CTLH Chapter 1

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Chapter 1- Apprentice Teacher

The sun rose up the horizon, shining over various houses, trees and buildings. The scene seemed like a portrait of a metropolitan landscape.

The wind blew faintly with an aromatic fragrance of flowers in it, the whole place was still and tranquil. Some voices of people running, doing exercises, and playing could be heard, making the scene even more beautiful, if compared to any normal metropolitan city.

That peace seemed to rest over the whole city as if it were an overlord of this city, however as every kings and overlords had rebels, here too one was there.

In an instant, the peace and tranquil nature of the landscape was broken by the loud scream of a boy, sounding eerie with a complex mixture of laughing and crying.

The boy was running out of a house, wearing school uniform and holding shoes in his hands, appearing to run towards the school.

“I’m going to die today. It was fun though”

Saying words of meaning unknown the boy, Hayakawa Yuuto, continued to run towards his school.

His voice kept on becoming quieter until the peace and tranquillity returned to the landscape; however no one could appraise the beauty of it now.

Meanwhile, Yuuto continued to sprint, feeling like a horseman on horse. Naturally, it would be unnatural to feel like that while sprinting, but Yuuto’s speed when running could be said to be even faster than the world’s fastest 100 m runner, moreover Yuuto had already ran more than 500 metres by now.

Thinking about the hell he would be facing at home that day, he couldn’t help but let out a dry laugh, filled with sadness, bitterness and despair.

Suddenly, he heard a voice of a girl yelling. Curious as he was, perked up his ears and tracked down the source of the girl, who happened to be quite far from him, revealing his superhuman hearing sense.

Running past the winds like a gale, Yuuto soon reached at the place of the girl, only to find the girl surrounded by 3 delinquents of big build, hiding the girl’s body from the eyesight of Yuuto.

He hid himself in a corner and closed his eyes, concentrating to hear what the 4 people were talking.

“Hey, come on let’s have fun”

“We’ll give you a good time *slurp*”

“Yeah, you will feel it deep inside”

Yuuto couldn’t see the face of the three as he was hiding in a corner, however judging by the voices and sound he could guess perfectly about the situation.

(I see, pretty cliché situation. That girl seems to be about my age from her voice, too bad I won’t be helping her. People have always helped themselves, or so my dad said)

Yuuto lost his curiosity and looked at the wristwatch……

“SHIT! Gotta run!”

…Knowing he had no time to waste, Yuuto made haste and was about to run, but at that time –

“You people have made really bad mistake. How about you pay for it?”

— The girl’s voice turned extremely cold with a tinge of anger in it. Even without looking towards the trio and girl, Yuuto could already feel as if something like a black aura was gushing out from the girl.

The feeling the aura gave were quite contradictive, disgust, charming, dangerous, safe, protection, killing intent, and much more, however Yuuto couldn’t discern all of them before he made a run for his life.

He felt danger for his life—mortal danger.

“The hell is that oppressive feeling. Almost like a bad killing intent manifested itself into aura”

After running a considerable distance within couple of seconds, albeit opposite to the school, he stopped on top of the wall boundary of a small building as he turned towards the place the 4 were standing, and saw something impossible and astonishing happening.

The girl was about the same age as Yuuto, her hair and eyes were grey and her skin milk white. She would seem like a goddess, but the dress she wore was quite erotic with lots of exposure, making her seem like a fallen goddess, included that her face was charming but evil and deadly at the moment.

The deadly aura only increased the cold expression of her, and she looked like a demon queen ready to kill.

The girl put her thin white right arm on her bountiful chest, and spoke something. Yuuto had superhuman senses, so he could clearly see what was happening and easily hear what she spoke, even though the two were more than 30 metres apart.

“Pierce, rend, grind, mince, tear them apart—-Darkness Fissure”

He could clearly see a flaming symbol sort of thing appear in between the breasts of the girl, on which the girl put the hand onto.

“Hey what’ya saying”

“She must be one of those otaku foreigners!”

“Come on girl, let’s have se—”

The three guys seemed to have not felt the aura, the killing intent, or had even seen the flaming symbol; however, what they did saw was the girl taking out a long tachi from between her breasts.

And before the third person could even finish his word, the tachi was swung instantaneously at it rend apart the face of the guy diagonally in two parts.

Half of the brain, one eye, less than half nose, and cheeks along with the somewhat jawbone was cut apart easily. Leaving only the diagonal half of the man’s face left, as the blood spurted out of it.

The other two men saw this and turned to run away, but before they could run, the tachi again swung with flames coiled around it, and the flames covered the bodies of the two.

Within a blink of an eye, their skin, muscles, veins & arteries, internal organs and almost every other thing burned, leaving behind nothing, not even a shred of ember.

The girl turned her tachi towards the man lying dead on ground and burned him and his face too. Somehow, even the blood that had stained the road evaporated, again leaving nothing.

