Recruiting People!

Today I’d like to announce I’m hiring new people for the editing, proofreading, original novel writers and more.
If you wish to join please read the following:


If you are one with the imaginative power and the passion to write an original novel, we’d welcome you here. Basic Requirements:

  • Native or Intermediately proficient in English
  • Must already possess 20 chapters. (2000 min. words per chapter)
  • The series must not be posted elsewhere
  • Must be updated regularly


Think you got the skills to improve the crude translations? Try out here, to see your skills for yourself. Basic Requirements:

  • Native or Highly proficient in English
  • Must clear a short examination
  • Should be able to edit: 4-5 Chapters of LN per week. 10 Chapters of Original Works.
  • Must provide a detailed Description or CV


Edits seems weird? Translations seem eerie? If you think you can fix that, we’d warmly accept you here with open arms. Do try your best. Basic Requirements:

  • Native required
  • Must clear a short examination
  • Should be able to proofread 6 LN Chapters per week. 10-15 Chapters of Original Works
  • Must provide a detailed Description or CV

Schedule Manager

(Coming soon on Recruitment Page)


6 thoughts on “Recruiting People!

  1. I’d like to try, but not sure… My english should be good, but there might be some problem with having enough time to edit 4 chapters a week… I’m still in high school. even if I am graduating in a month, I still need to go to school regularly, you see…
    There’s also an original work that I’m writing on my smartphone when I have the time and motivation, but it only has about 45-50 pages total. It’s 8 chapters with a small side story… Though I don’t know if it’s a good one.
    Sorry for taking so much of your time to read my comment.


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