CTLH Prologue

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Blood. Large amounts of blood dyed the ground scarlet.

Before my eyes, a scene that could be called as cruel, unfolded.

However strangely, even if I recognize it as cruel I don’t feel bad. How mysterious…

The women were raped, men also shared the same fate, and the stomach, brain and throat parts were cut out off the bodies of children.

———I can’t call this anything else than cruel.

I, along with my 2 younger sisters and 3 elder sisters, was gazing at the scene in front of me, no, not just gazing, but was enjoying it.

Although I knew my sisters were sitting right beside me, I wasn’t able to avert my eyes from the scene, moreover, for some weird reason it even got me turned on. I can bet that we six were all having the same feeling. After all raping scene, in the end was a sort of pornographic video.

The people in front of us couldn’t interfere with us. They can’t even see us in the first place, so interference could be said to be far away. It made me feel as we were observers looking at them, but that feeling wasn’t something unusual for us.

The thing that stopped my thoughts was-

“This was the end of Primary Era『Ragnarok』. We now arrived in the Secondary Era『Post Apocalypse』.”

-The voice of a person, whom I have named Mr. X.

———After all being nameless could be quite lonely feeling.

If going by the talk of this Mr. X’s voice, then the scene in front of me was the true scene of when the world started. 5 Eras had started since the Beginning and ended.

The scene from before was of near the end of the first era, called as Primary Era『Ragnarok』. As the name suggests, it was an era where Gods fought. Humans truly felt an apocalypse had fallen on them all because of some battle maniac Gods fighting here and there.

Maybe because of this reason, the second era was called as Secondary Era『Post Apocalypse』.

Judging by the name, one could already feel that this era would not be an era that anyone could stomach in.

Well it wasn’t like we all had seen the scene of Gods fighting in the era before, rather we were just shown the ending of first era and some square-shaped jewels scattered around the world. If again going by the talk of Mr. X, then these 100 or so jewels scattered around the world were the essence of corpses of the Gods.

———Truly utter crap talk, ridiculous.

This time we were shown the scene of people living in that crappy era. Thinking that, I was amused and my arousal was rapidly cooled off.

If my knowledge after reading lots of novels till now was correct, then in this sort of era, humans would show their true beastly nature. It was only natural for the sadistic me to feel amused and be filled with anticipation. Although being a sadist, I just want to see the gore stuff and learn more about humans’ nature in dire straits, and I have no intentions of learning anything else.

———After all I’m just a normal sadist, and not a hardcore sadist.

I could feel a hunch, no, even without that I could tell that my sisters were feeling pretty uncomfortable currently. Well, not everyone is an extremely curious person like me.

This time a very fiendish abominable scene unfolded in front of our eyes.

It was the scene involving law of jungle. The power was law, women were just expendable pieces, and the weak were either killed or enslaved. But it didn’t with just that.

The girls of 6-7 years were used as prostitutes for paedophiles; some were even literally raped to death. The men were used as food for the strong people, so they didn’t die in that era with scarcity of food and entertainment. Of course, the women already raped were also used as food sometimes.

Their corpses, with just some flesh bits sticking to bones, were left.

Looking at that scene, even the sadistic me was repulsed. I got angry looking at that.

This was the true nature of human, no matter how curiosity filled and sadistic I was; there was no way I could be calm seeing such an abominable sight in front of me.

———Those damn cannibals.

However, there was also another reason that I got angry. That was because the scene in front of me was impossible. In the first era because I didn’t see Gods literally fight that I was able to believe that it could’ve happened, but this one just can’t be possible.

I didn’t care if this was beginning of world or whatever, but this alone was impossible. Hence, I was angry at myself for being deceived by this utter crap.

In short, in the Secondary Era, the jewels were found out by humans, and the humans that were just living normally until now, suddenly gained the power of magic.

This sort of crappy plot shouldn’t even be made, no matter what, there was no way humans could use something non-existent as magic.

———That thing is just illogical.

Around the time Secondary was nearing its end, a voice different from Mr. X’s voice resounded.

“The people who got past Secondary Era got a step closer to Real God; with this it is 99 turn.”

As soon as this new voice stopped talking, the scene before me, changed into dark black.

I casually turned my head backwards, and seeing a small circle-shaped object, I opened my eyes wide. Thereupon, I walked towards the dark black area in front of me.

In less than three seconds I reached the dark black area. As I moved forward I could see my reflection in that. After reaching right in front of it, I stretched out my right hand to the right side of that lustrous black area.

“You people, don’t watch this stuff, this movie ends here, see the black screen. Part 2 is in process, or so I have heard from my friend. And you people should never believe in stuff like movies about Truth of World, just take my experienced words. Now go back to your room and sleep.”

I turned around and said as such, while my right hand was still stretched out. Completing my say, I moved my hand on the switch connected to the telly with a thick cable, and pushed down the switch, hence cutting off the electricity, resulting in telly being turned off.

My sisters saw me with cold eyes, and left quietly, except one of my younger sister.

———I wonder why she looked reluctant while others didn’t.

Incidentally, I again looked at that circle-shaped object, the wall clock, only to see it was late at night.

Sighing, I left the living room, entered my room and went to sleep.

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21 thoughts on “CTLH Prologue

  1. WTF is an Inoumune? My inferior mind seem to translate it as stomach ability heart.


  2. Wish I could understand more practical Japanese sentences or paragraphs, even if it’s just the level of nursery rhymes or short children’s stories with a wee bit kanji here and there, just to be able to comprehend what meanings to use and on what cases a certain meaning should be chosen over the others. -_- Man, Translator-sama, you’re really something.

    I wish I had time to take basic Japanese II, however, my thermodynamics, electronics, comms systems, and a whole league of ugly majors are waiting just around the corner…making sure I trip or do the whimsical fails or the usual torture, er, exams…

    But it’s not too late….so one more chapter of KnM today.

    Thanks a lot for the hard work. Welcome to the world of univ. students, BTW (kinda a late greeting).


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