The girl once more swung the sword and put it on her chest. The symbol flared up this time, and the sword sunk back in.

Yuuto seeing all this shocked, and felt like he couldn’t breathe anymore. However, he didn’t feel any sense of disgust or nauseated when he saw the three men die in an horrible manner.

This may be because of how was raised by the parents……as he thought that nonchalantly, he noticed the girl looking at him with her grey eyes from 30 metres apart.

Thinking that it was coincidence, he nonetheless immediately turned around, however—

“Where are you running off to? You look weak, but can still run so fast till here, not bad”

The girl that was standing 30 metres apart from him was right in front of him now within a second.

Judging that he would also get killed, Yuuto tried to keep the conversation friendly and look for any chance he could get for escape.

“Not as fast as you”

The girl’s eyes widened, as she smirked.

“You surely are above any normal person. Tell me your family name”

Hearing the girl’s voice up close, without any of the killing intent and dark aura from before, it sounded like the words of an angel.

Yuuto was still feeling like his heart was being clenched, but he somehow endured it and spoke.

“It’s Moriyama”

He didn’t knew why she would ask for the family name, but still he felt like giving out the real family name would be dangerous, and lied about it.

The girl laughed faintly, and before he could see what happened, Yuuto’s throat was clenched hard enough that the nails dug inside and blood started to seep out of the holes made by nails, slowly streaming down on the white hand of the girl.

(Fucking shit! As if I can bear dying right here! I will live, no matter what……)

“Don’t lie now. I can easily know when a person is lying”

The girl spoke as she put her other hand’s index finger on her lips and smirked evilly.

(Not funny! I’m not obliged to give you an answer–)


Immediately the pain coming from the hand was reduced, as Yuuto felt like power flowing inside of him.

(Sorry dad, I’ve got no choice but to use it out here)

An dark violet-bluish aura seemed to come out of Yuuto, but it went back in, before anyone could even perceive if something even happened to him.

The girl’s grip on Yuutos throat lessened, and as she was being surprised, Yuuto immediately put both of his hands around her hand in an spiralling position, and his hands made a complete revolution while grabbing the girl’s hand.

As a result.


Her hand was rotated completely, her elbow was cracked, taking that as a chance, Yuuto got out of her grip completely and pulled her down by pulling the hand.

Using the opponent’s centre of gravity, he somehow latched onto the neck of the girl using both his legs and performed an violent rotation, causing both to fall of the top of wall, and slamming the face of the girl onto the road, vigorously.

Yuuto immediately stood back up, took his stance, and seeing this as the perfect chance he just ran in full speed that could’ve rivalled to that of a racing car’s top speed.

Little did he know that the girl lying on the asphalt was totally conscious and was watching him run with just her eyes that seemed to be smiling.

After Yuuto ran out of her line of sight, the girl stood up, and started walking towards the way Yuuto went—-to his school.


The birds chirped, singing melodiously, hoping to cheer up every person who was hearing them.

One such person was Hayakawa Yuuto who was listening to the birds as he kept on looking outside the window now that the class has ended.

Yuuto was currently sitting on his seat by the window in the school, thinking back upon the things that had transpired in the morning.

It was already going to be noon, and Yuuto was lucky enough to reach the school at the last moment. The homeroom teacher was about to take a roll call, at that moment Yuuto had reached the class, with a tired, scared and relieved expression.

To be honest, his expression was indescribable which caused all of the class to laugh at him; after all it seemed to be quite funny face.

As of right now, he was just staring at the birds by the school gate, thinking about everything since the morning, how he made ruckus in the house, ran away, heard a girl, ran to her, found her being troubled by three men, then her killing the three, again running away, then him getting almost killed by her, and finally again he ran away.

Mostly he could remember is how he ran away the whole morning for more than 2 kilometres probably, and also that he would be beaten really bad when he goes back home because he used the power that his dad had prohibited him from using in front of others.

Moreover, it was something his father taught him while also giving a warning to never use it if Yuuto were in a life-threatening situation. However, he ignored that warning, and the question the girl asked him to hold some questions about his own family.

Wondering why his father, mother and his 4sisters had this power impossible for a normal human to get, and why did the girl ask about him family name. Maybe the two things held some relation, or maybe not? Anyhow, the current Yuuto couldn’t find an answer by rumbling his brains.

“*sigh* What a sad life I live”

A sigh leaked from his mouth.

“I need to ask dad about this when I go back……of course if I live after returning”

Another sigh leaked from his mouth as he stretched his body.

Yuuto kept on lamenting on his actions and doubting a lot of things. Had he known what would start in a day later and what would happen to him, he would’ve not wasted him here, but worked on preventing the future.

Yuuto was oblivious of the danger approaching him, along with a surprise.


Meanwhile, at Hayakawa Yuuto’s home, a dangerous situation had occurred, albeit in a different meaning that a normal person wouldn’t understand a bit.



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