Kuro no is finally coming back!

One of the reasons I washed my hands off this volume, although I doubt I can call this reason or whatever, is I didn’t want to TL a whole goddamn volume without the MC.
I remember those times when I said to SK to take over the chapters, most of which didn’t have the MC or good events.

Oh and yes “Kuro no” was a pun in the title.

Anyhow, now from 319 new volume would start and MC would be back. A spoiler: Someone’s going to die. A new spoiler: I am not sad by it. Another new spoiler: well it ain’t anything new for this novel.

See you all later.

Over and Out.



Kuro no maou Chapter 317

1st chapter of the Week. Yes, it’s unedited. 3 more chapters to go, no time known as of yet when they’ll be posted.
By the way, those days I accidentally wrote out in previous post has been fixed to chapters.
So it is now 4 chapters of KnM, 1 of MnD, 1 of Oredorei in a week (any day anything can be posted. Maybe all the same day and nothing for the rest of week. or nothing be posted till Saturday and bam you get all the chapters on that day! Beware of surprises! This is a somewhat good way to get out of my breaking promises-curse of the past).

Here you go

DIRECT LINK: KnM Chapter 317

Adf.Ly: KnM CHapter 317

Shorte.St: KnM Chapter 317

No Donations for the time being. Please!

No donations please guys, stop for some time. Give me time to update myself (which actually took my time to TL and Edit the chapters for tomorrow and today).

And my speed has drastically gone low. I was like doing 1 ch of KnM in about 30-45 min, but right now it’s about 2 hours-3 hours. That fucking great distance.

So no donations until I’m back with a steady release and stuff, and right now I’m not even in dire need, moreover I need no more hates towards me, truly suffocating, seeing people love me so much that they ended up taking sadism and sarcasm and speaking things, which I appreciate because they were all legit and right. I don’t blame them and neither should anyone else. I plead you, especially you GM_Rusaku. Stop defending me because that might make you a bad guy in the eyes and brains of other people. *But I still love that thanks comments of yours, truly fabulous*.

Finally, I am trying hard to get updated right so as to not have any problems later during TL’s. The unedited chapters will come tonight. *Yes the unedited, as I didn’t edit them at all*. And again NO MORE DONATIONS UNTIL I GET A STEADY RELEASE FOR LIKE 2-3 MONTHS, GAIN A BETTER STANDING AMONG OTHER JP TL’ERS and READERS.

It’s gonna take time, but still worth it. After all, it’s never good to be hated by people.