Kuro No Maou


Kuro No Maou ~The Black Demon Lord~

Kurono Mao is a high school student who sensitive of his sharp eyes and bad expression. No girlfriend, but is gifted with good friends in his own way, had been living a peaceful high school life. But suddenly one day, without any sort of warning, Kurono was attacked by a mysterious headache in the literature clubroom he was a member of and fainted. When he awoke……he was summoned in an orthodox world with Swords and Magic and where Monsters roamed.

Kuro No Maou ~The Black Demon Lord~ Chapter List

The chapter from [Prologue till Chapter 17 were translated by Shikkaku Translations. The credit goes to Shikkaku]

The White Laboratory (EPUB) (PDF)

Chapter 1 The First Awakening
Chapter 2 Obidience
Chapter 3 Hell 
Chapter 4 The Black Magic
Chapter 5 No. 49th 
Chapter 6 White Sacrament
Chapter 7 Freedom
Chapter 8 The Fear of the White  
Chapter 9 Port Town
Chapter 10 Pandora Continent

Everyday Life in a Different World (EPUB) (PDF)

Chapter 11 Meeting with a Fairy
Chapter 12 Fairy
Chapter 13 Goblin Extermination (1)
Chapter 14 Goblin Extermination (2)
Chapter 15 Cleansing of Heart and Body
Chapter 16 First Friend
Chapter 17 Black Magician Kurono
Chapter 18 To Irz Village (1) [TL: EnTruce]
Chapter 19 To Irz Village (2) [TL: EnTruce]
Chapter 20 Head of Irz Village [TL: EnTruce]
Chapter 21 Welcome to Adventurer Guild (1) [TL: EnTruce]
Chapter 22 Welcome to Adventurer Guild (2) [TL: EnTruce]
Chapter 23 Quest and Rank (1) [TL: Shikkaku]
Chapter 24 Quest and Rank (2) [TL: Shikkaku]
Chapter 25 Irz Village Toolmaker [TL: EnTruce]
Chapter 26 Story of a Normal High School Student [TL: EnTruce]
Chapter 27 First Quest! [TL: EnTruce]
Chapter 28 Curse Replica and Multipurpose Knife [TL: Shikkaku]
Chapter 29 [TL: Shikkaku]
Chapter 30 [TL: Shikkaku]
Chapter 31 [TL: Shikkaku]
Chapter 32 [TL: Shikkaku]
Chapter 33 [TL: Shikkaku]
Chapter 34 [TL: EnTruce]

Arrival Of Crusaders (EPUB) (PDF)

Chapter 35 [TL: Shikkaku]
Chapter 36 [TL: Shikkaku]
Chapter 37 [TL: Shikkaku]
Chapter 38 [TL: EnTruce]
Chapter 39 [TL: EnTruce]
Chapter 40 [TL: EnTruce]
Chapter 41 [TL: Shikkaku]
Chapter 42 [TL: Shikkaku]
Chapter 43 [TL: Shikkaku]
Chapter 44 [TL: Shikkaku]

Omen of Destruction (EPUB) (PDF)

Chapter 45 [TL: Shikkaku]
Chapter 46 [TL: Shikkaku]
Chapter 47 [TL: Shikkaku]
Chapter 48 [TL: EnTruce]
Chapter 49 [TL: EnTruce]
Chapter 50 [TL: Shikkaku]
Chapter 51 [TL: Shikkaku]
Chapter 52 [TL: EnTruce]
Chapter 53 [TL: EnTruce]
Chapter 54 [TL: Shikkaku]
Chapter 55 [TL: Shikkaku]
Chapter 56 [TL: Shikkaku]
Chapter 57 [TL: EnTruce]

Irz in Flames (EPUB) (PDF)

Chapter 58 [TL: EnTruce]
Chapter 59
Chapter 60
Chapter 61
Chapter 62
Chapter 63
Chapter 64
Chapter 65
Chapter 66
Chapter 67
Chapter 68

Towards Spada (EPUB) (PDF)

Chapter 69
Chapter 70
Chapter 71
Chapter 72
Chapter 73
Chapter 74
Chapter 75
Chapter 76
Chapter 77
Chapter 78
Chapter 79
Chapter 80
Chapter 81
Chapter 82
Chapter 83
Chapter 84
Chapter 85

Counter Attack Preparations (EPUB) (PDF)

Chapter 86
Chapter 87
Chapter 88
Chapter 89
Chapter 90
Chapter 91
Chapter 92
Chapter 93
Chapter 94
Chapter 95
Chapter 96
Chapter 97
Chapter 98
Chapter 99
Chapter 100
Chapter 101

Alsace Defensive Battle (EPUB) (PDF)

Chapter 102
Chapter 103
Chapter 104
Chapter 105
Chapter 106
Chapter 107
Chapter 108
Chapter 109
Chapter 110
Chapter 111
Chapter 112
Chapter 113
Chapter 114
Chapter 115
Chapter 116
Chapter 117
Chapter 118
Chapter 119

The 6th of Month of Hatsubi (EPUB) (PDF)

