Been in a Health Checkup

As people who have read my past post of coming back, might know that I was hospitalized for a reason that I don’t want to tell. Due to that, the doc told me to come for a check-up every month.

It was lots of stuff, not just normal checkup, and it took 5 days. *god I was tired*.
I wasn’t able to post stuff on Saturday too. So right now, yes even as I write this post, I am multi-tasking to TL chapters On SUNDAY. there goes my holiday in TL’ing.

To make up for this week, you’ll get 4 chaps of KnM tomorrow. A part of Oredorei, on Wed, and Mnd, well surprise. Oh and nothing on Tue, I finally understand that relaxing and resting is a bliss humans get in their life. Fuck insomnia, I’mma take pills

And oh my god, the KnM (raw chapters) is on the way to become my #1 novel. It was already #5 before.


34 thoughts on “Been in a Health Checkup

    • well burn him self out too much would imply that the past couple of years of taking money for mnd and refusing to translate and also hiding donations to cover up not translating mnd, good for u to stick up for suckers paying to this group who refuses to translate mnd but keeps taking money to translate easy projects and steal money, crap group, well hopefully another more honest group will pick up mnd translate it without stealing from others


  1. Don’t make promises that you can’t hold. Drop KNM. Lightnovelbastion has it now, and Yoshi can actually hold to his promises. I want to like you Entruce. I really do. I waited the entire time. But you’ve failed on your deadlines one too many times for KNM. Focus on your other series.

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    • u may be new to this site, but he had to switch to taking money for series to no specify series since most of the money got misused and sponsored chapters werent getting translated since mnd was harder and longer so its worthless to donate since refusal to translate what fans want as appose to what fans are donating to are to different, it mostly a scam site at this point so complaining and donating is worthless since honoring sponsored chapters for mnd that makes most of their sham money doesnt happen so expect nothing


  2. Hope u come back soon Nick, until then good luck and I hope you get healthy. Hope your holidays were good and wish u the best until your return.


    • pretty much, the host lost alot of excuses for taking money and not translating chapters but made excuses to keep taking money, its impotent to understand that 1000’s of dollars towards MND was meant towards everything but translations since the better series not translated but a give me money is more important than money donated for a series……welll he is crap and expect the give money and not translate as the usual


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