Kuro no Maou Chapter 250

Chapter 250 – The Third Bodyguard

Lily landed on ground while holding me and Fiona.

My heart was actually beating like hell from the fear of falling down, but as expected of Lily in true form, she got some strong horsepower to even fly holding two humans——or so we thought, but along the way Fiona was about to fall, so two people might be heavy for her, apparently. [1]

It’s dangerous so I need to be more careful the next time.

Thinking it, the last time I had Lily help me fly along with her would be when I took the private quest of taking that treasure sword in the nest of Garuda.

So it’s already been four months since then. Now it is a nostalgic memory of mine.

「That golem called Galdan was same as we had heard」

According to Zack, the golem bodyguard Galdan was hot-blooded, would not hear the persuasion, cannot use Martial Skills, but only has lot of power and is tough due to his race’s characteristic.

Moreover from the one act before, it was proved his character sketch was correct.

「If we fought fair-and-square it would’ve taken our time」

He was tough to the point that he only bent on taking on my bullet arts, if I had to defeat him then it was surely needed to attack him again and again.

「It’s good we were able to get past easily」

The reason we paid no heed to the golem and went on our way was truly because there was a suspension bridge present for our convenience.

The time I saw that suspension bridge I thought ‘This Bridge needs to go down’.

Well that golem was also an hired adventurer so I didn’t want to kill him. The tough him will hold on a free fall of several tens of metres, perhaps, surely, probably.

No, it would be better to say「he won’t be saved from that height」.

Either way he would’ve taken lot of damage and wouldn’t come back any sooner.

「Well the gun also displayed its power, it was a beneficial fight」

I say coolly, but in truth I had never thought Simon’s gun would have this much of power.

I had thought it would give an enhance effect just like『Black Ballista Replica』, never had I thought it would send that lump of steel flying.

If I shoot using the exclusive bullets then it is possible to pulverize the armour knights of Crusaders along with their tower shields.

However Simon had made every bullet himself, so it doesn’t seem plausible to prepare them in large quantity.

I will never forgive the fact that Simon was made to drink  Fiona’s terrifying idiosyncratic waking up potion——Of course, I also swear to never drink it ever again.

If I keep on drinking that, then let alone my eyes something different would end up being awakened……no, I won’t think anymore.

「Let’s make haste」

Like that, we again run on the woodland path.

We are not far from our destination, but we are in a hurry for a reason.

「However, just how did those guys sensed our approach?」

The fact that Galdan was waiting for us at the suspension bridge from before means that the bandit side already knew of our approach.

They let a single bodyguard handle it, of course there is also a possibility he came on his own accord, but the worrisome thing is that bandits should not have escaped after finding our raid.

「We haven’t been caught in a trap and there was no barrier for detection」

I recalled the light barrier on the castle walls of Daedalus, that barrier was not for detection but defence from intruders.

The barriers for detection, in case of high-grade ones, won’t let the intruder feel anything even if they were sensed by the barrier.

However, judging from the level of this bandit group there’s no way they would have a magic item or a mage to deploy a barrier of that high-grade.

「There might have been a lookout guard, probably a Servant」

「You’re right」

The probability of Lily’s words is the most high, after all looking at things happening with one’s own eyes more reliable.

If the one on the lookout guard was someone from those bandits, I would’ve sensed them from their presences, however there was nothing like that.

If the one on lookout guard was a Servant suitable for defence, for instance a bird-shaped one, then because they don’t have any hostility and murderous impulse hence it is hard for me to sense them.

After all, the effectiveness of Servants, though not something of high-grade, has already been proved in Alsace Village. Just by sending one or two Vindol the detection area increased lot more.

Rather than using a high-grade barrier, it’s more plausible that they used Servant for lookout.

Either way, if the bandits ran on us our hard work would go in vain, and if they even took the female students with them there would no chance to save them. I seriously don’t want the situation to reach that point.

Unfortunately, most of the girls abducted by bandits have already been sent to the Slave Dealer boss.

