Just a short Post. Don’t mind me

Currently still on the Chapter 2. Damn, this thing’s long. I’m 40% or so done, will try to post it by today. It’s only 6:00 AM, so you will probably will not get it before 6:00 PM. You know uni demands attendance.


Days ago when I saw the PV for “Shuumatsu Nani Shitemasuka? Isogashii Desuka? Sukutte Moratte Ii desuka?” a.k.a “Sukasuka”, I literally had some manly sweat drop from my brow to my eyes and then it fell down on ground. Whew, my heart liked the exercise.

Not going to give any spoilers to people who haven’t read the LN, or the Fan-translations going on the internet, but I gotta say I’m TRULY FUCKINGLY happy that the anime WILL COVER JUST TILL Volume 3’s end. Happy I am, yet a little sad, oh well it’s still better than animating till the Volume 5’s end!!!

Just wanted to tell everyone to go start watching it, and wanted to vent out my anger, happiness, the predictable sadness etc.

As a side note, Finally, fucking finally the animation of some anime is better. The first eps of most anime had SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO SHIIIIIIT animation, I almost cringed.


Dire Need of Editors

The title says it all. I need editors, structural and copy-line editors. If anyone interested you may comment. I mean it!

I totally need Editors for my OG novel. Or if a group of people are ready to read it, just comment we can read and give you frank reviews. Butcher my story, tell me where it is lacking, where it going overboard, I hope you people will pls tell me.

The First Chapter Link will be given to the People who comment. Please I so need you people. Whether as harsh readers or Editors. I again plead you please help me with this one thing.

*sliding-grovel* PLEASE!!!

A sort-of follow up thing on Maken (WN)

I found out I still had chapters of MnD (wn) left on my backup drives. So I was wondering if anyone wanted to make PDF out of it or no? As for Epubs, I can give the link to that, click here

Not going to post any of it here now. If you want to make PDFs I can upload stuff on GDrive and give you a folder to make stuff out of it.

With that everything is finished now. No more “Why Can’t I find Chapters anymore”. Sigh, maybe someone with let go of their sloth and get on with making PDF’s this time around.

See you guys now when I get completed with my house renovation (too much stuff scattered around) and new chapter and a new chapter (original). So maybe on Monday or Tuesday with a new MnD chapter. Please maintain patience

A New Title: The Forsaken Tyrant

Yes, the name might seem cliche, but I hope you guys will read the description for now and check if it’s worth checking.

Description: In a modern world, where the existence of demonic entities and inhuman monsters alongside humans is natural, continues a never-ending war between the three forces and civil wars inside the three factions.
In such a world an infant boy, Franz, is abandoned in the garbage dump due to an ominous tattoo appearing on his back, only to be picked up by a Female Spiritual Army Colonel, Nathalie, who is depressed for not having a child of her own.
Taking a liking to Franz, she raises him up and trains him to become an undercover agent, and also hones his mysterious power that started appearing since childhood.

Now a teenager, Franz, is given a guarding mission, to protect a young lady of Noble Military Spiritual Family in Japan, which happens to be one of powerful family holding substantial prowess in the Eastern Part of Earth, for reasons unbeknownst to him.
Franz embarks on his journey to guard a member of a family, which would be the key to his origins, meaning of his tattoo, and the tyrannical reason he was born for.

I hope to see some comments, giving constructive criticism on the description, and some comments to see if it’s worth taking a read of or not.

Been A Long Torture

Hello Everyone. It’s been a long time, it’s me the notorious disappearing person, Entruce, here.
I wouldn’t want to go into much story right now.

I had a hard time for past couple of months. My house had a break-in, and lots of commodities stolen. Even my laptop which had all my Translation and Writing work.
So, after entering the second year of uni, I’ve been buying stuff.

Apparently, my novel was, without my knowledge, sent into the new awards, by my editor because he is sure it’d win. I’m skeptical. Well, I can’t publish anything of that to the WP. Meanwhile, there is a premise for a new story in my mind, I’ll add it up in WP.

Finally, gotten free time from my hectic life, I’m using my desktop (which I usually never use for writing) as I’ve still not bought a new laptop.

I’d try my best. And I’d be e-mailing to the new people who asked to do editing. Thank you Very Much. I hope you keep on supporting me.