CTLH Chapter 2

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Chapter 2 – Natsuki Kazami

I ran at my full speed, and barely made it to school.

The homeroom teacher also seemed to be late today, and was just going upstairs when I changed my shoes. Some seconds later, I ran past him, and found out he wasn’t following me. I looked behind and saw that he was lying on the floor.

Maybe he slipped and fell. Taking that opportunity, I rank to classroom before the attendance registry. The teacher obviously should’ve gone to infirmary right now, for mending his injuries. As for why he slipped……

——Who cares? It is fine I reached before.

I entered my classroom, greeted some of the classmates, and sat on my seat, which was by the window.

I thanked my fate to let me sit by the window. Like this I would be able to gaze outside during boring subject periods.

However, today, while I gazed outside—towards my house area. I couldn’t help but shiver, and put both my hands on my ‘son’ in between my legs.

Luckily, no one noticed my actions. With a slightly embarrassed face, I put away the hands and again started gazing the outside landscape, while trying not to look in my house direction.

While I was watching the outside, a voice called out to be from my backseat.

“Yuuto, whatcha looking at? Home?”

‘Of course not!’, I nearly yelled out those words, but somehow endured it. Looking behind, there was a boy with frizzy green hair seeming like over-grazed grasslands, and a pair of dark gold eyes seeming like some gold that had gone dull.

He was a friend of mine named as, Haruaki Kimihito. Contrary to his family name, Haruaki, he has no spring in his life, and contrary to his first name, Kimihito, written as Jinjin(仁人), he surely is no man of virtue.

——Can’t say it from my mouth, as I’m also the same though.

He was my first friend I made after first coming to this high school. After the entrance ceremony, he got into a fight with fellow freshmen last year, and it was me, who beat those up and saved him from his peril.

Henceforth, he became devoted to me, and had been speaking stuff like ‘I’m Yuuto’s best friend. Want a handshake 1000 Yen, want to meet Yuuto 10000 Yen, and want to become his lover 10000000 Yen.  Please do come to this best friend of Yuuto.’

During the first-year he was surely a great money grubber, and he used to spout stuff like that. It seriously irritated me when others reached out to me complaining to give me their money back.

——Get the fuck off, Kimihito took it and went away. Ask him not me.

That was pretty much my answer at those times.

Anyhow, getting back to the talk.

“Looking at place without your face”

“Aww, you meanie”


I shouted out loud in my heart, and averted my face from him, and again faced the outside landscape.

In truth, I would rather not want to talk to a guy like this. The biggest reason would be, because he was an information broker in school.

He was the person who revealed that my sister, Mana worked as a prostitute in school, and he also knew other girls in the same work along with my sister.

Ask him about just one thing about a single girl, he would tell you 10 things about that girl, and then 10 things for each 10 other girls.

——He is a truly tiring guy. Better ignore him.

And he was also the person who gave that DVD——

“Hey Yuuto, did ya watch that movie in the DVD, ain’t it great, with all 5 Eras, being truly fantastical. Aargh, I really want to live a life like that”

“I watched that shit, and it was as expected, and just as I said just now, shit! You know, that is worst plot for any movie ever. How could there be rumours about it being real!? And what do you mean by 5 Eras. That DVD stopped as soon as I heard that strange voice by the end of 2nd Era. Next time, if you have to give a movie to me, see if the plot of movie is good and if the DVD, BD’s that I prefer, are in good condition and don’t stop in between”

Hearing my long speech, Kimihito seemed perplexed.

——What is that reaction?

While I thought that, came back Kimihito’s answer.

“What do you mean, it stopped in between. Hey, let me tell you that even if ran a truck over it, it won’t be enough to even give a scratch to it. So how the hell do you even think that it stopped? Go back and look if your television is having problems or not? Moreover, what do ya even mean by strange voice around the end of 2nd Era. I didn’t hear anything else than the narrator’s voice. You know what, stop trying to take drugs”

Hearing his words, I was obviously astonished. After all, I still remember that the movie stopped working after some other person’s voice resounded speaking something about getting near god and some 99th turn.

I tried to think, for what reason the DVD blacked off. But after all, that DVD itself was something unexplainable by science, so how could it’s content be explained by common sense, that is made based upon science.

