Maken no Daydreamer Volume 1

The several days might’ve been inconvenient for people waiting for the Volume 1 of Maken no Daydreamer. Well here it is.

For the past some days I’d been busy with something else and wasn’t able to post the chapter. So today it is. The Volume 2 would be out next month on 15th.

And a Surprise awaits you all on 30th of this month, guess why I didn’t upload anything in the past 15-20 days?

*Important Note: Please forgive me for my not-so-good edits. I’m sooo sure there’d be many mistakes I overlooked, please be lenient on that side.

Volume 1: PDF (Not really a good one, just a meh-I-made-one-ffs)

Volume 1: Entruce (You won’t find the illustrations here)

Will post illustrations at a later today.

*Look forward to the new post I’ll post in about half an hour*


3 thoughts on “Maken no Daydreamer Volume 1

  1. .    ∧__∧ Thanks!!
      /⌒ (`・ω・) Nepu!!
    ―┳U┳∪ ̄`∪ ┳―


  2. I prefer the web version more than this thought! Because the WN’s rating is 17+ and the LN’s is just 15+!!! Who have read the manga version which base on the LN will know what I mean!!! So if you continue translate this novel, I hope you choose the web version!!!


    • Care to type in the “supposedly” authentic post/or whatever that said the Web Novel of MnD was 17+. Because as far as I know, and am concerned, It is 15+ both LN and WN. Source: The Author Himself.
      So yeah, I wonder what went inside the brain person who gave the WN that rating before checking twice and rating it based on his/her standards.
      As for Light Novel, yes there was no sex with Minato’s mom, but that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t have other ones. They are identical to the WN. Oh and also no perv faces.


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