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Edited v1.1: On 31st August 2015

== Admin Info ==
Age : ???
Gender : M
Experience with Translation : … i’m pretty much versatile with translating and I have helped a little in translating. Though this is my first time to go on the front lines and start translating all by myself.
Info: I’m that type of person who does what he thinks, and says what he wants to say. I dont give a shit to anyone (even if i had 100 shits in my pocket) unless the other party is helping me in one way or other OR I myself am working with them out of my own accord
====THE END====  
Now for those who are thinking i have seen this somewhere well , this was also my first post so i thought why write a new one just post it here by copying … LOL

=New Edit=
This page has been changed to Home Page (temporarily).
I am TLing: 

  1. Kuro no Maou (WN)
  2. Konjiki no WordMaster (WN)
  3. Maken no Daydreamer (WN)
  4. OreDorei (LN)

25 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi I just thought I would ask if your think taking up anymore light novels in future would you please look into taking up a light novel series called Manuke na FPS Player ga isekai e ochita baai or for short called it Manuke FPS. Their are some current translators but they showed very little active with actually translating the series in fact they have not release a ch in almost 2 months and shown no activity with the series. I can give you the website of one of current translators hers the link https://durasama.wordpress.com/manuke-fps/


  2. Hey,

    Would you consider taking in an editor? If so drop me an email and I will start working on the prologue and first Chapter of Oredorei, so you can see if you like my work, before getting to your regular projects.

    Best regards and great job on those novels.


  3. can you please translate this
    Title: Tower of karma
    Link: Here

    Al was a slave born of a prostitute. His only family was his older sister and his only friends are a fellow slave and a thief. His life was very hard but as long as his sister is with him, he can withstand everything. One day, his older sister sold herself to a noble to obtain money to free Al from slavery. Al was in despair, but with encouragement from his friends he started working to buy back his sister.

    But a few days later, a servant of the noble came to him and handed him a bag, saying that the earl played to much with his toy and it broke. Al looked at inside the bag and there he found the dismembered body of his sister. At that very moment, his mind broke apart. He brought the corpse inside and spoke to it, that they will always be together, then ate the corpse leaving only bones. Then he thought to himself, why are we, despite also human being treated like trash by people in power? We have the same ears and eyes but we are not human? Then he swore to his sister while rubbing his stomach, that he will rise above everyone else, and then next time it will be their turn to be eaten.


  4. ah…. i just wanted next chapter links added. was following knw. and noticed some chapters missing them but the chapters had already been translated…. was worried i might have missed chapters… thats all thank you if you find the time to make sure they are connected.


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