Anyhow, setting these thoughts aside, I heard something quite rude in this guy’s words, something about taking drugs……

“Shut up, you damn week smoker. I don’t take drugs, why the hell should I! It’s you, your family that takes drugs, Haruaki Kimihito!”

“Yes, I’m sorry, it was just that……my mouth slipped and I spoke your name by mistake, when I wanted to say someone else’s name”

Kimihito had already seen me beating those freshmen a year ago, and had revered me and was also afraid of me. Therefore, when I just shouted, not in too loud a voice, he hung down his head and started his ass-kissing.

——I don’t have any more plans to leave you off, Kimihito, you went too far.

“Oh, whose name were you going to say, spill it”

“Ah, uh, umm……it’s……it’s you see, your dad, who you hate too much”

“Oho, I see, well I know about your lying tendencies, but this answer made feel a little better, so I’ll let you off today”

I wasn’t just lying; his answer really did make me feel better. Since morning I had been wondering how to make up with father, after speaking in an arrogant way in front of him, but this answer made me, imagine him taking drugs, puking here and there. This in turn, made me get a great idea of mixing drugs in the alcohol he drinks after coming back.

Eventually, he would still end up puking here and there, without knowing the reason. And will forget about cutting off my son, hence I will be spared. Oh boy, I’m such a bad person!

I was again going to say some words of praise to him for giving out such a great idea, but at that moment, the classroom door opened and entered a middle-aged man, with black hair and eyes, wearing bandages on his arm and knee and also on his forehead, which covered his left eyed, incidentally.

“Hey Yuuto, who is he?”

Kimihito asked me as such. I also heard others whispering same words. The answer, eventually, was given out that man himself.

——I think I just know who you are, Teach.

“Err, I’m your homeroom teacher, Tachibana Gakuto. Today I fell off the stairs (for some unknown reason) and so I will be taking a leave from school for some days, for recuperating and healing my injuries.”

Our homeroom teacher, who would surely make me stand outside if I were late, spoke in a deep and heavy voice, as if to imply it was a truly sad matter.

However he did not know that currently, I and most probably every other classmate, both male and females, we’re thinking one thing.

‘Finally, Yeaaaaaa! We get holidays!!!!!!!!!!’

It was the next moment, when our teacher continued his words, that our dreams broke and new dreams for only us boys were created.

“Due to that, we will have a trainee teacher take over the class for couple of days. It would also help in getting her evaluation. Miss Natsuki, please come in”

——Hearing the name, it seems to be a girl. A trainee means, a girl around 20 years old. Indeed, a perfect girl is going to be our homeroom teacher, I can’t ask for anymore. I might as well make her fall in love with me. Mwhahaha!

However, little did I know, or every other classmate knew, that our-boys’ newly created dream would shatter into pieces, no, atoms.


“Nice to meet you, I’m Natsuki Kazami. I’m a trainee teacher and would be the homeroom teacher of this 2 Year A Class. Please take care of me. Best Regards”

The person who entered the classroom and stood in front us students, giving out the self introduction was……was……w-wa-wa-was……a handsome man. He had long blond hair, tied up behind his back, and had green eyes.

The girls seemed to melt away, while we boys obviously hated this man to bones for using a family name that sounded like a female’s name!

The one thought in our boys’ mind was,

——I’m gonna castrate his family for using such a beautiful name on a man!

To do some unbelievable stuff to this man, Natsuki Kazami’s family.

Natsuki-san, err, sensei* finished his self introductions and talked amiably with the now-seriously-injured homeroom teacher for some time.

——Judging by the looks of it, he doesn’t seem like a bad gu——

The moment I was thinking that, Natsuki Kazami’s eyes turned cold and they looked at me, his eyes scanned me from up to down, making my shiver feel a chill, while my body stiffened.

It felt like this guy could see right through me and he was like a snake on my neck, waiting to strangle me to death.

However, after scanning me once, his eyes returned back to normal amiable ones……and the uncomfortable feeling from before vanished as if it wasn’t there at all.

——In the end, looks like this guy is not a good guy at all.

Thinking that, I yawned slowly and concentrated all my attention to him, during the whole homeroom period.




