Maken no Daydreamer Update, KnM strikes back & more

Hello mates, Entruce here, and I’m still updating myself with all the chapters from all the novels all round the internet, and it sure is taking time.

Before I post anytime soon about me back to translating, I need to talk about somethings beforehand.

Let’s start off with MnD, as many of you know that the one on syosetsu has been deleted, however there is  re-written version left on AlphaPolis, from which I will be translating now on. The re-written version is almost LN in WN, and I’ll be re-translating from scratch.
Meaning, you will all get 3 chapters per volume till 8th volume with much better english and the original plot. Hope you all will like the not-so-much-novice-feeling way of writing by author.

Second off being KnM, most of you know LNB (light novel bastion) has been translating the KnM with good quality, but as I had said about 2 months ago, but I’ll be still TL’ing KnM, however the chapters that have been already translated would not be touched by me, and are the sole property of LNB. I would ask if I can link their chapters on my TOC. As for the rest of chapters, I’ll try to give them out with a better quality and a consistent speed.

Thirdly, nobody likes to wait, neither my editor nor you readers, and after dealing a lot with my editor, I have finally completed the first volume of my novel with some problems in storyline that I need to fix. As soon as the story is given “good to go” sign from the editor, I would TL and post it here ASAP.

Finally, I want to inform to everyone who was worried about me that I’m perfectly fine as of right now. My body is in best condition and my real life has also improved a lot, which can now result in consistency.

With this and that, I’m finished with my post.



32 thoughts on “Maken no Daydreamer Update, KnM strikes back & more

  1. Sorry for asking but there is no reply. Can you tell when will you start translating Ore to Kanojo ga Geboku de Dorei de Shuujuu Keiyaku. Is there no possible way of giving one day of schedule to Ore to Kanojo ga Geboku de Dorei de Shuujuu Keiyaku. Please translate it by adding it in schedule.

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      • Yeah, illustrations are either best to make an image for the author to base certain descriptions on, or after descriptions are made at the end of finalizing the first novel. I personally think it’s best to wait for you to be happy with your first volume, then add them at appropriate places. Probably what you are doing anyways though.


  2. Literally all I read on this site is KNM so as long as it has consistent releases I will be fine. Minimum 1 day and Maximum whenever, I know you have other series so don’t stress yourself. I don’t give a shet about the changes or quality as long as it’s legible English. Because seriously it’s made up names and basic terms without I wouldn’t be reading anything regardless. It’s a honor to have you serve and TL


  3. i just noticed it’d been 4 months since the last MnD release… jeez time flies. glad you aren’t actually dead, dying, or leaving.

    good luck with you and everything you do.


  4. Thanks for confirming that Maken no Daydreamer is still going to happen. I was worried it was just going to stop after 4 months of no updates. Hope things continue to work out for you and good luck with your own novel.


  5. Is the version you’ll be using, with, or without the implied incest? I know most people think it wrong, but i liked the original WN over the LN and Manga, purely as the plot changes seemed like a cop out to be a bit more PC…

    Rant: (you can ignore this if you like😛 )

    Now i don’t know about anyone else, but it really irritates me when a writer changes a significant detail like that with a sticking plaster of a plot patch up… If you at the start wanted something edgy or whatever (kill off a character, or have some nasty thing happen) then stick to it, but then if you don’t, then don’t even bother writing it or even hint about it.

    As i myself am writer, i feel that when you write something it needs proper reason, same as if it isn’t there.

    In the context of MnD, in the WN the whole mother thing, was a plot motivation which was constructed at the beginning and then compounded further by the list his mother gave him via the guild master… If the author for whatever reason needed to remove that (editor/public complains etc…) then he should have done that in its entirety and not leave behind senseless broken shards of plot just to make “people” happy… *sigh*

    Rant over.

    Still i do enjoy the WN, and i hope it gets TLed soon… you have done a great job and keep up the good work.

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