About the Entruce WordPress; My irregular pause; From here to Future; New series’?…and more!

Hello, remember me? I guess you do…not. Let us start the topics 1 by 1, quickly.

1: Entruce WordPress, will shut down soon enough. *Despaired*. Please don’t be because my own personal website would start next month. I’m kinda nearly done for the money needed for it.

2: My irregular pause? hmm, yeah, it was kinda needed as I was doing something important, for my future as a part-time translator. (restating, Translation has never been my main work, but it’s not even secondary. more like quasi-main work)

3. From now on, I’ll have to learn how to make pdfs and shit…no… Well I’ll have to put this up. A Recruitment Page. (Not before next month most probably). It’ll sure be helpful, oh and in about half a year.

4. New series’…yes. I’ve taken up, for now, Waga Gyouyuu ni Furueyo Tenchi ~The Alexis Empire Chronicles~ (lit. Heaven and Earth Tremble Before my Bravery) *I forgot my vocabulary for a second there, would request a better english title*. And also might, not sure, take up Sakurako-san no Ashimoto ni Shitai ga Umatteiru. Yes, the latter has got an anime, the former’s author’s first work also has been made into anime

5. Will create a Google Forms for the Editors Recruitment, and Proofreading in a day or two. The selected applicant’s names would appear on the Recruitment page that’d be created next month. The recruitment would be easier before June.

6. Patreon will change…and well a surprise on 30th May 2017. Would definitely need support from June, before that is your own wish, but I suggest not from Patreon cuz the rewards would all change. A lot

7. Have a nice, sadistically cold day.



3 thoughts on “About the Entruce WordPress; My irregular pause; From here to Future; New series’?…and more!

  1. I just hope it has a rss that wp can follow, about your pause, well, you had worse ones, and you are still followed, btw new series are good.
    Pd: Winter here(lima-Perú) is like be in a pool of cold water, even if it doesn’t reach less than 16C some foreign people can hate it, so tanks for your good wishes(?)


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