Kuro no Maou Chapter 249

Chapter 249 – Man of Steel

The golem bodyguard Galdan heard the direction of movements of the approaching enemies from Ludora and dashed out of the mansion with his favorite mace and tower shield in hands.

「sigh, those brats from Spada had no resistance against us. This time I will make you entertain me!!」

Ever since taking up on this quest Galdan had not met strong enemies resulting in his displeasure accumulating. Hence this time he makes haste on his way to fight against some strong enemies.

The one-eyed golem ran past the pitch dark night street whilst making sounds of footsteps similar to Doltos. Contrary to his appearance he was quite fast.

Golems’ body was fundamentally of a barrel with arms and legs. They were not classified as genuine living beings but magic beings like fairies and skeleton.

However, golems having been made from rocks or metals were pretty much slow as suggested their appearance. Hence, seeing Galdan run so nimbly would only mean that either he had been made from a really light material or had been blessed with great physical ability.

「Uh oh, err, I think that it is needed ta cross this bridge to get near the mansion from back side, in that case——」

He got out of the woodland path, in front of a suspension bridge on the cliff with a mountain stream flowing, several tens of meters below.

To get into the mansion from the back it was inevitable to cross this suspension bridge, of course, it won’t be the same if the intruders had a Pegasus with them.

「——I just need to wait here!」

He laughed loudly as if wanting to say what a great idea.

Although it was simple, but for a fight-loving idiot like Galdan, having a place to always meet enemies can only be considered as a advantageous position given by luck.

Galdan landed on the suspension bridge with all his power. Looking at the shaking and listening to the creaking sounds of bridge, it can be understood that his body was made by same materials as other golems, hence had the same weight.

That dull silver like lustre wasn’t some sort of plating, but it was iron. He was an iron golem with even the core made from steel.

The suspension bridge seemed to somehow bear that super-heavy golem’s weight. It could be perceived that it was tougher than what it seemed like, however, there wouldn’t be a person who would cross the bridge along with him.

Whilst shaking the bridge Galdan crossed the bridge with his steel body and sat down on the ground, waiting for the enemies to make an appearance.

If he just sat silently without moving, some sort of intimidating air would’ve been emitted, but he was not good at being silent so was playing around with the mace and tower shield, in short he wasn’t calm.

Fortunately that boring time came to an end quite fast.

「Heh heh, there ya come」

The red-shining one-eye jolted from delight.

Galdan’s eyes shining like a lamp caught the sight of two people running at him from the opposite side of dark night street.

The people were accompanied by some sort of light orbs, maybe some sort of new type of torch, hence they were easily visible even from a distance.

Each other were now just several ten of meters away, even a human without night-vision eyes would be able to see him, same with Galdan, who on the other hand, has night-vision eyes.

「I don’t know who you are, where you are from and neither do I care. I’m the strongest golem knight of Spada, Master Galdan, come at m——」

Galdan named himself while shaking the Speaker due to the maximum volume, but before finishing he sensed an attack, and held up the tower shield,


He was about to hold up the tower shield when the attack of enemy heavily hit his steel body.

However, Galdan didn’t fall down.

He didn’t know what sort of magi or weapon he was attacked with, but he did know that countless bead-shaped hard things were fired into his body.

Along with the fact that this attack won’t pierce his body and neither will break it.

「Bastard! Don’t you go on attacking when a person’s givin’ out their name!!」

He fixed his bent posture and bellowed.

At that time, the two people had already neared enough to see their faces.

It turned out to be a pair of human man and woman, no, looking more closely, that light wasn’t a new type of torch but a small girl.

The man was black haired with red and black eyes equipped with an armour, the woman was wearing witch clothes, the ones quite rare now-a-days. Both of them were humans.

One can get the idea that their party of two was perfectly balance with a Martial Skill-user vanguard and a Magic-user rearguard. However, the reason for that little loli to be with them was quite uncertain.

Galdan raised a question mark above his head whilst getting angry. Moments later he guessed they must be a family party taking their kid along, and took on the fighting stance.

「It is more hard than I thought」

「It must be a natural armour knight」[1]

「It’s pretty troublesome opponent」

The three gave out their impression care freely in front of fully throttled Galdan, in the end he snapped.

