CTLH Chapter 1 Part 1 Update!

I had been writing my own novel and couldn’t get time to TL or do any other work. I’ve TL’ed one part of the 1st chapter I have written myself.

I am open to all suggestions, if anyone of you would like to make one, just comment.

Oh, and I opened LNB hoping to see some KnM chapter then I was like, WOW he reached till here, a second I was like, WHAT HE JUST REACHED TILL HERE!?

Well no wonder, he TL’s other novels too, and much more enthusiastically than KnM. Anyhow, one chapter of KnM coming tomorrow. Gotta go sleep.

As for more CTLH, it will be 1 whole chapter per week.



35 thoughts on “CTLH Chapter 1 Part 1 Update!

  1. Hi Nick,

    why don’t you post all the chapters of KnM that you translated thus far ?
    If I’m not mistaken, you said previously that you finished chapters 300-305

    best regards,


  2. It’s better to translate at a slower pace to obtain an higher-quality translation.
    Don’t just try to be fast.
    To be honest, comparing your translations to those of LNB, he’s better. Way more understandable.
    Think about it.


  3. Okay Nick so I gotta ask, in your story when it switches to tragedy, do you forsee having harem members of potential harem members dying? Cause you story seems interesting but I just wanna brace myself before I start reading. It’s part of the reason why I haven’t read KnM since you last updated cause I’m so worried about Nell since you said tragedy was coming.


      • Aww oh well. I shall read cautiously 🙂

        By the way I agree with the guys above about releasing KnM 300-305 instead of just 304 and 305. It may be wierd but it doesn’t hurt. Plus it would shut some people up.


        • Are you just a nick alt? Because I mean….no offense but between the obsessive 100% defense of nick’s entire shtick against every comment and your rather…extreme promotion-sounding praise for his single novel chapter, you’re kinda touching on borderline idol worship or you’re just nick. Just saying, I mean I used to admire your positivity but then you veer waaaay too much into insane hopefulness so I’m not sure if I trust your sanity or identity, one of these has got to be off.


          • Oh no, I don’t worship Nick. If you find me on other translation sites I speak the same way towards translators. And I really don’t get how you would think I’m Nick. We don’t talk the same, nor do we have the same opinions. Here’s the reason why I’m so positive.(bear with me because this is gonna be long). It’s because I am a leecher. I’ve been one for years. I follow so many translators and have so many Web Novels, Light Novels, Mangas, and Animes to watch that it really doesn’t matter if Nick doesn’t post a chapter. Every shit talker here doesn’t seem to get that. Especially because they already have a website to go to if Nick doesn’t post so I don’t get why they need to come back here and call Nick a liar (which he is not, lying is when you intentionally say a false statement. Saying something and failing to do it is not lying. It’s bad but it’s not lying). Wasting time to come here and talk shit is not only pathetic, it doesn’t help the situation. Because the second reason I am positive is that I have seen a lot of translators that will intentionally slow down or stop their translations when you act impatient, entitled, and basically become an asshole. The first LN I ever read, high school DxD was being translated by Code Zero a few years ago. The last time someone talked shit and ordered him to hurry his translation up, Code Zero delayed his translation purposefully for a year. When I followed a group called rainbow translations when they were translating Konjiki no Word Master, loliquent who helped in organizing everything and keeping in touch with the community giving updates on the status of each chapter as well as translating, decided to fall off the face of the earth because so many people were hounding her about updates. Ever since then the translation of Word Master slowly collapsed with translaters dropping it left and right. When Anri decided to pick the series up, two more translators though about coming back to it but decided to drop it for personal reasons. People complained to Anri about them saying hate comments. So she threatened to stop her translations of they kept it up. And then recently, Zxzxzx who is translating High School DxD was receiving hate comments about Code Zero because he was translating the prologue too slow. Not only did he defend code zero, he dropped DxD. Do you see the pattern here? It only takes a few assholes to spoil everything for the rest of us. It wouldn’t surprise me if Nick held back translating because of all the hate comments. Third reason I’m positive is because I’m used to long wait times, to hiatus, to delays. Not every translator is a daily or weekly updater. Some are monthly or bi monthly. Plenty will say they will update the next day or soon and we end up waiting for half a year. Because of procrastination (which I can relate to) or simply because shit happens. So when that happens, I don’t complain that a translator is not giving me free translations on my time. I don’t complain that they failed to meet their timeline. I do what every other leecher is supposed to do. We wish them well, stay subscribed in case they update, and move the fuck on. Oh KnM hasn’t updated in a while? That’s fine I have 3 dozen other web novels that I follow. A dozen Light novels that I need to binge read, 100 Manga titles I haven’t read yet, and countless anime that I need to catch up on. And that’s just part of it, I also have videogames I want and need to play that will take up weeks of my time, movies to watch, books to read. Plus I’m in college. I do have a life outside of this. And I’m learning Japanese so I can translate in the future and give back to the community. Point is, there is plenty of shit to do and so many other series to follow. Spending all your time here talking shit to a to a translator who hasn’t updated is not only pointless and pathetic, it only hurts yourself and other people in the end. The shit talking that I see here is not tolerated on any other translation site I’ve been to. Because we appreciate our translators, without them we wouldn’t be exposed to so many series. Because Translation isn’t easy. I tried it a while back when i had decent knowledge of the Japanese language and a Kanji dictionary, took me 2 hours to translate 2 1/2 pages. So I know how hard it can be and respect people who know the language better than I do who practice it and are able to translate at faster speeds because of it. But I also realize how long it can take and how your speed can drop when you don’t do it for awhile.

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            • So you basically admired that your an ass licker. Hey I’m ganna sing praises to a dude and have him a good day who is clearly an asshole so he won’t stop giving me the free stuff he offers so let me just spread his butt checks and make out with to make him feel better. That’s wat you sound like to me. Nick is like a f2p game that’s pay to win but the twist is even if you pay you still lose. Not saying I’m paying do


              • It’s common sense to show appreciation to someone that is using their free time to provide you with free content. If you think that’s ass kissing then you are exactly the entitled asshole that I talk about. As much as I’m defending Nick here, even I’m not the type who thanks someone after every chapter. Every now and then I do show appreciation. And even if Nick is slowing down and not at the top of his game, he still has my respect and appreciation for giving me 100 plus chapters and a light novel volume.


                • Dude unlike you my respect needs to be earned. Bullshiting me every time, like his recent post “imma post a chapter in knm ” isn’t the way to do that. And BTW way he didn’t post because he wasn’t able to its because he didn’t want to and that’s wat makes it a lie. Damn ass kisser


                • > Stopped reading after the first sentence cause that was the most idiotic response I ever saw.

                  I am pretty sure you always do that when responding to my comment. Are you admitting you are an idiot?


                • And I am met with more idiocy still. The Internet never ceases to amaze me. But I will not get into this again (at least not with you specifically) because it is pointless. Besides, the fact that you are still here already proves my point. So once again, good bye.


  4. ?? this post was 4 days ago, when is tomorrow for you? If you aren’t going to post just say you aren’t translating or going on hiatus I prefer you not stress over translating KnM on a schedule if you can’t commit to it. I don’t care if they are repeats btw.

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    • well i would give up, if hes writing now, translations are gone, since he gave up on mnd long ago since its harder and taking money was easy, best to solicit another respectable group to pick up the slack in hopes the series doesn’t die a miserable death like alot of good series that get blocked by lazy translators

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