Been in a Health Checkup

As people who have read my past post of coming back, might know that I was hospitalized for a reason that I don’t want to tell. Due to that, the doc told me to come for a check-up every month.

It was lots of stuff, not just normal checkup, and it took 5 days. *god I was tired*.
I wasn’t able to post stuff on Saturday too. So right now, yes even as I write this post, I am multi-tasking to TL chapters On SUNDAY. there goes my holiday in TL’ing.

To make up for this week, you’ll get 4 chaps of KnM tomorrow. A part of Oredorei, on Wed, and Mnd, well surprise. Oh and nothing on Tue, I finally understand that relaxing and resting is a bliss humans get in their life. Fuck insomnia, I’mma take pills

And oh my god, the KnM (raw chapters) is on the way to become my #1 novel. It was already #5 before.

Kuro no is finally coming back!

One of the reasons I washed my hands off this volume, although I doubt I can call this reason or whatever, is I didn’t want to TL a whole goddamn volume without the MC.
I remember those times when I said to SK to take over the chapters, most of which didn’t have the MC or good events.

Oh and yes “Kuro no” was a pun in the title.

Anyhow, now from 319 new volume would start and MC would be back. A spoiler: Someone’s going to die. A new spoiler: I am not sad by it. Another new spoiler: well it ain’t anything new for this novel.

See you all later.

Over and Out.


Guess who is not dead?

Hey mates, and unfortunately for some I’m not dead.

Nothing much to say as it is too personal, but I will tell you all shortly.

Was hospitalized for certain reasons, didn’t get much than 10 mins to use mobile phones, got a personal consultant, now fine and out of hospital, am currently dealing with my editor and my own novel, and somehow made time out of my schedule to just come up and say HI, I’m not ded. (just in case you are wondering, my parents paid the hospital fees)

MWAHAHAHAHA. I will be done with the novel by today. Oh the feeling of freedom. I’ll go and update myself on the chapters of novels I haven’t read.
Would inform when I will start TL’ing again, but not today or tomorrow. Still I WILL INFORM.

CTLH Chapter 1 Part 1 Update!

I had been writing my own novel and couldn’t get time to TL or do any other work. I’ve TL’ed one part of the 1st chapter I have written myself.

I am open to all suggestions, if anyone of you would like to make one, just comment.

Oh, and I opened LNB hoping to see some KnM chapter then I was like, WOW he reached till here, a second I was like, WHAT HE JUST REACHED TILL HERE!?

Well no wonder, he TL’s other novels too, and much more enthusiastically than KnM. Anyhow, one chapter of KnM coming tomorrow. Gotta go sleep.

As for more CTLH, it will be 1 whole chapter per week.


So, here we go! START!

*NOTICE: I might sound rude, but trust me, I’m not trying to be rude.*

LNB, as I expected, didn’t post any chapter yesterday. So, I’m here to announce that I will post chapters of KnM from today.

I have spent hours to make out a single schedule-wannabe, which is basically 1 chapter per 2 days. Yes, it’s not 1 chapter everyday, because I don’t believe in my speed at the moment, hence leading to such a conclusion.

Therefore, that’s what it will be from now on, until LNB comes out saying other stuff. At that time, I will again lay back and wait for him to do some chapter in stead of me.

Finally, OreDorei will be starting from late sept (26th, probably). CTLH got late, ‘cuz it’s hard to change some content and make one long chapter.




Hey mate, wait, you’re all getting off the road. I never said I was starting a war, and neither had I any intention of starting it when I posted before.

So stop your comments saying that I’m starting a war, ‘cuz I’m not. I ¬†was just encouraging LNB, but being bad at that stuff, it might’ve sounded quite rude.

All in all,


I remember the person from there saying that they are much faster than me and can post 7-9 (I might be wrong on this one) chapter in a week, without waits and excuses.

Again, not picking up a fight, but just making LNB remember the time when they were in the limelight.