So, here we go! START!

*NOTICE: I might sound rude, but trust me, I’m not trying to be rude.*

LNB, as I expected, didn’t post any chapter yesterday. So, I’m here to announce that I will post chapters of KnM from today.

I have spent hours to make out a single schedule-wannabe, which is basically 1 chapter per 2 days. Yes, it’s not 1 chapter everyday, because I don’t believe in my speed at the moment, hence leading to such a conclusion.

Therefore, that’s what it will be from now on, until LNB comes out saying other stuff. At that time, I will again lay back and wait for him to do some chapter in stead of me.

Finally, OreDorei will be starting from late sept (26th, probably). CTLH got late, ‘cuz it’s hard to change some content and make one long chapter.




Hey mate, wait, you’re all getting off the road. I never said I was starting a war, and neither had I any intention of starting it when I posted before.

So stop your comments saying that I’m starting a war, ‘cuz I’m not. I  was just encouraging LNB, but being bad at that stuff, it might’ve sounded quite rude.

All in all,


I remember the person from there saying that they are much faster than me and can post 7-9 (I might be wrong on this one) chapter in a week, without waits and excuses.

Again, not picking up a fight, but just making LNB remember the time when they were in the limelight.

A new update for CTLH!

If any of you, like seriously if ANY of you, might also be wondering when I will re-start the CTLH, well don’t worry, you’ll get a new chapter today.

I will change the first 3 chapters, and make them into a single chapter or so.
This will be a light-novel format, and an pre-released English version of the LN that I will be getting published this dec, or jan next year. *of course that will be in JP*.

Have fun, as it will be quite tragic, won’t have much cliche and cringing scenes. probably.

All I can say is that I will make the MC the best as I can. Have fun~

I’m waiting LNB, come on, speed up!

For people wondering why I’m not posting chapters of KnM, that is because I am TL’ing the chapters from 300 onward. AND HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR LNB TO REACH CHAPTER 299, AT LEAST.

But, looks like he hasn’t given out the chapter in last three days. I’m going to wait today/tonight (whatever), if there is still no new chapter from him, I will take on all the chapters.

As for the TL’ed chapters, I will be sending out the GDRIVE links to all editors in like an hour. I’m currently TL’ing 305 chapter.

If you think these are excuses, up to you, if you believe me, thank you.



P.S. Come on LNB, man up/ woman up. whatever you are.

Pretty Serious Question

Some might be hoping to see the Chapter 293, while others might have read it on LNB’s site. I’m here to tell you that, I have asked him about working together, and am waiting for the reply right now.

I have a pretty serious question to ask: Here you go: VOTING TIME.

Condition 1. The person who votes whatever option must have to justify his/her vote with a comment.

Condition 2. You  must vote only once.

Condition 3. No cursing in the comment or comment section.

I will wait till tonight for the reply from LNB, if he rejects the suggestion of working together. I will choose the option that has got the most votes with valid reasons written in comments (the poll comments i mean, not the page comments).

I am serious and not joking. If you are wondering why I didn’t post CHapter 293 yesterday, it was because I was high, and didn’t want to TL in a shitty quality, even more so when you guys are going around saying I suck at TLs. However, LNB beat me.

This probably might become the last and final post of mine to you all.
Hope to see you guys soon, if my fate calls for it.

Lastly, I just want to say, if you choose for me to leave KnM or delete my WP and LNB refuses; I will submit about 10-20 chapters of KnM at most just for the donators who donated to me and are really angry at me. And I will also complete OreDorei before going.

Nothing more, nothing less. A much as I said.