A sort-of follow up thing on Maken (WN)

I found out I still had chapters of MnD (wn) left on my backup drives. So I was wondering if anyone wanted to make PDF out of it or no? As for Epubs, I can give the link to that, click here

Not going to post any of it here now. If you want to make PDFs I can upload stuff on GDrive and give you a folder to make stuff out of it.

With that everything is finished now. No more “Why Can’t I find Chapters anymore”. Sigh, maybe someone with let go of their sloth and get on with making PDF’s this time around.

See you guys now when I get completed with my house renovation (too much stuff scattered around) and new chapter and a new chapter (original). So maybe on Monday or Tuesday with a new MnD chapter. Please maintain patience


6 thoughts on “A sort-of follow up thing on Maken (WN)

      • tbh, that place is more or less shit to me… it will download but chapters can’t be shown… not worth the effort really. Anyways! why not just put up the last part of chapter 50 for us who are “annoyed for the wait until it gets there” here? like either a link or just upload if here for like a week or less, then we’ll be able to read it feel relieved and be more patient for you continuing the releases in the ln…


        • hmm, well I’m currently on Chapter 2, it is taking longer than I had thought. I’d try my best to make out time and Translate the final part of Chapter 50. Would post a blog post when I’d start with it


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