Sorry for the inconvenience

Due to unforeseen events the English Fan-translation of Maken no Daydreamer Volume 1 has been postponed to a later date of 22nd of April 2017.

Sorry for the inconvenience caused by this announcement. The time taken to translate took long enough leaving no time left to translate the afterwords and some other parts, and while mostly completed, leaving the script unedited.
The Translations would, as being long enough, would take time to edit, also heavily edit the Chapter 1, and as such would be posted on the later date aforementioned.

May you understand the concerns of a university sophomore, and lack of time to be translating, at a pace that had been reduced due to continuous hiatuses in the past.

For anymore information updates, follow on my Twitter account: @EnTruce. Hope you all have a good day.


P.S. I hate writing like that. I would get back to you all as soon as done with the edits. Sorry for more wait, but if I’m going to post something as a complete book I wish to see through everything thoroughly.


8 thoughts on “Sorry for the inconvenience

  1. Hey Nick, you might not have read my previous comment so I’ll just say it here, tmearn had a problem with their system and they went down for a week, now their dstabase was hit hard and all need to re-register and relink their adlink again. So I advise you to remake your account and relink the MND links.


  2. I do hope you don’t forget about your Twitter and announce your updates there. It’s pretty convenient to follow you and simply wait instead of checking all the time. And who knows, it might prevent people from getting pissed like they did before.


  3. People like to get on entruce on delays but I’ve seen this happen to plenty of translators. It’s nothing new. Shit happens. Us leechers are accustomed to waiting months and simply focus on other series or find new ones. I agree that Nick and other translators should do more to keep us in the loop, but shit happens. They have lives, as much as they like to translate. And Nick is also writing his own stories on top of being a University Student. I can understand the frustration, but just chill. It hasn’t even been that long yet to be honest.

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  4. Man Nick, I miss when you were translating Kuro No Maou back when your translation speed was fast. I’ve had to resort to reading LNB’s translations. They do good, and they’re sort of consistent (while I don’t like the circumstances in which they started translating, I appreciate them for working on it) but they have so many other series to do that takes time away and KnM is so good right now too. I miss when it was you doing it because you could focus more on KnM. Oh well, look forward to when you come back.

    “Wish we could turn back time. To the good ol’ days”

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