Kuro no Maou Chapter 286

Chapter 286 – Insane Demon Eyes (1)

「Tonight’s『Curse Carnival』is already heading towards climax」

Even now the Arena had the blue light’s Summon Magic circle drawn on the ground, just like when the 8 Nameless-users came out.

The design of the magic circle in itself was same, however it was incredibly big, the diameter was around 3 times 6 metres big.

I thought if truly someone that big would appear or not, but

「The person appearing is the most evil Cursed Weapon-user that the Mordred Weapon Company holds at the current moment!  The user is guess what, an exiled person from the Four Great Nobles of Spada, the Hydra Family, and he is the Insane Demon Eye’s Saeed Maya Hydraaaaaaaaaa!!」

With a bright luminescence and the shout of announcer appeared a giant lump of ice.

It was near the centre of Arena, with more than 10 metres away from me, but still the freezing chill reached till me.

It’s probably not some normal ice, but rather an Sealing Magic of Ice Attribute.

Inside the lump of ice that seemed to be roughly taken out from an iceberg I could see a figure of a person holding an weapon with a long handle just like spear.

I can’t see the figure of person clearly because of layers of opaque ice covering it, but it is one size bigger than even me. Almost just like that Orc I defeated before.

Well whatever, it will soon become obvious what that person is like.

The moment the sealed lump of ice completely appeared from inside that magic circle, cracking sounds rang out as many fissures ran through the surface of ice.

「In opposition we have the newcomer who has distinguished himself by appearing in this tournament! It is Nightmare Berserker KuronooooooooooOOOOoooooOOoo!!」

STOP CALLING ME THAAAATTT!, I truly want to say that out loud, but as the fissures ran through the ice surface an extraordinary hatred and bloodlust leaked out from it, and I don’t have enough composure to retort with this dangerous thing in front of me.

Apparently this guy sleeping inside the ice, is on a whole different level from those 8 I fought just now.

As expected of the prided Cursed Weapon-user of Chairman Mordred, looks like I need resolve as though I will be fighting a Rank 5 Monster.

However, people like him are what I actually want as opponents.

「Well, we shall see what sort of mortal combat will both of them show to us. The seal will be released soon――」

Enough to drown the announcers voice that is being amplified to reverberate in the whole Coliseum,




A strong yell roared out.

The next moment, the lump of ice with deep fissures running over it was not able to maintain its form anymore, and blew in small pieces.

The fragments of ice were hit by the Magic Light illuminating the whole Arena and shined sparkly.

The shine was truly beautiful like that of diamond dust, but the person standing on the other side was emitting ominous sense of existence, just like that of an evil spirit escaped from the bowels of hell.

「Oh great! He broke apart the seal by himself! Now there is no magic to stop the Insane Demon Eyes, the long-awaited 6th Match STARTS NOW!!」

The contents of the announcement with selfish words didn’t enter my head anymore.

Right now, the person I should be giving my whole attention should be that strange-looking guy named Saeed along with the『Demon Eyes』he holds.

Strange-looking might be a faulty expression, as his figure in itself was humanoid.

That splendid inverted triangle-type body had the armour of muscles like that of an Orc and wore a lightweight equipment that didn’t even try to hide its silhouette.

He wore an black-clothed wet suit that had purple colour lines in it appearing to have some magical effect such as Boost or something else. The cloth covered his from the bottom of throat to the tip of feet.

From the elbow to front he wore iron gauntlets, while on feet he wore dragon leather boots.

That attire does seem quite odd, but if I remember correctly this attire could be seen sometimes among those in Thief Class.

But then, he didn’t had the Thieves trademark weapon, the dagger, in hand, but rather he had an jet-black halberd in hand which had an blade in crescent shape.

But the biggest problem here is not the appearance of the equipments, but rather that the robust body had an utterly thin and slim face on top of it.

His eyes are covered with an eye mask made from black metal, probably for sealing those demon eyes or something, but even so it is possible to guess the approximate facial structure.

The long bright violet hair was grown artlessly, but his expression wasn’t suitable for this sort of wild hairstyle.

Although not to the extent of that vampire bodyguard Ludora, but his skin too is pale with the cheeks being too skinny.

That head was, no matter how one sees it, unbalanced compared to the body shape being that of a muscular bodybuilder.

Maybe it’s the effect of the Demon Eyes that have turned into Cursed Weapons, that it didn’t only had simple Berserk state, but also changed the body to become strong and burly.

No, maybe other than that, his body too was restructured with drugs like that with me, or maybe that full body suit might be working as the armour of curse.

Well whatever, I neither have any prior information nor have any appraisal eye for it, naturally I can’t search for the secrets of the enemy at the present moment.

Then I can only do one thing as I always do, that is to attack only!

「Let’s go――」

This time I won’t attack with the hatchet at once.

My first move is an attack in waves first with Bullet Arts and backed up with Sword Arts.

The already loaded fake Full Metal Jacket and ten blackened swords appear within my surroundings within the blink of an eye.

The bullet head and sword point all are aimed at the big man Saeed in front of me.

