You can show your support for the novel’s translation (KnM & MnD) by donating to me, by using those sweet good buttons. Your donation would very much help towards increasing my pace of translation by keeping me motivated to release the chapters faster and in larger numbers (this might change according to my schedule). Please, help me to keep on translating novels, so you guys/girls/whatevers can enjoy it.

Support for EnTruce


Donation for Maken no Daydreamer

Donation Box: $80/$50

Sponsored Chapter(s) in Queue: 1

As soon as $50 are filled in the donation box, a sponsored chapter would be released. Though, sometimes it might be released little bit later only if my schedule doesn’t give me time to Translate:P

Donation for Kuro no Maou

Donation Box: $10/$40

Sponsored Chapter(s) in Queue: 0

Need $40 for Sponsored chapters of Kuro no Maou


3 thoughts on “Donations

  1. Oh yeah! Thank you very much for deciding to translate MnD daily. I, and as well all the other readers, really appreciate your efforts. Please don’t overdo it and take a rest if you have to, and if anyone ever complains about your translations, politely ignore them, as I think you’re doing a great job!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I gave you $20 last week but screw it here is $20 more

    Great job, Keep up the good pace,

    Love me some yandere’s, I like to listen to this while reading any chapter about the girls. Works so well

    ps. Let me know if I am not suppose to put youtube links here.


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