CTLH Chapter 3

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Chapter 3 – Vs. Natsuki Kazami (1)

After resolving to make that trainee teacher, Natsuki Kazami, pay for making Kimihito cry, I started thinking of a plan to bring make him pay.

In this world there were many ways to make a person pay for anything, such as, beating, psychological damage, etc.

However, for this time, I would choose beating as my method, and would also have make sure of one more thing, that Natsuki Kazami listens to me and reaches up to me.

Otherwise, I won’t be able to beat him. I’m not afraid of being beaten, after all I have a body that is already surpassing the normal human’s body, and this couldn’t even be explained by science.

——Well, no matter what scans they do, they won’t even find any abnormality in my body. Seriously, what is my family’s identity, how can my father be so monstrous, he even taught and trained me a bit, and I already am far powerful than normal humans.

Thinking about this matter hadn’t got me any answer for so many years, so it wouldn’t now. Hence I stop my distracted thoughts, and again focus on bringing that Kazami to the rooftop, at a time no one looks there……

After all rooftop was the famous and best place to beat someone up, without getting captured by teachers, unless someone saw you and reported about you.


The sound of bell informing about the start of lunch break resounded. At the same time I thought out a way to bring that trainee teacher out to rooftop, however it would be a gamble.

But still, looking at his face told me enough that he was an arrogant person, and so I thought that my gamble plan would work out……probably.

I didn’t know about him, so I could only take a gamble, otherwise I would have taken a method to bring him out without any risks. Of course, I also wanted to take revenge as soon as possible for making Kimihito cry, hence I didn’t take my time to learn more about him and then use a method which would place me at a good side.

——Thank goodness, father had even taught me how to be cunning and use psychological warfare (although I don’t know the reason why he taught me), or else I wouldn’t even think like that. *sigh*

I let out a sigh, and took out a notebook from my bag that was hanging on the side of the desk. I opened the notebook, tore off a page and started writing something on it.

At that time,

“Yuuto, wanna go to cafeteria, ‘day’s special is that jumbo udon!”[1]

Kimihito patted my shoulder from the side and asked as such.

He had now returned to his normal attitude, but I could still feel somewhat sadness hidden in his voice.

Looks like he had still not gotten over the fact that the girl, who was about to become his girlfriend, was stolen by Natsuki Azami.

“No, I have something more important to do, and I’m not feeling hungry today”

I usually didn’t bring my boxed lunches to school, so it was normal for me to eat cafeteria food, almost every day.

Kimihito was also the same, so we both had our lunch there.

But today because I’m doing something more important that I had made a lie of not being hungry.

“I see……then I will go……do you want me to bring something for you?”

“Yakisoba bread would be great”

Around the time I said my words he had already reached the backdoor of classroom, and,

“Got it”

He left saying that.

——Well, he sure is a good friend.

Thinking that, I returned to writing on the piece of paper.

What I am writing is a message that would, probably, bring Kazami to the rooftop. If he wasn’t an arrogant person as I had thought, then he surely wouldn’t come, but if he was then he would come even if the God came to him and said ‘you will get beaten badly’.

——No matter what, a normal person would never be able to block my single punch that can even 2 inch thick steel wall, goodbye Kazami, it’s too bad that you will go to the hospital the day you became the temporary homeroom teacher of our class.

As for not getting expelled of school, or police problems, father is a no-go, so I would use my silver tongue techniques to flatter mother and get out of all problems. After all my family’s status was something that even police wouldn’t touch, let alone a principal of a public school.

With this and that done, I finished writing the message and folded the paper once. Then I tore another paper from a different notebook, as that notebook’s papers were little bit more hard and big.

Then I folded the other paper into an envelope, and put my message paper inside of it. While I wrote on the front surface of envelope as “You aren’t a man if you don’t read it.”

I finally let out a sigh of relief, and looked outside the window with my eyes glittering with a ferocious glint.

Having done everything I could have done; I needed someone else to give out this letter to that teacher.

If I went there then he would somehow understand that I was the one who wrote it out for revenge, and then the possibility of him coming up to the roof would be no more than 10%. After all with my handsome face, and him assaulting girls in my class as the homeroom teacher, he would surely suspect me as the one who wrote that message.

However if someone else, whom he doesn’t know gave him saying someone else asked them to send it to him, then he would surely think of various people over the school he knew, and if he wanted to protect his pride and was arrogant enough for that, then the possibility of him coming up to the roof would no less than 70%.

——That’s quite some large difference, but no wonder.

