New Part tomorrow

After a long time, most might’ve forgotten the fact, that I wanted to make Translating and Writing a job of mine, albeit not main.
Finally after so long of hiatuses, and feeling refreshed, I’ve resolved to move onto the next step.

I’d been contacting people who design and create websites and everything, along with searching loads of stuff such as hosting and domains, and so wasn’t really able to get time to translate. At most maybe, you know, 3 sentences (lol).

So I’d want people to support me via the Indirect Link I’d be posting to make me at least $100. For hosting and domain fees. The rest would be by me.
As a matter of fact, the Indirect Link, unlike other link shortening websites, doesn’t post malware ads, but rather a single ad and a captcha. I’ve tested it, and so has our famous creepy face (GM_Rusaku ^_^), hence I hope people would turn off their adblocks to click the link and get on the page, then reopen their adblock.

The final part 3 of Chapter 1 will be tomorrow. After that I won’t post parts, but chapters, which may take from 1-4 days. Because of my slow speed as of the moment.

Thank you for understanding, my beloved readers. I’ll definitely inform when I’ll be hosting the new site. See you everyone tomorrow. Good Night.


One thought on “New Part tomorrow

  1. I’ve been here for awhile and probably will stay. As far as trust goes with the readers. 1 thing that I know is appreciate and probably others will too, is that if something happens and you have to go on hiatus for a bit, just do a quick post to let us know. The real supporters (or at least the leechers who are used to the translation community) know that shit happens in life and you may need time off. It just helps to keep us in the loop though. A lot of us worry too. I know that this time you had your laptop stolen, but next time as soon as you can just say “hey, shit happened again and I gotta handle it”. And we’ll say, “okay, it’s cool”.
    Also, try not to completely disappear right after you promise a big release lol. I know the timing was the worst and we can’t really predict it but that’s what pissed people off before. Great thing about it though was it separated the supporters from the trolls and the trolls finally decided to get lives and leave.

    But it’s great to have you back and we shall support you.

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