「――Bullet Arts Full Burst」

Bursting sound exploded out along with black muzzle flash.

But the sound and light fired at this moment were not only the ones I fired.

「Ugh……Argh……Re……return her……」

The moment he spoke something in a heavy bass sound that seemed to freeze the spine, the eye covering his eyes broke apart like a glass.

「Return her to meeEEEEEEEEEE! UuuuuuuaaaaAAAAaaaAAAAAarrrgggHHH !!」

The sealed Demon Eyes were finally revealed under broad view.

Although we’re both quite far apart, I was still able to clearly see his ominous yet beautiful purple eyes.

And as if flashing, those both eyes emitted a dazzling purple light instantaneously.

The time both eyes flashed and the time my fired bullets reached the target was almost same.

Pierced from countless Bullet Arts, he fell down while spraying blood――or so it should’ve been like, however that prediction was splendidly overthrown.

They were neither evaded nor blocked, but rather the bullets broke apart just the moment before landing.


The fake Full Metal Jacket made from my black magical energy naturally had an black appearance.

But, that black rain of bullets lost their colour suddenly, and coloured the sky like colourless shining hails.

Just what the hell happened?

Were they blocked by some invisible magic? Or were the bullets broken from a shockwave.

I can agree for the breaking apart the bullets with that theory, however, the colour of the bullets itself was changed――no, it was like the materialize from the black colour magical energy itself had an alteration of nature and quality, just what the hell is that change.

But, I’m not an idiot enough to stand dumbfounded here.

「Pierce, Sword Arts」

Without waiting for the eye to blink, I move to the next attack.

The ten blackened swords flying about like swallows were all longswords.

As usual they all fly from varying tracks such as, front, sides, rear and overhead, as if to take on the blind spots of the opponent.

Let’s see how you deal with them now.

「Aa, aaaaaAAAAAAaaarrrgghh, ghaaaaa, I you, whyyyyyyyyyyyYYYYYYYyy!!」

Again the eerie purple flash came out of the eyes of Saeed.

At that moment, the total five swords that had reached him from front and sides had an abnormality appearing in them.

「The blackening is dissolving――no, it’s something else!?」

Magical Energy Absorption would forcibly dissolve the blackening causing the sword to return to its former state, however the phenomenon occurring in front of my eyes currently isn’t something that simple.

The sword in itself changed.

The black-coloured sword blade became a transparent glass within a second――no, it turned into a crystal with faint purple tint.

This phenomenon is like crystallization.

Let alone the magical energy of blackening, the sword even lost its original iron component, naturally they got away from my control and some flew in different direction while some immediately fell on the ground.

「Return her! Return heeeeeeeeeeEEEErrrrrr!! Aaarrrggghhhh!!!」

Whilst shouting Saeed looked right above as his eyes shone, his eyesight went straight at a single blackened sword falling down as if to pierce through his crown.

That also was crystallized within a second and was tragically shot down.

That sword landed on the ground, and similarly as when a glasswork falls on the ground, it also raised an shrill sound and broke in small pieces.

But I still have Sword Arts left.

3 swords run from behind him like sly foxes trying to creep near their prey.




Mixing well with the eerie scream of a female, the sound of sword cutting through the air rang out.

Saeed was swinging the black halberd in his hand.

No, it almost felt like the halberd itself reacted to the approaching attack and moved on its own, because the rotating slash was dished out in a truly bizarre posture.

Although unshapely the halberd ran with force, and finally reached in front of the blackened swords to strike them down.

The crescent-shaped blade didn’t only smash down the blackened swords, but it completely bisected them, all three at once.

「This is bad, huh. Those crystallizing Demon Eyes and that halberd both are Cursed Weapons……」

Seeing the reaction of Saeed who disposed of the Swords Arts, I can see somewhat amount of its abilities.

First comes those Demon Eyes, if something bathes in the flash of those eyes, it’s material composition would change into a purple crystal.

The legend of people turning into stone from just a glance of Medusa is quite famous among the Greek Mythology, but looks like the Hydra’s Demon Eyes are an Amethyst Version of that legend.

Next comes the black halberd, it has a great sharpness, and it can react on its own, well sure enough it has a cursed weapon-ish ability.

But, that strange woman’s scream like sound bothers me.

Just like Evil Eater, there is a possibility that it has some sort of ability hidden inside the weapon itself.

As for what it is, I definitely don’t want to know it, rather defeat him before that.

Well whatever my wish is, he isn’t that easy an opponent to go along with my wishes.

「Wheeereee, whereee isss sheee, Myyyyyyyy, I love yooooouuuuuuuu AAAArrrgghhhhh!!」

He’s going on something about some girl from before, so looks like the source of hatred is love-related. It might be something like having his girl abducted by some bandits or something.

I have no means of knowing the details of his hatred, but whatever, it’s indisputable truth that he is being controlled by severely strong grudge.

While holding the very long halberd in right hand, he glared at me with those purple flashing eyes――wait, ain’t that seriously bad!?


Looking straight at me, the Demon Eyes flashed out a dazzling light――


This time the person appearing is Saeed. The one in Wing Road is Safiel.


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