Thinking that, I left the classroom with the letter in my hand, heading towards the first floor of my school building, the floor with first-year classrooms.

Upon reaching the floor below, I moved straight to 1st Year C Class, the classroom where my elder sister, Mana, that school prostitute was present.

I reached to the open-door, and looked inside the classroom while searching for Mana.

Sure enough she was in classroom and was flirting with a boy with spectacles, but without paying the boy any attention, I immediately entered the classroom and started thinking of ways to make her agree to my talk.

After all I rarely, to be precise almost never, talked with sisters other than Akemi and Suzuka, with whom I could talk on every day or per two days, only if needed. Mana was in the category of rarely, moreover she was the perfect one to do this work of giving him the letter, and hence I chose her.

I reached by her side, grabbed her hand which was almost nearing between the legs of that spectacled boy, who seemed to faint from the stimulation.

——Sheesh, the bad innate reactions of a virgin. Well, even I will have that reaction, no I might even have a nosebleed if some girl did that to me.

I lead her by hand to the outside of the classroom, while I noticed the bewildered expression on her face, I also heard voices saying ‘woo, looks like her true boyfriend came’ ‘no, that is brother’ ‘don’t tell me they are in the forbidden love’ ‘yikes’

——Oy, shut up y’all. I ain’t into this prostitute sister. I would rather remain single my whole life than get together with her.

Shouting out in my heart, I finally reached outside the classroom.

“What do you want?”

Mana said in a sharp voice, hearing that voice I widened my eyes from surprise, after all she had never said anything in a sharp tone to me ever. Well we never talked much, but from the times I had talked to her, she would just use an apathetic tone.

However, soon enough I got the answer to her sharp tone, that was because I stopped her getting another man……

“Look I got work for you to do, and you will get the reward if you worked hard”

Hearing the word reward, her eyes squinted, and she said.

“What is the work?”

“First tell me, do you know the trainee teacher Natsuki Kazami”

Her eyes widened and she spoke to me in a soft tone that I had never heard.

“Which girl doesn’t know him, he is the most handsome teacher in the school. Although he loses to you in looks, but he is far more easily reachable than you, at least for girls”

“Don’t tell you were aiming at me!?”

As soon as I said that, the air around Mana seemed to have a rapid decline in temperature.

“What is the work”

Her voice seemed as uncomfortably cold as the voice of Suzuka.

Somehow, getting rid of the uncomfortable feeling, I continued.

“Well I need you to give this letter out to him, saying a boy from 2nd Year B Class gave it to you. If he asks why he gave it to you, then just say, that you were passing by the staff room and he happened to stand there. After giving you he ran away. As for the reward, just work hard to seduce that Kazami, however not today, please I beg you, only you can do this work”

I spoke the work in a single breath, then took a deep breath to sort out my breathing rate, and then looked at Mana, who had a little red hue over her cheeks, as she muttered some words, which caused me to almost fall down.

“Well, finally I get the most handsome teacher in school~”

I endured my urge to get away from this girl and gave the letter to her, and warned her to not open it. Obviously, she would open it later, but still giving a warning, and with that reward, she probably wouldn’t open it.

Giving her the letter I left that place and returned to my classroom, now waiting for the after-school time, around the time club activities start, because at that time most of the teachers would be present in staff room, and only some on the outside, hence I could beat Kazami on the rooftop without being found out.




Mana took the letter from Yuuto and after he went back, she thought of opening it.

However, because Yuuto talked to her out his own for the first time and also gave her a simple job for a big reward, she denied her thought of opening the letter, according to Yuuto’s wish, she headed to the staff room.

In the lunch break period, most of teacher, except PE teachers, would be present in staff room, eating their lunch.

Moreover the staff room was on the first floor, just some couple of metres away from the girls’ and boys’ bathroom. That was one of the reason why Yuuto chose her.

First reason he chose her was because she had a frank personality, so he believed that she would be able to talk to someone as handsome as Natsuki Kazami without stuttering or anything. Moreover she was working as a prostitute in the school, so there was more chance that she would be able to seduce Kazami, and somehow be able to give him the letter.

Second reason was to make sure the lie Yuuto told her to speak was plausible. After all, why was a person from second year or third year -second floor or third floor- walking past by the staff for no reason? There was no reason for that, however if it was a first-year person, then it is possible for them to walk pass by the staff room, for going to the bathroom. And hence, the authenticity of his lie became more resolute, hence increasing the chance of Kazami accepting the letter.

Mana, obviously had no idea about this, and was just walking to the staff room.