Chapter 120
Chapter 121
Chapter 122
Chapter 123
Chapter 124
Chapter 125
Chapter 126
Chapter 127
Chapter 128
Chapter 129
Chapter 130
Chapter 131
Chapter 132
Chapter 133
Chapter 134
Chapter 135
Chapter 136
Chapter 137
Chapter 138
Chapter 139
Chapter 140
Chapter 141
Chapter 142
Chapter 143
Chapter 144
Chapter 145
Chapter 146
Chapter 147
Chapter 148
Chapter 149

The Demon King and The Hero (EPUB) (PDF)

Chapter 150
Chapter 151
Chapter 152
Chapter 153
Chapter 154
Chapter 155
Chapter 156
Chapter 157
Chapter 158
Chapter 159
Chapter 160
Chapter 161
Chapter 162
Chapter 163

Rank 1 Adventurer (EPUB) (PDF)

Chapter 164
Chapter 165
Chapter 166
Chapter 167
Chapter 168
Chapter 169
Chapter 170
Chapter 171
Chapter 172
Chapter 173
Chapter 174
Chapter 175
Chapter 176
Chapter 177
Chapter 178

Royal Spada Academy (EPUB) (PDF)

Chapter 179
Chapter 180
Chapter 181
Chapter 182
Chapter 183
Chapter 184
Chapter 185
Chapter 186
Chapter 187
Chapter 188
Chapter 189
Chapter 190

Roar of Red Rage (EPUB) (PDF)

Chapter 191
Chapter 192
Chapter 193
Chapter 194
Chapter 195
Chapter 196
Chapter 197
Chapter 198
Chapter 199
Chapter 200
Chapter 201
Chapter 202
Chapter 203
Chapter 204
Chapter 205
Chapter 206
Chapter 207
Chapter 208
Chapter 209

A Witch Never Loves (EPUB) (PDF)

Chapter 210
Chapter 211
Chapter 212
Chapter 213
Chapter 214
Chapter 215
Chapter 216
Chapter 217
Chapter 218
Chapter 219
Chapter 220
Chapter 221
Chapter 222
Chapter 223
Chapter 224
Chapter 225
Chapter 226
Chapter 227
Chapter 228
Chapter 229

Student of Spada 

Chapter 230
Chapter 231
Chapter 232
Chapter 233
Chapter 234
Chapter 235
Chapter 236
Chapter 237
Chapter 238
Chapter 239
Chapter 240
Chapter 241
Chapter 242
Chapter 243
Chapter 244
Chapter 245
Chapter 246
Chapter 247
Chapter 248
Chapter 249
Chapter 250
Chapter 251
Chapter 252
Chapter 253
Chapter 254
Chapter 255
Chapter 256
Chapter 257
Chapter 258
Chapter 259

81 thoughts on “Kuro No Maou

  1. Hey can i ask is this series a bit dark? and non generic? i remember giving it a try for first 17 chapters and i kinda a bit couldn’t take the begining i don’t know what Q.Q so Just wondering should i give it another try?


  2. Thanks for your work! I just caught up with the chapters and was wondering wgen the next chapters will be here. I know you were sick, hope you fell better. Also, shen can we see the next chapters of Mn


  3. Aahh it’s been so long since the last time I read this sadistic novel, congrats on reaching the 16th arc 8’D I’ve been reading ahead and give up for a few month on the middle of 27th arc since it’s breaking my heart too much… orz and just found out that there’s a new arc already, I want to read but I’m not so sure my heart is ready to read a certain girl’s suffering T_T by the way, can this comment section use spoiler tag option or something?


  4. So I read up until Chapter 15 so far. The yandere harem element has me so interested but I hear that a lot of tragic shit happens. Can anyone give me a heads up on how bad it is?


  5. I’m on the 2nd volume, so before I continue, can I ask on the rating on how sadistic the author would be? (from 0 to 100) Coz if it’s too sadistic then I won’t be able to stomach it while reading.


  6. So I just reached chapter 70 tonight, and I’m a bit disappointed. When I started reading this, many ahead reader had given me the heads up of the coming tragedy at Ch.61, and the tragedy tag kept me expecting a lot.

    Turns out, just side character **Spoiler**… (I know it meant differently for the MC)

    This is lukewarm tragedy.

    If **Spoiler** were to die against Sariel and **Spoiler** Villages also wiped out simultaneously, now that’s tragedy.


    Is the tragedy going to be at this level also in the future? or is it going to be much worse?

    1st Tragedy : Sadistic-ness just 9


  7. I just started reading this less then a week ago, currently has reached 155. Before I begin I was informed that this LN was rather dark & most of the readers couldn’t bear it, though in my opinion later on it was rather ‘soft’. Was it because I haven’t reach the big scene or I have ‘fallen’ too deep into the realm of madness?


  8. I’ve heard this is a pretty generic novel filled with BS tragedy. Like, people get introduced and appear lovable just to be killed off in a cheap bid to get you to hate some amorphous bad-guy entity. I was wondering if that was true, because if so, I don’t wanna waste time reading like 200 chapters of a novel Iike that. I’ve seen too many stories written in that vein, and it’s just old at this point. Thoughts?


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