*Clears Throat* HELLO EVERYONE!

*Menacing posture* So did you all love the wait I gave you for pdf or epub or just re-reading the WN. Someone commented to me for posting the last part of the 50th chapter, sorry but I won’t. I’d e-mail it to him, however I still think it’s useless cuz you’ll see that scene in the LN too.

But oh well, won’t give spoilers.

So apparently someone had made epubs for MnD and you can find him just by googling: “MnD epub pls”, at least I did.

Now all that’s left is deleting the MnD and KnW page in half an hour from right now. And then, start on with my translation of LN.

Here’s what I want to ask:

Will be waiting for the responses. Just so you know, I’ll be posting chapter on Monday not today, it’s impossible, and also tomorrow, cuz it’s impossible, but will TL at my pace from today.

Finally, I’ll be adding a review option in the bottom of chapters to know if you liked the chapter or not. Now that I’m onto it, the people who said to edit for me, I got your e-mails (WP is awesome you know), and will be contacting you shortly. Hope to be responded.



26 thoughts on “*Clears Throat* HELLO EVERYONE!

    • LOL. did you read what I wrote? I said I’m deleting the WN content from the ToC pages, okay I said I’m deleting the WN’s. Which I already did now.
      As for WN’s to stay operational, well apparently Maken was stopped by the Author, and even the one that was on alphapolis is under nigh-stall. so no reason for it.
      As for Wordmaster, I had dropped it for quite some long time about the time blazing made his own site to host the stuff there. Now I’ll go with the LN one.

      All in all, no they won’t stay operational as I’m TL’ing LN until I’m caught up, cuz you see…. 😐 Yeah FUCKING MISSION COSMICALLY IMPOSSIBLE. I mean I dropped one, and one stopped so no reason to TL them


  1. I have to choose MnD. Because I need to know one important detail. In the WN, the Minato got to have sex with his new Mom Lililn. But in the Manga he doesn’t cause their pet animals stop it from happening. I was so disappointed. I really hope the LN has them do it…..and yes I know my mind is fucked. Has been since I went into the rabbit hole that is anime, manga, ln’s, and wn’s.


  2. great please ask for more money for MND again do translate every other bad series as compensation, brilliant move to go for more money for MND as a LN? to translate then owning up to translating the wn that u took so much money from, but yah keep up the good scams

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