotels, but there was thick leather belts attached on the edges.
The people who lay on this bed would get tied up with those tough belts, and won’t be allowed to get up until the belts are removed.
Robert and others knew of this fact. They had used this table for its original purpose of torturing others, and sometimes they even tied up women to have fun.
Upon thinking that something like that would be used on that their fear increased.
「Then choose anyone from among them, lay him down on the table」
As expected, no it was only natural for Lily to ask someone to lay on this table.
「Umm, Lily-san, if you want to ask some information, we will answer anything, so that torture like things is——」
Although Robert had thrown his comrades, but he never wanted to see people he knew being tortured.
He had a conscience, he didn’t want them to suffer and die. Hence, he unintentionally spoke his mind.
「I don’t care if anyone of you three lie down on it?」
However, Lily disregarded his words. Even if she knew from Telepathy that Robert appealed it because of his humane feelings.
「I’m sorry, I will set it up immediately」
Robert obviously can’t make her agree to his opinion while staking his life.
Of course, even if he was a just person who actually laid down on the table without taking his life in consideration, to Lily it would only change the sequence of people lying on the table.
Robert and others have already recognized this shining fairy with beautiful face as a daughter of a peerless cruel devil.
Their fate was already decided around the time they came in jail, no around the time Lily came in front of them.
Of course, even if they knew it from before they still wouldn’t be able to bear the fear coming from the danger approaching them.
The young man lying on the table due to bad luck was resisting by flapping his body parts with all his strength.
His face was covered with tear and snot, since his mouth was gagged he was only able to groan by saying words without meaning like「Ughh—Uggh—」.
However, no matter how pitifully and miserably he resisted, there was no way he could get away from the hands of three men in his current state.
Robert frowned, the other two said「sorry」to him while setting the man on the table.
「It’s done」
「*chuckle*, I appreciate your hard work」
The eyes of Lily saying false words of gratitude were already locked on the man tied on the table.
The man was still trying to resist with all his power, but the table just made some creaking sounds and there were no signs of belts loosening.
Lily was delighted towards this great torture table, and lightly jumped on the table.
The man only seemed to think of it like a death-god standing beside him and he finally even started shaking his head.
「Ah, I just want to tell you that I won’t do something like torture」
Lily’s shining fingertip danced in the empty space while she spoke those unbelievable words.
「Of course I won’t do a private execution of you all. Hence I will guarantee that none of you will die on this table」
In an instant a magic circle was drawn in front of Lily.
She held her hand out to it, and a ring came out of the magic circle on its own.
「I just want you people to accompany in an experiment」
That was a simple ring without a standing out characteristic. Its size was as large as to just cover a person’s head.
Robert and others thought it as equipment for wearing around the head, like a circlet.
「It will be fine, so relax, okay?」
The moment Lily’s finger traced the outer surface of that smooth white ring,
Seven pointed needles protrude from the interior of the ring.
Naturally, it was at this moment that their impression of it changed from equipment to a torture device.
Like that, Lily again traced the outer surface with her finger, but this time the needles disappeared into the device. It became an ordinary ring.
Like that she moved without hesitation above the creaking table, as if she were going to play a prank on a sleeping person.
「ha ha~, with this many people I will surely understand how to use it too」
She placed the devil’s Magic Item『Angel Ring』on the man who became the Experiment No.1.

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