The girls left in mansion count up to several numbers and are being used as way of amusement for those bastard bandits. Truly a gross thing.

The situation has already got out of hand, but that’s also why there is a need to save them as fast as possible.

「Oh I see, so that is their hideout」

After running for about five minutes from the suspension bridge, finally do we see the outer appearance of a mansion on the other side of the woods.

Although this hideout is quite a splendid mansion for some bastards, but considering it is of some wealthy slave dealer, it is possible.

There was light in there, only silence could be sensed from that mansion in this dark night.

It is plausible to think they ran off, in that case I need to hurry up——or so I thought, but I suddenly push on the immediate break and stop in my tracks.

Lily and Fiona also stopped without me telling them.

Yeah, we have already sensed,

「Come out」

That there is an enemy in wait for us.

「Hmm, you’re quite excellent adventurers」

A voice of man replies to my question.

One shadow of a person slowly came out from the shade of the tree.

I send my gaze on left and right, but no other person except this man could be seen, there is not even other presences.

The fact that he appeared alone means,

「A bodyguard, eh. Were you ordered as a rear guard?」

「Indeed, I won’t let any of you a step forward from here——is something I want to say, but it looks impossible for me alone to stop all of you」

Lily’s Oracle Field light shined upon the walking man and his figure appears within the darkness.

He had long dull golden hair tied in a knot behind his neck, lightless stagnant blue eyes, and a too skinny face and body. Although he might’ve had a good face and body, but currently he gives off the feeling of a patient suffering from incurable disease.

His body is haggard from top to bottom and is wearing a black coat, he looks just like the Undead appearing in『Revival Catacomb』, in short, his appearance is eerie.

「In that case, give up on the quest. Your employer is a criminal, if you keep on supporting him, you will also be accused」

Against Galdan we forced our way through without any negotiations, but it doesn’t seem effective against this man.

If believing Zack’s words, this man Ludora is the strongest bodyguard with power above Rank 4 people.

If we can negotiate then it is for the best.

「I know that from the start, even so let me say, I refuse」


「My wish is to exchange blades with strong people, hence your persuasion is useless」

I see, so he is a battle junkie.

His behavioural conduct is exceedingly simple, but because of that it is troublesome. We can’t avoid fighting.

「If you want to go after my employers then go right now, however, I want at least one person to remain here」

Ludora grabbed the scabbard of that katana-like sword hanging from his waist with his left hand, and reached the hilt with his right hand.

Ludora slowly started releasing bloodlust after taking a brilliant Iai pose, even a inexpert like me can tell that his Iai pose is same as pros.

Maybe this is a feeling one would get if confronting a true samurai. A feeling of high tension.

「Lily, Fiona go on ahead」


「It’s safe and certain if we three fight together」

They refused me with an immediate reply……

「No, hurry up or those bandits will get away」

「Then let Lily-san go」

「Fiona you go」

「Our top priority is their rescue. Lily, Fiona you both go together, finish it up fast and return」

The opponent is quite a powerful person, but if he’s not on apostle level I have confidence in not getting insta-killed, no, speaking more positively I have confidence in my toughness.


「Don’t do anything reckless, Kurono」

They agreed although reluctantly. Well now it’s all good after getting a consensus.

Lily changed into her young girl form and Fiona used her movement-type Martial Skill and went on to chase after the bandits in high speed.

「I made you wait a bit」

Against Ludora who still is in Iai pose, I took out the『Absolute Grudge Hatchet「Kubidan」』from the Shadow Gate and get in the stance.

「Don’t worry. Let me name myself first. I’m Ludora」

“I know that from before” is something which I won’t say.

「I’m Kurono」

Here it is fine with just naming myself.

I’m also a man, hence I have got the manners for times like this.

「Then Kurono, come, let’s fight」


[1]. Last time Fiona tried to kill her with potion this time Lily tried to kill Fiona by throwing her down! As expected of Yanderes wanting each others’ life.


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