Big Announcement of 30th May! I shut down my WordPress!

I know, it’s 1:30 here, and it’s already 31st of May, but oh well…I wish to tell you all people, that, today, EnTruce Translation is shutting DOWN!

Fear not, because in place of EnTruce Translation there’d be a new website called just EnTruce. The website is still in so-called beta phase and might have changes here and there at some point, but is up and running at:

EnTruce – LN & ON Hub

Well there ya go. Click over it and get on with it. I’d recommend to Subscribe there as fast as possible to get new updates way faster, and also updates that’d not be posted on the website.
Also I’m not deleting this WP, because there is no need to, and also because I want to redirect everyone who comes here to my new website, but WordPress doesn’t give it for free… 😦 .

ANOTHER BIG ANNOUNCEMENT : The website will be completed by tomorrow I guess, and just opening and making it cost me the whole of my wallet, not that it had any large amount in it.

I’d be grateful if everyone helped me get at least $150. It’d also help me in using that very same money in something for the website in near future. It’d be used to create a better novel hub for you all readers.
I hope to make EnTruce into a big thing in coming years, and am determined to do that.

$0/$150 – Supporters are:

#1 (Who’ll be the first!?) [As an extra bonus, your name will be etched in the Supporters Page of the new volume of OreDorei that is coming on 15th June]

But still, I’m broke for anything outside my daily necessities (because of fucking enormous taxes on everything, maybe even oxygen, in my new home), kinda need money for the website designing, logo creation and maintenance. So Pretty please. *prostrate*

…Well that’s it, guys see you all later, over at EnTruce!


27 thoughts on “Big Announcement of 30th May! I shut down my WordPress!

  1. Well I’m all subscribed to the new website. First off let me say that announcement article you made was epic lol. Can’t wait to see stuff from it. I’m glad you’re getting stuff together. I will say though, I’m not sure about the service you’re using right now. If there is another method that can help you I hope you can find it and use that. But if not, it’s cool. I can deal with it. But the point is it’s good to have you back.

    PS did you mention a while ago that Kuro no Maou had a light novel? Or is it just a web novel?


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