Guess who is not dead?

Hey mates, and unfortunately for some I’m not dead.

Nothing much to say as it is too personal, but I will tell you all shortly.

Was hospitalized for certain reasons, didn’t get much than 10 mins to use mobile phones, got a personal consultant, now fine and out of hospital, am currently dealing with my editor and my own novel, and somehow made time out of my schedule to just come up and say HI, I’m not ded. (just in case you are wondering, my parents paid the hospital fees)

MWAHAHAHAHA. I will be done with the novel by today. Oh the feeling of freedom. I’ll go and update myself on the chapters of novels I haven’t read.
Would inform when I will start TL’ing again, but not today or tomorrow. Still I WILL INFORM.


29 thoughts on “Guess who is not dead?

  1. You missed PPAP so you’re lucky. I was actually worried you didn’t post for weeks.
    At least you won’t miss the finale of the best series ever, the American presidential election.
    #TeamTrump #TeamHillary #HelloWW3


  2. I am pleased to hear you are doing well. I’m not a regular commentor but I was curious what had become of you.

    Mind your health and take care of what’s important.
    Although if you do have time, a KnM chapter would be good too.


  3. Fuck u , u asshole lier ….just translate the shit and stop fooling around..all the problems the readers r facing right now is coz of u and ur stupid ego , get ur fucking shit together and roll out some knm translation


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