「Shitheads! Don’t ya ignore me!! Why the fuck are you parents and child talking friendly!!」

Galdan shouted while swinging the mace.

However, only his voice echoed through the mountain forest, and the silence of night again came back.

After some seconds of silence,

「I see, well we can look like that」

「Eh, Kurono-san, in that case I will be——」

「Arrrghh ARRRRGGGHHH! Don’t say that, Fiona! I won’t forgive you if you say it. Waking up potion it the most I can forgive, this exceeds that!!」

Apparently man’s name was Kurono and witch’s name Fiona, but Galdan couldn’t care less about it, or rather he had bad memory power as well as he was burning with anger, hence there was no way he would remember their names.

「D-D-Don’t you fuck around! Come at me you shithead bastard!!」

「Sorry, I’m in a hurry——」

In the next instant a reply came from the man in armour, Kurono, at the same time Galdan realized that Kurono’s hand held an unfamiliar weapon.

At a glance it seemed like a crossbow, but it didn’t had the parts for firing an arrow, rather it was just two iron cylinders lined up parallel with a hole in both of them.

Galdan guessed that it might be some sort of magic item which attacks from those cylinders, but

(Huh! You gotta be kidding me if you think that toy can even hurt me!)

He didn’t seemed warned at all.

「——so not got time for that」

Immediately after, he regretted making light of it.




As expected an attack magic came out of the cylinders along with a thunderous detonation sound.

But, he couldn’t get what attribute it was, he just knew that it was something hard and it hit his body,


And by the time he realized it, his prideful big body was flying.

Galdan fell face-up on the suspension bridge with a *bam* sound. He almost let go of his mace and shield, but somehow endured it.

(Wh-What was that just now……my steel body……)

Looking at his chest, there was a circle-shaped crack in there as if a nail was hammered in.

Golem’s special characteristic was that they don’t have a sense of pain, but upon taking a heavy damage their body forcibly becomes numb.

(Kuh, this scared shit out of me, if I took in some more shots my body will break)

However, it wasn’t lethal.

Galdan thought that he might not be able to use an attack this powerful always, and tried to persuade himself.

「Haaaaaah! That worked pretty good human!! But, that level of stuff won’t be able to defeat me——huh?」

Galdan stood up whilst shouting, however the three people that should’ve been there disappeared.

「W-Where the fuck you go!?」

He looked left-right but there was no one, as if those three were just some illusions.

Galdan felt like he was made fun by a fox monster which can use witchcraft to deceive people since time immemorial, but suddenly he noticed a shining something in the upper part of his vision.

「They’re flyin!!」[2]

Looking above he saw the figure of a young girl with rainbow-coloured two pair of wings, shouldering the armour man and witch and flying leisurely.

The trick behind that was quite obvious if one thinks, but, thinking was something impossible for Galdan.

(What is that, the brat from before? Fairy? I’ve never of a fairy that big, no, why the fuck she got big——)

Galdan was just able to absentmindedly gaze the three flying in air without being able to do anything.

However his carelessness was lethal. Galdan shouldn’t have forgotten that his opponent was also a witch who could use long distance magic.

「ثلاثاء اللهب الرمح يخترق――Ignis Kris Sagitta」

Around the time Galdan understood the intention of Witch with staff in hand, everything was too late.

Against the approaching blazing red tornado of flames, Galdan could only hold up his tower shield.

Galdan having tough body was able to somehow hold up in between the incandescent tempest created by the witch.

Galdan was an ability-user and also an iron golem having impregnable defence, hence he was able to somehow or other hold up one attack of a high grade offensive magic.

However, the suspension made from weak trees and rope couldn’t possibly still work as a bridge after getting engulfed in the whirlpool of flames.

In short, it fell.


The ropes holding the burned off, Galdan let out a idiotic voice and after the small moment he felt that soft hovering feeling,


Along with the wreckage of burning bridge, he plunged into the mountain stream head first.

Surely to the three flying in air, it might’ve seemed like a criminal falling into hell.

Galdan saw the figure of fairy flying in sky while shining like a star, and disappeared in the mountain stream.


  1. This was before used as heavy knight, but this time he used armour knight. I will keep it this way all the time as it is more easier to understand.
  2. Look it’s a bird, no it’s a plane……nah, it’s just a Yandere!!



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