All the time I had observed his action is homeroom, there was not any particularly suspicious behaviour.

Except the fact, that he left no chance at touching the girls every time, showing he was a pervert. However, the strange fact was that the girls never showed any expression that showed that they hated him touching them.

Moreover, he touched in many places that the basic unreachable hurdle present only for virgin boys such as me and not for non-virgin boys like Kimihito. That guy lost his to my sister. Not like I’m angry at all.

As soon as the class was over, and this new trainee teacher went out, boys sitting nearby me stood right in front of me and showed jealousy in their eyes.

I wasn’t able to understand why that jealousy was being directed at me. Even Kimihito did the same.

In the end, I asked out.

“What? Why are you looking at me like that? Shouldn’t you all be hating that Natsuki Kazami?”

The boys eventually showed tears forming at the ends of their eyes, and Kimihito, representing the boys, told me the situation.

“Yuuto, you know what, we all noticed that cold gaze he showed to ‘just’ you. You know why?”


“As expected of a dense person, no, this is quite normal for handsome and beautiful boys to think their facial features as normal. Yea, you are a handsome and beautiful boy, also perverted and a sadist and an asshole just like us. But because of the handsome and beautiful aspect grils want to be your girlfriends, and I make money……”

“Oy, what does that got with Natsuki Kazami giving me a cold stare?”

“And today, that Natsuki Kazami, entered the class only to find a boy more handsome and beautiful than him. Hence he was jealous of you! And so he stared at you to scare you. That is also the reason as to why he made moves on our class’s girls. You know what, that Asako, in the seat number 38, was about to become my girlfriend, but because today that guy touched her, though just on her cheek. She fell in love with him. How are you going to compensate for my breakup!”

Kimihito started out as a confident man with vigor, but near the end his voice sound became a notch lower and eventually he started sobbing while speaking.

He was barely able to hold back the tears in his eyes, and had his head facing upwards to not let them fall.

Seeing him like that, being his best friend for a year, I also felt quite sad. NO, not just quite but, truly heavily sad.

Although I’m a sadist, but I would never want bad things to happen to people I know and are my friends, or was my family. Even father, I say this and that, in truth, no matter how much he beat me, it was all for my own good. So I don’t want anything bad to happen to him also.

However, if it was a different story if the other person was neither my friend or my family, like Natsuki Kazami.

——How dare he made Kimihito, heartbroken. This guy, who has a personality that seemed like he would joke even on the day Earth ends, is right now, crying! I will not let that trainee teacher off so easily.

Father had beaten me since childhood, but he also taught me self-defence moves, martial arts, killing techniques too –he said, later I would need it—and also the way to comfort a heartbroken friend.

Apparently, father also had been in a same situation or else why would he even know this method.

Thanks to my father’s training, the current me was truly lot more powerful, powerful enough to break 2 inch thick steel wall with just a punch, while dad could still defeat me in a fight with just a swing of his finger in mid-air. While I, standing a metre away from him, would immediately stick in the ground making my body imprint on the surface.

I knew this defied logic, but because I knew that, that I was easily able to accept the fact that the DVD, Kimihito gave me couldn’t be broken or the contents be copied. However, magic is still a different thing, which is too ridiculous.

……5 minutes from then.

I succeeded in calming down Kimihito, it took lot of patience to hear his bawling and complaints, but I didn’t hate them, rather found it increasing my desire to beat the shit out of that Kazami.

When I finally calmed him down completely, he showed a smile with his two narrow eyes become crescent moons. Seeing that, I was so moved that I to slap my face hard to not cry.

However, with this that Kazami had created an anger in my heart against him.

——I will get him for assaulting girls in my class, it doesn’t matter if they hated it or not, assaulting counts as assaulting. But I definitely will get him for making my only best friend till now, the guy who would always smile and make my mood light whenever I felt depressed, to make such a guy cry!! Kazami, just you wait.

At that moment a cold light flickered in my eyes and my sadistic nature was in full throttle, ready to change its gear.

But, at that time, neither I nor anyone else noticed a faint blue colour appearing at the ends of my hair……and the next moment it disappeared.

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    • This is opening of prologue. Just keep on waiting…
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