Kuro no is finally coming back!

One of the reasons I washed my hands off this volume, although I doubt I can call this reason or whatever, is I didn’t want to TL a whole goddamn volume without the MC.
I remember those times when I said to SK to take over the chapters, most of which didn’t have the MC or good events.

Oh and yes “Kuro no” was a pun in the title.

Anyhow, now from 319 new volume would start and MC would be back. A spoiler: Someone’s going to die. A new spoiler: I am not sad by it. Another new spoiler: well it ain’t anything new for this novel.

See you all later.

Over and Out.



38 thoughts on “Kuro no is finally coming back!

    • No, I would rather read it as these other POV’s actually interrelate each other later on in the series. That’s what makes this series one of the bests.
      Trust me, you’d like to read it now, than to regret not reading and not understanding most stuff.
      But reading and TL’ing is diff stuff, so yeah. you might get it.

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    • sadly he has got editors, while the ones here don’t even bother giving me e-mails except some, and still they say they want to become my editor and ask me to e-mail them using some esper power to know their e-mails.


  1. Well… it’s about to be a week and no chapters posted yet after saying you would get 6 out a week for your series. I know the week isn’t over yet but you said you will try to get your reputation back up and it seems like you’ll possibly break the very first promise you make after coming back..


  2. Man all i want is schedule that you can follow, I don’t give a shit if it comes late I JUST WANT TO KNOW WHEN. DON’T SAY IT’S COMING BACK SOONER OR LATER THIS WEEK AND NOT POST!! IF YOU ARE GOING TO BE LATE JUST SAY IT!!

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  3. It’s great that you’re back now.

    I just hope that you’re consistent this time. Please, especially now that Kurono is finally making his appearance again.


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