Finished Finally!

Hello mates, EnTruce here,

Today I finally finished more 700 chapters (estimation) from novels & manga that I hadn’t read in a long time.

As for my novel, some problems are occurring with my editor in RL and hasn’t responded to my new draft. *apparently the RL ghost has gone to haunt him now, who knows *whistle**.

From tomorrow I’ll be back on TL’ing. Some facts that need to said again:

  1. MnD is going to re-translated from the scratch in a better manner. Hope you all will like the quality.
  2. The people who have commented on my WP of wanting to be my editors, please, would you just please send me an e-mail with any chapter of the novel you want to edit. (contact me at: nickdoyle(at)gmail(dot)com)
  3. There will 3 chapters of KnM and 2 chapters of MnD and 1 chapter of OreDorei every week.Sunday, would be an off day until my editor comes back to say that the novel’s gone for publishing. As for that time, the Sunday would go to TL’ing of my novel.
  4. Finally, glad to be back on TL’ing.

Over and Out.


**ADDENDUM: Actually changing the MnD and KnM matter. So it will be now 4 chapters KnM, 1 chapter MnD, 1 chapter OreDorei. I’m changing it because of again the sheer amount of ridiculous words I’d have to translate. Sorry, but that’s the reality, as of now. **


14 thoughts on “Finished Finally!

  1. the best and worst part is catching up on the backlog, great for all the developments, terrible for the emptiness following finishing .

    great to hear you are doing well otherwise.


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