Been A Long Torture

Hello Everyone. It’s been a long time, it’s me the notorious disappearing person, Entruce, here.
I wouldn’t want to go into much story right now.

I had a hard time for past couple of months. My house had a break-in, and lots of commodities stolen. Even my laptop which had all my Translation and Writing work.
So, after entering the second year of uni, I’ve been buying stuff.

Apparently, my novel was, without my knowledge, sent into the new awards, by my editor because he is sure it’d win. I’m skeptical. Well, I can’t publish anything of that to the WP. Meanwhile, there is a premise for a new story in my mind, I’ll add it up in WP.

Finally, gotten free time from my hectic life, I’m using my desktop (which I usually never use for writing) as I’ve still not bought a new laptop.

I’d try my best. And I’d be e-mailing to the new people who asked to do editing. Thank you Very Much. I hope you keep on supporting me.


15 thoughts on “Been A Long Torture

  1. Have you ever considered that maybe you are a real life anime character with bad luck? The frequency of shit happening to you would be comedic if it wasn’t so sad. Sorry it all happened to you but I’m glad you’re back. Good luck man.


      • Then for your sake I hope the next anime trope that hits you is the magical item that gives you ridiculously good luckπŸ˜‡. And for my sake, I hope I get hit by the anime trope where I fall face into a pair of boobs and that girls ends up being the love of my life, and then I get a haremπŸ˜‡……or at the very least let me get hit with the lucky perv trope. I need something πŸ˜«πŸ™πŸ»


  2. I sorry to hear what happen to you. I to had experience bad things such as recovering from my car wreck which took years to do. But now I am fine.


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