Kuro no Maou Chapter 254

Chapter 254 – Cleanup of Bandits

Hearing the victory information from Kurono, Lily let out a sigh of relief as if the biggest anxiety factor had been removed.
「In that case, we also need to do what we can」
The top priority of backing Kurono was now gone, hence Lily stepped into the hideout mansion of bandits to do what she had to do.
The place she was headed to was the cellar. The mansion was big but she has already ‘heard’ about its location, hence she was able to find her way to the flight of steps downstairs without getting lost.
The light of the stairs leading to the cellar was not present making it seem like a deep black hole connecting to hell.
However, after turning into her true form, her two pairs of wings were shining brightly. Hence, she was able to walk without any problem as her surroundings were brilliantly illuminated.
Like that she kept on moving downstairs safely. Reaching there, she saw a big wooden door.
She touched the door knob and turned, but as expected it was locked. However if it was just locked, it can’t be enough to stop Lily’s invasion.
Lily stretched her delicate glasswork-like palm and light started converging there,
SFX: BoonnnNN!
Making a sound like that, the door knob vanished.
She opened the door while imagining the scene of Fiona trying to open the door, and the door’s complete extinction.
「……This is the worst, even more stinking that the nest of Morjura」
Lily raised her eyebrows to the scent coming from the interior of room.
The bloody scent of something like an animal made her guess what sort of works were being done in this place.
However it wouldn’t be of any help if she stopped there. Lily just made an unpleasant face and kept on moving.
There was some faint light left burning in this cellar room, completely different from the stairs.
That was not a light coming from the fire of lamp, but a magic light made of magic.
Lily thought it might be the same way as the streetlights in Sapda work.
And, this mostly dark and somewhat illuminated cellar room told what the purpose for this room was.
The wall surface was filled with cold stone tiles and iron grills were placed as if blocking the entrance to a part of room. This was the first time Lily saw it, but she understood that this is a jail.
This underground jail room was quite big, hence it could accommodate many people too.
However the other side of iron grills was currently ‘almost’ uninhabited, the vast space was not being used effectively.
Yes ‘almost’ uninhabited means that there were still some people captured in this underground jail room.
On the other side of iron grills a white naked body crawling.
It was just one who moved, the rest were lying on top of the mat laid on ground, while being covered in a slightly dirty sheet.
Thinking upon it, currently it was around midnight. If just those men did not come and go from here, it would be the time for them to sleep.
A girl with light green hair rose her body up from the mat.
Most likely due to knowing that such actions were useless in such a place, she made no effort whatsoever to cover her upper body
The girl looked at Lily standing on the other side of iron grills with her hollow eyes.
Conversely Lily also saw the figure of girl.
Her body had sings of being beaten, especially that swollen left cheek was painful to look at.
Seeing the precise sings of rape, most of the people would say「cruel」, but Lily’s impression was「She is a better state than I had thought」.
Apparently the bandits had the hobby of being satisfied by just having intercourse with women, thankfully they didn’t had any hobby of doing grotesque things.
Even Lily wouldn’t be able to heal the torn limbs.
Lily confirmed the situation could still be ‘made done with just her alone’. She didn’t answer the girl’s question, took out a key from her bosom, and put in the door of iron grills.
*clang* The sound of unlocking resounded, along with the unpleasant sound of rusty hinge rubbing.
「Ah……You are saving us……?」
A somewhat shaky yet filled with hope voice came out from the girl.
Lily entered the jail, went in front of the girl, smiled gently and opened her mouth.
「Hey you, are you eating food properly?」
The girl stiffened with a somewhat dumbfounded expression.
It was only natural. That was a question purely unthinkable by anyone in this situation.
However, it was a matter Lily needed to confirm right now.
「Answer me」
Lily nodded in satisfaction to the girl’s answer.
Of course, even without hearing her answer she more or less knew the situation.
The girl’s body surely had signs of rape but her body wasn’t haggard.
She didn’t had any physical injuries, but she actually had emotional injuries along with fatigue.
Thinking on the purpose of these girls, it was needed to keep them healthy otherwise it would’ve troubled the bandits. Even they would not want to rape a girl with just bones and no plump skin.
「Ah, umm……that is……」
「Hm, this?」
Lily had already started taking her next actions.
That was creating a shining needle with her Extra Magic. Incidentally, it was in her right hand.
It was quite wrong to call it a needle based on its length and thickness. It might be more right to call it a somewhat narrow stake.