Reaching the door of staff room, she knocked on the door and stood on the outside, waiting for the permission of any teacher to enter the room.

After waiting some seconds, a voice of a man came out, hearing the voice Mana smiled cheerfully and opened the door. The staff room was empty except a single person sitting in a chair by the long desk.

Normally it would be, but during lunch breaks, an empty staff room was sure a rare thing.

Getting over her surprise, Mana looked at the person sitting in the chair. He was a man with long blond hair, the end was tied up behind his back, and had green eyes, he was the person Mana was looking for——Natsuki Kazami.

Kazami looked at her with a smile, which made Mana a professional prostitute in school, go tense and vigilant. Of course she didn’t show any expression on her face, and moved near him. It was the same feeling Yuuto had felt when Kazami scanned him in the classroom before.

Unknown to Yuuto, Mana as well as other sisters of his had been trained the same way as Yuuto, however by their mother——Hayakawa Emiko.

So she also knew when to be aware of what person and when not to be. She was getting bad vibes from Kazami, who was sitting in front of her and looking at her with a smile.

Again unknown to Yuuto, his sisters were more powerful than him, with the exception of Akemi, Yuuto’s younger sister that he teases.

“Who might you be? Is there some teacher you have work with? Sorry to say, but everyone else had gone to the cafeteria today to celebrate the birthday of vice-principal”

Hearing Kazami’s words, no, his voice, Mana’s body tensed up more, but somehow she retained her calm and told him her work.

“I’m Hay——no, I mean Mana, from 1st Year C Class. Sir, I have something to give to you.”

Mana almost said her family name. Yuuto, around the time he was heading back, told her not to mention her family name. At that time she thought of not hearing his words, but just now after getting bad vibes from this man named Kazami, she decided to not speak her family name. At the same time, her intention of flirting with Kazami went away, the only thought she had in her mind was to return to her class, as fast as possible.

“Oh……if it’s a love letter then sorry I have no intention of being a relationship with a student”

Kazami opened his eyes wide with an amazed expression, while still not removing the smile from his lips.

Looking at him, Mana seemed to get more and more tensed, although she knew that the person in front her, wouldn’t be able to beat her or even Yuuto, after all he was just a normal person, but still she felt danger from him making her want to get away from him immediately.

Mana couldn’t understand why Yuuto wanted to give a letter to him, but she could sense that there might be some reason he wanted to give him the letter, and even went through a work of taking a detour for letting Mana give the letter.

She knew that Yuuto was given training by their father, and she could guess out that Yuuto might’ve also felt the same as she was feeling currently, so she also guessed that this letter might have something to do with him feeling this strange sensation.

However little did she know, that Yuuto wanted to beat up the man in front of her, all because he made his friend, Kimihito, cry and heartbroken. Although Yuuto also had felt the strange sensation, but it wasn’t enough for him not take vengeance for a friend.

If Mana knew about his intentions then she surely would kick him in the balls, and curse at him.

“Oh, that’s quite a good title. Did you write it?”

Kazami took the letter and took a look at the title saying “You aren’t a man if you don’t read it”.

——Oho, for someone to write that to me means, that it was written by some male student.

Kazami knew about that fact, but for some reason he wanted to tease the girl in front of her, she made him feel the same Yuuto did, as if they were similar to him……however he couldn’t get the idea why.

Mana obviously didn’t knew about the things going in Kazami’s mind, and said her next words.

“This was given to me by a male student who was standing by the staff room. I was coming back from the……err, washroom, and at that time he gave it to me, saying to give it to you.”

“Hmm, I see, thank you very much, have a nice day”

Mana didn’t say anything about being from 2nd Year Class B, because she felt that an elaborate lie like that won’t deceive this man, however she never believed that he would accept her newly edited lie.

Even Yuuto wouldn’t have believed that he would take the letter so easily.

“Excuse me”

Mana understood that her work was done, and took that opportunity to get away from Kazami.

After she left the room, finally she took a breath of relief, and cursed Yuuto in mind.

——Why the hell did that ero-kid wanted me to talk to someone as dangerous as him! ……Leave it, it’s better to never again getting involved with this man or that ero-kid.

If Yuuto knew that Mana, a school prostitute, called him an ero-kid, he would smack himself stupid, then beat this girl stupid too.

Thinking that, Mana left the place and returned back to the classroom just before the lunch break ended.

[1] Udon is a thick wheat flour noodles and is mostly served in noodle soup, or without noodle soup, if asked.

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