A New Title: The Forsaken Tyrant

Yes, the name might seem cliche, but I hope you guys will read the description for now and check if it’s worth checking.

Description: In a modern world, where the existence of demonic entities and inhuman monsters alongside humans is natural, continues a never-ending war between the three forces and civil wars inside the three factions.
In such a world an infant boy, Franz, is abandoned in the garbage dump due to an ominous tattoo appearing on his back, only to be picked up by a Female Spiritual Army Colonel, Nathalie, who is depressed for not having a child of her own.
Taking a liking to Franz, she raises him up and trains him to become an undercover agent, and also hones his mysterious power that started appearing since childhood.

Now a teenager, Franz, is given a guarding mission, to protect a young lady of Noble Military Spiritual Family in Japan, which happens to be one of powerful family holding substantial prowess in the Eastern Part of Earth, for reasons unbeknownst to him.
Franz embarks on his journey to guard a member of a family, which would be the key to his origins, meaning of his tattoo, and the tyrannical reason he was born for.

I hope to see some comments, giving constructive criticism on the description, and some comments to see if it’s worth taking a read of or not.

Been A Long Torture

Hello Everyone. It’s been a long time, it’s me the notorious disappearing person, Entruce, here.
I wouldn’t want to go into much story right now.

I had a hard time for past couple of months. My house had a break-in, and lots of commodities stolen. Even my laptop which had all my Translation and Writing work.
So, after entering the second year of uni, I’ve been buying stuff.

Apparently, my novel was, without my knowledge, sent into the new awards, by my editor because he is sure it’d win. I’m skeptical. Well, I can’t publish anything of that to the WP. Meanwhile, there is a premise for a new story in my mind, I’ll add it up in WP.

Finally, gotten free time from my hectic life, I’m using my desktop (which I usually never use for writing) as I’ve still not bought a new laptop.

I’d try my best. And I’d be e-mailing to the new people who asked to do editing. Thank you Very Much. I hope you keep on supporting me.

FFS Editors!

People I’ve sent e-mails with full Ch-1 have yet to respond. If I don’t get any e-mail by tomorrow, I’ll have to ask other people for editing.

No chapter today too, but I’ve TL’ed 2/4 of Chapter 2, despite being busy with the Valentine’s day and its aftermath. I love valentine’s day. Poor singles, lols.

If no edited version comes to me by morning 10:00 JST Thursday/ 8:15 PM EST Wednesday, the “specially edited” by me version of chapter will be uploaded. Heck, it feels weird to use EST, oh well.


MnD (LN) Chapter 1 Part 1 Out!

Links below, but first to most of the people who asked for being editors I have sent the whole chapter to you. If you didn’t get it, do comment below. I’ll respond as soon as possible.

The main reason I’m asking you “ALL” is because I sure want to reduce to frankness and ‘personality’ -ish shit way of writing when I write in English.

So here goes the Chapters:




Chapter 1

*NOTE: LN is different from WN, is the amount of less shit written, better humour and also plot but that comes from Volume 2 (hints) and increases from Vol (5). Rest if mostly same, but oh well refresh your memory.

*Clears Throat* HELLO EVERYONE!

*Menacing posture* So did you all love the wait I gave you for pdf or epub or just re-reading the WN. Someone commented to me for posting the last part of the 50th chapter, sorry but I won’t. I’d e-mail it to him, however I still think it’s useless cuz you’ll see that scene in the LN too.

But oh well, won’t give spoilers.

So apparently someone had made epubs for MnD and you can find him just by googling: “MnD epub pls”, at least I did.

Now all that’s left is deleting the MnD and KnW page in half an hour from right now. And then, start on with my translation of LN.

Here’s what I want to ask:

Will be waiting for the responses. Just so you know, I’ll be posting chapter on Monday not today, it’s impossible, and also tomorrow, cuz it’s impossible, but will TL at my pace from today.

Finally, I’ll be adding a review option in the bottom of chapters to know if you liked the chapter or not. Now that I’m onto it, the people who said to edit for me, I got your e-mails (WP is awesome you know), and will be contacting you shortly. Hope to be responded.


Been in a Health Checkup

As people who have read my past post of coming back, might know that I was hospitalized for a reason that I don’t want to tell. Due to that, the doc told me to come for a check-up every month.

It was lots of stuff, not just normal checkup, and it took 5 days. *god I was tired*.
I wasn’t able to post stuff on Saturday too. So right now, yes even as I write this post, I am multi-tasking to TL chapters On SUNDAY. there goes my holiday in TL’ing.

To make up for this week, you’ll get 4 chaps of KnM tomorrow. A part of Oredorei, on Wed, and Mnd, well surprise. Oh and nothing on Tue, I finally understand that relaxing and resting is a bliss humans get in their life. Fuck insomnia, I’mma take pills

And oh my god, the KnM (raw chapters) is on the way to become my #1 novel. It was already #5 before.