The girl looked at it, and thus, asked with a scared voice about what was that needle, no, what was she going to do with that needle.
「Don’t worry, it won’t hurt——」
Lily raised the thick and long needle overhead whilst showing an elegant smile.
The girl opened her eyes wide in fear and the long-withered tears started flowing.
「——And you’ll forget it soon anyways~」
Like that, the swung down needle pierced deeply in the crown of the girl’s head.
Lily felt the perfect resistance coming from the pointed end of needle. It meant that the needle had finally reached the brain, and at that point, Lily took her hands off of the needle.
The girl seemed to have fainted and fell on the thin mat with her white of the eyes showing in her wide-opened eyes.
「Now then, I need to complete the work before other girls wake up」
Lily again made needles of light in her right hand, and started stabbing the heads of girls’ one by one.
Starting from that girl there were seven girls in total, and in within less than five minutes they all had a heartbreaking figure, having a needle piercing their heads.
However Lily seemed to be doing her work, there was neither sorrow nor guilty expressions on her face, as if she was doing the preparations for a dish.
After piercing everyone’s head, Lily removed the old rage from every girls’ body.
Seven nude girls were reflected in her eyes. On each and every girls’ body were bruises from being punched or kicked, some even had welts as if they were whipped.
However Lily didn’t pay attention to their scars, but rather their abdomens.
Their waists didn’t seem to have any special change——in other words, it couldn’t be made distinct by just looking.
Of course, there was no meaning in confirming about that, Lily’s action from now were settled from before.
「In this healthy state, you all can handle it, right?」
Lily made a magic circle in empty space and took out a Scroll from it.
That was the last Scroll left during the defensive battle of Alsace.
Moreover, the magic engraved on it was,
「منح جميع الطلاب تتخذ قوة الحياة الطبيعية من روح امتصاص الدم――Life Drain」
A forbidden magic which forcibly takes the life force of any and everything, let it be a soon-to-be-born ‘young bird in an egg’.
I reached the meeting place, the front entrance of the mansion, and the person waiting for me there was,
「Kurono-san, thank you for your work today」
「Yeah, you too. What about Lily?」
「Lily-san is nursing the abducted girls」
「I see, so you saved them safely」
I can finally be relived, this only shows that it was worth coming to subjugate bandits.
「Shouldn’t it be better if we go and help Lily fast?」
「It might be better if Kurono-san doesn’t go」
I regret saying that. After all they had been through hell because of men, if I went there now it would only scare them.
「Sorry, you’re right」
I’m powerless at these times.
I can’t even use healing magic. In the end, I am relying on Lily.
「Yeah, so what happened to bandits?」
Rather than thinking negatively, it will be better to find something I can do.
If the bandits scattered and ran away then I can chase after them.
「The bandits were……all killed」
「I see, but wouldn’t it be better if you had taken one person as a prisoner, you see as a witness?」
「They resisted fiercely, so we couldn’t help it」
Well, that also can’t be helped.
The bandits are sure to be killed upon getting captured. If they can’t even have a future after surrendering then it is natural to resist till their deaths.
「I want Kurono-san to report about bandit subjugation in Isckia Village, also ask them to send someone to take all the girls」
「Yeah, you’re right」
We don’t have carriages, in short we don’t have any means to transport several girls to Isckia Village, and taking them while walking Will only make it worse.
Fortunately this place has a neat and clean mansion, so they can surely spend one night peacefully.
It’s the best choice to leave the girls to Fiona and Lily and report about their rescue as soon as possible.
「But won’t their comrades, I mean reinforcements come here?」
「It’s fine, we heard that these were all the people living in this mansion, even the Slave Dealer Boss seems to be in Spada right now, so he can’t make moves so suddenly」
Then it is fine. After all, the bandits were exterminated, their boss won’t know of this fact unless he searches for it.
「Hm, if you have killed them all, where did you hear that information from?」
「T-That is……we captured one bandit and interrogated him」
「So you captured one alive?」
「After interrogation he bit his tongue and died」
Suicide, eh. Well, it’s not like I don’t understand his feelings.
「Then I will head towards the guild now, say good luck to Lily」
The dawn is still far, but my eyes work all-too-well in the night that I won’t have much difficulty finding the right path at even a time like this.
That’s right, I even need to take Merry and Mary from that place in front of suspension bridge.
And here I was thinking of running all the way to the village.
「Okay Kurono-san, take care」
Fiona saw me off and I left that place at a quick pace.
Just wait, I will make sure to come for you all by tomorrow’s morning!
Huuuuh, Fiona seems somewhat strange~

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