MnD (LN) Chapter 1 Part 1 Out!

Links below, but first to most of the people who asked for being editors I have sent the whole chapter to you. If you didn’t get it, do comment below. I’ll respond as soon as possible.

The main reason I’m asking you “ALL” is because I sure want to reduce to frankness and ‘personality’ -ish shit way of writing when I write in English.

So here goes the Chapters:




Chapter 1

*NOTE: LN is different from WN, is the amount of less shit written, better humour and also plot but that comes from Volume 2 (hints) and increases from Vol (5). Rest if mostly same, but oh well refresh your memory.


20 thoughts on “MnD (LN) Chapter 1 Part 1 Out!

  1. Entruce, how many chapters do you intend to post now every week now that you’ve decided to continue it but to go from the start in LN? Will you do those 3 chapter per post or will you go with like 1/2 to 1 chapter per post?


  2. You mentioned the possibility of doing doing the KnM LN in the future. I’m just curious, if you’ve read it at all, what’s the difference between it and the WN?


  3. Can I just now say thats a relief to find someone that truly knows what theyre speaking about on the web. You certainly learn how to bring a problem to light and earn it critical. The best way to should check out this and can see this side from the story. I cant think youre no more common since you absolutely possess the gift.


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